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Trinity Episcopal Church

3450 Ridge Road West Rochester, NY 14626 585 225-7848

“We are a growing community of faith and joy, through radical hospitality,

passionate spirituality and thoughtful engagement.”

A great place to grow!

MARCH 2021


 Zoom Services Sundays @

9:00am & 10:30am

 Zoom Potluck and Bible Study—Wednesdays @ 6:00pm.  Evening Zoom Prayers—Thursdays @ 7:00pm.

Latest Guidance from the Diocese on Re-Gathering: During the early part of February, the

Diocese held a Zoom meeting to hold a Diocesan Covid Task Force update meeting. At this meet-ing, we were given a new metrics by the Diocese.

Metrics: The Diocese gave clergy a new set of metrics to use for re-gathering and a directive and a website ( we are all to use to track Covid numbers. The new metrics we’ve have been told to use are for the Rochester Metro Area, which are: (a) Positive Test Rate (b) Daily New Cases Per 100k Population. The Positive Test Rate for the Rochester Metro Area has to be less than 5% declining over a 7-day period. The Daily New Cases Per 100k Population has to be less than 25 cases per 100k declining over a 7-day period. And, since the Diocese had us all sus-pend in person worship at the same time, the Dioceses wants us to all resume in person worship at the same time. Therefore, the Diocese will inform us when parishes have the go ahead to re-sume in person worship. When we do re-gather in person, we are to continue to avoid gathering in large groups, follow safety protocols, keep spaces as empty as possible. And Bishop Singh re-minded everyone to be cautious.—Copied from the Epiphany “Star”

Lenten and Easter Zoom Programs 2021

Making St Joseph bread— March 18


St Joseph day liturgy and gifting— March 19



Palm Sunday—March 28


9:00am &10:30am

Maundy Thursday— April 1


6:30 pm service

Good Friday Service—April 2


Noon Stations of the Cross and 6:30pm Service

Easter Day—April 4


9:00am & 10:30am

Spring will come and so will happiness. Hold on. Life will get warmer.

Anita Krizzan


Warden’s Corner

Hi Trinity Family,

As most everyone is aware, our beloved Reverend Debs Has been in Los Angeles California for the past two weeks to take care of her son John after a horrific accident. John was hit by a drunk driver while crossing the road and ended up having plastic surgery on his face which took the brunt of the dam-age and was close to losing an eye. Now John is back home but is in considerable pain and it won’t be known for a while about the functionality of the eye and may end up needing a cornea transplant. Please keep praying for his recovery, both physical-ly and mentalphysical-ly.

Debs has decided after John’s appointment on Mon-day the 8th of March she will be heading back home. She wants to lead Bible Study Wednesday the 10th as she was prepared to do this before she left. She does have much to catch up with both at home and work; she will be back to preaching on Sunday the 21st. Carl Thorpe will be giving the ser-mon Sunday the 14th.

I want to thank everyone who has helped during Deb’s absence. We have such a wonderful and capa-ble community who stepped

up to keep our worship going. Thank you to Lynn Rinholtz for organizing Wednesday’s prayer in lieu of Bible Study. Thanks to Carl Thorpe and Joe Ringholz for giving such moving Sermons and to the Lay Ministers for helping to run the services. I am prayerful that live services are not too far off in the future.

Your Wardens,

Jeff Romanet and Nate Wade

Daylight Savings Time is 2 a.m.

Sunday, March 14



John’s GoFundMe

By Lynn Ringholz

As you know, Rev. Deb’s son, John, was involved in a hit and run accident. H has been hospitalized, and required several surgeries, and one of our pa-rishioners, Gail Conway, has started a Go Fund Me page on Facebook to raise money for John’s medical expenses. If you are interested in making a donation here is the link to John’s GoFundMe Fundraiser: qid=959221e5bbc0e45a0d209b6e6d7c55ed

If you would like to make a donation towards John’s recovery but are not comfortable giving on-line I am willing to collect donations. I will collect cash or checks and get them to Rev. Debs along with a card from her Trinity Family.

Please make checks payable to Deborah Duguid-May. Mail checks to my home address (see below):

Lynn Ringholz 76 Grecian Parkway Rochester, NY 14626

Please do not send cash through the mail. If you want to make a cash donation or prefer not to mail a check, reach out and I can arrange to have your do-nation picked up. My cell phone number is at the bottom of this email.

Please do not send contributions for Rev. Debs through Trinity. Any money she receives in this manner would have tax implications.

Please keep John and Rev. Debs in your thoughts and prayers.


Lynn Ringholz

Vestry, Trinity Episcopal Church Cell: 585-773-0730


Minutes of Meeting February 15, 2021

Zoomed with Bishop at 6:00 to learn about dioce-san plans for Deans. Vestry then met @ 7:00.

