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Alpha Male State of Mind

projecting an alpha male state work to fool a woman's defenses to think you're an alpha male. with total alpha male confidence, lock eye contact with the hottest girl in the room, stroll up with a cocky stride, a smile on your face, and a twinkle in your eye all without flinching.

Girls are incredibly attracted to this; it makes the other guys in the room look up to you; that is how the alpha male acts.

women subconsciously classify men between “sexy” and “loser” smoothly kiss a woman that eliminates any chance of rejection

What to do and say to give women a rush of positive energy within the first minute of meeting her so that she’s in a great mood the whole time you talk to her

approach prudish "Madonna" beauty queens and unleash the sexy woman inside of her transform women that look unapproachable and frigid into women that are laughing, hugging you, and trying to get your attention

deliver a compliment opener the RIGHT way, as to take her breath away and yet won't make you come across as a supplicating ass-kisser

fastest way to get physical with a woman, within just seconds after meeting her

“hijack” a woman’s evolutionary programming so that she’ll choose you over the other guys

remain playfully relaxed and centered in the presence of beautiful women

bypass a woman’s defenses so she doesn't even realize you’re picking her up - until it’s “too late” and you’re already "in"

spark SEXUAL chemistry with a woman within the first few minutes…

instantly flip between feeling quiet and subdued in one moment to talkative and dynamic in the next

secret of how to instantly "amp up" a woman’s sexual feelings times ten

banish “approach anxiety” so that you’ll be able to approach and meet any woman in any social situation

first touch a woman in a way that sends her heart racing and makes her see you as a sexual guy

Use palm reading to sexually touch women without resistance and accelerate their sexual heat ten-fold


characteristics of an Alpha: -confidence -inner strength -calmness -peace of mind -strong self-belief -has a game plan -charming

-direct and cocky at times -get the job done

-proud of themselves -high self esteem

-Only apologise once, if they are wrong then they forgive themselves and move on -Practical with control on thoughts and emotions

-Passionate about life


Alpha Male is a term you will usually read about in dating realm but it applies to all areas of life.

Craving sex is a psychological process more so than a chemical (drug/herbal) process! To affect her on a psychological level you need to have Sexual Value.

Women only enjoy sex with guys with sexual value.

--- Side Note

---If a male human is alone with a female human and after some time passes, she starts to get a "slippery itch" in her

vaginal region - in other words she wants him to insert her penis inside of her - which is evident by the the determined "look" in her eyes, it is simply because

this male human knows how to provide fuel to women

---Wetness is also a function of your level of arousal. As foreplay proceeds, your body produces lubricating fluids to ease penetration, but it's not automatic or immediate. It can take from ten to twenty minutes for some women to get moist, so relax and enjoy the buildup.

It feels wonderful and makes sex slippery and delightful. erotic potentialities liberated by tactility

‘Stealth Tactility’ involves making physical contact with the girl in a disguised way.

casually and gently touch the outside of her right arm while at the same time verbally expressing something

keep up the physical contact

helps maintain the bond and rapport you’ve already created and also helps build it further, into mutually felt sexual attraction.



reverse the psychology of your target female by deflecting your attention AWAY from her and ONTO one or more of her friends.

challenge her ego. So, in an effort to regain her superiority in the hierarchy of her circle of friends, the girl will subconsciously invest much MORE interest in you by flirting and being playful.

Have her want you!

The principle of sexual addiction

-the more it satisfies a need, the stronger it grows.

the addictive "substance" (hopefully, you) satisfies a powerful, recurring need (your woman's need for sexual pleasure) — and satisfies it so well no substitute will do. While orgasm in women, as with men, centers in the genitals, their sexuality can encompass the entire body.

the quick arousal, intercourse, orgasm, end-of-sex sequence that is normal and satisfying for a male is deadly for a women

they project their own genitally-centered responses onto women, you can sexually addict a woman even with a single encounter!

kissing alone can make her totally ready for intercourse, with an equally aching engorgement of her entire genital area, inside and out, as well as soaking wet panties. in total physical readiness for intercourse.

If you kiss her correctly, you will be giving her the oral equivalent of transcendent, ecstatic intercourse — and the knowledge that this is what actual intercourse will be like with you. You will implant this knowledge in her somatically, experientally, so that her body knows it beyond anything her mind can tell her. It will awaken desire in her so intense that she will become as impatient for intercourse as you were in the back of that car. But you will not give it to her. You will tease and torment her until she begs you for release.

