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118 SJBosco



















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, PA 19040

Tel. (215) 672-7280

February 14, 2021

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Daily Mass:

Monday thru Friday









Monday before 8:45am Mass

Saturday before 4pm Vigil Mass

Miraculous Medal Novena:

Monday after

8:45am Mass

Arranging Marriage

Congratulations on your engagement!

See Page 2 for information on celebrating your

wedding or having your marriage blessed

at Saint John Bosco.

Arranging Baptism

First (


) and Last (


) Sundays each

month following the


am Mass.

See Page


for more information



Rev. Gary J. Kramer

Weekend Assistant:

Rev. Mark J. Hunt, Holy Family University

Weekend Assistant:

Rev. Ed Windhaus

Financial Administrator:

Deacon Daniel J. Rouse


Mrs. Diane Falchetta


Mrs. Jeanne Eichorn

Music Director:

Mrs. Lisa Quaranto

PREP Administrator:

Mrs. Janet Sikina PREP Office








Saturday Evening Vigil Masses: 4:00 PM (English) and 7:00 PM (Spanish)

Sunday at 8:00 AM and 11:00 AM



Before date is confirmed, parents must have/obtain:

Registration in SJB Parish: Family from another

parish must obtain written permission from “home”

parish for Baptism at SJB.

Certificate of Eligibility to Serve as Sponsor: Each Catholic Sponsor (1 required; 2 preferred) must obtain Certificate of Eligibility from “home”

parish. Parishes generally do not issue certificates to persons not already registered nor to persons who left the parish more than 6 months previously.

Letter from Pastor for Christian Witness:

One baptized non-Catholic may serve as a Christian Witness and must present Letter of Good Standing

from current Christian pastor. A Catholic not

eligible to Sponsor may not be Christian Witness. Call Parish Office to arrange


Wedding Planning begins with engaged couple


meeting a parish priest here at least six (6) months

before desired wedding date. Please do not make

financial commitments before confirming church

date/time. If a member of the couple was previously

married, a Declaration of Nullity (


) of the

prior marriage may be necessary. Please contact

parish priest for detailed information.

Please submit items for Bulletin Sun. issue dates (left)

by 12 noon on submission dates (right):  February 28………...Mon., February 15  March 7……….Mon., February 22  March 14………...Mon., March 1

Please send info./questions to Bulletin Editor at Bulletin Editor: Mrs. Holly Pyfer

Custom Wedding Programs

Getting married at Saint John Bosco?

Will you need an easy-to-follow wedding program template? You can find these templates on the SJB Website! The wedding

program templates have a basic ceremony structure in them as well as details about you, your groom & your bridal party. You'll just need to go in & change the details to reflect your special day. Use them as a guide & add your own spin to make your day truly personal. The templates for half fold are easy to use

for simple wedding programs.


Couples in a civil or



Catholic religious union without our Church


explicit permission are not in a valid Catholic

marriage. They cannot receive other sacraments or

serve as Catholic Sponsors for Baptism and

Confirmation. This situation is often easily remedied



, a simple ceremony popularly


getting a marriage blessed


Call Parish Office to arrange.

On the SJB Website, you can find a template document in Microsoft Word format for creating a booklet for a Roman Catholic Funeral Mass at Saint John Bosco Church. You’ll need to go in & change the details. Customizing your template is fast & easy. This is a traditional type of program distributed at the Funeral Mass. Try our program template for minimal effort & work yet producing a professional booklet. The important thing is to have one made so it can serve as a guide for everyone.

Parish Office Hours

Mass Cards/Mail/Messages/Documents/Facility Keys

are available only during open Office Hours.



9:00 AM to 12:00 PM & 1:00 PM to 8:00 PM


9:30 AM to 12:00 PM & 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

* Current hours 9am to 4pm, Monday


Friday *









PARISH REGISTRATION Have you moved, changed an email address, added a family member, no longer have a land line or changed phone numbers? Call the Parish Office to submit changes.


Even Though

Even though I clutch my blanket and growl when the alarm rings each

morning, thank you, Lord, that I can hear. There are many who are deaf.

