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Residential/Nursing Home

Supported Housing

Since the foundation of Bournville Village Trust in 1900, our role has been more than just putting roofs over people’s heads.

Throughout our history, we have been


The Physical Environment

Selly Wood House is situated in a tranquil, semi-secluded setting surrounded by mature trees and landscaped grounds, approximately four miles south of the City Centre. Purpose built as a residential care home for older people, it was opened in 1980. In 1995 the Trust successfully applied for dual registration to include nursing care.

Currently there are 24 residential rooms and 20 nursing rooms situated on three floors. All rooms are single occupancy and some have en-suite facilities. There is a lift to all floors, and all rooms, bathrooms and communal rooms are fitted with a ‘nurse-call’ system. Selly Wood House exists to

accommodate people over the age of retirement. It is intended that through the care provided their quality of life will be enhanced. Residents are

encouraged to lead as independent a life as possible and accordingly, are supported by the care staff who monitor individual Care Plans. It is intended that residents will be part of the local community and enjoy the benefits that this brings.


Care Philosophy

At Selly Wood House, we operate a ‘needs led’ approach and aim to provide a high quality care and therapy service to older people, tailored to each individual. Our objective is to

concentrate our efforts into community integration by encouraging residents to: • relearn lost skills

• learn new skills and:

• enable decision making • independence

• promote self-determination

Our basic values are:

Dignity, Sensitivity, Privacy, Choice, Individual Attention

There is a high staff/client ratio, and staff are skilled in anti-institutional practices. We have in place, a

comprehensive Adult Protection Policy which include a Staff Code of Conduct, and all members of staff have been fully trained in all aspects of the Policy. Through Birmingham City Council we are annually inspected by the Bettall Organisation and are accredited by their Quality Assurance Star award.

Relatives and friends of residents are welcome to visit at any time as there are no rigid visiting times, however we do ask that you inform staff in advance if visitors are expected after 8.00pm. All visitors are required to sign the ‘Visitors Book’ and can see residents in the lounges or in their own rooms, if they

wish. Tea and coffee are available to visitors on request.

Visitors who wish to join a resident for lunch or high tea are welcome to do so and to assist the catering team, advance notice is appreciated. For this a small charge is made.


Facilities and Services


There is a hairdressing salon provided for all residents. Two hairdressers visit the home on a weekly basis, and there may be a small charge for this service depending upon the requirements. Appointments can be booked with any member of the office staff.

Shop and Library

A residents’ shop and library are located within the home. The shop is well stocked with items of

confectionery, toiletries, greeting cards, writing materials, and a small selection of underwear.

The library is serviced by Birmingham City Council Library and books are changed on a regular basis. Requests for specific books can be made, together with larger print books. These facilities are open Monday to Saturday from 11am to midday, and from 3pm to 4pm. Residents and volunteers act as shopkeepers and librarians.


Relaxation sessions, (ie aromatherapy and reflexology) at no charge are available.

Spiritual needs

No matter what faith, we can make arrangements for residents to visit a place of worship of their own choosing. An inter-denominational Holy Communion is held in the home each month, and there is a ‘Society of Friends’ meeting every week.




All laundry is carried out at the home. Clothes are washed as required, and any item that needs special care should be brought to the attention of the Key Worker. No charge is made for this service, but should any item require dry cleaning, this can be arranged at a small cost.


Our chef and assistants provide a balanced, healthy and nutritious diet to promote well-being. Special needs can be catered for (ie diabetic, vegetarian, gluten free, fat free, semi-solid or liquid form) accordingly. On admission, a new resident is assessed to establish whether they need a special or normal

Volunteer workers are an important part of life at Selly Wood House as some residents have either no family, or have family members who live too far away to visit as often as they would like. We welcome volunteers to visit, to sit and chat, help with drinks, and to take residents out for walks.

All volunteers are subject to the same stringent checks and training as contracted members of staff.

Key Worker/Care Plans

Each resident will be allocated a Key Worker on admission. The worker will take responsibility for the clients Care Plan and act as a link between the client, relatives, the wider community, other professionals, and all other matters relating to that particular individual.

Care planning is an essential part of the record of targets, achievements, skills, service at Selly Wood House, and plans preferences, and interests. It also details

are used by care staff and others to who will be involved/responsible for

ensure that an individual receives the ensuring that the

service appropriate to them. The client different elements is fully involved in the Plan which is a are undertaken.



The Home employs a senior member of staff as a Day Activity Organiser (DAO) with a brief to provide a range of daily activities to stimulate, socialise and

Lunch is a two course meal and is served at 12.30pm.

High Tea is served from 5.30pm. Residents have a choice of menu and as our Chef orders the food for the Home, residents can request virtually anything they wish.

Supper Time provides a choice of tea, coffee or a milky drink before retiring.

Throughout the day, the residents are provided with tea, coffee, fruit juices and biscuits.

Medical Services

Residents are free to choose their own GP. They may prefer to remain with their own practitioner or decide to change to a more local practice. The Nurse Team Leader at the Home will arrange for the GP to visit. In addition we also use the services of a local GP who holds a surgery at the Home every week. As members of the community, residents have access to the hospital consultants, X-Ray and Blood-tests. These will be carried out when the Doctor considered they are required. Medication will be prescribed and reviewed by the residents GP according to their need. Where necessary it will be administered by a qualified nurse. The

who will deliver all the medication prescribed by a GP.

Staff at the home attend to simple nail clipping and foot care. However, should more complex chiropody be required, this can be arranged through the GP for no charge. If a resident requires a visit from a private chiropodist, there will be a charge.

Optical services are provided. On each visit, all new residents will be assessed as to their optical requirements and treatment. Depending on an individuals choice, it is possible that a small charge will be made for frames and lenses. This will be fully discussed with the resident and/or their appointee, prior to

acceptance of the offer.

A dentist visits the home upon request. All new residents will be assessed as to their needs and the treatment required. Staff at the Home will ensure that dental hygiene is maintained by regular cleaning and soaking of dentures and assisting individuals with their own dental care, if necessary.

For details concerning fees and charges, please see separate sheet or contact

entertain the residents.

The aim is to structure varied activities and pastimes to involve and appeal to all, regardless of age or disability. Activities are reviewed regularly and appropriate amendments made where necessary.

Dining arrangements

Breakfast is served to residents either in their own room, or the dining room at whatever time the resident wishes. There is a choice between a light meal or a full cooked breakfast.





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