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Atlantic Coast Service Center


Academic year: 2021

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Atlantic Coast Service Center

David R. Willmott, PE

Forensic Civil/Structural Engineer

Raleigh, North Carolina



EDUCATION: Iowa State University Ames, Iowa

Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering

EMPLOYMENT: Unified Forensics, PLLC

Raleigh, North Carolina Forensic Engineer March 2015 - Present

Independent Forensic Civil/Structural/Geotechnical Engineering Consultant

Raleigh, North Carolina

January, 2011 - February, 2015

ESP Associates, P.A. Raleigh, North Carolina

Department Manager and Senior Geotechnical Engineer February 2006 - December 2010

Willmott Consulting Services, P.C. Cary, North Carolina

Owner / Principal Forensic / Geotechnical Engineer December 1997 – January 2006


Aquaterra Engineering, Inc. Raleigh, North Carolina Corporate Marketing Director August 1997 – December 1997

CME Associates, Inc. Garner, North Carolina

Branch Manager / Senior Geotechnical Engineer January 1997 – June 1997

Professional Services Industries, Inc. (PSI)

Various locations in the Midwest, South, and East Coast Branch Manager, Division Manager, Vice President, Senior Geotechnical/Environmental Engineer

March 1979 – July 1996


• The EI Group, Inc.; Asbestos Operations & Maintenance for Class III Classification; 16 Hours; May 14 through May 15, 2015.

• ASCE, Overview of NC Unmanned Aircraft System, 1.0 Hours, March 19, 2015

• HazMat Student, LLC; Hazmat First Responder Operations Training; 8.0 Hours; April 1, 2015.

• ASCE; Sinkhole Remediation at the National Corvette Museum; 1.0 Hours; May 21, 2015.

• Unified Investigations & Sciences, Inc.; Forensic Investigations; 16 Hours; March 24 through March 25, 2015.

• Unified Investigations & Sciences, Inc.; Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals; 1.0 Hours; June 29, 2015.

• The International Association of Arson Investigators, Inc.; Fire Investigator Scene Safety; 3.0 Hours; July 9, 2015.



• The International Association of Arson Investigators, Inc.; Arc Mapping Basics; 4.0 Hours; July 15, 2015.

• ASCE; Wind Energy in North Carolina and the Southeast; 1.0 Hours; July 16, 2015.

• GeoStructures, Inc., Technical Workshop, 8.0 Hours March 11, 2014

• ASCEEthics in Engineering, 1.0 Hours September 18, 2014

• ASCE North Carolina Board of Engineering Rules and Regulations. 1.0 Hours September 18, 2014

• NC State University Subject Rebuilding the World Trade Center, 3.0 Hours, September 22, 2014

• ASCE A Fleet in Transition (Duke Energy), 1.0 Hours, November 20, 2014

• ASCE New Changes at the NCDENR and their impacts across the State, 1.0 Hours, January 16, 2014

• North Carolina State Construction Office Conference, 9.0 Hours, March 27, 2014

• ASCE The new State Water Infrastructure Authority and the State of NC's water resources, 1.0 Hours, May 15, 2014

• SunCam, Inc. Rules, regulations and ethics for Florida Professional Engineer, 4.0 Hours, December 4, 2014

• ASCE, An Introduction to Tensioned Fabric Structures, 1.0 Hours, September 19, 2013

• Contech Engineered Solutions, LLC Design and Manufacture steel and Aluminum Drainage Solutions, 1.5 Hours October 4, 2013

• ASCE, The Planning Process for the Union Station Project, 1.0 Hours, November 21, 2013


• ASCE, Roundabout vs. Signalized and Unsignalized Intersections: Safety and Operation Concerns, 1.0 Hours, April 18, 2013

• ASCE, A Brief History of The Bonner Bridge along with Foundation Design Aspects of the Replacement, 1.0 Hours, May 16, 2013

• North Carolina State Construction Office Conference, 9.0 Hours, March 31, 2013

• ASCE, Development of Rational Design Procedure for Precast Concert Spandrel Beams, 1.0 Hours, July 25, 2013

• NCSU Dr. Zia Lecture, Creating a Language of Architecture: Burj Khalifa and Beyond, 2.0 Hours, September 16, 2013

• ASCE, Mechanics' Liens in North Carolina - Where have we been, where are we now, and where are, we going?, 1.0 Hours, October 17, 2013

• ASCE, Structural Safety in Nuclear Power Plants, 1.0 Hours, January 19, 2012

• ASHE, NCDOT's Response to Hurricane Irene on Route NC 12, 1.0 Hours, March 13, 2012

• ASCE, Mobile Crane Lifting and Lift Plans, 1.0 Hours, March 15, 2012

• ASCE, North Carolina State Dam Safety Program, 1.0 Hours, May 17, 2012

• ASHE, NCDOT Environmental Streamlining Process Update, 1.0 Hours, May 24, 2012

• ASCE, Building Energy Efficiency and The Cost of Deferred Maintenance, 1.0 Hours, September 20, 2012

