Bent cold drawn seamless tubes for energy applications. U-tubes, S-tubes and free form-tubes

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Bent cold drawn seamless tubes for energy applications

U-tubes, S-tubes and free form-tubes


Seamless precision steel tubes with special dimensional accuracy External diameter: 1.5 - 380 mm

Wall thicknesses: 0.2 - 25 mm

Welded precision steel tubes with special dimensional accuracy External diameter: 20 - 120 mm

Wall thicknesses: 1.0 - 7.5 mm

Welded size-rolled precision steel tubes External diameter: 25 - 114.3 mm Wall thicknesses: 1.75 - 8.5 mm

*Other diameters on request

From a car to a construction crane, from a drill pipe to a power plant: precision steel tubes are found in many areas of life. Only steel with its elasticity, high strength and recyclability allows the building of passenger airbags, which can withstand a pressure load of 700 bar, energy tubes through which 300 °C hot water can fl ow without vapor bubbles, hydraulic units that safely boost 100 tons of oil sands at -30 °C without bursting.

Salzgitter Mannesmann Precision (SMP) is a leading manufacturer of cold drawn seamless and welded precision steel tubes in Europe.

Besides a wide delivery range of tube sizes from 1.5 to 380 mm* and wall thicknesses from 0.2 to 25 mm*, SMP provides

extraordinary performance in consulting, sales and customer service with space for intelligent solutions. Synergy effects as a result of our integration with the Salzgitter Group ensure an outstanding effi ciency – from the pre-material to the fi nished precision steel tube.

The delivery program includes the production of seamless and welded precision steel tubes according to international standards, for applications in the automotive industry, machinery and equipment for pneumatic systems, hydraulic systems and diverse areas of energy technology.

Precision steel tubes

SMP International

Salzgitter Mannesmann Précision Etirage plant, Vitry Le François, France

Salzgitter Mannesmann Precisie B.V. plant, Helmond, Netherlands


Salzgitter Mannesmann Precision GmbH, based in Mülheim an der Ruhr, with around 2500 employees, is a successful partner in the industry for high quality and matched precision steel tubes.

With locations in Germany, France, the Netherlands and Mexico, SMP is an

international operating company with a large market presence and customer proximity.

The basis for high product quality and delivery performance is the composite in the Salzgitter Group, which ensures comprehensive care across the entire value chain of the precision tube manufacturing.

The SMP production plant, based in Zeithain, supplies pre-material (seamless hot rolled hollows) to the precision tube mills of the Salzgitter Group.

Headquarter SMP Sale

Production Locations

Welcome to Salzgitter Mannesmann Precision – Germany, France, Netherlands and Mexico


Delivery range

Typical shapes of bent tubes • U-tubes

• S-tubes with different designs • Free-form 2-dimensional SMP Precision steel bent tubes

In addition to the production of straight seamless and welded tubes, SMP manufactures bent tubes. These tubes are made in accordance to international standards and other statutory requirements or customer specifi cations. SMP is also specialized in delivering individually designed tube and pipe bends.

Applications • Heat exchangers • Feedwater heaters • Gas condensers • Pre-heaters • Industrial Boilers • Chemical reactors • Superheaters


max 13 000 mm


max 511.81“ rmax 2 200 mm


rmax 86.61“ min 1 500 mm


min 59.05“ rmin = 1.3 x OD OD = 12 mm – 34 mm


0.472“ - 1.338“ rmin = 1.3 x OD min 2.5 x OD

Size range

Examples of bent tubes*


EN 10216-2 P195 GH, P235 GH, P265 GH, 16Mo3, 10CrMo9-10, 13CrMo4-5 EN 10216-3 P275 NL1, P275 NL2, P355N, P355 NH, P355 NL1, P355 NL2,

P460N, P460 NH, P460 NL1, P460 NL2 EN 10216-4 P215 NL, P265 NL

Steel grades, certifi cates and tests

Steel grades in accordance with ASTM/ASME Steel grades in accordance with EN 10216

SA/A 53 Type S Grade A, Type S Grade B SA/A 106 Grade A, Grade B, Grade C SA/A 179 A 179