GOOD foreplay starts out gentle and teasing, then gradually works its way up to

passionate and even violent, so does GOOD kissing. When you kiss her in this way, it is a powerful nonverbal signal that this is also the way you will make love to her. It is like your body is telling her, "I know just how you want to have sex and I know just how to give it to you." This is an irresistible turn-on to any woman who really wants good sex — which is every woman.

a woman’s horniness starts in her heart and has much further to travel to get to her clitoris


Empathy is the ability to feel and sense your lover’s responses, and ultimately to connect physically, emotionally…

Most women need to make a connection everyday.

As surprising as it may seem at first, a woman's skin is her largest sex organ. As a result, anywhere that she has skin can become an erogenous zone, depending on how you touch her.

The mind loves slow motion and slow, soft, gentle strokes allow the mind to take everything in through all of the senses. The slowness also allows a greater trust to be established,

Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm

Although there are many areas for sexual arousal, there is only one area for sexual climax; that area is the clitoris. All orgasms are extensions of sensation from this area. Since the clitoris is not necessarily stimulated sufficiently in the conventional sexual positions, we are left "frigid."

Women have thus been defined sexually in terms of what pleases men; our own biology has not been properly analyzed. Instead, we are fed the myth of the liberated woman and her vaginal orgasm - an orgasm which in fact does not exist.

men have chosen to define women only in terms of how they benefited men's lives. The essence of male chauvinism is in the psychological superiority men exercise over women.

the white racist compensates for his feelings of unworthiness by creating an image of the black man (it is primarily a male struggle) as biologically inferior to him.

Psychologically Stimulated Orgasm-

through mental (cortical) stimulation, where the imagination stimulates the brain, which in turn stimulates the genital corpuscles of the glans to set off an orgasm.

"Connecting" does NOT Work with Superhot Women

create "seductive road blocks" that women must overcome to get to them.

When you are a "Hard to Get" man, you directly show a woman that you have a higher "value" than she does... which intrigues her and makes her want to associate herself with you.

a superhot woman can't stand it if there's something that she can't have, spoiled brats, and they have no frustration tolerance

and she can't stand there being something that she can't have

a hot woman is begging for a man who can provide some challenge to her use her insecurities and sensitive topics.

insecurities every time you approach a woman you desire. Meanwhile, her sense of security goes up because when you approach her it puts her in the position to accept or reject you.

When you know how to find and use a woman's insecurities and sensitive topics, you "level the playing field" (or even tilt it your direction!).


Build Incredible Sexual Tension With a Woman

Without sexual tension, it's impossible to establish an emotional connection with a woman.


WANT to feel that chemistry where she's not sure if an

interaction is going to be physical. The "emotional dance" you create with sexual tension can heighten her levels of arousal and make you appear more seductive.

it's important to create this tension during

the first few minutes of a conversation. You can do this by demonstrating high status,

displaying a cocky/funny attitude and using sexual innuendos.

The best way to maintain sexual tension . . .

First you should emphasize the confident sexual body language that women love. One of the important things to remember is 90% of our communication is done nonverbally.

#1- Verbally Spar With Her

Women don't want guys who are afraid to challenge them. A fun way to maintain chemistry is to present challenging statements and see how she reacts to them.

#2- Pull Her In/Push Her Way

Part of sexual tension is NOT knowing the outcome of an interaction. If she KNOWS you're into her, then you run the risk of boring her.

One technique you can do to prevent this is to use the Push/Pull technique. When you use this routine, you keep her off balance by sending mix signals about your interest.

For instance, one minute you're establishing physical contact, having fun and being really interested in what she has to say. Then you're pushing her away, busting on her and telling her that she should go "pick up some guy who will kiss her ass". While this might seem a bit Machiavellian, this is actually a


technique that many women use on guys. They just like to call it

"playing hard to get".

Sexual tension is ABSOLUTELY important to creating that spark of physical chemistry. Even if you're not blessed with an attractive look, you can use this technique to make a woman feel a very primal urge whenever she's around you.

Exposure to success will breed success within you.

a woman who has been approached by hundreds or thousands of men knows exactly what a confident man sounds like. She knows it intuitively and biologically.

a woman knows if you’re boyfriend material within about thirty seconds.

Its amazing what a trance a woman goes into when you do this.

Demonstrating that you’re not needy: What else annoys hot women? Needy men. technique for quickly showing her that you’re a chill, cool guy who won’t be falling in love as soon as she gives you her number.

Avoid “Question Trains” . . . what annoys her most “when a guy asks too many questions”

Making Travel Friends: great line that will get her cracking up, and make it easy to transition to the next topic.

to escalate an interaction to “intimacy”.