K. McKinney will be taking a leave of absence due to health.

Welcoming & Sharing Information for New Members: Debs noted their training will take

place in March; questions are always welcome; new members to pick up their Vestry notebooks from the office; talked about Google Docs Drive (Vestry site).

Rector Report: Number of pastoral

appoint-ments (all on phone) still high; sending birthday cards to parishioners; gave two Sunday sermons in Jan. & Ash Wed. services; C. Thorpe & J. Bowens each gave one sermon in January; J. Rinholtz gave one sermon in February; preached at Greg’s ordina-tion.

Bible Study: Rev Debs using narratives re. St.

Joseph, Mary & childhood of Jesus that are not found in our western bible.

Outreach: L. Ringholz created a chart listing all

Trinity outreach projects. Monthly updates from project managers will continue to be sought & shown each month. New projects will be identi-fied. Completed projects will be identiidenti-fied.

 F. Fant shared news about an Abutu (justice) project he is part of.

 E. Thorpe is willing to lead a book study. She will meet with Debs to discuss objectives & to pick a start date after Easter.

 Debs asked B. Deming if she might suggest any Rural Migrant Ministry outreach opportunities.

 M. Smith, new co-chair of the Outreach Comm. with D. Romanet, shared her thoughts about soliciting Vestry ideas as to possible outreach projects and how projects would then be select-ed. Debs asked Mary to write out key questions about ministry (for all ages) that would be basis for a brain-storming Vestry agenda item.

Fundraising: K. Quartuccio is willing to work

with M. Lawrence-Waters on summer yard sale after learning helpers have retired & ticket price markers are needed. Three rooms are currently filled with items for selling. M. Smith advised holding the sale on the same August weekend as before since Trinity has loyal shoppers.

Warden’s Report: J. Romanet mention approval

of PPE loan. Trinity’s second. Loan forgiveness by Bank of Canandaigua not yet known. Both War-dens attended a leadership workshop.

Parochial Report: Report will be written at the

end of February and will include report on diocesan training workshops. Report will be discussed at the March Vestry meeting knowing it might be a first draft.

Finance: N. Wade explained February r eport,

summarized each month to date, and alerted new Vestry members there will be detailed reports each month.

NEXT MEETING: March 16, 2021 at 6:00 PM.

Lisa will attend to provide finance training.

Building and Grounds

By John Montstream

A few A-Team members are showing up on Tues-day morning to take meter readings and do routine tasks and any needed “fixes”. Of course, wearing of masks and appropriate distancing is still in ef-fect.

The new Honeywell Controller installed on the boiler by Dean (our heating tech.)(Feb.6, 2021) has


been working just fine.

The two High Pressure Sodium flood lights in-stalled last month on the East entrance overhead appear to be satisfactory in lighting the handicap parking area and the route to the trash dumpster.

Joe McGurk Electric still has three jobs (weather dependent) to do: 1) Changing out the High Pres-sure Sodium light on the parking lot’s NW pole to a 50 watt LED light, 2) Lowering the light aimed up the sidewalk leading to the Day Care to get the beam below the tree branches. 3) He will also re-move the center light fixture over the main entrance to Day Care. This will eliminate the birds from nesting there and make going in and out “safer”.

Material has been purchased for a channel across the floor of the hallway leading to the door to the West Ramp. The channel will divert the water coming under the door into a sump that will be dug in the NE corner of the NW basement room (old teen room). This is a year old project to prevent this source of basement flooding. Jay Chapman looked at the site Friday 03.05.2021 in order to give us a quote on doing the floor cutting.

This coming week we have scheduled changing the batteries in all the thermostats. The following week we will be resetting the time in all the ther-mostats.

The Jobs List is, as always, a work in progress.

Anyone is welcome to join us Tuesday mornings at the church especially with Spring here, there are many projects to complete inside and out!


“Rector’s Discretionary Account” Make a

dif-ference in one of our own parishioner’s lives, do-nate an offering and please desigdo-nate on the memo line “Rector Discretionary”.

Greece Food Shelf: If any member would like to

donate you may drop them off at Trinity during

Lisa’s office hours or Bob Romanet has graciously volunteered to pick up any items from your home for either the Greece Food Shelf or the Blessing Pantry. Thank you!

Blessing Pantry (Laurie Philips): I would like to

thank everyone that has been contributing to Trini-ty’s Blessing Pantry. The Pantry is being used and empty often which means our community is using it and we are feeding the hungry as Jesus wants us to do.

A couple of notes….

 Please no perishable items in the pantry, milk and frozen food have been found in the Pantry and had to be disposed of as we don't want any-one to become ill.

