Mobile banking: state of the industry, and how to use it to increase sales Efma, McKinsey (February 2013)






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Distribution 2020: The next big journey for retail banks

Efma, BCG (January 2013)

Mobile banking: state of the industry, and how to use it to increase sales

Efma, McKinsey (February 2013)  World Insurance Report 2013

Efma, Capgemini (February 2013)  Efma and SAP talk banking innovation

Efma, SAP (March 2013)  European credit risk outlook #7

Efma, FICO (April 2013)

Retail financial services - Strategic insights and best practices

Efma (April 2013)



global yearbook 2013

Efma (April 2013)

Affluent banking: Changing business models and a change in emphasis

Efma (April 2013)

World Retail Banking Report 2013

Efma, Capgemini (April 2013)

Responding to pressure: Developing risk management strategies in a changing environment

Efma, FICO (May 2013)

The global retail banking digital marketing report 2013

Efma, Wipro Technologies (May 2013)  Digital channels II


Exploring the map: European retail credit survey

Efma, Oliver Wyman (June 2013)

Customer experience in retail banking 2013

Efma, Peppers & Rogers Group (June 2013)

RE-Banking: Insights for banks from the REtailing sector

Efma, Accenture (June 2013)

Gamification for an engaging banking experience

Efma, IND Group (June 2013)

Phygital and other digital challenges for retail banks

Efma, Kurt Salmon (July 2013)  European credit risk outlook 8

Efma, FICO (July 2013)

Digitisation of intermediated insurance distribution

Efma, Roland Berger (July 2013)

Insurance in Central Europe: The channel efficiency potential

Efma, Roland Berger (September 2013)

Banking in a digital world: Entering the next level

Efma, A.T. Kearney (October 2013)  Innovation in retail banking 2013

Efma, Infosys (October 2013)

Banking on business: Preparing the way for SME growth and success

Efma (November 2013)

Retail banking distribution in emerging markets

Efma, BCG (January 2014)  European credit risk outlook 9

Efma, FICO (January 2014)

Retail insurance: Preparing for the future

Efma (February 2014)

Mobile Banking: The dawn of a new era for retail banks

Efma (February 2014) World Insurance Report 2014

Efma, Capgemini (February 2014)

The transforming power of operations: Facing and embracing change

Efma (March 2014)

The migrants market: Latest evolutions and outlook

Efma, Kurt Salmon (March 2014)

Retail banking in CEE: The secret of efficient campaign management

Efma, Roland Berger (March 2014)

How to boost bank branches in a multichannel world


Strategy of traditional insurers towards aggregators

Efma, Roland Berger (March 2014)  World Retail Banking Report 2014

Efma, Capgemini (April 2014)

The evolving roles of different channels in a multichannel distribution model

Efma (May 2014)

Cards and payments: Are banks ready to meet the challenges of an uncertain future?

Efma (June 2014)

The evolving face of affluent banking: Adapting service models to new needs

Efma (July 2014)

In search of the € 1 million ATM: Revisiting and reinvigorating the ATM channel

Efma, Clear2Pay (September 2014)

Payment innovation: Maximizing the potential of payment analytics

Efma, Kurt Salmon (September 2014)

Banks faced with PSD2: Around payments and beyond, digital wallets and new services

Efma, Sopra Group (September 2014)

Looking at the bank from the customers’ point of view

Efma, EY (October 2014)

Innovation in retail banking 2014

Efma, Infosys (October 2014)

Insurance in CE: Growth opportunities and strategies in CE

Efma, Roland Berger (November 2014)  Efma global yearbook

Efma, (November 2014)

From the traditional banking system to the customer-centric financial ecosystem

Efma, Indra (November 2014)

Retail banking in CE - The benefit of the crisis: Gaining efficiency

Efma, Roland Berger and endorsed by Sberbank (December 2014)

Going digital: Defining the banking transformation road map

Efma, A.T. Kearney (January 2015)  Retail banking in emerging countries

Efma, Orange Business Services (January 2015)  World Insurance Report 2015

Efma, Capgemini (February 2015)

Digitisation in practice: Transforming investment services for affluent clients

Efma, ObjectWay (February 2015)  Next steps in cyber security

Efma, Deloitte (March 2015)  Asia mass affluent banking survey


Wealth management and private banking: Connecting with clients and reinventing the value proposition

Efma, Deloitte (March 2015)  Internet of things and insurance

Efma, Roland Berger (March 2015)  World Retail Banking Report 2015

Efma, Capgemini (April 2015)

Encouraging customers to save: Winning strategies

Efma, Kurt Salmon (April 2015)

Creating the digital SME bank: Half-term report card

Efma, Oliver Wyman (May 2015)

Stewarding data: Why financial services firms need a chief data officer

Efma, Oliver Wyman (May 2015)  Retail financial services in Africa

Efma, KPMG (June 2015)

Alternative client acquisition strategies

Efma, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants (June 2015)  Evolution of the workplace in financial services

Efma, HP (July 2015)

Next generation SME banking: The future of SME revenue growth opportunity in the digitalization era

Efma, Axis Corporate (September 2015)  Retail financial services in Asia

Efma, EY (October 2015)

Next best action marketing in an omnichannel environment

Efma, Pegasystems (October 2015)  Efma yearbook 2015

Efma (November 2015)

Innovation in retail banking 2015

Efma, Infosys (November 2015)

Omni-channel banking: The digital transformation roadmap

Efma, Backbase (November 2015)

Retail banking in CEE: Future of back-office activities

Efma, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants (November 2015)

ANI et contrats responsables : Décryptage, strategies & mise en oeuvre


Sales or customer focused? Today’s digital banking environment

Efma, Misys Banking Systems (November 2015)

Digitization of the customer journey: How does a bank succeed?

Efma, Pegasystems (November 2015)  Digital pricing in an omnichannel world

Efma, A.T. Kearney (November 2015)

Digitization in retail banking – impacts on channels, processes and customer knowledge

Efma, BCG (November 2015)

Engaging and servicing virtual customers: A new European paradigm

Efma, Deloitte (November 2015)

How soon is now? Interpretations and benefits of future faster payments

Efma, Clear2Pay (November 2015)

How to measure multichannel customer experience?

Efma, EY, Intesa Sanpaolo (November 2015)  Data analytics in Asia

Efma, Nomura Research Institute (November 2015)  Customers – The moment of truth

Efma, Pegasystems (December 2015)

Crowdfunding: Beyond hype, why banks should be serious about it?

Efma, Deloitte (December 2015)

Wealth management – Global market, global clients but local specificities

Efma, Deloitte (March 2016)  World Insurance Report 2016

Efma, Capgemini Consulting (March 2016)  Going digital – 2nd edition

Efma, A.T. Kearney (April 2016)

Fintech & banking: Collaboration for disruption


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