Thesis Title. The Role of Institutional Thickness in Productive Development Enhancement: Regional Development Agency Los Ríos






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2013 / 2014

Author Thesis Title

Karin Torres

The Role of Institutional Thickness in Productive Development Enhancement: Regional Development Agency Los Ríos


Osei-Appaw Housing Policies and Socio-Spatial Segregation in chile Hannah


Market Oriented Educational Reform of Chile and Socioeconomic School Segregation: Evidence From Valdivia

Irina Popusoi

Assesing the "Forgoten effects" within the priorization matrix of IADB´s methodology for "Emerging Sustainable Cities Iniciative"

Bonnie Mendoza

Regional Currency as a Tool to Promote Decentralized and Sustainable Regional Development:Exemplifying the Commune of Mariquina, Los Ríos Región, Chile

Shakil Khan

Community´s Seismic Resilience in Valdivia City. A study on Valdivia Comune in Los Ríos Región of Chile.

Maya Virdayanti Anggraini

What can Planners learn from the grassroots initiatives for improving planning of sustainable lifestile?: A multi case study of grassroots initiatives in Valdivia.


Author Thesis Title

Salehi, G.

Sustainability of Child Protection Projects implemented bt NGO`s. A case study of Residential Center Project of Fundación mi Casa in Valdivia, Chile.

Sanctyeka, T.

The experience of decentralization at the local level in Chile: Analysis of pertinence of public spending and people`s needs in Municipality of Valdivia.

Huchu, G. Cities and the future: Role of City Governments in creating sustainable

cities - experiences from Valdivia Municipality, Chile

Xu, B. Government Policy and the Location of Social Housing, a case study in

Valdivia, Chile.

Sevlo, G.

Livelihoods and buffer zone management, indicators for impact assessment. A case study of the Reserva Costera Valdiviana and the Parque Nacional Alerce costero, Chile.

2011 / 2012

Author Thesis Title

Haruna, M.

Indigenous knowledge, conservation science and native forest management: Possibilities for a sustainable and culturally accepted strategy in the Manuel Curilef and Valeriano Cayucul communities of southern Chile

Samaniego, L.

Climate change in urban settings: A multidimensional study of the linkages between in climate change and urban settings in southern Chile.


Rahman, S. Coastal Community Resilience to Tsunami. A study on Planning

Capacity and Social Capacity. Dichato Chile

Agyepong, E. Securing Land Tenure in Ethnically Diverse Societies: A comparative

study of the Laws and Land Policies of Chile and Ghana.

Letelier, L. Connectivity and Accessibility of Isolated Territories, the case of Mapu

Lahual in the southern Chile

Temu, G. Integrating Livelihood in Ramsar sites conservation: The Case of Carlos

Anwandter Nature Sanctuary Chile

Chilinde, G. The case of Ruta Selva Valdiviana Costera Destination in los Ríos


Biru, H. Rural Territorial Development on Public Policies. The case of Chiloé


Author Thesis Title

Juanillo. J. Analysis and Planning Process of Education in Río Bueno, Chile.

Bista, S. Impact Analysis and decision Making Process Park Management under

the Valdivian Ecoregion, Chile.

Morshed, M. Context Analysis of Decreasing Agricultural Land use in La Union and

Río Bueno, Chile.

Guariño, R.

Comparative Analysis on the Provision of Microcredit to Small rural agricultural Farmers. Special Cases of INDAP in Municipality of Río Bueno and SCMPC in Municipality of Pres Roxas, Filippines.


Author Thesis Title

Solano, R. The Cruel Paradox: Clues to Understand Why the Blood Sheds in


Moabankwe, L. Comunity Perception on the Disaster Management of Volcano Hazard:

The case of Chaitén Southern Patagonia, Chile.

Mendoza, K.

Investigation on the Costs of Providing Environmental Services: The case of Small Forest Owners in Chabranco and Curriñe, Futrono Commune, Los Ríos Region.

Rathnayake, W.

Microfinance Provision as a Tool for Poverty Reduction. A comparative Study of Chile and Sri Lanka: With special Attention to FOSIS and

Samurdhi Microfinances Interventions.

Shrestha, S. Towards Sustainable Human Settlements Analysis on the Performance

of Education and Health service Provision Commune Futrono, Chile.

Seyyadu, T. Baseline Study of Major Cases of Drinking Water Contamination in

Commune Futrono, Chile

Abebe, A. Roles of Handicraft Sector in local Development and its Challenges.

The case of Futrono Commune, Southern Chile.

Sargsyan, M. From Tourism towards Sustainable Tourism, Development throug

Education: Case in Futrono, Chile. 2007/2008

Author Thesis Title

Balinos, M. Potential Conflicts in energy Development: The case of Panguipulli Lorente, I. Spatial Optimization Process in Stating the Sustainability of Indigenous

Community in Choroy Traiguen, San Juan de la Costa, Chile.

Mwakilili, P. Assessing the Need and Feasibility of Public-Private Partnership for

Proposed Coastal Alerce National Park in the Región de los Ríos, Chile.


Gómez, E. Decent Work in Aquaculture Dependent Communities: The case of

Chonchi, Chiloé, Chile. Assessment and Findings.

Lozano, M. Environmental Conflict Between Artisan Fishing and Salmon Farming in


Obong, O.

Does Microfinance Service Build Better Lives for Rural Poor? An Assessment of Socio-Economic Impact of Fondo Minga Microcredit Program.

Bueno K. Native Potatoes of Chiloé as a Productive Opportunity

Guliyeva, Y. Economy Versus Sustainable Development: Implications of the Salmon

Industry on Education in Quellón Chiloé Island/Chile.

Horstmann, J. Baseline Study on Marine Debris and Municipal Waste Management in





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