 Please no canned goods or liquids as they will freeze and explode during the winter.

 No glass containers or sharps at anytime.

 Please don't forget personal hygiene

items..soap, diapers, wipes, sanitary napkins, tampons, toilet paper, deodorant, tooth brushes, tooth paste, floss, lip balm, hand sanitizer, tis-sues, face masks, etc.

 Small bags of dry cat and dry dog food are al-ways welcome.

Also, as you drive into and out of Trinity Drive please keep an eye on the door latches to be sure they are secure. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Don’t forget to keep Recycling Bottles and

Cans: Just bring them to Trinity or you may

return them directly to Ridge Nickelback at 4945 W Ridge Rd and Trinity will get cash for your returns! We received only $11.25 for

2020 this is down from $332.45 in 2019.

Visit Trinity’s website @ To view our upcoming events

and news, the monthly ministry schedules and


calendars along with our Trinity Times. Plus you can donate at our online giving portal. OR if you happen to miss a Sunday Sermon and/or would like to listen and watch again they are posted weekly.

SHOP AMAZON SMILES: Do you shop on

Amazon or are you an Amazon Prime member? Would you like to donate to Trinity on most purchases you make with Amazon? Amazon Smile is a simple and automatic way for you to support Trinity every time you shop, at no cost to you or Trinity. When you shop

at, you’ll find the exact same low prices and huge selection as, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate .5% a portion of the purchase price to Trinity.

Thank you Phil Hazen (Let there Be L ight!)

Now time to Spring Clean the Office Closet…..

Finance Notes

By Nate Wade

 The second PPP Loan was approved and funded

at the amount of $29,989.

 Lisa applied for forgiveness for the first PPP

loan. It is in process and we expect it to be written off of the balance sheet in the next 1-2 months.

 All other revenue and expenses are on track and

as expected. The day care tenant continues to pay a reduced amount of rent.

Sunday School Notes

By Marion Montstream

During this Lenten season, your family may want to read & talk about some interesting gospel stories:

 Mark 1:9-15- Jesus in the Wilderness

 John 2:13-22- Jesus is angry at the people's be-havior in the Temple.

 Mark 14:1-15:47- Jesus eats the Last Supper with His disciples.

Income Feb Y-T-D Budget Y-T-D

Altar Fund 230 12 Fundraisers 0 435

Special 130 6

Pledge & Plate 34,844 22,333 Allocations 1,833 833 Building Use 2,225 4,350 Interest/Misc 656 0 Operating Income 39,918 27,136 Capital Income 0 0 Expense B&G 8,700 7,202 Evangelism 0 17 Personnel 21,574 23,741 Mission 2,962 2,962 Worship 885 914 Christian Ed 0 0 Stewardship 0 0 Office Expense 685 592 Taxes/Insurance 4,656 4,541 Operating Expense 39,462 39,969

Operating Net Total 456 12,833


You may be wondering when Church and Sunday School will resume. We are waiting on Bishop Singh to inform us when it is safe to return to in per-son worship.

Trinity Lamb Preschool is now accepting

regis-trations for their 3 and 4 year old classes. Please check availability by filling out the form at or call Kim Branco at 585-225-8026.

Community NEWS

Messiah Lutheran Church invites you to partici-pate in our Emergency Food Cupboard. In

part-nership with Food Link, groceries are distributed the second and fourth Tuesdays and Thursdays of each month. While appointments are recommended, no one is turned away and every family who requests food receives enough for three meals per day for three days per person in the household. The parcels include protein, dairy, cereal, bread, juice,canned produce and fresh produce when available. We also include a package of cookies for each family. If you would like to donate food, you may drop off your donations at MELC between 10:00 - 12:00 on Tues-days and 1:00--3:00 on ThursTues-days. Again, this is the second and fourth Tuesdays and Thursdays of the month.

If you would like to volunteer to pack bags and help with distribution, please leave a message with your name and phone number on the church office phone, 865-1866, and someone will coordinate with you. As we are observing safe Covid protocols at this time, we cannot have drop in volunteers.

Greece Baptist Church hosts a free day program for people with memory loss: The ‘Give Me A

Break’ respite care program meets every Wednesday afternoon from 12:30 to 4:30 PM in the parlor at Greece Baptist Church, 1230 Long Pond Rd. People who are caring for a loved ones at home can drop

them off every week to take some time for them-selves. We play fun games, do crafts and chair yo-ga, take walks, and enjoy conversation and music. Our volunteers are trained by Lifespan, and current-ly include members of Messiah Lutheran and Trinity Episcopal, in addition to Greece Baptist. During Covid, we are meeting masked with health screen-ings and temperature checks. We social distance and sanitize frequently. Most of our guests and volun-teers have already received vaccines, though it is not required. If you are interested in volunteering, or if you would like to request a registration form for the program, please contact Rev. Cheryl Frank at 225-6160.

