MARGIE C. CHAVEZ. Columbia Carroll College of Nursing: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Original Registration & Licensure as RN: Wisconsin State Board of Nursing






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Associate Professor, Department of Nursing

University of Texas at Brownsville/Texas Southmost College Telephone: (956) 554-5082

Fax: (956) 554-5100



University of Northern Colorado

Post-graduate studies: Transcultural Nursing (7 semester hours) Received graduate certification in Transcultural Nursing

Summer-Fall 2002 Nova Southeastern University

Doctor of Education

Specialization: Health Care Education Completion date, October, 1999

University of Texas Health Science Center-San Antonio Early Masters Degree Program (BSN-MSN)

BSN: Magna Cum Laude, MSN: with Honors MSN Major: Community Health Nursing MSN Minor: Teaching Nursing

Completion Date: December, 1993

Columbia Carroll College of Nursing: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Original Registration & Licensure as RN: Wisconsin State Board of Nursing PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:

Associate Professor of Nursing: Master of Science in Nursing Full Faculty Position (MSN) 2004-present

Full Faculty Position (MSPHN): 2001-2003

Dual Faculty Position (MSPHN and ADN Programs) Proctored MSPHN (Epidemiology Course) Fall 2000 Site: University of Texas at Brownsville

Associate Professor of Nursing: Associate Degree of Nursing Program Tenure with Promotion to Associate Professor: 2000

Fall Semester: 2000-2001

Site: University of Texas at Brownsville & Texas Southmost College Assistant Professor of Nursing: RN-BSN Degree Completion Program

Spring: 1998

Site: University of Texas at Brownsville and Universidad Autonoma de Tamaulipas at Matamoros, Mexico


Adjunct Faculty: Texas Nurses Association, “Texas Health Steps” (EPSDT)

Summers: 1993-2000 (Preparation of nurse practitioners, physician assistants and registered nurses to do physical/developmental assessments for Medicaid reimbursed well-baby clinics throughout Texas)

Site: Multiple cities throughout Texas

Home Health Nursing: 9/1993-1/1995 & 10/1996-1999

Sites: Valley Regional Medical Center Home Health Agency South Texas and Tropical Home Health Agency School Nurse: 1986-1994

Site: Brownsville Independent School District Charge Nurse: 2/1988 to 8/1993

Site: Brownsville Medical Center (Part-time Pediatrics) Staff Nurse: 1979-1980 and 1985-1986

Site: Valley Regional Medical Center (MCH, Med/Surg and Pediatrics) Coordinator of Pre-Kinder through 3rd Grade: 1982-1984

Site: American School of Tampico (Mexico) Lead Teacher: Full-time: 1973-1979 &

School Nurse: Part-time: 1973-1979

Site: American School of Tampico (Mexico) Office Nurse: 1970-1973

Site: Private physician’s office (OB-GYN) in Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS/HONORS:

Post Tenure and Exceptional Merit: 2005

Appointed and Confirmed Candidate: Empire Who’s Who Among Executive and Professional Women in Nursing (April, 2004)

American Nurses Association: Elected as Alternate Delegate for National House of Delegates (2004-2006)

Graduate Certificate in Transcultural Nursing: December 2002 Tenure & Promotion to Associate Professor (UTB/TSC): May 2000 Competitive Merit (UTB/TSC): October 1998

Clinical Nurse Specialist Certification: Community Health: 1994 Sigma Theta Tau International: International Honor Society of Nursing:

December 1993

Scholarship: Recipient of the Marilyn D. William Award for Excellence University of Texas Health Science Center-San Antonio (Graduate Student Award-1993)

Phi Theta Kappa: National Fraternity of America Two Year Colleges-1998

“Most Valuable Faculty Member” Award: Co-authored Curriculum and Student Manual for an English Program (Pre-Kinder) American School of Tampico-1984) PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION MEMBERSHIPS:

American Nurses Association: 1995-Present Texas Nurses Association: 1995-Present

District #14 President: 1997-2000 House Delegate: 1999=Present


PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION MEMBERSHIPS (CON’T): Texas Public Health Association: 2000-Present

