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Ultra-modular design, with no single points of failure, SingleHop’s newest facility is one of

the largest carrier neutral data centers in the country.

Phoenix #1 (PHX-1)

Enterprise-Class Security, Performance and Redundancy

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SingleHop’s newest US data center, opened in 2012, is located in Phoenix, Arizona. The facility features a highly innovative and efficient modular pod-based architecture. SingleHop opened this facility in early 2012 with a starting capacity of over 2,000 servers. Due to the unique architecture, the facility can be scaled to support many more servers than its initial capacity over time, as needed, making it SingleHop’s most scalable data center.

• 24/7 SingleHop staffing

• 3 separate pods

• Room for over 2,000 servers

• 56 MW of utility power

• Pool of multi-megawatt Caterpillar generators

• Diverse fiber providers include Above Net & NLayer


Overview Information


Phoenix #1 (PHX-1)

Official Name

Physical Location


Max Server Capacity

Test IP

Phoenix 1 (PHX-1)

Phoenix, AZ

N + 1 - Physical Guards, Access Control, Retina Scanner,

Security Cameras, Key Cards


• Cisco powered network

• Ultrasonic humidification

• LED lighting

• Sealed and locked racks

• 24/7 physical security

• Biometric scanning

Minimum of N+1 redundancy on both electrical and

mechanical infrastructure


• Campus: 31 acres

• Building: 538,000 sq. ft.

• Building Material: Steel/reinforced concrete

• Parking: 300+ spaces ELEVATORS/VRCS: Four (4) passenger and two (2) freight

• Staging: 12,000 sq. ft. air conditioned and secured staging area +6,400 sq. ft. burn-in center

• Shipping: Seventeen (17) dock high loading bays, three (3) street level

• Utility: Arizona Public Service

• Core Power: Dedicated 40 MW substation onsite with redundant 69kV transmission lines

• Power Conditioning: Up to 21 MW of UPS power

• Power Backup Generators: Up to sixteen (16) 2.5 MW Caterpillar generators

• Fuel Storage: Min. 72 hrs. fuel on site

• Power Densities: Up to 1,000 w/sq. ft. within modules

• Efficiency: Distribution voltage metering, high-UPS and medium voltage distribution

• Cooling: Fully redundant 8,000 ton chilled water plant

• Thermal Energy Storage: Up to 24,000 ton-hours

• Air Handling: Modules contain up to (8) 10-ton air handling units

• Piping: Welded bi-directional design

• Humidification: Steam canister in module

• Backup Water System: Minimum 72 hrs. of backup water storage onsite

• Water Feed: Redundant and diverse water feeds from utility

• Leak Detection: Rope style outside module, spot leak detection inside module

• Efficiency: Variable frequency drive chillers, pumps, cooling, towers and air handlers

• Gated entrance

• Traffic bollards

• Digital video surveillance

• Onsite guard staff

• Onsite operations staff

• Mantraps

• Biometric screening

• Visitor tracking

• 24/7 XForever TACC

• Lockable cabinets and modules

• Fiber Access: Four (4) diverse fiber entry vaults with twenty-four (24) 4” PVC conduits each

• Internet Service Providers: Multiple carriers available including: AboveNet, AT&T, CenturyLink, Cogent, Cox, Integra, Level(3), Paetec, SRP Telecom, TeliaSonera, tw telecom, Verizon, Western Wi-Max, XO Communications and Zayo

• Peering: Fabric available to data center customers

• Facilities: Carrier-neutral

• Cross Connects: Free for data center customers


Data Center Specifications

Power Systems

Cooling Systems

Access Control


PHX-1 utilizes IO’s modular data center platform

and provides unprecedented flexibility, security and

energy efficiency.

• Data Center: 175,000 sq. ft.

• Available Space: 40,000 sq. ft.

• Access Floor Load: 1,250 lbs./tile

• Module Floor Load: 700 lbs/sq. ft.

• Building Fire Suppression: Double pre- action dry pipe sprinklers

• Fire Detection: HSSD

• Fire Suppression: Clean Agent Gas







Private Public Server B B A A




SingleHop’s multi-homed networks are always powered by Cisco hardware and SingleHop’s proprietary LEAP Platform with automated network administration. Due to the automated nature of the network, SingleHop is able to deploy IP capacity and space rapidly with less waiting time, and no involvement of network engineering staff.


At SingleHop we can help you find the cloud solutions that best meet your

needs, for now and into the future.

For more information, visit us at www.singlehop.com

or give us a call at 1 (866) 817-2811

Schedule a live, in-person tour today of this data center with one of our Data Center Engineers. You will see how it’s all done, from the generators, to the cooling system, to the data center floor itself.

Rules of being at the data center

• Only wear closed shoes, no sandals or open footwear.

• Do not bring any knives or weapons, any liquids or foods, or any chemicals.

• Must have valid gov. issued ID.

Security reserves the right to deny access to any person who does not meet the above qualifications or for any other reason if it believes that introducing that person into the facility could create any hazard. Please be aware that you will be escorted the entire time you are in the facility.





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