Priest in Charge: The Rev d Canon Edward Pruen BD AKC DPS The Rectory, Trinity Hill, Lasham, Hampshire GU34 5LT







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Everyone Welcome

One congregation - with four places of worship

Priest in Charge: The Rev’d Canon Edward Pruen BD AKC DPS The Rectory, Trinity Hill, Lasham, Hampshire GU34 5LT


APCM 31.12.19

BANK: National Westminster Bank plc. 38 High Street, Alton GU34 1BF. INDEPENDENT EXAMINER:Sally Hayes FCA of Applewood LLC

THE PAROCHIAL CHURCH COUNCIL OF THE PARISH OF ST MARY’SLASHAM within the Benefice of St Mary’s Lasham, St Mary’s Lasham, St Mary’sLasham& St

Peter & St Paul Shalden.



Priest-in-Charge: 01420 561154 & 07752 569794 Email:

For all enquiries concerning Baptisms and Weddings: Mrs Sarah Rees:





St Mary’s Church is part of the Benefice of Bentworth, Lasham, Medstead and Shalden and lies in the east of Alton Deanery, part of the Winchester Diocese in East


These four village parishes, each have their own Church building and PCCs.

Lasham Parish covers 2.8 square miles and has a population density of 62 people per square mile with an overall population of 174 people with 72 households.

The area is in the higher affluence bands as defined by the Winchester share system. In the national deprivation scale it scores 10,904 (1=most deprived, 12,519=least deprived).

White ethnicity represents 100%, 70% are deemed Christian. Age: 0–4 = 6%, 5-17 = 16%, 18-29 = 4%, 30–44 = 15%, 45-64=35% and aged 65 and over = 24%.


APCM 31.12.19


In pursuance of its charitable objects (particularly the advancement of the Christian religion for the public benefit) and in accordance with the Parochial Church Councils (Powers) Measure 1956 and the Synodical Government Measure 1969:

“It shall be the duty of the Incumbent and the Parochial Church Council to consult together on matters of general concern and importance to the parish. The functions of the PCC shall include: Co-operation with the Incumbent in promoting in the parish the whole mission of the Church, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical; the consideration and discussions of matters concerning the Church of England or any other matters of religious or public interest, but not the declaration of the doctrine of the Church on any question; making known and putting into effect any provision made by the Diocesan/ Deanery Synod, but without prejudice to the powers of the Council on any particular matter; giving advice to the Diocesan / Deanery Synod on any matter referred to the Council; raising such matters as the Council consider appropriate with the Diocesan / Deanery Synod. In the exercise of its functions, the PCC shall take into consideration any expression of opinion by any Parochial Church Meeting”. VISION

St Mary’s Church seeks to be a Christian community in partnership with the benefice. We seek to live out the love of Christ and connect with the people of all walks of life through our worship, discipleship, outreach and service to our parish. We are an active and growing church with well-attended services. We are here to help celebrate and observe the significant moments in the lives of the people who live here. We believe that the church is fully accessible and should always welcoming to all, regardless of where they live, abilities, race, gender or sexuality. We are not a community of 'perfect' people, or a 'perfect community' rather, our lives are the usual mixture of joy and sorrow and human complexity. In Jesus we find a companion who whatever the stage of our faith journey, and whatever our situation, brings transformation and healing, as we grow in understanding and love for him and for all God's people.

We continue to maintain our commitment to the needs of our partner Church in the two dioceses of Karamoja in northern Uganda and we contribute significantly to supporting people in need by supporting the Children’s Society and Alton’s Food Bank.

There is a good heart in our parish, which continues to enable us to provide a focus for public worship and private prayer. The love of God for all people flows out into the community through the activity of His Church.


The Parochial Church Council (PCC) has the responsibility of cooperating with the Priest-in-Charge, Canon Ed Pruen, in promoting within the ecclesiastical parish the whole mission of the Church, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical. The PCC is also specifically responsible for the maintenance of the Church and churchyard.


APCM 31.12.19

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) is a charity exempted from registration with the Charity Commission.