And what better place to practice than at a book store or a coffee shop? A woman’s guards aren’t up the way they are at bars, she doesn’t have the social power of her group of friends, and there are far fewer things to distract her or hijack her attention.

Making your lower-status position a positive thing; even if she's smarter, classier, wealthier or more professional, you can use your status to your advantage

Start the conversation without saying a word. a "pre-opener" and its the easiest way to start talking to women


The Essence Of Being Cool

the forbidden fruit complex ,Women have a name for this too. It's called playing hard-to-get.

He became the forbidden fruit.

Part of it perhaps was he was happy and confident, The forbidden fruit is the obvious and

easy little trick we can watch humanity fall for. But there is an opposite corollary; we don't want what we can have.

Theories for this abound. Some people think it's because our unconscious mind is triggered to think ourselves BETTER than those who are desperate to be with us. Some people just find it boring - where's the thrill? The chase? The get-to-know-you game?

Maybe it smacks of self-consciousness and a lack of confidence - why do you NEED me so much? What's wrong with you?

Maybe it's the insult of skin-deep lust. Hey, some women enjoy one-nighters as much as the next guy, but outside of the porn industry, few women want to be viewed as just a body. And if you want it SO BAD in such a short amount of time, well, you don't truly know her so we know what you REALLY want.

Maybe it makes no logical sense at all, and it's useless to analyze.

What we CAN do, though, is recognize it for the pattern it is, and learn from it. Just as you were turned off by that nerdy girl in high school who had the crush on you, attractive women are turned off by drooling dorks.

But now we've got a problem. If women don't like men who obviously like them,


and we only want to be with women we like, who don't like us 'cause we like like them... this quickly turns into a Wonder Years nightmare scenario of hopelessness.

This paradox is probably the cause of something like 95% of the world's loneliness. It's a pity our emotional brain - the part of the mind that is responsible for attraction - is such a mess. But that's the way it is.

I guess we should all get used to it and prepare for a life of marriage to someone we settle for, not someone we want. Right?

Understand this is the way it USUALLY happens. It's not the way it HAS TO happen.

We've said before that attractive women assume as a matter of course that all men want them. It might not always be true - maybe not every bum sitting outside the library with an upside down hat in front of them wants your quarter - but it's true enough that it's a useful rule in her daily life.

She knows how to deal with men when she knows what they want.

So what do you need to do? NOTHING.

You don't need to tell her how much you want her. And - more importantly, since most people don't open with "I want you" - you cannot SHOW her. Really, this is the definition of cool. You may think you're playing it cool and not telegraphing your intentions, but


guess what - if the intentions are there, you probably are.

There are literally THOUSANDS of physical clues that set off a woman's radar. You lean in too far or approach too close, you fidget with buttons, you laugh about things that aren't funny, you awkwardly get in position for a hand-hold.

And about 2000 more.

If you were a yogini you might be able to approach a woman with her attractiveness front and center in your brain and

control all the little tics that give you away as a bundle of nervous sexual energy.

Of course, if you were a yogini, you probably wouldn't be interested in this, but that's another story.

No, there is a much easier way to deal with this, to eliminate all the signs

that say "I want you." The simple answer is RELAX.

The longer answer is DON'T TRY. Pretend she's your sister. Pretend she's an

episode in Grand Theft Auto. Pretend she's a practice conversation for some imaginary future.

Whatever you do, DON'T think about going back to your place with her. Really, you don't need to pretend - you can simply MAKE the conversation practice. With every woman.

From now to forever.

You just CAN'T show a girl your cards early on. It's death to attraction. It transmits all the wrong things.


Like a cat, if you try and pet her, you'll never catch up to her. But act chill around cats - even ignore them - and you'll have them crawling all over you.

This is the way of life. It is one of the most important concepts you'll ever learn when it comes to attraction and dating. Act with ulterior motives and she'll know, guaranteed, and you've lost all hope with her.

Act with no expectations and it's a fair bet she'll see a bit of the forbidden fruit in you.

THIS is what people mean when they say to just be yourself. If you can

simply enjoy being YOU and living YOUR life around women without chasing them, it works. It says you are an interesting confident guy who might ENJOY being with a particular woman, but you don't NEED that woman.

Unlike modifying your behavior around her, which smacks of insecurity and weakness.

So do what you need to do to ELIMINATE every yearning in your interactions with attractive women? Convince yourself you're too busy for her anyway. Or - better yet - too good for her. Or only talk to women within areas that have easy access to cold showers.

Whatever you need to do to get yourself in the right frame of mind, do it.

know how trigger attraction in them, and eventually seal the deal.




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