Even though I keep my eyes tightly closed against the morning light as

long as possible, thank you, Lord, that I can see. There are many who are


Even though I huddle in my bed and put off the effort of rising, thank

you, Lord, that I have the strength to rise. There are many who are


Even though the first hour of my day is hectic, when socks are lost, toast

is burned and tempers are short, my children are so loud thank you,

Lord, for my family. There are many who are lonely.

Even though our breakfast table never looks like the pictures in

maga-zines and the menu is at times unbalanced, thank you, Lord, for the

food we have. There are many who are hungry.

Even though the routine of my job is often monotonous, thank you, Lord,

for the opportunity to work. There are many who have no job.

Even though I grumble and bemoan my fate from day to day and wish my

circumstances were not so modest, thank you, Lord, for the gift of life.

The health situation caused by Covid-19 continues to force changes in our daily lives. Saint John Bosco will be following the latest guidance for the distribution of ashes in time of pandemic. When our Parish Family comes to the altar to receive ashes, they will be sprinkled on the top of the head, rather than being made into a cross on the forehead. After blessing the ashes and sprinkling them with holy water in silence, the priest addresses those present, reciting the words found in the Roman Missal: “Repent and believe in the Gospel” or “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return”. No words will be spoken during the sprinkling.


Our goal is to provide prayer support for the men and women of the Saint John Bosco community who are serving on active duty

in the United States Armed Forces. If you have a family member or close friend serving on active duty who could use our prayer support for their health, well-being and safe return, please

call the Parish Office.


4:00 PM Laurence Bold Family

7:00 PM Pro Populo (

For the People



8:00 AM John O


11:00 AM Mary A. Ciardullo

2/15 MON.

8:45 AM Frances Maum

2/16 TUES.

8:45 AM John Wullert

2/17 WED.

6:30 AM Denise Kusiak

8:45 AM Susan Capone

12:05 PM Prayer Service

7:00 PM Mitchell Stengel

2/18 THURS.

8:45 PM Anna Kurtz

2/19 FRI.

8:45 AM William Nolan



4:00 PM Robert & Mildred Brossman and Family 7:00 PM Pro Populo (For the People)


8:00 AM Stephen Cunnane 11:00 AM Frank Ciardullo

Please Pray for Our Faithful

Departed whose Funeral

Masses were celebrated in

our Parish

Eternal Rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and all the souls of the Faithful Departed through the mercy of God rest in peace.



Ira Bellew Dave Berry Elle Caruso Josh Chattley Darcie Cimarusti Dee Conner Marianne R. Costello Linda Cunningham Louise D’Agostino Ellen Dardis Gloria Donneys Lois Dudley Barbara Eisenhart Emily Elwell Mason Gerardi Linda Giardetti Dennis Gillen Janis Golob Marie Gonzalez Donna Graeber Summer Heine Anna Hessler Anna Hryhorec Lilly Ibbotson Bryce Ingraham Chris Ingraham Jayden Ingraham Tim Keebler Kolby Daniel Kehler

Kathy Kelley William Keyes James Kirkpatrick John Kempf Edgar Langdon Christopher Laskey Santa E. Marty Alona McCloskey Lucas McCrea Christine McGeehan Edward McParland Colleen T. McPeak Angelina McVey Nichole Miller Henry Mulroney John Murphy Francis Nulty Ryan Palm Daniel Pierson Rev. Francis J. Pileggi

Chip Randa Allan Rhodes

Anna Rose Meg Rost Catherine Sarsfield

Betty Ann Smith Michael Slater

Sun Soon Felicia Soto Marcial Soto Joseph Sykes Linda Nye Tooles Nanette Toporowski Ronald Tull Mary Vincelli Frank Waltrich Jason Wilkins Lorraine Wine Maria Wingeron

Adoration Chapel


after 8:45 am Mass to 7:00 pm.

Tues. to Fri.:

8:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Sat. & Sun.


The chapel is closed on weekends for

security reasons. Please do not try to enter the Church

outside of these hours.

Prayer Intention Candles

(2) burn all week

alongside Blessed Sacrament when Chapel is open.

This week the candles represent these intentions:

How We List: Just send your name with intention & offering

to ADORATION CANDLE c/o Parish Center. Please name one Person, Couple (engaged or married), Family, Group per re-quest. Candles are available for living or dec’d. Offering: $ 15.