Lasham PCC fulfills its aims and purposes through activities associated with five main Objectives. Lasham PCC provides:

1. Regular public worship open to all.

a. providing a service of Holy Communion every Sunday and on all principal feasts, holy days and festivals across the benefice b. parishioners may request baptisms, marriages and funerals in any of our churches c. we provide for special occasions (eg local and national civic commemorations) 2. Sacred space for personal prayer & contemplation.

a. our church and grounds are well-kept, safe and welcoming for everyone b. the Parish Church is open to members of the public every day (9am - 4pm)

3. Pastoral work, including visiting the sick and the bereaved.

Lasham PCC supports our priest, Administrator in ensuring a. all who desire our pastoral services receive a ministry of care and welcome. baptism of children involves preparation, a warm welcome and ongoing care c. couples marrying in church receive full preparation and are prayed for in church d. Holy

Communion is taken to anyone sick at home or in rest homes who desires it e. the priest is notified and parishioners are visited when in hospital or housebound f. the bereaved are visited prior to every funeral and their loved ones remembered

4. Teaching through sermons, courses and small groups.

Lasham PCC supports the priest in providing a sermon at every service. Lasham PCC also provides learning opportunities for discipleship and mission, for example: seasonal Study Groups, monthly Messy Church

5. Promotion of Christianity through events, meetings, and the distribution of literature.

a. The PCC encourages outreach through meals, coffee mornings, concerts, fairs, etc. The PCC promotes the full range of its activities through a monthly magazine, a weekly “Welcome Pew Sheet”, a website, social media, church notice boards and occasional press releases.


The method of appointment of PCC members is set out in the Church Representation Rules.All Church attendees are encouraged to register on the Electoral Roll and to stand for election to the PCC.


APCM 31.12.19

A full revision of the Electoral Roll has just been completed (March 2019). The number now on the Electoral Roll is 34; 32 of this number live in the parish and 2 elsewhere.

THE PAROCHIAL CHURCH COUNCIL (PCC) PCC members who are presently serving are:

Incumbent: The Reverend Canon Edward Pruen Wardens: Maurice Goor

Elected Members: Cate Baynton– PCC Secretary Gillian Gardiner

Michael Del Mar - Treasurer Stuart McCandlish

Frances Parris Deirdre Toogood Ex-Officio during 2019 – Charlie Shaylor

Representative on the Deanery Synod: Antonia Goor

Persons with Permission to Administer Holy Communion (Under provision of Canon B12.3):

Charlie Shaylor Maurice Goor Millie Shaylor


“It shall be the duty of the Incumbent and the Parochial Church Council to consult together on matters of general concern and importance to the parish”. The full PCC met 4 times during the year with an average attendance of 8. Other committees met as required and presented their reports for the PCC meetings.

“Co-operation with the Incumbent in promoting in the parish the whole mission of the Church, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical”

Worship and Mission

As Canon Ed is now the only priest residing in the Benefice the pattern of Sunday services was changed in April 2018. Each month there is a Family Service and a Common Worship service of Holy Communion at 9.15am, and one at 11.00am. Where there is a 5th Sunday in the month a Benefice Service at 10 a.m. will rotate through the four churches. This pattern is still under review as the popular monthly 10.00am benefice service is much missed. The only way to reinstate it would be to reduce the number of services across the benefice by two per month.


APCM 31.12.19

Messy Church started in January 2015, held in the Jubilee Hall, Bentworth, and involving all four Parishes.

All the main Seasonal Services have been observed across the Benefice: Epiphany, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter, Pentecost, Harvest, Remembrance, Advent and Christmas. During Lent, a series of Meet and Greet Lent Services, were held in turn with the other parishes. There were also well supported Holy Week Pilgrimage Walks between all the parishes.

The average weekly attendance during the year is a follows: Sunday Worship:

Parish Communion: 21 Adults and 0 Children Family Service: 17 Adults and 10 Children Christmas Services:

Christmas Day: 44 Adults and 17 Children Carol Service: 78 Adults and 31 Children Easter Services:

Communion Service: 25 Adults and 1 Child Remembrance Day: 28 Adults and 2 Children

Occasional Offices are increasing across the Benefice. At Lasham there were: 1 Baptism, 1 Wedding and 2 Funerals.


The four parish churches throughout our benefice are the jewels in the crown of the communities we are here to serve. As Christians we seek to offer a place where we can gather and in which the community feel that they belong; a place everyone can relate to, that feels safe and familiar and that leads people to encountering the transforming love of God.

Our values reveal what is really important to us and, how we live them shapes other people’s experience and understanding of who we are. As your priest I seek to:

• Grow and nurture an ‘Expectant Faith’ (John 14.12) that is confident that God is at work in and through us. A faith that longs to see God’s power and presence break into our lives in new ways revealing His goodness, kindness, healing, compassion and love.

