Medical, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse Services

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Boys Town

Staff: Boys Town is hiring a LMSW to provide mental health assessments and therapy. All Boys Town staff are

trained in First Aid / CPR for basic First Aid that is required in the home.

Contract Providers: A consultant medical doctor will provide initial health screens, comprehensive physical exams,

and any follow up from referrals. A consultant Psychologist will provide additional Mental Health Services as needed and is on site every week and available 24/7 for phone consults and same day consults. A consultant Psychiatrist is on site every week and available 27/7 for phone consults and same day consults, and will provide psychiatric services to youth.

Community Providers: Boys Town currently utilizes community based providers/agencies for medical, mental

health and substance abuse services. For Brooklyn based services, Boys Town will utilize Community Counseling & Mediation, New Directions for substance abuse services. For Queens based services, Boys Town will work with Queens based substance abuse providers, and medical providers. Once they have been identified, information will be shared with OCFS/ACS. Dental services are provided by Designer Braces.

Children’s Village

Staff: Comprehensive medical services are provided at the Keith Haring Medical Clinic on the Children’s Village

campus, which provides 24-hour/ 7 day-a-week medical services. Registered nursing staff is present with 24 hour nursing coverage at the Dobbs Ferry Campus. Every program has a SW/CW (BSW/MSW), SW Supervisor

(MSW/LCSW/LMSW) and Treatment Coordinator (LCSW or Psychologist) attached to them. Psychotropic

medication is overseen by a NYS Licensed Child Psychiatrist as it is for our other child welfare programs with the same standards.

Consultant Providers: Dental services are provided by American Mobile Dental Service, which regularly evaluates

residents at the Dobbs Ferry campus for preventive and acute dental care. An optometrist provides on-site vision screening and corrective lens prescriptions for residents. In addition, sports medicine and physical therapy clinics are provided on-site for children with sports injuries or chronic musculoskeletal complaints. For substance abuse


Episcopal Social Services

Staff: Each NSP facility will have a mental health team who will screen all youth to determine their need for mental

health services. If mental health services are needed, then a comprehensive assessment will be completed resulting in a treatment plan. Medical and dental services will be provided by the ESS Bronx-based clinic. Additionally, a nurse will provide health services at each NSP site.

Consultant Providers: A psychiatrist who is on contract with ESS will evaluate youth in need of medication and will

provide ongoing medication management. For specialized medical needs, ESS will utilize subspecialists located in area hospitals in Manhattan and the Bronx. If the youth is already in the care of a medical subspecialist, ESS will promote continuity of care by making efforts to continue with that specialist.

Community Providers: If ongoing mental health services are needed for both the youth and their family or if the

youth is in need of specialized mental health services, ESS will connect youth with community based providers.

Good Shepherd Services

Staff: For medical services there will be a full time nurse (RN) at each NSP site. Each nurse will also be on call for

after-hours emergencies. For mental health services the clinical team at each site will consist of a clinical social worker, a social work supervisor, and a behavioral specialist.

Consultant Providers: Good Shepherd Services will utilize a consultant psychiatrist and psychologist.

Community Providers: For medical needs Good Shepherd Services will work primarily with Lutheran Medical

Center and Brownsville Multi Services Family Health Center. For Optometry, Good Shepherd will work with Cohen’s Optical in Brooklyn. For youth with HIV, GSS will use the special expertise of Callen Lourde community health center HOTT Program (Health Outreach To Teens) or The Door. For substance abuse services, Good Shepherd Services has formal linkages with: Realization Center, Dynamite Center, Outreach Center, Never Alone and Cares/St. Luke’s Hospital. Dental services are provided by New York University.


Jewish Child Care Association

Staff: JCCA provides medical, dental, substance abuse and mental health services onsite. Medical, substance

abuse, and mental health services will be delivered by a clinical team comprised of licensed social workers, nurses, pediatricians, psychiatrists, psychologists, and medical specialists. There will be some staff dedicated specifically to the NSP program while others are shared among the campus programs. JCCA will provide on-campus and community-based substance abuse services to NSP Program youth through its onsite substance abuse treatment services.

Community Providers: If necessary, JCCA obtains access to day treatment, support groups for users and family

members, relapse prevention, specialized programs for particular populations such as teens, gays/lesbians and mentally ill chemical abusers (MICA), and an adolescent inpatient detoxification facility for youth or family

members through Liberty Healthcare. Specialized dental services, like surgery are provided at Montifiore Hospital Dental Clinic

Leake & Watts

Staff: The Social Work Coordinator will take on overall responsibility for overseeing that the mental health and

substance abuse treatment needs of youth are met. 1.5 FTE nursing staff to be available for medication

administration and primary health needs within their professional scope. A full time licensed social worker on staff will provide counseling to the residents on site. Additionally to meet the substance abuse needs of youth, a Youth Counselor will be a CASAC.