Almighty and eternal God, those who take

refuge in you will be glad and forever will

shout for joy. Protect these soldiers as they

discharge their duties. Protect them with the

shield of your strength and keep them safe

from all evil and harm. May the power of

your love enable them to return home in safety, that with

all who love them, they may ever praise you for

your loving care. We ask this through Christ our Lord.


Please keep the following military in your prayers:

Hector Guillermo Torres Carbo – Army – E3

Maya Medrano—Airforce—Military Police - E-3

Tyler Palmentera—Navy– E5

Noe Argenis Reyes – Marines – Air Traffic Controller – E3

Captain Vincent McPeak - USAF

Captain Emily Bohnenkamp -USAF

We welcome Catholics with Celiac Disease to the Table of the Lord. Low-gluten Communion hosts are available at all weekend liturgies to those suffering from Celiac Sprue disease. When you arrive for Mass, go to the Sacristy. Let the Sacristan

know that you will need a low-gluten host. The low-gluten hosts are consecrated at the same time as the regular hosts. When you reach the Presider during the Communion Procession, whisper to him










* Includes E





$ 1,671.00


$ 2,390.00


$ 719.00

Thank you for supporting Saint John Bosco Parish!

Catholics are encouraged to



particularly together as a family.

Please join your Parish Family to pray the rosary at 8:15 am (before morning Mass) on Wednesday, 2/17 Ash Wednesday. As a Church we are called beginning on Ash Wednesday to pray, to fast and to give alms so that we may

grow in our faith to meet the resurrected Lord on Easter. "When two or three are

gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them."

What comes to mind when you hear the letters R







Many know these letters to mean the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, the usual way for non-Catholic adults to become full members of the Church, the Body of Christ. What surprises many Catholics, however, is that RCIA involves the whole parish. Long before the saying “it takes a village to raise a child” became popular, Christians knew and still know it takes the Holy Spirit and a parish to form new members. We are blessed to have adults inquiring and preparing to become full members of the Body of Christ, a very good sign of a lively parish. Yet this now challenges each of us as members of Saint John Bosco. How do we, both new and lifelong members, stay alive and continue maturing as disciples of Jesus?

1. In your daily prayers, always include a prayer for Saint John Bosco Parish that we may do what Jesus has entrusted to us through the Grace of the Holy Spirit to do the will of God our Father.

2. If you know a family member or friend who has expressed some desire to become a Catholic Christian, bring her or him to an RCIA gathering. We meet each Sunday after the 8:00am Mass in the Parish Center. In the early part of RCIA, THERE ARE NO COMMITMENTS. Come and see what and Who RCIA is all about.

3. Consider a role in RCIA. We need parishioners to serve as catechists, to help with hospitality and (somewhat urgently) to serve as sponsors. If you do not feel comfortable being a catechist or sponsor, we certainly welcome and need your presence as a witness to life of the Holy Spirit acting in all our lives. Your quiet and gentle presence is a powerful testimony of faith in Jesus Christ. If you have questions, send an email to or come to the Parish Center after the 8:00am Mass on a Sunday. Over the years, parishioners have mentioned that participating in RCIA contributed significantly in growing as mature disciples of Jesus Christ.






∙ 7th Grade Practice Test - Saturday, March 27, and Sunday, March 28

∙ 6th Grade Practice - Saturday, April 17

Registration is open at

Personal tours are scheduled by appointment - call (215) 233-9133 to reserve your tour.

For more information or to learn more about the event, email the Admissions Team at Ash Wednesday is just around the corner.



Look for the box in the Ushers Room. Old palms will be burned for Ash Wednesday ashes.

Thank you

Saint John Bosco will host our annual



& we want you to be a part of the fun! Celebrate the best of fall right here at SJB!

This is one of the best events of the year & your family won’t want

to miss it. Mark your calendars for this Awesome Autumn

Adventure. Hope you can share the news & plan to attend! More details & information about the Fall Festival

will be available soon!

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation, we are unable to hold the St. Patty's Party/Night at the Races this year since it is an indoor event.

We hope to see you next year.