• Grow, nurture and demonstrate a ‘Joy-Filled Hope’ (Romans 15.13) that

celebrates the amazing grace of God, demonstrated through the Cross of Christ, that becomes the very hope and foundation of our lives. A hope that is

unshakeable in an age of uncertainty, and one that paints a picture of a different future for our lives, and the life of our community.

• Live a life marked by ‘Generous Love’ (John 15.17) with outstretched arms, willing to welcome every individual that we encounter. Serving sacrificially and loving unconditionally, because we worship a God of abundance, ever mindful of the extraordinary grace that we have received from the One who is love.


APCM 31.12.19

An Annual Report is a good opportunity for me to thank you for all that has been achieved towards these values. It is not possible in a short report to cover all that has been accomplished. 2019 has been an eventful year and we have seen welcome growth in many areas of church life.

I am delighted to welcome Rev’d Peter and Rev’d Ingrid Owen-Jones who have come to live in Medstead. I am enormously grateful to them for their energy and kindness in leading worship among us. Their arrival was timely as Rev’d Robert Toogood chose not to renew his license after 48 years in ministry. Likewise Charlie Shaylor and Carol Fuller stepped back from their roles as Licensed Lay Ministers after many years of service. I am grateful to all three and welcome their continued presence and service among us. The arrival of Ingrid and Peter enabled me to have my first Study Leave in over 40 years. After some negotiation the Bishop allowed me two of the normal three months away. During the two months Margaret and I were able to have meetings with nearly 30 people from across the world, visiting 6 significant places in the UK and 54 sites in Israel and the West Bank. Our two weeks living in the Land of the Holy One was both a joy and a trauma. We stayed in East Jerusalem, Bethlehem and by the Sea of Galilee. In Bethlehem, life under occupation, under siege by the Separation Wall, is a frightening nightmare for so many. It was good to visit schools, places of worship and hospitals that struggle to survive. I was able to complete a project called “Drawing Attention” - a series of twenty paintings leading towards a short film that is soon to be released. I am very grateful to those who gave us places to stay and who covered for me while I was away.

Our two Church Schools have thrived during the year. St Mary’s School in Bentworth did extremely well in their September Ofsted. The opening line of the Report reads: “Pupils and their parents adore this school. The school’s values, ‘love, respect, belong ’ permeate through all aspects of school life. Pupils care deeply for their school and the other children in it.”

I am grateful to Ingrid who has supported me in delivering assemblies and school services in church. Open the Book has had to be postponed while new volunteers are found to continue this much loved work. Along with the other Foundational Governors I have attended regular Governor’s Meetings and sub committees in both schools and have been an active link governor for various aspects of school life. It is very time consuming, but always rewarding. It is a great blessing to have two excellent Church Schools.

I am delighted to see the Medstead Times being published once more and along with The Villager they have promoted good communication with all who read them. I am very grateful to Jill Hurley for all that she does so tirelessly for the Villager.

The benefice website has been published with the help of web designer Frazer Webb. This has been a great success and countless positive comments from across the Diocese and beyond have been received. In addition numerous new contacts with people who found us online have been made. It is the place to go for up-to-date information, the weekly Pewsheet, sermons, contact details, safeguarding information and all that needs to be known concerning christenings, weddings and funerals along with many links to the community and the wider church.


APCM 31.12.19

During the year the pastoral team conducted 7 weddings, 16 baptisms and 18 funerals. Many of these funerals have been very close to home and together we have shared the grief of friends. We have also managed 13 Sunday services a month across the

benefice and many special services including Messy Church (see the enclosed report). Through countless social gatherings and concerts new friends have been made and funds have been increased. I am grateful to all those who have organised them – each event has been wonderful.

I would especially like to thank Sarah Rees who is our volunteer Benefice Administrator. There is a mountain of administration connected to the Occasional Offices and there is no room for error. My time of Study Leave would not have been possible without her. My particular thanks go to the seven Churchwardens who have taken on so much with the day to day demands of church life: risk assessments, health and safety

requirements, as well as the complex and time consuming applications for faculties. All the members of our four PCCs have given so generously of their time – along with Deanery Synod reps, Treasurers, PCC Secretaries, organists, choir, servers, sacristans, sidespersons, vergers, flower arrangers, bellringers, cleaners, pastoral visitors, maintenance teams, church key holders, those who prepare rotas and so many more who have offered their time quietly and sometimes unnoticed. Especial thanks goes to Pat Mitchell who has looked after the Church Hall at Medstead for ten years and who is retiring from this role in March.

