Notes of Guidance for School Transport to Non-Faith Secondary Schools

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Notes of Guidance for

School Transport to

Non-Faith Secondary Schools

Notes of Guidance for

School Transport to

Non-Faith Secondary Schools

Notes of Guidance for

School Transport to


Notes of Guidance for School Transport to

Non-Faith Secondary Schools

Please read these notes carefully before completing the application form.

These Notes of Guidance are issued with the home to secondary school transport application form for free transport for pupils of statutory school age (year 7 to year 11).

Is your child entitled to free home to school transport?

If your child has been offered a place at a Non-Faith Secondary School you will be entitled to transport provided you reside three miles or more from the school, measured by the shortest available walking route and one of the following applies:

n The chosen school is your designated school, or a school that is closer than your designated school.

n You have been refused at your designated school and the place you have been offered is the nearest space available for your child.

If you think you may be entitled to home to school transport assistance you can apply online at

schooltransport or complete the application form at the back of this booklet.

You can apply online at


child is eligible for free school meals, or you have a household income which is below £16,190, you may also be entitled to receive transport assistance from the County Council. Transport assistance will be available to any one of the three nearest

schools, providing they are between 2 and 6 miles from your home by the shortest available route. If you have a school that is below

2 miles from your home address then this would be considered as one of your three nearest schools.

For example:

School 1 0.8 miles School 2 3.2 miles School 3 5.4 miles

Transport would be provided to School 2 or School 3, but not to School 1. You will need to provide us evidence of your benefit/ Tax Credit entitlement for the current tax year in order to qualify. Transport will be awarded on an academic year basis for one year only. You will be required to provide us with up to date evidence of your benefit entitlement at the end of every academic year.


What type of transport is provided?

The transport provided will be either contract or public transport. There are other options available in lieu of transport being provided by Essex County Council:

Fuel Reimbursement

Essex County Council is able to offer parents/carers a payment in advance in order for them to take their children to school when the cost of the payment is less than the cost of Essex County Council providing transport.

The mileage rate is paid at 45p to cover fuel costs for return journeys at the start and end of the standard school day. Please tick the box on the application form if you would like to be considered for advanced fuel reimbursement. If 45p is in excess of the cost of Essex County Council providing transport, an alternative rate of 17p can be considered should this be cost effective for Essex County Council.

No ticket – No ride

If a pupil does not produce their travel pass they will be unable to board contract buses and will have to pay full fare on public transport. This is non-refundable. This policy was introduced to prevent over-crowding and provide safe, seated transport for children with a legitimate place on the bus.

When can a student travel?

n Parents/Carers are responsible for ensuring that an application has been made to Essex County Council for their child to be provided with transport. Students will not be able to travel until Essex County Council has sent their written confirmation of the transport arrangements.

You can apply online at


their children and therefore must ensure that students know how to get to and from the bus safely and in time for the arrival of the vehicle. This may include accompanying them.

n Students should wait for the vehicle sensibly without inconveniencing local residents or businesses.

n Students should aim to be at the stop 5 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

Change of address

If you move address, or your child leaves school, you must inform us in writing immediately. If you move and wish your child to

remain at their existing school, your application will be re-assessed from your new address. If you require transport from your new address to a different school you will need to complete a new application form. Changes of address cannot be taken over the telephone, for security reasons we must receive notification in writing. This is for your child’s protection.


Please note the following important information before completing this form

Essex County Council is collecting your personal information in order to process your claim for home to school transport. This information will not be shared with any other third party unless the law requires us to do so. In completing this form you will be agreeing that:

n The personal information you have provided will be used to decide whether home to school transport will be provided for your child and to administer that service. If Essex County Council is made aware that transport has been entitled using false information, then transport will be withdrawn immediately. n The information you have supplied will be shared with other

parts of ECC who are involved in providing school transport and also companies and organisations outside ECC who provide school transport services. This could include your child’s school and transport operator.

n Your supplied information will be kept by us for up to 25 years after your child leaves school.

Additional Notes of Guidance are provided to Students and Parents/ Carers entitled to transport, once transport has been awarded.

You can apply online at



Your application will be acknowledged within two weeks of receipt. Please contact us if you have not received an acknowledgement after this time.

Is transport available if I am not entitled?

Some school service operators have seats available to sell to parents on request. Please contact the relevant operator for details and prices. If you do not know the operator, please contact Passenger Transport on 0845 603 2200 or your child’s school. Essex County Council do not administer spare seats. These must be arranged via the operator as above.


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