Prayer for Loving Others

Lord, Make me an instrument of your love. May I see each circumstance in my life as an opportunity to grow in your love. May I see my environment as a place to grow in your love. May I then take this love to other people. When I am tempted to become impatient, help me to be patient. When I am tempted to become unkind, help me to be kind. When I am tempted to come jealous, help me to be tolerant. When I am tempted to be-come boastful or proud, help me give you the glory. When I am tempted to be rude or selfish, give me the gift of gentleness. When I am tempted to take offense, help me to let go. When I am tempted to become angry with someone, give me the gift of forgiveness. When I am tempted to become resentful, give me your power to love. Lord, grant that I may take no pleasure in criticizing others, but that I may see good in them, as you do. When I begin to concentrate on the faults & failures of others, give me courage to praise their accomplishments. Help me be loyal to those you give me to love. Help me to believe in them, even when they do not believe in themselves. To expect the best from them, but accept the best they can give. May I always defend them, as you always defend me. All gifts & powers come from you. All will come to an end. With one important exception, the gift of love! Lord, when I was a child, I thought like a child, I acted like a child & I reasoned like a child. Now that I have become an adult, I release my childish ways. Amen.

Prayer to Saint Valentine: O glorious advocate and protector, Saint Valentine, look with pity upon our wants, hear our prayers, relieve by your intercession the miseries under which we labor, and obtain for us the divine blessing, that we may be found worthy to join you in praising the Almighty for all eternity: through the merits of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


On 12/8, Pope Francis decreed a special year dedicated to St. Joseph for the global Catholic Church, offering the 1.2 billion members of the faith an opportunity to obtain indulgences as the world continues to undergo the "grave tribulation" of the coronavirus pandemic. The special year, coinciding with the 150th anniversary of the 1870 naming of St. Joseph as patron of the universal church, will run through 12/8/2021.

As part of the celebration for this year, an Image of Saint Joseph will be

“traveling” to the homes

of our Bosco Parishioners for a week-long visit.

You are invited to display the Image in your

home during for one week. This is a unique opportunity for you to have special prayer time. Each day you are asked to say the simple devotion which will be provided. Traveling devotions help keep prayer & spirituality close to home for many. We will email the Image & the prayers to you on a Monday. If you would like to host the Image of Saint Joseph in your home, please fill out the form below. You will be contacted with detailed information. Questions? Please call 267-803-0774.

YES, I would like to host the Image of Saint Joseph in my home.

Family Name: __________________________________________________ Email: __________________________________________________



. J







is also called Sawdust Pasta or Carpenter’s Pasta & a great way to honor St. Joseph, the foster-father of Baby Jesus. Since Joseph was a carpenter by trade, it is fitting to serve pasta that resembles sawdust; but tastes much better! The bread crumbs are sautéed in butter to

resemble wood sawdust.

INGREDIENTS: 1 lb spaghetti, 2 tbsp salt, 3 tbsp butter, 5 tbsp olive oil, 1 ½ cups panko breadcrumbs, 5

cloves garlic, 1 cup sweet onion chopped, 1 tsp pepper flakes or season to taste, 1 tsp ground black pepper,

1 ½ cups grape tomatoes halved.

Add the salt to a large pot of water & bring to a boil. Add the pasta & stir. Gently boil for 7-8 minutes or until a la dente. While pasta is cooking, heat butter & 1

tbsp olive oil in a skillet on the stove. Add the breadcrumbs, mix to coat & cook until toasted & lightly

brown. Transfer breadcrumbs to a plate & set aside. In same skillet over medium high heat, add remaining

olive oil. Add the garlic & onion & let cook a few minutes until translucent. Add the black & red peppers

& tomatoes. Cook for 2-3 more minutes. Add some pasta water if too dry. Add the hot cooked pasta right from the stockpot to the skillet & toss to coat. Add the buttered breadcrumbs on top of each serving or on top

of the pasta in a large serving platter. Serve immediately.