As I look forward to the next few years in the life of our parishes, I see these as the priorities for the development of our mission.

To create and promote a pattern of worship which fits the rhythm of village life, that brings the parishes together and makes the most of the great Christian festivals and special occasions.

In common with many rural churches while Sunday congregations are sometimes small, the big occasions such as Remembrance Sunday and Carol services are always well attended. I want to make the best use of these opportunities, to create a calendar of high-quality special events and services and to ensure that people who come only on these occasions know that they are part of church life too.

To make our churches into hubs of the community, open to all and used in a variety of ways for the good of all local people.

I value the historic importance of our parish churches at the heart of the villages, but I also recognise that we need to work hard to ensure they are fit to fulfil this role in the 21st Century. I will continue to consider how the buildings and the way they are used may be adapted, in order to maximise the number of people coming into these great places of worship. This will include making them available for people of all ages, welcoming the many visitors who come to our villages and for community use, as well as for purely Christian worship. Three of the churches are considering building

reordering plans – internal reordering at Medstead, and a kitchen, better storage and toilets for Lasham and Bentworth.

To build a worshipping community that crosses all generations and parish


APCM 31.12.19

and those who currently have little or no church background.

I will continue to value the faith and spirituality of all worshippers and recognise their needs, while sensitively introducing and promoting newer forms of worship, which will create a more diverse and inclusive group of worshippers. This will include building on the existing family services, Messy Church and all the special events we offer such as Christingle.

Finally, I have not forgotten that there needs to be at least an exploration of coming together as a single parish with one PCC. This is very much the way that similar groups of parishes are now working. While there would be some logistical changes to face it could hugely improve the way the four parishes work together for the future. There is much to be done across the benefice as we seize every opportunity for the Gospel.

Canon Ed Pruen


Thank you Canon Ed another happy, joyful and growing Church year, thanks to your inspiring/meaningful leadership and guidance, we are so grateful.

The statistics of attendance show an increase in numbers which will grow over the coming years, with an increase in the enthusiasm of the young and their parents in a search for a more meaningful life. This will happen through Messy Church and the use of the Church for other activities, thereby breaking down the mental barrier of crossing the Church threshold.

The Christmas Bazaar raised £900 for the Church (£1500 before deductions). Thanks to Hugo and Caroline Egleston for hosting in such a lovely setting, it was a very happy gathering.

Thank you Canon Ed for taking the Christingle service and Maggie Shaylor for

organising the Christingles. It raised a good sum (£1200.00 across the benefice) for the Children's Society.

Carol Service – again well attended – Lovely service, thank you Ed and Ally for all the inspirational music.

Christmas Day – Thank you Canon Ed for an inspired Christmas Day service.

Coffee mornings continue to be very well attended and numbers are growing. Thank you to Millie for organising them and to all who host them, they are much appreciated. An enormous thank you to both our hard-working secretary Cate and treasurer Michael whose tireless help is much appreciated and keeps us afloat. Thanks too to all PCC members and villagers for all that is done in many ways, sidesmen, readers, flower arrangers, grass cutters, Church cleaners, Roger for locking and unlocking the Church door every morning and evening also Richard for being oil monitor and including all those who quietly do other unseen chores so reliably.


APCM 31.12.19

The rota for the churchyard grass is working well, thank you to all of you who did such a splendid job. It was kept so tidy all summer with the result that there was no need for an autumn clear up!

Thank you to Peter and Ingrid Owen-Jones for taking so many of our services and for a moving Remembrance day service, we do appreciate your help.

Great to have Messy Church up and running again, thank you Canon Ed and Margaret for leading us on so enthusiastically.

As I said last year we have just one Church warden, ideally we should have two, if anyone feels like kicking the can down the road with me, that would be great?! Maurice Goor


“Playfully Serious”, a 2019 report by the Church Army, follows a 2 year research project confirming, ‘Messy Church is not ‘just a bit of fun’. It proves that it is reaching people who were not previously attending church. It grows disciples and models new patterns of leadership across a wide range of economic and social contexts.

Thank you for your prayer and financial donation of £50, annually, to this important Benefice Church Service that engages in Mission.

2019 proved challenging. Heartfelt thanks and gifts for five years of service were given to leavers: Steve and Angela Clarke, Charlie and Maggie Shaylor, Marie Fordyce and Cathy Dumelow.

