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MED-DESIRE Strategic Project

International Conference, Technical Roundtable and

Project Meeting

MEDiterranean DEvelopment of Support schemes for solar Initiatives and Renewable Energies ENPI CBC MED - Priority 2 - Topic 3 - Solar energy

Bari, 31


March - 1


April 2014

Palace Hotel, via Francesco Lombardi 13, Bari

Agenda description

A two-days event is envisaged to be held a Bari on 31 March-1st of April 2014. The first day is in

particular devoted to an International Conference and a Technical Workshop open to the public, while the project internal meeting will start on the afternoon of the first day with a financial

training session for MPC partners and will continue for the whole second day with the 3rd TSC and

SC meetings.

International Conference - March 31 (Morning)

The International conference, named “A solar future in the Mediterranean” will be structured in two different sessions.

1st Session: Smart policies for a green future

In this session the wider policy context of the MED-DESIRE project will be discussed, thanks to a qualified set of speakers, which includes the Governor of Puglia Region, Mr Nichi Vendola, and a high profile political representation coming from the Arab world.

2nd Session: Exploiting solar opportunities

This session will be more “technical” and will allow to outline the main motivations standing behind the contents developed in the frame of the project, specifically those related to the technological and economical opportunities in the solar sector as well as the removal of existing technical barriers and the implementation of innovative financial support schemes. We will also invite the ENPI JMA/JTS to have a speech focused on the role that energy sustainability topics will have in next programming period.


Technical Roundtable - March 31 (Afternoon)

The Roundtable is dedicated to solar technology applications and emerging market opportunities in the Mediterranean Basin. It is intended to create an exchange of information among market actors, institutions and national associations on experiences of cooperation and good practices in the solar energy sector. It will give the opportunity to Italian firms to have an insight on the solar market in Mediterranean Partner Countries and will represent a chance for MPC participant to get in contact with Italian potential investors and market operators.

Short profiles of the organizations participating to the Roundtable: • AAE

The Andalusian Energy Agency is a government-owned entity assigned to the Regional Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Science, whose mission is to develop the policies of the Andalusian Regional Government aimed at optimising the energy supply of our region, from an economical and environmental point of view.


The Agence Nationale pour la Maîtrise de l'Energie is a public institution under the Ministry of Industry established in 1985. Its mission is to implement the state policy in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy in Tunisia.

• EdS Energie del Sole

Energie del Sole is a company specialized in the production and installation of solar water heaters and photovoltaic systems, established in Tunisia in 2006 with the support of the investment fund Euromed – Finlombarda, directly connected to the Regione Lombardia. Energie del Sole currently employs more than 80 people and operates in both local and European markets.


GSE is a public company in charge of the management of Italian RES incentives. CORRENTE is a network managed by GSE and open to all Italian operators active in the green economy which intend to aggregate and develop the industry sector through a program of several services and strategic initiatives.


The Industrial Development Authority, under the Egyptian Ministry Of Trade & Industry, supports the creation and expansion of industrial projects to stimulate investment for sustainable development.


The Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation is a national organization affiliated to the Lebanese Ministry of Energy and Water. It supports the Government to develop and

implement national strategies that promote the development of efficient and rational uses of energy and the use of renewable energy at the consumer level.



The Lebanese Solar Energy Society was established in 1980 with a main target to promote the use of solar & renewable energy with consideration for the protection of the environment, energy saving, and the quality of life.


New & Renewable Energy Authority was established In 1986 to act as the national focal point for expanding efforts to develop and introduce renewable energy technologies to Egypt on a commercial scale together with implementation of related energy conservation programs. • Politecnico di Milano

It is a science and technology academia based on quality and innovation in teaching and research, resulting in a prolific relationship with the economic and manufacturing world. The POLIMI Department of Energy has more than 20 years experience in research about various applications of solar thermal technologies.

• STS-Med Project

STS-Med focuses on the development, implementation and diffusion of pioneering technologies to improve energy efficiency in public buildings. The project will deploy 4 demonstrative plants based on Concentrating Solar (CS) power.


MED-DESIRE 3rd TSC/SC Meeting - March 31 - April 1

Financial training for MPC Partners - March 31 (Afternoon)

As the first financial reporting (Interim Report) approaching, the LB decided to organize a specific meeting sessions devoted to check and revise the detailed budget planning per WP and budget heading and the expenses justification documentation produced by the partners. A brief

presentation will introduce the meeting session after which the partners will perform their budget planning and financial reporting exercises in parallel, with the continuous assistance of the LB staff. The meeting is dedicated to the MPC partners, due to the different organizational

procedures and accounting procedures, but any interested partner is welcomed to participate.

Technical and Scientific Committee Meeting - April 1

One of the main goals of this 3rd TSC Meeting is that of jointly planning the country specific actions

that must be implemented in WP5 and WP6 (mostly training, capacity building, stakeholders involvement, elaboration/adaptation of financial instruments and solar ordinances). In order to maximize the meeting effectiveness, two one-hour-and-a-half slots are dedicated to WP5 and WP6 , each one made up by a 20 min. introduction by the WP Leader, 60 min. discussion and 10 min. wrap up.

Concerning WP4, already concluded, we expect that all partners will have a thorough knowledge of the produced deliverable reports, so the TSC Meeting will be the occasion for discussing about the possible valorisation of the WP results; a 60 min. slot is devoted to that.