While asleep, St. Joseph received messages from God, who warned him about the danger posed by King Herod & entrusted him with loving & protecting Mary & the Baby Jesus. It was in a dream when Joseph accepted his role as putative father of Jesus & of all mankind, an archetypal figure of protector, defender & consoler. Joseph is the attentive & tender guardian of the Family, a just man who accepts & guards the mysteries of God, as he willingly chose to accept & protect Mary, the woman chosen by God to be the Most Holy & Immaculate Mother of His only Son. Pope Francis has

special devotion to St Joseph Sleeping & he has the habit of placing under the statue of the saint a list containing the problems, petitions & prayers of the faithful. It’s as if he were inviting Saint Joseph to “sleep on it,” & perhaps to put a good word in before God to solve difficult situations & to help those in need, thus calling upon the saint’s role as a father who is merciful & totally attentive to those he loves. He’s a truly special saint, who protects & helps us even while he sleeps! Let us pray: Oh St. Joseph, whose protection is so great, so strong, so prompt before the throne of God. I place in you all my interest and desires. Oh St. Joseph, do assist me by your powerful intercession, and obtain for me from your Divine Son all spiritual blessings, through Jesus Christ, our Lord. So that having engaged here below your heavenly power, I may offer my thanksgiving & homage to the most loving Fathers. Oh St. Joseph, I never weary of

contemplating you & Jesus asleep in your arms; I dare not approach while He reposes near your heart. Press him in my name & kiss his fine head for me &

ask him to return the kiss when I draw my dying breath. St. Joseph, Patron of departing souls, pray for me and my loved ones. Amen.

Saint Joseph Chaplet

of Family Protection

This chaplet is said on rosary beads.

Begin on the crucifix: Blessed Joseph, husband of Mary, be with us this day. You protected and cherished the Virgin; loving the Child Jesus as your son, you rescued Him from danger of death. Defend the Church, the household of God, purchased by the blood of Christ. Guardian of the Holy Family, be with us in our trials. May your prayers obtain for us the strength to flee from error and wrestle with the powers of corruption so that in life we may grow in holiness and in death rejoice in the crown of victory. Amen.

On each of the large beads say: St. Joseph guardian of the Holy Family, bless our families.

On each of the small beads say: St. Joseph pray for us. To conclude the chaplet: Jesus, Mary and Joseph I give You my heart and my soul. Jesus, Mary and Joseph assist me now and in my last agony. Jesus, Mary and Joseph may I breathe forth my soul in peace with You.

Saint Joseph was a carpenter by trade so carpenter tools

are frequently used as his symbols.

Throughout the Year

of Saint Joseph, we will be exploring the various

TOOLS that Saint Joseph may have used in his

Carpentry Shop.

Check out the

Bosco Facebook Page on the

Third Thursday of every

month for a description of an

antique wood working tool.

While it may be true that Joseph was a carpen-ter as we normally think, it is also very likely that he could have been the “handyman” who was as skilled with wood as he was with stone or any oth-er matoth-erial. Saint Joseph is the Patron Saint of carpenters and workers.


Mass Intentions 2021

As Catholics, we believe the church is a living, breathing, visible reality. Besides its spiritual attributes, it can be identified and seen. Traditionally, the church has been understood in three parts: “the Church Militant,” “the Church Triumphant” and “the Church Suffering.”

• We who are alive today belong to the Church Militant —involved in living out our Catholic faith in Jesus Christ, and making and forming disciples by passing on the faith. Fundamentally, we “fight the good fight” of the Christian life.

• The Church Triumphant is the saints in heaven —all the people, whether formally canonized or not, who are with the Lord Jesus and who pray for us here on earth. Triumphantly, they cheer us on by their prayers and example.

• Finally, we have the Church Suffering. They are the souls of the dead, who are saved and being prepared for heaven in purgatory. They are greatly helped by our prayers.

As we can see, the church is bigger than just here and now. It transcends time and space. With this preamble, what is the purpose of Mass intentions for the dead? Mass intentions can be applied to living persons, but why pray for the dead? What is the spiritual purpose? Are these naming rights or ads — “this Mass brought to you by the late Mrs. Jane Smith who reminds you to be kind to puppies and kittens?” Certainly not!

As Catholics, we believe the Mass is the highest act of worship —the greatest form of prayer. Every Mass is a participation in the one, infinite sacrifice of Jesus Christ to save us from our sins. Each Mass also continues the Last Supper where Jesus feeds us with his Body and Blood.

Fundamentally, at Mass we worship God and offer our prayers along with the priest to God the Father, through the saving action of Jesus Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit.

We know the practice of Masses for souls of the dead dates to the early church.