Unfortunately, unknown to the Incumbent, Messy Church was widely advertised as completely cancelled from last June. Helpers galvanized and the Service recommenced, in December 2019.

Leadership is currently all helper led, facilitated by the Incumbent. This is proving to be a warm and creative process. Numbers have increased following re-advertising including school newsletter flyers. Baptism families are to receive email reminders. Canon Ed is extremely grateful to have an accessible service to invite village families to participate informally with exploring the faith.

Enormous thanks to all the amazing helpers, currently from three of the churches, who provide food, crafts, support, care and encouragement.

Kerry McGinnis-Prior maintains the accounts (currently a healthy balance), and liaises with W Hainsworth, Medstead Treasurer, to ensure good governance.

Following a three month break, Messy Church bounced back with a burst of creativity and renewal. This Ministry is vital to the Benefice’s future. A challenge for each church to consider is the shared provision of a part time Family Worker to assist with Mission and Pastoral care.

Do pray and see if you are able to help, if only twice a year. Providing food items, singing, crafting or just visiting the Service. It is fun and a joy to be worshipping Jesus in a practical and neighbourly manner.


APCM 31.12.19

VOLUNTEERS – Thank you

The PCC is always mindful that our most significant resource is the large number of able and willing volunteers we rely on, including those who have been elected to serve as Churchwardens, as PCC officers, as committee members, as Members of Deanery Synod, as Foundation Governors of Bentworth Church of England Primary School, and those who monitor our statutory responsibilities (e.g. for Safeguarding, Health & Safety, Data Protection). In addition there are a number of specially appointed personnel, who work on behalf of the PCC - our Benefice Administrator, our Director of Music, our vergers, cleaners, welcomers and sidespeople, choir, musicians, readers, intercessors, pastoral visitors and persons authorised to assist in the administration of Holy Communion. In addition there are a group of volunteers who are church key holders, cut the grass and maintain the churchyard. The PCC would like to thank everyone who has made a contribution to the smooth running of the Parish by giving of their time and by their support and prayers in 2019. As the burden of this work continues to fall on a small pool of volunteers we hope and pray that new people will be called to offer their gifts in the Lord’s service.


The Church fabric continues to improve with a new lighting and sound system and soon to follow.... a Loo, kitchen and washing up facility, all so badly needed. This will be an added village amenity and with the help of the village committee, we will drive this forward. Much work has already been put into this project with thanks to all involved


The PCC of Lasham takes seriously its responsibility for the Safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults. Mrs. Jean Osgood is the appointed Parish Safeguarding Officer. The PCC has formally adopted the Safeguarding Policy of the Winchester Diocese and has a copy available for inspection inside the church. Additionally, safeguarding information is displayed in the church porch. The Church Wardens have undertaken Safeguarding training and the other PCC members have completed the C0 online training. All volunteers with positions of responsibility in the parish have received DBS Clearance: the leaders of Messy Church, all Open the Book storytellers at both Medstead and Bentworth schools and both LLMs. All those involved in Messy Church and Open the Book have received specific Role Descriptions and Safeguarding guidelines and undertake annual Safeguarding training. Other volunteers e.g. flower arrangers, mowers, key holders, have been given Safeguarding information and Lone Worker Guidelines. The PCC remains vigilant for any Safeguarding issues that may arise.


As mentioned in Canon Ed’s report, the new Benefice website has proved to be a tremendous success. It is widely used and has become a vital way through which people find us, literally from all over the world, and as a source of information for parishioners.


APCM 31.12.19


The officers of the Deanery were unchanged in 2019 led by the Area Dean, Revd Brian Prichard.

The synod met three times in 2019. The usual pattern has included:

Welcome refreshments, a time of worship and an introduction by the members of the host parish describing its work and ministry.

Notices include significant events of interest or good news from the parishes and deanery and a finance report with updates on any shortfalls in parish share payments. The Revd Andrew Micklefield reports on recent General or Diocesan synods.

Karamoja updates are always on the agenda.

The meetings close about with prayer and blessings. With full agendas, this has sometimes restricted discussion and led to items on the agenda being postponed or left for the Standing Committee.

The focus of the meetings during the year has been updating the Deanery Mission Action Plan (dMAP) and working on parts of the proposed plan. At a review meeting

with Deanery officers at the beginning of the year the Archdeacon advised that ‘we do a

few things well’.