SA/A 192 A 192 SA/A 209 T 1, T 1a SA/A 210 Grade A 1, Grade C SA/A 213 T 11, T 12, T 22, T 5, T 9

Tests performed on straight tubes

At each manufacturing step, bent tubes are submitted to a visual and dimensional inspection. They are also submitted to Eddy current test (straight tubes) and, if requested, to other non-destructive tests in accordance with the requirements of the standards and customers’ specifi cations. Mechanical tests and technological tests (like fl aring, fl attening, ...) are performed on samples of each order/lot as per the reference standards. Bent tubes can be submitted to the following:

Operations or tests

• Stress relieving of the bend + 150 mm (5.9“) of each leg (standard), over 150 mm upon request, Joule effect • Hydrostatic test up to 800 bars (11 603 psi) for radii up to

1 600 mm (63“), PLC controlled with interval programs/ Alternative cycle

• Magnetic particle test for radii up to 500 mm (19.7“) • Wallthickness measurement by UT on the bent part • Ball passing test

Bent tubes are produced according to the following specifi cations and standards

The following standards apply in bending, the subsequent examination or heat treatment. In addition, requirements are defi ned by customer specifi cations.

Outside diameter 12 mm to 34 mm


0.472“ to 1.338“ Wall thickness 1.00 mm to 4.00 mm


0.039“ to 0.157“ Radius of bend min 1.3 x OD – max 2 200 mm


86.61‘‘ Developed length max 30.00 m


max 98.43‘

Bare length before radius min 2 m max 13 m


min 6.56‘ max 42.65‘ Heat treatment maximum radius 1 000 mm


max 3.28‘ Ovality R ≤ 2D = +5%



2D ≤ R ≤ 4D =10% 4D ≤ R =5% Wall thinning TEMA 17% max

Other dimensions and radii as well as tighter tolerances on request

Product Specifi cations

Other standards on request

Code Standard specifi cations ASME II ASME/ASTM A556 TEMA EN 13445 CODAP EN 12952-5

PED DIN 28179 + DIN 50104 VGB R 110L – VGB R 501H


General Information

Identifi cation

Tubes are stencilled according to the specifi cation. Marking and labelling can be adapted to suit your particular needs.

Rust protection

Tubes from SMP can be supplied with three types of surface fi nish: without oil, externally oiled or internally and externally oiled. Your choice of protection should take into account the end use of the tubes and the means of transport.


Our management system is certifi ed according to ISO 9001. The material testing equipment is approved by TUV in accordance with AD 2000-Merkblatt W0.

The manufacturing process meets the requirements of Annex 1, section 4.3 of the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23/EC.

Inspection certifi cates

Tubes are supplied with one of the following mill certifi cates: – with inspection certifi cate in accordance with EN 10204, type 3.1


– with inspection certifi cate in accordance with EN 10204, type 3.2 Upon request, tubes can be inspected and certifi ed by a recognised third party agency or by the customer. Packaging

Based on our extensive experience with overseas customers, we can offer a comprehensive range of packaging solutions adapted to your needs in bundles or wooden boxes (layers and combs). Each packaging has to be specifi ed for every order. U-bent tubes are shipped in specially designed steel frames or wooden boxes depending on the destination.

• Wooden boxes for overseas transport

• Re-usable system steel frame for land transport within Europe • more individually tailored packages on request


Salzgitter Mannesmann Precision GmbH Wiesenstraße 36

45473 Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany

Salzgitter Mannesmann Précision Etirage SAS Avenue Jean Juif Z.I. Marolles

51300 Vitry Le François, France Tel.: +33 3 26 41 23 04 Fax: +33 3 26 41 23 32 E-Mail: Salzgitter Mannesmann Precisie B.V. Engelseweg 173

5705 AD Helmond, Netherlands Tel: +31 492 596 596

Fax: +31 492 596 505 E-Mail:

Salzgitter Mannesmann Precision GmbH Kissinger Weg

59067 Hamm, Germany Tel.: +49 2381 420 705 Fax: +49 2381 420 265




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