Those who have died are being purified in purgatory and on their way to heaven, our prayers can be enormously helpful. Praying for the dead is a great act of mercy. We pray that their time of purification might be quick and complete and that, through God’s grace, they might enjoy the glories of heaven. What better way to pray for those who have died than to apply the most powerful prayer of the Mass?

Hence, we see the origin and rationale of Mass intentions for the dead. Incidentally, references to this practice can be found in the 12th chapter of the Second Book of Maccabees as well as various places in the New Testament. Praying for the dead and the reality of purgatory remains a dogmatic teaching of our Catholic faith.

Remember that what we do here on earth has spiritual ramifications. Praying for the dead, lighting a candle which symbolizes this prayer and offering a Mass for these souls is a beautiful and powerful way to live our faith. We are all united in this one church —militant, triumphant and suffering. And we care for each other by our prayers.

As of December 8th, the following Masses for 2021 are still available.

You can reserve your Masses by stopping by the office 9:00a.m.


4:00p.m. Monday thru Friday

March: 14


8:00a.m., 21


8:00a.m., 29



May: 2


8:00a.m., 3


8:45a.m., 12


8:45a.m, 13


12:05p.m. &7:00p.m., 17


8:45a.m., 23





8:45a.m., 27


8:45a.m., 28


8:45a.m., 29



June: 2


8:45a.m., 11


8:45a.m., 15


845:a.m. 16


8:45a.m., 17


8:45a.m., 20


8:00a.m., 22





8:45a.m., 29


8:45a.m., 30



July: 5


8:45a.m., 8


8:45a.m., 9


8:45a.m., 11


8:00a.m. & 11:00a.m., 19


8:45a.m., 20





8:45a.m., 22




8:45a.m., 24


4:00p.m., 26


8:45a.m., 28


8:45a.m., 29



August: 1


8:45a.m., 2


8:45a.m., 3


8:45a.m., 4


8:45a.m., 5


8:45a.m., 6


8:45a.m., 15


8:45a.m., 16








8:45a.m., 19


8:45a.m., 20


8:45a.m., 22


8:45a.m., 23








8:45a.m., 26


8:45a.m., 27


8:45a.m., 29


8:00a.m. & 11:00a.m., 31



September: 1


8:45a.m., 2


8:45a.m., 3


8:45a.m., 10


8:45a.m., 16


8:45a.m., 17


8:45a.m., 20





8:45a.m., 28






October: 3


8:45a.m., 7


8:45a.m., 20


8:45a.m., 26


8:45a.m., 27


8:45a.m., 29





November: 4


8:45a.m., 11


8:45a.m., 12


8:45a.m., 14


8:00a.m., 25


8:45a.m., 26



December: 7


8:45a.m. & 4:00p.m., 8


8:45a.m. & 7:00p.m., 9


8:45a.m., 10


8:45a.m., 11





8:00a.m., 13


8:45a.m., 15


8:45a.m., 16


8:45a.m., 19


8:00a.m., 29





8:45a.m., 31




Lent Gospel Reflections

Journey with us through this special time of faith. Join us this Lent on Sunday evenings at 6 PM

on the Bosco Facebook Page!

We will pray & reflect on the Sunday Gospel. Our 40 day Lenten journey of prayer and fasting is a time for us to hear the call to conversion, to repent of our sins, to believe in the Good News and to follow Christ. In these prayerful 15 minutes, let us pray asking God to grant us a holy Lent. Mark your calendars, you don't want to miss this!

Celebrate Mardi Gras or “Fat Tuesday” with us virtually on Tuesday 2/16 at 10am.

Get comfortable in front of your computer, grab your cup of Joe & Donuts and join us for a ZOOM Social Gathering! If you want to keep up with tradition, wear one of the popular colors of Mardi Gras: purple, green and gold. After beginning with prayer, we will share some fun Mardi Gras Trivia. Come together as a Bosco Parish Family for great conversation to celebrate together the end of Ordinary Time and the preparing for our Lenten Season.

ZOOM ID 959 7616 5988.

Passcode 938064.