Focus of the Synod Meetings in 2019

The spring meeting on 26 Feb 2019 was held at Chawton School – a Church of England school.

This was to engage more closely with schools in the deanery (Objective 1 of dMAP) Lesley Leon and Dawn Tilley led worship in the style of collective worship in school.

They then gave a presentation with an overview of the role of the Church of England in education, worship in school and the relationship between Chawton School and the Benefice. Next we were free to look around and admire some of the work presented by the children.

The summer meeting on 3rd June 2019 was hosted by Canon Ed at Bentworth in the JubileeHall.

It focused on encouraging “Fresh Expressions” and the planting of new congregations (Objective Three of our dMAP). Fresh Expressions has been around for a while and is about services outside of the ‘normal and usual’ timings and structures.

Some current initiatives and non-traditional offerings currently in use in the Deanery were introduced. These mostly run once a month. They include:

Messy Church, provided across much of the deanery, including our own Benefice. Live@5 (formerly Church@5) in Bentley, started in the school aimed at 13+ but now moved to the church and all age.

SAS (Service after School) in conjunction with the Methodist church.

Church@4 in PoTR, which started in Holybourne as families not coming to all age services.


APCM 31.12.19

The Autumn meeting on 21st October 2019 was hosted by Four Marks at the Church of the Good Shepherd The focus of this meeting was finance, resources and stewardship.

Common Mission Fund and Diocesan Finance A PowerPoint presentation by Colin Harbidge, Head of Operations - Diocesan Office. He has given this talk before to emphasise how challenging and important good stewardship is to furthering the mission of Jesus. “Christian Giving is about ‘Faith Raising’ not fund raising”.

Looking Forward: A Business Plan for Alton Deanery- Deanery treasurer, Elspeth Mackeggie.

We need a plan as the deanery population and demographics are changing and expanding with ever-increasing house building in the area. As a result the pressures on recourses are becoming heavier and heavier.

The Growing Leaders Course by CPAS ran for 6 months from Jan 2019. It was part of the support for Growing leaders for the deanery (Objective 2 of our dMAP).

Elections for the Synod

The Deanery now has considerable responsibilities, particularly for Finance affecting the parishes, including Parish Share determination, and also for allocation of resources. The Synod gives an opportunity to learn about the work of the church in a wider context. We need people of vision to help drive the Deanery mission forward and make decisions. We are also the people who elect members of the Diocesan and General Synods.

The Synod works on a 3-year term of office and this year is the final year of the current term. The representative for Lasham is Antonia Goor. For Medstead is Gabriel Howard, and for Shalden, Michael Campbell, both are retiring. So this year, 2020, we need volunteers to fill the vacancies across the benefice.

Gabriel Howard – Deanery Synod rep from Medstead


Financial results year ended 31st December 2019

The year ended with a bank surplus of £1,032. This does not include HMRC payments due for the last quarter, estimated to be about £430, and some outstanding cheque payments of about £300 not reflected in the year-end bank statement, so a surplus of about £1,100 will be the result.


APCM 31.12.19

End December 2019 End December 2018 General fund £11,739 £11.264 Fabric Fund £20,433 £19,613 Organ & Music £2,726 £2,898

_____ _____ Total £34,897 £33,865

The movements include a transfer from the General fund to the Fabric Fund of £100 representing the Fabric Fund’s share of the Gift Aid repayments for 2018.


In financial terms 2019 has been a quiet year. We should be very grateful for a

generous bequest from the estate of John Batten, and also for the many fund raisings during the year. The attached Income and Expenditure sheet shows few significant movements 2019 vs 2018 but those that are include John Batten’s funeral (item 01), money received from the Esseham Trust (item 16) for lettings, the change in item 18 reflects the recategorization of the collection received at the Christingle service. In the expenditure column the increase in item 35 was due to repairs to the central heating pipework and the decline in item 43 is as a result of no boiler repairs.

The future

Hopefully 2020 will see the commencement of the Church re-ordering initiative. This will take time, management and resource. Whilst the Fabric Fund balance stands at

£20,433 this should be seen against a possible cost for the reordering of well in excess of £100,000. Fund raising from sources both within the Village and without will be imperative for the project to proceed.

Michael Del Mar January 2020


APCM 31.12.19

St. Mary's Church, Lasham.

Income and expenditure Jan 1st 2019 - August 31st 2019

2019End September 2018 % var.

