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You want reduced complexity.

You require easy running processes.

We are your route to simplicity.

Festo – your partner for greater productivity.

Our goal is to increase your productivity. Our software tools play an integral part in achieving

this goal and are constantly being refined. They help you tap into productivity reserves and

generate additional productivity along the entire value chain. In every phase of your project,

from the initial contact to the modernisation of your machine, you will come across a number

of different tools which will be of use to you.

This flyer shows just a small selection of the tools we have to offer.

Discover our world of software tools:





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We’re always there to help you on your way to success. To meet your needs even more effectively, we have

analysed project workflows and defined eight phases. We then allocated our software tools and services to

the appropriate phase. You benefit by being able to find the right support quickly and easily.


The phases in detail ...

... Make contact

We’re there for you – with our software tools. Do you have any questions about a software program or an application for which our software tools are not immediately providing sufficient support? All you need to do is contact us. We will be happy to help you!

• All product information online and on DVD • All contact information online

• Country-specific information on authorised sales partners

... Conceptualise

Our competency is reflected in our tools: with our numerous product finders you can search for specific characteristics so you will find the product you need in no time at all.

=ä These stars show you our core product range which is readily available, delivered quickly, very attractively priced, and in Festo quality. And our many engineering tools support you when it comes to the design.

Additional support is provided by • Quick Search Plus

• Engineering software • Sistema database

With our online search options, you will find every Festo address in the world:

Conceptualising made easy: all Festo product finders and engineering tools can be found in the product catalogue and in the „Quick Search Plus“ software.


... Design

This phase represents around 25 – 30% of the overall service life costs in machine and plant construction and is thus one of the greatest cost pools. CAD data, CAD tools/plugins, programs like FluidDraw® and EPLAN circuit diagram macros for generating circuit diagrams, as well as ready-to-use program libraries for CODESYS provided by Festo considerably reduce this cost pool. It also includes the Festo Handling and Positioning Profile FHPP with unified command structure for different controls. And the Handling Guide Online* significantly speeds up the design of a standard handling system: just three steps are all that’s needed.

Additional support is provided by • PARTdata Manager

• Festo Design Tool 3D *

... Procure

Our Online Shop and its extensive range of functions such as order tracking, downloading order documents, the Open Catalogue Interface (OCI) or the Label Designer, make inventory management of Festo products even faster and more convenient.

Additional support is provided by • Core product range identification: =ä • Product key

• Spare parts catalogue

*) This software is not yet available in all countries.

Thanks to order tracking you always know where your order is.

Simply insert into the CAD design: the Handling Guide Online makes the CAD model of the entire handling system available immediately.


... Commission

The Festo Configuration Tool FCT – for easy and fast parameterisation of standard and individual functions with drives, proportional valves, cameras, etc. Including oscilloscope function, real-time force-deflection diagrams with proportional valve VPPX, and much more. Or CODESYS provided by Festo with full basic software packages, for instance for SoftMotion. With the free CheckKon and CheckOpti, parameterising our compact vision system is child's play. All product information can be found on the Support Portal.

Additional support is provided by • Festo Field Device Tool • WebConfig

• Expert knowledge on the Support Portal

... Assemble

Our Support Portal will provide you with guidance during assembly. You will have access to all the important documents in several languages, e.g. installation advice for multiple connector plates, detailed assembly instructions, templates for our label holders, drilling templates and much more. Additional support is provided by

• Mobile Support Portal

Quickly and easily programmed and commissioned: CODESYS V3, 3D-CNC editor with G-Code programming (DIN 66025) Quickly and cleanly create the control cabinet


... Operate

To achieve a high level of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and the shortest possible idle times, diagnostic tools such as the Festo Maintenance Tool FMT with CPX help to quickly locate errors and carry out preventative maintenance. The Festo Field Device Tool FFDT provides synchronous firmware updates for all bus participants, eliminates bugs and enables new functions. Our mobile Support Portal and the product key speed up repeat orders and repairs.

... Modernise

Make your systems state of the art! When it comes to modernisations, our Online Shop immediately shows you possible replacement products which you can easily use instead of the old components. Or you can calculate the savings potential of your compressed air system and see what benefit the optimisation measures have on the complete system.

Thanks to the product key, you can quickly and easily access the product data on the mobile Support Portal.


Control the energy efficiency! What are the benefits of shorter tubing lengths, reduced sizes or a pressure-reduced return stroke? Using the compressed air costs calculator, you can get specific answers to these questions.



Maximum productivity is a question of ambition Do you share this attitude? We will be glad to help you achieve this goal – through our four outstanding qualities: • Security • Efficiency • Simplicity • Competency

We are the engineers of productivity. Discover new dimensions for your company:

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