Rosary with Lent Meditations

During Lent we pray the Sorrowful Mysteries. It is a time for us to dwell on Jesus’ suffering and His death. It is a time to look at our lives and examine our lives in relation to Jesus’ cross. ZOOM with us on Monday evenings during Lent to pray the Rosary meditating on the Sorrowful Mysteries. We will meet via ZOOM on 2/22, 3/1, 3/8, 3/15, 3/22 and 3/29 at 6:30pm.

ZOOM Meeting ID: 999 1725 2041;

Passcode: 121288.

We invite families to join us as we grow in holiness this Lent by incorporating the Rosary into our daily practices and Lenten observances.

The Seven Sundays Devotion

is a long-standing tradition of the Church in preparation for the feast of St. Joseph on 3/19. The devotion honors the 7 sorrows & 7 joys that St. Joseph experienced as husband of the Mother of God, faithful guardian of Christ & head of the holy family. The devotion is a prayerful opportunity

to “help us find out what God is telling us through the simple life of Mary’s husband” ~(St. Josemaria Escriva; Christ is Passing By, no. 39).

Third Sunday: 2/14/2021

His sorrow when he saw Jesus’ blood shed in circumcision; his joy in giving him the name Jesus.

Feed Your Soul

with Prayer this Lent!

Nothing will transform your life so completely, absolutely, and forever like really learning how to pray. That’s why this year’s BEST LENT EVER journeys through Matthew Kelly’s latest book, I Heard God Laugh: A Practical Guide to Life’s Essential Daily Habit. Beginning on Ash Wednesday and continuing through all forty days of Lent, you will receive a daily email with a short video to help you reconnect with yourself and your God.

If you choose to throw yourself into this experience, we promise you that you will be surprised by what God can do in your life with just an email, a short video and an open heart.

So this year, don’t just sign up for BEST LENT EVER, have your best lent ever!

Make a Lenten Retreat with St. Therese of Lisieux!

“The Science of Weakness: A Lenten Journey with St. Therese of Lisieux” is a 3-day retreat with Susan Brinkmann, OCDS, that

will reveal just how wounded and weak was the Little Flower of Lisieux, and how God taught her to turn those weaknesses into the strength she needed to become the "greatest saint of modern time” and to leave a legacy of hope for millions of "little souls.” Scheduled for March

12-14 on the beautiful grounds of St. Mary of

Providence Center in Elverson, PA, single and

double occupancy rooms are available.

Visit calendar/special

-events/ for more information and to register.

COVID precautions will be taken!

Join our faith community and more than 14,000 Catholic communities across the US in a

life-changing Lenten journey with CRS Rice Bowl.

Pick up your family’s CRS Rice Bowl. You can

find the baskets with the Rice Bowl Boxes on the tables in the Church Vestibules. During

the 40 days of Lent, we will reflect on the challenge of global hunger and how it affects our human family.

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures & that’s true also of Catholics

who wish to keep up with their Lenten practices & devotions in a time of

pandemic & social distancing. Praying the

Stations of the Cross at home

provides us with many graces &

opportunities to grow in our love of God. This beautiful devotion is a source of great comfort, for it not only reminds us

of all that our Lord has done for us, it also reminds us that, even in the trials of life, our Lord is with us, He loves us & joy

awaits us. Lent always ends with Easter.

Join SJB for Stations of the Cross on ZOOM on

(Wednesdays) 2/24, 3/10 & 3/24 at 6:30 pm.

ZOOM ID: 981 3482 2747,

Passcode: 543097.

Even if we cannot gather together physically this Lent, we can still be united in spirit.

To access the Meditation prayers we

ll be using, go to


-2021.pdf or



is a fun game where you have to choose

be-tween two difficult scenarios. Each Monday we


on the Saint John Bosco Facebook Page.

Don’t be surprised if you find some of the questions impossi-ble to answer. Hope you enjoy making the choice be-tween two light hearted situations. Are you ready to say

which you would rather!?!? Good luck and have fun!

Looking for a fun & enriching experience for the kids? Join us on Facebook for

Every Tuesday afternoon, we will pick out an awesome book to read to you. Story time can be a fun way for our young

Catho-lics to grow in the faith. All kids (and parents) are invited.