1 Collections at Services £ 2,287 £2,003 14%

2 Planned Giving - Tax Efficient £ 8,289 £ 8,985 -8%

3 Planned Giving - not Tax Efficient £ 600 £ 450 33%

5 Other Giving & Donations £ 745 £ 50 1390%

6 Tax Recovered on Special Appeals

7 All other Tax Recovered £ 963 £ 927 4%

16 Church lettings £ 280 £ 100 180%

17 Bookstall £ 3 -100%

19 Fund raising events £ 290 -100%

20 Total Parochial Fees Income £ 1,720 £ 1,542 12%

23 Sundry income Electricity rebate £ 51 Total Income £ 14,935 £ 14,350 4% 26 Donations to Charities £ 335 527 -36% 28 Parish Share £ 9,600 £9,900 -3% 29 Clergy Expenses £ 541 £416 30% 30 Other PCC expenses £90 -100%

34 Church Running Expenses £332 -100%

35 General Church Maintenance £ 316

36 Churchyard maintenance £300 -100%

37 Flowers

38 Music costs £ 362 £553 -35%

39 Fund raising costs

42 Governance costs £ 198 £198 0%

43 Heating & Lighting costs £ 666 £1,196 -44%

44 Water Rates £ 27 £32 -14%

45 Insurance costs £ 1,245 £1,358 -8%

47 Parochial fees £ 425 £340 25%

49 Service fee remittance

51 Deanery costs £ 41 £30 37%

52 Sundry Expenses

Total Expenses £ 13,756 £15,272 -10%


APCM 31.12.19

Minutes of St Mary’s Church APCM 9.4.18:

Present: Canon Ed Pruen Chairman Maurice Goor Churchwarden Deirdre Toogood

Cate Baynton Charlie Shaylor Michael Del Mar Anthea Del Mar Antonia Goor Millie Shaylor Maggie Shaylor Jean Osgood Steve Clarke Angie Clarke Sue Jamieson Allyson Hall Apologies: Jonathan Goor

Frances Parris Caroline Egleston Easter Vestry Meeting

The meeting was opened with prayer Election of Churchwardens

The Chairman thanked Deirdre Toogood and Maurice Goor for their work as Churchwardens during the past year.

It was unanimously agreed that Maurice Goor should be re-elected for the coming year (proposer: C Baynton; Seconder: Millie Shaylor).

The second position remains vacant. Canon Ed advised that the duties of the Churchwarden needs to be reviewed in the next PCC meeting, in the hope that this may encourage someone to come

forward to support Maurice. Action: Canon Ed

1. Notification of items to be raised under ‘Any other Business’

i) Support for Canon Ed in his role ii) Plans for the Church

iii) Hymn selection for services iv) Hire of the Church

v) Church charities to be supported vi) Flower border in the churchyard

2. Minutes of the APCM held on 12.04.18


APCM 31.12.19

3. Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.

4. Presentation of Annual Report

Canon Ed advised that the new benefice website has been launched, so please use it. It can be found at

Canon Ed confirmed that he has people in place to cover his September/October study leave. Two retired priests (Peter and Ingrid Owen-Jones) have moved to Medstead and they are offering their services, which has greatly assisted the planning.

Charlie Shaylor thanked everyone for their support for Open the Book and Karamoja.

5. Audited Financial Statement for Year ended 31.12.18

The accounts were included in the Annual Report which had been circulated. Michael Del Mar thanked everyone for their generosity and advised that Lasham has a modest surplus. Income has remained relatively stable, but expenses have increased due to an increase in contribution to The Common Mission Fund. In 2019 the CMF will be paid in full although there remains a disputed shortfall for previous years. The outstanding feature of the accounts is the contributions made through planned giving which accounts for 60% of the Church’s income. A special plea was made that people remember to take inflation into account when reviewing their donations.

Thanks was given to Steve Clarke who regularly takes collection money to the bank.

Canon Ed questioned whether internet banking should be considered. Michael Del Mar advised that this had been looked at before, but Lasham has only a few transactions each year and an internet account requires two people to log on which would be cumbersome.

The accounts were approved (proposed by Maurice Goor, seconded by Antonia Goor) and Michael Del Mar was thanked for his work.

6. Electoral Roll

The Electoral Roll has been revised; there are currently 32 people residing within the parish and 2 outside the parish. These means there should no more than 6 PCC members for Lasham (excluding Ex-Officio members).

