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VOCABULARY LIST - Revised English II List -- Revised Make things better

alleviate      to ease a pain or a burden

auspicious      attended by favorable circumstances benign       kind and gentle

mitigate       to make less severe or painful substantiated        supported with proof or  evidence; verified

exculpate      to free from guilt or blame

That’s so pretty.

aesthetic         having to do with the appreciation of  beauty

embellish       to make beautiful by ornamenting; to  decorate

opulent       exhibiting a display of great wealth pristine      not spoiled; pure

ostentatious   describing a showy or pretentious  display

resplendent     shining brilliantly; gleaming; splendid

Don’t give me that attitude!


disdain      to regard or treat with contempt; to  look down on

pejorative       describing words or phrases that  belittle or speak negatively of someone

reprehensible    shameful; very bad

trite      unoriginal; overused; stale

vilify      to make vicious statements about

This is hard! I don’t get it!

abstruse         hard to understand cryptic      puzzling

futile      having no useful purpose heinous       hatefully evil; abominable impede      to slow the progress of

impenetrable  incapable of being understood

Revolution’s in the air

clandestine     secretive, especially in regards to  concealing an illicit purpose

enmity       mutual hatred or ill-will

mercurial         quick and changeable in mood rancorous       hateful; marked by deep seated ill-will



Going against the grain

deleterious         having a harmful effect; injurious disingenuous     not straightforward; crafty

disparate       fundamentally distinct or different recalcitrant         defiant of authority; stubborn; not  easily managed

spurious       not genuine; false

capricious       impulsive and unpredictable

Keep Round Rock Weird

aberration       a deviation from the way things  normally happen or are done

dubious      doubtful; of unlikely authenticity

quandary      a state of uncertainty or perplexity stymied      thwarted; stumped; blocked

idiosyncratic      something peculiar to an  individual

ambivalent      simultaneously feeling opposing feelings, such as love and hate

There’s no place like home!        

indigenous       originating and living in a  particular area


mundane      of or pertaining to this world or  earth as contrasted with heaven; earthly

hackneyed       made commonplace or trite; stale; banal

replete       abundantly supplied; filled

banal      lacking freshness or originality

So status quo

immutable       not able to be changed prosaic      unimaginative; dull

prudent       exercising good judgment or  common sense      

stoic      indifferent to pleasure or pain;  impassive

impassive       without emotion; apathetic; unmoved vapid       lacking or having lost life, sharpness,  or flavor; flat 

Isn’t that special        

   dilettante   a dabbler in or one who superficially  understands an art or a field of knowledge

pedantic      overly concerned with learning or  teaching


urbane      notably polite and elegant in manner;  suave

whimsical      subject to erratic behavior;  unpredictable

erudite       characterized by great knowledge;  learned or scholarly

Put your affairs in order

equanimity      the quality of being calm and even-tempered;composure

feasible       capable of being accomplished;  possible

veracity      habitual observance of truth in  speech or statement; truthfulness

solvent      able to pay one’s debts

plausible         seemingly valid or acceptable;  credible

complacent    pleased, especially with oneself or  one’s merits or advantages, often  

      without awareness of some potential danger or defect; self-satisfied

Things that suck...ever so slightly

blasphemy       speech which offends religious  sentiments


 malfeasance      misconduct or wrongdoing, especially by a public official

ephemeral        lasting for a markedly brief time pernicious       causing insidious harm or ruin;  injurious; hurtful

tacit       implied but not actually expressed

English I List Don’t take that tone with me!

compelling      forceful; urgently demanding  attention

dogmatic         characterized by a stubborn  adherence to insufficiently proved beliefs

       effusive       describing unrestrained  emotional expression; gushy

emphatic         expressed with emphasis

nostalgic         a sentimental yearning for the  happiness of a former time or place

poignant         profoundly moving; touching

Things about Kings

abdicate      to formally give up power dictatorial        domineering; oppressively  overbearing


imperious        arrogantly domineering or  overbearing

omnipotent     all-powerful

patronizing     treating in a condescending manner

 Friend Request

affable       easy-going; friendly

amiable       good-natured and likable camaraderie   good will between friends

gregarious      enjoying the company of others;  sociable

sanguine         cheerfully confident; optimistic innocuous      having no bad effect; harmless        


cantankerous grumpy; disagreeable fractious         quarrelsome; unruly

insolent       insulting in manner or speech notorious        known widely and usually  unfavorably; infamous

repugnant       causing disgust or hatred unpalatable     not pleasing to the taste

Don’t have much


stupor       a state of reduced or suspended  sensibility      

sedentary       not migratory; settled

torpor      laziness; inactivity; dullness paucity      fewness; an extreme lack of dearth       an inadequate supply; scarcity


ebullience       intense enthusiasm frenetic       wildly excited or active

insipid       uninteresting;  unchallenging ponderous      extremely dull

squalor       a filthy condition or quality superfluous    extra; unnecessary

Under the weather

impinge       to encroach in a way that  violates the rights of another

laconic      using few words

lament       to express grief for; mourn reticent       reluctant to speak

wane       to decrease gradually in  intensity; decline

hypochondriac    a person who worries excessively about his health


conscientious      careful and principled

fastidious      possessing careful attention to  detail

intrepid       courageous; fearless

meticulous      extremely careful and precise

tenacity       persistent adherence to a belief or a  point of view     

punctilious      strictly attentive to minute details;  picky

Get to the point

candor      sincerity; openness

frank       open and sincere in expression;  straightforward

pragmatic       practical

terse      brief and to the point; concise curtailed         cut short; abbreviated

concise         expressing or covering much in few  words

I’ll be the judge of that biased       prejudiced

indisputable   not open to question

jurisdiction       power; authority; control vindicated       freed from blame


exonerate       to free from guilt or blame

        On the road

itinerant       traveling from place to place

nomadic      characteristic of a wanderer or one who has no permanent home

transitory      short-lived or temporary

unfettered       set free from restrictions or bonds vagrant     a person who wanders about idly and  has no permanent home or employment

transient      not lasting, enduring, or permanent


Who knows what’ll happen?

harbinger        one that indicates what is to come; a  forerunner

ominous         menacing; threatening

portend       to serve as an omen or a warning of prophetic         foretelling or predicting future events impromptu      not planned in advance; spur of the  moment