Member of TPHA Committee on Association/Faculty Liaison American Red Cross Certification and Registration: Badge #358320 American Public Health Association (Public Health Nursing & International Health Sections)

Texas Department of Health Public Health Nursing Consortium United States-Mexico Border Health Association

Co-President of Nursing Committee: 1999-Present Binational Council (Brownsville/Matamoros)

Transcultural Nursing Society

Sigma Theta Tau International Society (Delta Alpha Chapter) Association of Community Health Nurse Educators

UTHSCSA Nursing Alumni Association

Columbia Carroll Nursing Alumni Association


November 4, 2006: “Cultural Beliefs and Mental Health Among Mexicans and Mexican Americans on the U.S. Border” (American Public Health Association Annual Meeting in Boston, MA)

May 3, 2006: “Cultural Beliefs and Values about Mental Health of Mexican Americans”

March 31-April 1, 2006: Coordinator of Binational Nursing Research Symposium (UTB and Universidad Autonoma de Tamaulipas, Matamoros nursing faculty)

December 13, 2005: “Utilization of Healthcare Services by Hispanics on the Southern Border of Texas”. APHA (Philadelphia, PA)

June 9, 2004: “Breastfeeding: Mexican American Practices, Beliefs and Values (A Colonia Study)”, Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico (USMBHA).

February, 2004: Nursing Education Redesign Task Force Presentation to TNA District #14 members

October 16, 2003: Participated in Round Table Discussion:

“Regional/International Liasons-Effects on International Nursing”, San Antonio, Texas.

May 13, 2002: “La Evolucion de Enfermeria en Estados Unidos: Refleciones del Impacto en Relaciones con Enfermeras de Mexico” presented at the International Nursing Conference at the UAT, Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

May 30, 2001: “Comparing Nursing Education Systems, US/Mexico”

Presented at the US-Mexico Border Health Association Annual Conference. November 4, 2000: “Inovaciones en un Curso Binacional de Enfermeria” Presented in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico for the Binational Educators Conference.

February 25 & 26, 2000: “Planning, Implementing and Evaluating a Binational Nursing Education Initiative” presented at the University of Texas at Arlington’s “Crossing Borders in Hispanic Health Care: Implementing and Evaluating Cultural Competence in the Health Workforce”.


January 8, 2000: “Comparacion del Trabajo de Enfermeria en Ambos Lados de la Frontera Estados Unidos-Mexico” presented in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

July 16, 1999: “The New Nursing: Converging Conversations of Education, Research and Practice” participant in the round table discussion (Madison, Wisconsin).

June 3, 1999: “A Binational Nursing Course in Community Health: An Interactive Approach” presented at the 57th Annual Meeting of the United States-Mexico Border Health Association (San Antonio, Texas).

April 9, 1999: “Cultural Competency: Cultural Implications of Planning and Implementing a Collaborative International Education Initiative” presented at The Transcultural Nursing Society’s Southern Regional Conference (Memphis, Tennessee).

March 3, 1999: “Binational Issues in Nursing” presented at a UTB Research Symposium.

February 15, 1999: “Binational Issues in Nursing”, a Board briefing for the Southmost Union Junior College District Regular Meeting.


“Cultural Beliefs and Mental Health Among Mexicans and Mexican Americans on the U.S. Border: A Qualitative Study in Southern Texas” (manuscript writing in process for publication in peer-reviewed journal)

“Mexican American Postpartum Women of Southern Texas: A Colonia Cultural Experience in Breastfeeding Practices” (in process)

“Mexican American Postpartum Women of Southern Texas: Cultural Implications in Breastfeeding Practices” (University of Northern Colorado: completion of certificate)

“Cultural Competency in the Planification and Implementation of a Binational Community Health Nursing Course”.

“Wellness Watch for Life” (1996-1997) A community newsletter for the Valley Regional Medical Center: Coeditor and article contributor.

Pediatric Procedural Manual (1995): for use in the Department of Nursing, UTB/TSC.

“English Fun for Little Ones!” (1984) Instructor and student manuals for a total immersion instruction in English for pre-kinder children at the American School of Tampico (published in Mexico).