Consultant Providers: Leake & Watts has a contract with the Children’s Aid Society to provide primary medical

care services in addition to those provided by the nurse on staff. Additionally, Leake & Watts will utilize a consultant psychologist who will provide evaluations as needed.

Community Providers: For psychiatric evaluations, as needed, Leake & Watts will utilize Full Circle Health, with

which Leake & Watts has an existing relationship. For substance abuse services that cannot be met by facility CASAC staff, Leake & Watts will utilize Taylormayd, Inc. with whom the agency has an existing relationship.


Martin de Porres

Staff: A Registered Nurse on staff coordinates medical care with child care and social work staff. The nurse will

visit each site weekly. A Licensed Clinical Social Worker coordinates and delivers mental health services.

Consultant Providers: Martin de Porres contracts with psychiatrists and social workers for additional mental

health services. The psychiatrist is onsite twice weekly. Additionally, the psychiatrist conducts all initial mental health assessments.

Community Providers: Martin de Porres utilizes community providers, with whom they have established

relationships with, for medical, dental, optometric, hearing, and other medical needs. Additionally, for outpatient substance abuse counseling Martin de Porres utilized Daytop Village in Jamaica.

New York Foundling

Staff: The Foundling maintains on-site health services. There is a Staff Pediatrician (MD) who will provide

comprehensive primary pediatric health care to youth in the facility. A Health Services Coordinator (Head Nurse – RN) will provide Clinical oversight of nursing staff; administrative oversight of entire Staten Island Health Services staff; and care management activities. Two full time LPNs will provide nursing services to youth on site. Optometry services are provided on site. The MD is onsite four days of the week and the nurses are there every day. After hours, weekends and holidays, the House Supervisors (RNs) at the main office who respond to all

medical/medication issues in consult with the agency Chief Medical Director (an MD). A part time Psychiatrist, a full time clinical social worker, two family engagement therapists and one hour a week of psychiatry supervision from a Chief Psychiatrist. Alcohol and substance abuse counseling services are integrated into the Missouri Model intervention. The youth will receive group counseling related to prevention, abstinence and recovery. The

program will utilize mental health staff to provide assessment and group treatment for youth with substance use issues.



Staff: For medical services, each 6 bed facility will have a part time Medical Doctor, a part time Nurse Practitioner,

and a part time Nurse. Additionally, SCO’s 24-hour hotline always has a nurse on duty. For mental health services, each 6 bed facility will have a part time Psychologist or LCSW or equivalent therapist, a part time family therapist a part time Psychiatrist. Finally for substance abuse issues each 6 bed facility will have a part time CASAC Counselor. Substance abuse, like other behavioral health concerns, will be addressed directly through the daily group therapy sessions.

Consultant Providers: Some services such as visual, dental, gynecological care are provided through consultant


Community Providers: Additional specialized medical services are provided through community providers. For

more extensive or specialized mental health and substance abuse services, youth will be served by community providers.

St. John’s Residence for Boys

Staff: Two full time nurses on staff will provide basic health services to NSP youth and RTC youth.

Contract Providers: Consulting CASAC and psychiatrist (one day per week each). The psychiatrist will perform

psychiatric evaluations and provide medication maintenance. St. John's currently has three consulting psychologists who provide therapy and evaluations. These psychologists will serve the NSP population.

Community Providers: The nurses make all medical and dental appointments and follow up. St. John's uses local

community doctors, clinics and specialists. They have established relationships with local providers throughout the years because of their RTC population.


St. Vincent’s Services

Staff: A full-time psychologist to be split between two sites, a Behavioral Specialist for 6 hours

per week per site, a Group Facilitator (to coach and assist program staff) 6 hours per week per site, and a Substance Abuse Counselor at 4 hours per week per site. One full time nurse will be dedicated to cover both NSP sites. Two hours of psychiatric services per site per week, the psychiatrist will provide some treatment/monitoring, and will be augmented by services purchased in the community. For Queens, additional substance abuse services will be provided at SVS Chemical Dependency Clinic in Jamaica, Daytop, and additional mental health services will be provided through SVS Outpatient Clinic. SVS will also utilize the SVS Chemical

Dependency Clinic in Staten Island for the Staten Island site.

Community Providers: For Queens, medical services will be provided through Joseph P.

Addabbo Family Health Center, Long Island Jewish Medical Center and Queens General. For the Staten Island site, additional substance abuse services will be provided by Camelot, Daytop, Staten Island Community Health Action, and additional mental health services will be provided by JBFCS Clinic, Staten Island Mental Health, and Baley Seton Psychiatric ER if necessary. Medical services in Staten Island will be provided by, 690 Medical Pavilion, Richmond University, and Staten Island University North/South. For Staten Island dental services SVS will utilize Bay Street Medical Pavilion and for Queens dental services SVS will utilize St. Albans Family Health Center.