7. Election of PCC Members

The following are Ex-Officio Members: Canon Ed Pruen Chairman Maurice Goor Churchwarden

Antonia Goor Deanery Synod Representative Charlie Shaylor LLM


APCM 31.12.19

Michael Del Mar Proposer: C Shaylor Seconder: M Goor

Stuart McCandlish Proposer: A Del Mar Seconder: Maggie Shaylor Catherine Baynton Proposer: C Shaylor Seconder: M Goor

Frances Parris Proposer: Millie Shaylor Seconder: Maggie Shaylor Gillian Gardiner Proposer: Millie Shaylor Seconder: A Goor

Deirdre Toogood Proposer: M Goor Seconder: A Goor

8. Election of Sidespersons

Anthea Del Mar Michael Del Mar Katrina Milnes-Gaskell Millie Shaylor Maggie Shaylor Deirdre Toogood Gillian Gardiner Stuart McCandlish Maurice Goor Antonia Goor Sue Jamieson

All were unanimously elected.

9. Appointment of Independent Examiner 2019

Thanks was given to Mrs Sally Hayes who acted as our Independent Examiner for 2017. Michael Del Mar advised the charge is £198 which he feels is reasonable considering Sally also provides useful advice. Proposer: Michael Del Mar; seconder: M Goor.

10.Any Other Business

i) Anthea Del Mar asked if Canon Ed is getting the support he needs from the Diocese (as PCC’s were advised he would during the interview process). Canon Ed reported that he had a meeting with Bishop David earlier this year. Canon Ed advised that some weeks his workload is very heavy, particularly as he has to respond to unexpected events such as a death in the benefice. However, he has been grateful for the support received from volunteers, such as Sara Reese. He is also aiming to develop the pastoral team for the benefice. Sara Bankhead has just completed her training for the Bishop’s Commission for Mission with a special focus on pastoral care. Three people in Lasham are also trained in this role. Other villagers have put themselves forward, but were told there were not enough people for the training to go ahead. Canon Ed advised that he has raised this with Bishop David.

ii) The plans for redesigning Lasham Church are slowly taking shape. While Canon Ed is happy to oversee, he cannot get deeply involved as he is also supporting other parishes with their plans. There will need to be a clear Statement of Purpose: how the changes will serve the mission of the church; what is in it for the general public; how will it enhance community work. Nick Carey-Thomas (the diocesan architect) has advised that it should be possible to knock a hole through the church wall to build a small extension with a toilet if this is the preferred option. A working party is to be set up to try and move the project forward which members of the village are welcome to join. So far, Frances Parris, Gina Toth, Maurice Goor and Caroline Egleston have expressed an


APCM 31.12.19

interest. Cate Baynton to find out when the first meeting is to take place. Action: Cate Baynton

iii) Allyson Hall was thanked for taking on the role of selecting hymns for Lasham’s

services. She advised that she is likely to need help leading up to and during the Lasham Music Festival (end May, early June). Patrick Busby may be able to play the organ at some of the 11.00 services.

iv) Allyson asked that the PCC standardise the charge they make for the use of the church so everyone is clear. Action: PCC

v) Allyson asked if the PCC would like to review the charities they are supporting. She was advised that this was due to take place at the next PCC meeting. Lasham intend to support one local, one national and one international charity, but under Canon Law any charity supported must be Christian in ethos. Action: PCC

vi) Allyson would like to start a flower border in the churchyard, the other side of her garden wall. These flowers could then be used in the church. While this was felt to be a lovely idea, Canon Ed pointed out that she would need to check that there were no graves in this area first. Action: A Hall

vii) Special thanks were given to Steve and Angie Clarke for the contribution they have made to the life of the church. They are due to leave Lasham in mid-May.


APCM 31.12.19

Lasham Church

Easter Vestry Meeting (Meeting of the Parishioners) 25th March 2020- 7.30pm in the Church.

AGENDA 1. Opening Prayers

2. Apologies for Absence 3. Minutes of the last meeting. 4. Election of Church Wardens

To be followed by

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting

1. Notification of items to be raised under ’Any Other Business’ 2. Minutes of the 2019 Annual Parochial Church Meeting – Attached. 3. Matters arising from the above minutes

4. Presentation of the Annual Report for 2019 – Attached

5. Audited Financial Statement for the year ended 31.12.19– Attached 6. Election of PCC Members

7. Election of Deanery Synod Representatives 8. Election of Sidespeople

9. Appointment of Independent Examiner for 2020 10. Any Other Business





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