EXPORT GRANT (Community Outreach Core Member): 2002-present (10% of salary) Working on media campaign:Tu Salud Si Cuenta!, a binational effort addressing health promotion (nutrition, active lifestyle, etc.)

CDC RESEARCH PROJECT: Brownsville-Matamoros Sister City Project for Women’s Health. Assisting in arranging collaborative agreements


surveillance methodology to apply and obtain health data on both sides of the border. At present acting as liaison with Mexican colleagues and CDC

representatives and have begun data collection in Matamoros. (2002-Present) (presently in the data assessment stage and overall evaluation of outcomes of the project).

Pilot Grant (PI) with NIH EXPORT grant: “Cultural Beliefs and Mental Health: Hispanics and Providers”. Principal Investigator. (10% salary/time/effort) “Prevalence of Breastfeeding and Its Relationship to Infant Diarrhea: A Comparative Study” Primary investigator: Marge Chavez, EdD, RN, in

collaboration with Linda MacDonald, MSN, RN, and the Universidad Autonoma de Tamaulipas, Matamoros School of Nursing. (2002-2003)

“Factors Influencing Infant Feeding Choices” Primary Investigator, Linda MacDonald, MSN, RN in collaboration with Marge Chavez, EdD, RN (2002-2004) “A Qualitative Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of Promotoras in the Lower Rio Grande Valley” (Primary Investigator: Teshia Solomon, DrPH at UTHSCAS-SPH 2000-2001).

“Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Binational Nursing Course for the University of Texas at Brownsville” (Dissertation: Nova Southeastern University, October 1999).

“A Study of the Relationship Between Admission Criteria and Performance on the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses” (Unpublished: April 1998)

“An Evaluation of the Nursing Curriculum at the Universidad Autonoma de Tamaulipas Utilizing the NEAC Competencies” (Unpublished: 1997).


Alcohol and Drug Task Force (2004-Present)

Member of Committee: UTB/TSC Biliteracy Task Force (1999-2002) SCHOOL OF HEALTH SCIENCES/DEPT. OF NURSING COMMITTEES:

SHS Personnel Committee: 1999-Present

Dept. of Nursing Personnel Committee: 1999-Present

Curriculum Committee: Dept. of Graduate Nursing: Ongoing

Self Study for NLNAC Accreditation: completed with initial accreditation achieved. Recommendations with changes and evaluation in process. Academic Review Committee: Dept. of Nursing (Ongoing)

Recruitment Committee: Dept. of Nursing (2003 and Ongoing) SHS Research Committee:

Chair: 1999-2002 Member: 1999-2003


Texas Nurses Association: Task Force: Redesigning the Education of Nurses in Texas. Selected as a member of the task force representing the

LRGV. Meetings were held in Austin January-April (2004) with “White Paper” completed and published on the web by TNA staff in June (2004).

Texas Public Health Association: member of the TPHA Faculty/Association Relations Committee (2003-Present)


Healthy Communities: Trendbender Team Member in 2 Areas: Obesity/Diabetes and Mental Health Issues (Ongoing)

U.S.-Mexico Border Health Commission & Texas Healthy Border 2010: A Healthy Border 2010 Champion (2001-Present)

Texas Nurses Association: District #14 President (1997-2000) Texas Nurses Association: District #14 Delegate for state House of Delegates (1999-Present)

Member of Community Enhancement Coalition for Cameron Park of Brownsville: A Colonia Endeavor: (1993-2003)

Advisory Board Member: Campus Care Centers: Brownsville Independent School District’s School-Based Clinics. (1993-Present)

Texas Nurses Association Adjunct Faculty: Instructor of pediatric assessment skills, training for Medicaid providers (1993-2003) Advisory Board Member: Nursing Program-UTB/TSC

Community Enterprise Project for the City of Brownsville, Member: Vice-Chair: Health & Human Services/Environmental Technical Committee Strategic Planning effort: An application for federal funding. (Not funded). AUXILIARY SKILLS:

Computer Literacy

Bilingual/Biliterate (English & Spanish) Bilingual Presentations (English & Spanish)

Beginning skills (Web-Based/On-line Courses) February 2007





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