• NC State University Dr. Zia Lecture, Expanding the Panama Canal, 3.5 Hours, September 24, 2012

• Engineer Educators, Florida Laws and Rules, 4.0 hours, October 3, 2012



• ASCE, Solar Energy Today, 1.0 Hours, October 25, 2012

• Contech Engineered Solutions, LLC, Practical Considerations Related to the use of Alternative Backfill Materials for Flexible Soil-interaction Structure Installation, November 5, 2012

• ASCE, I-40: The Rockslide of 2009, 1.0 Hours, January 20, 2011

• ASHE, Mechanistic Empirical Pavement Design, 1.0 Hours, March 15, 2011

• ASCE, Geotechnical Aspects of the Cape Hatteras Light Station Move, 1.0 Hours, February 17, 2011

• ASCE, Design of the New Base Entry Point and Highways for Camp Lejeune, NC, 1.0 Hours, March 17, 2011

• ASCE, Report on Projects and Activities of the Engineers Without Borders, 1.0 Hours, April 21, 2011

• ASCE, North Carolina Transportation Update, 1.0 Hours, July 21, 2011

• ASCE, Recent Changes to G.S. 89C and the Board Rules and CPC requirements, November 10, 2011

• ASCE, Dynamic Compaction of Soil Subgrade, 1.0 Hours, August 25, 2011

• ASCE, Development of the Triangle Expressway, North Carolina's first Modern Toll Road, 1.0 Hours, August 25, 2011

• ASCE, Infrastructure Report Cards - America's and North Carolina's, 1.0 Hours, August 25, 2011

• ASCE, The Design and Construction of the Linville Land Harbor Dam, 1.0 Hours, August 26, 2011


• ASCE, North Carolina Turnpike Authority: What is the Status Today?, 1.0 Hours, May 20, 2010

• NC State Construction Office Conference, 7.0 Hours, March 23, 2010

• ASCE, Balancing the Ground Water Equation of Sustainability, 1.0 Hours, April 15, 2010

• ASCE, The I-35W Bridge Failure in Perspective, 1.0 Hours, February 18, 2010

• ASCE, The In-Depth Assessment of the Bonner Bridge, 1.0 Hours, March 24, 2010

• ASCE, Rock Mass Characterization: A vehicle to translate Geology into the design of Engineering Structures, 1.0 Hours, September 29, 2010

• ASCE, 2012 NC Building Codes Updates, 1.0 Hours, October 28, 2010

• ASCE, Success and Failure in Design, 1.0 Hours, November 11, 2010

• ASHE, Hillsborough Street Roundabouts: How it Came to Be, 1.0 Hours, November 18, 2010


David Willmott is a Professional Engineer with 36 years’ experience in civil engineering, providing forensic, structural and geotechnical engineering services, environmental site assessments, and marketing services. Often retained by attorneys and insurance adjusters, his expertise is requested on construction defect and storm damage cases. His inspections determine structural damage and provide repair recommendations for buildings damaged as a result of high winds and water. In addition, he has performed earthquake damage assessments on residential and commercial properties and often provides peer review on forensic reports prepared by other engineers.

Mr. Willmott’s vast expertise in civil engineering primarily encompasses the geotechnical and structural aspects of storm damages to residential and commercial structures. Mr. Willmott has experience in site assessments, hurricane damage, differentiating between wind and flood damage, earthquake damage, construction defects, construction materials testing and inspection, vibration studies, foundation and wall damage, water intrusions, mold investigations, sinkhole investigations and mining operations.



Registered Professional Engineer in North Carolina #20410 Registered Professional Engineer in Virginia # 44740

Registered Professional Engineer in Florida # 72573

Registered Professional Engineer in South Carolina # 28793 Registered Professional Engineer in Georgia # PE 036346 Registered Professional Engineer in New Jersey #GE51190 Registered Professional Engineer in New York #089204 Registered Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania #078826 Registered Professional Engineer in Alabama #32112-E Registered Professional Engineer in Tennessee #102160 Registered Professional Engineer in West Virginia #19561

National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying #29334


5/10/2005 Beryl Wagner and Elizabeth Wagner v. M/I Schottenstein Homes, Inc.; The City of Raleigh; WMM. J. Keller & Sons Construction Corporation. Wake County - 03 CVS 16469 Deposition

1/28/2009 Miami Sunset Bay Apartments, Limited Partnership and Triad Residential Management v. Lloyd’s Underwriters, All underwriters subscribing to Policy No. CRC-14176, including underwriters at Lloyd’s London, Summit Contractors, Inc., a Florida Corporation, and All Star Stucco, Inc., a Florida Corporation and Pino’s Window Corporation, a Florida Corporation. Dade County, Florida 06-10712 CA 11 Deposition


American Society of Civil Engineers, Member since 1979 Raleigh Claims Association, Member since 2010


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