Aurora House will reopen to welcome residents as of May 1st! Given the current CDC guidelines,

the COVID infection levels in our area, the vaccina-tion availability, and the tremendous response to our call for volunteers, we are looking forward to once again supporting our community in End of Life Care beginning in May.

We will be offering some reimagined and some new opportunities to continue your generous support of Aurora House throughout the year.

Our two upcoming opportunities are below. (Don't miss the first ever community wide Lights of Re-membrance!)

Beautiful Blooms ~ Spring Plant Sale

We are pleased to offer Beautiful Blooms for your garden and deck this spring! Easy online ordering and curbside safe pick up at Aurora House. Partner-ing once again with Partyka Farms. Just in time for Mother's Day too!

Lights of Remembrance

What better day to remember and honor those who have touched and influenced our lives than the offi-cial Aurora House Reopening day of May 1st? Our Lights of Remembrance event will be held at Pin-eway Ponds Park, at dusk, on May 1st. Watch your US mail for details or visit


Our Trinity Prayer List is an opportunity to pray for one another. If you have a family member or friend experi-encing an illness or difficult time for whatever reason, please let our priest in charge know, call the office 225-7848 or email to request their name be added to our prayer list. Please specify long term or short term. They will remain on our long term prayers for 90 days and short term prayers for 30 days. We pray especially for those on our hearts this morning and those in our parish prayer list:

John, Rev. Debs and family, Willie, Myrna, Nicole & family, Laura Bouwens, Carol Caswell, Marge Cook, Eleanor Crist, Phil Ehmann, Sandy Pacyga, Roger Robson (Ruth’s son), Lee Stoddard, Nancy Varga

For those who are facing long-term challenges:

Rev. David Bollinger, Alice Dobbins, Pam Fitzmor-ris, Betty Gardner, Roy Hess, Gail Janis, Karren Hopf, Carol Lush Ehmann, Bridget Martin, Bob & Dorothy Manchester, Ken McKinney, Jack Nau-mann, Luke and Rick Pappert and family, Herbert Randol, Esther Russell

March 3 1 Jeanette Musolino 3 5 Bridget Martin 3 6 Bennett Raught 3 10 Stephanie Klingzahn 3 10 Mary Meyer 3 11 Karen McGavern 3 13 Calvin Bracy 3 13 Joseph Cashimere 3 15 Ray McQuown 3 19 Dorothy Manchester 3 21 Nancy Varga 3 21 Joshua Wade 3 22 Pamela Fitzmorris 3 27 Ronald Schumacher 3 29 Charles Bruehl 3 29 Joe Graziano 3 31 Rhoda Perry

Those celebrating wedding anniversaries….

Dick & Barb Deming—March 4th

Remembering those who have died:

Our prayers and condolences are with Carol and fam-ily on the death of Stu who was entrusted into God’s care and keeping.

Stuart Caswell — February 26, 2021

Please notify the church office to reserve specific Sun-day dates for memorials of Family members or any loved ones via the Sanctuary Candle. The cost for each name is $10 which covers the cost of the remem-brance candle. Just send an email with the name and date you would like your remembrance. This is a lovely way to remember those we love who have passed shine down as lights into our world and our hearts. May we keep the light of their remembrance burning.

St. Patrick’s Prayer

May the Strength of God pilot us.

May the Power of God preserve us.

May the Wisdom of God instruct us.

May the Hand of God protect us.

May the Way of God direct us.

May the Shield of God defend us.

May the Host of God guard us

Against the snares of the evil ones,

Against temptations of the world.

May Christ be with us!

May Christ be before us!

May Christ be in us,

Christ be over all!

May Thy Salvation, Lord,

Always be ours,

This day, O Lord, and evermore. Amen.


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Sunday School ... 5-6 Preschool ... 6

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March 2021

Ministers The Congregation

Our Church Staff

The Rt. Rev. Prince Singh, 8th Bishop of Rochester

The Rev. Deborah Duguid-May, Rector (585)729-3231 Marion Montstream, Trinity School Director

Lisa Reina, Secretary Fawn Crettelle-Galan, Custodian

Trinity Vestry

Jeff Romanet, Nate Wade—Wardens Barb Deming, Fred Fant, Linda Ketchum-Pompili, Ken McKinney, Katelyn Quartuccio, Lynn Ringholz,

Mary Smith, Kelley Stoll, Elizabeth Thorpe Dorothy Romanet, Clerk of Vestry


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Jesus Christ,

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