A specific space is also envisaged for the WP1 management and coordination issues, the communication plan status of implementation of WP2 and the WP3 capitalization issues.

Steering Committee Meeting - April 1

The SC Meeting will de devoted to analyse the project action plan for the next two years, in front of the level of expenditures consolidated in the first year, the budget change needs expressed by the partners and the possible need to better tune/define some activities.

A first proposal of project re-planning (both activities and budget) will be presented by the Coordinator, in view of a discussion that will develop in the following months and possibly conclude before the first Interim report preparation.


MED-DESIRE Strategic Project

International Conference & Technical Roundtable

A solar future in the Mediterranean

MEDiterranean DEvelopment of Support schemes for solar Initiatives and Renewable Energies ENPI CBC MED - Priority 2 - Topic 3 - Solar energy

Bari, 31


March 2014

Palace Hotel, via Francesco Lombardi 13, Bari - MESSAPIA meeting room

MED-DESIRE International Conference

A solar future in the Mediterranean

9.00 Registration

1st Session: Smart policies for a green future

Chairman: Ms Adriana Agrimi, Head Industrial Research and Innovation Service, Puglia Region 9,30 MED-DESIRE Conference introduction

Adriana Agrimi, Head of Industrial Research and Innovation Service, Puglia Region 9,45 Greening our future through research and innovation

Eva Milella, President of ARTI, Regional Agency for Technology and Innovation 9,55 Bridging territories by territorial cooperation and neighbourhood policy

Bernardo Notarangelo, President of ENPI CBC-MED National Committee 10,05 International cooperation for sustainability in the Mediterranean

Cosimo Lacirignola, Director of CIHEAM-IAMB - Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari

10,15 Renewable Energy policies in the Arab Countries TBD

10,45 Designing a smart future for the people Nichi Vendola, President of Puglia Region 11,00 Coffee Break

2nd Session: Exploiting solar opportunities

Chairman: Mr Giuseppe Creanza, ARTI, Regional Agency for Technology and Innovation 11,30 Environmental and energy priorities in the ENPI Program

Luca Palazzo, ENPI CBC-MED JMA Programme Expert 11,50 Exploiting the solar potential of the Mediterranean

Walter Cariani/Andrea Forni, ENEA

12,10 Overcoming technical barriers to the diffusion of solar technologies Aranzazu Fernández-García, CIEMAT

12,30 The role of the renewable energy sources towards the establishment of a Euro-Mediterranean energy cooperation partnership

Giovanni Brunelli, Italian Ministry of Environment 12,50 MED-DESIRE Conference Conclusion

Loredana Capone, Ministry for Economic Development, Puglia Region 13.15 Buffet Lunch


MED-DESIRE Technical Roundtable

Mediterranean Solar Market Constraints and Opportunities

14,30 Opening of the session

Chairman: Franco D’Amore, I-COM, Istituto per la Competitività Maurizio Cuppone, GSE and CORRENTE - Italy

Ottaviano Mattavelli, EdS Energie del Sole - Tunisia Abdelkarim Ghezal, ANME - Tunisia

Fabio Montagnino, STS-Med Project Omnia Sabry, NREA - Egypt

Mahmoud Sabry El-Garf, IDA -The Industrial Development Authority - Egypt Joaquin Villar Rodriguez, AAE - Spain

Pierre el Khoury, LCEC - Lebanon

Rabih Osta, The Lebanese Solar Energy Society - Lebanon Mario Motta, Politecnico di Milano - Italy


Conclusion: Antonello Antonicelli, Head of Environmental Department of Puglia Region 17,00 Roundtable conclusion and Coffee Break




SC and TSC Meeting

MEDiterranean DEvelopment of Support schemes for solar Initiatives and Renewable Energies ENPI CBC MED - Priority 2 - Topic 3 - Solar energy

Bari, 31


March - 1


April 2014

Palace Hotel, via Francesco Lombardi 13, Bari

Monday, March 31 AUSONIA meeting room

14,30 Financial training for Partners

14,30 Detailed budget planning and preparation of the first financial reporting ARTI/Puglia Region

15,00 Practical exercise (parallel sessions) Partners Financial Managers

20,00 Social dinner at Restaurant

Tuesday, April 1

MESSAPIA meeting room

3rd TSC Meeting

9,00 Meeting objectives and agenda; management and coordination issues

ARTI/Puglia Region

9,30 WP6 status of activities and next steps planning MATTM

9,50 Planning country specific actions in WP6 Round table discussion

10,50 Planning country specific actions in WP6: wrap up and decisions MATTM

11,00 Coffee Break

11,30 WP5 status of activities and next steps planning


11,50 Planning capacity building and training in WP5 Round table discussion

12,50 Planning capacity building and training in WP5: wrap up and decisions CIEMAT


13,00 Buffet Lunch

14,00 Exploiting and diffusing WP4 outcomes


14,20 Exploiting and diffusing WP4 outcomes Round table discussion

14,50 Exploiting and diffusing WP4 outcomes: wrap up and decisions ENEA

15,00 Capitalization and communication issue ARTI/Puglia Region

15,20 Final wrap up and decisions All partners - ARTI/Puglia Region 16,00 Coffee Break

3rd Steering Committee Meeting

16,30 Status of expenditures and other financial issues

ARTI/Puglia Region

16,50 Project replanning and changes ARTI/Puglia Region

17,10 Final wrap up and decisions All partners - ARTI/Puglia Region 17,30 Workshop conclusion





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