Family Connection:

Today’s Gospel invites us to think about the choices we make as individuals & as a family. Jesus was faced with a choice in today’s

Gos-pel. By choosing to heal the man with lepro-sy, Jesus showed God’s compassion for the sick & the outcast. The man knew that Jesus

had a choice & that Jesus could reject his request. He may have expected that Jesus

would not help him. The social taboos re-garding leprosy certainly gave him little on which to base his hope. In the person of the man with leprosy, we see an image of all those in need. The sick & the outcast of our world are watching us, to see if we as Christians will choose to extend ourselves to others in need of healing and compassion. Gather with your family & talk about some of the choices you have made as a family. (where to go on vacation, what activities to do together, how to spend our evenings, & so on) How does your family go about making these decisions? What do your choices communicate to

oth-ers about your family’s values? In today’s Gospel, Jesus was faced with a choice. Read today’s Gospel. In choosing to heal

the man with leprosy, Jesus chose to show God’s compassion

& mercy. All our choices reflect our faith & others are watch-ing. Conclude in prayer together, asking God to help your

fam-ily show compassion to others in your famfam-ily decisions. Pray together today’s Psalm, Psalm 32.


On the day before Ash Wednesday, Catholics get one last shot at celebrating before beginning 40 days of prayer, fasting and almsgiving.

Celebrating Mardi Gras is a fun way to have a final big hoopla before Lent begins. We want to help our students understand the full scope of Mardi Gras—from its rich history to colorful global celebrations—with some fun activities!SO ….

Please join us for our Mardi Gras Celebration

on Tuesday 2/16/21 at 5:30PM on ZOOM.

Pre Registration is necessary by calling the PREP Office. Once we know you can join us, we will send you the ZOOM ID and Passcode. This event counts as an activity for our Summer PREP and Home Based Catechesis

Students. Let us all come together as a Saint John Bosco Community to

celebrate together the end of Ordinary time & the preparing for our Lenten Season! As always should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. God Bless.

The story of


martyrdom is the earliest recorded account of a Christian martyr. Polycarp was a disciple of St. John the apostle. While still quite young, he became the bishop of Smyrna & was one of the most respected leaders in the first half of the second century. St. Ignatius of Antioch & St. Irenaeus spoke highly of him & people loved him very much. Polycarp was a Christian leader in a pagan world. He spoke clearly & simp-ly, fearless in love & defense of Christ, even though persecutions raged around

him. He sought only to hand on the message he had been given by John. Even as Polycarp prepared for martyrdom, his joy & confident trust were evident to all. Polycarp was seized for being a Christian. Persecution & death would not tear him away from Jesus now. Polycarp was led into the stadium of Smyrna. The crowd demanded that he be left to the lions, but instead he was sentenced to death by fire. An eyewitness ac-count claims that the flames didn’t harm him. He was finally killed by the sword & his body was burned. The community of believers celebrated the anniversary of Polycarp’s death with great joy, for in him they had seen an outstanding example of love & patience. He had held strong & had won the treasure of eternal life. Polycarp is remembered as an Apostolic Father, one who was a disciple of the apostles. His feast day is 2/23.

Attention Families with kids!

We invite you to come together to pray the

Stations of the Cross for Children


As a family sit together, create a sacred space and walk the Way of the Cross with Jesus. (This event counts as an activity for our Summer PREP and Home

Based Catechesis Students).

We will gather on 3/1 at 6PM on ZOOM. Pre-registration is necessary by calling the PREP office 267-803-0774. The ZOOM ID and Passcode will be emailed after we receive your registration.

Praying the Stations of the Cross is a beautiful Lenten Tradition. Hoping you can join us.

We've got the scoop where you can see puppets in action! Puppet shows are great fun for

audiences of all ages!

Titus and Tobit invite you to a Bosco & Company


every Friday afternoon on the Bosco Facebook Page! Even if

your kids can't sit still for more than 5 minutes, chances are they'll make it through a puppet show. It's the perfect first-time theater experience: The characters are captivating, the shows bring bible stories to life & if your kids make silly faces at the screen, the puppets won't get offended. The show is sure to be a unique experience!

Hope you can join us.

Ready for some FAMILY FUN!?? Join us for BINGO NIGHT on ZOOM.

Celebrate the Feast of Saint Joseph

& join us on 3/19 at 6PM. To register for this event, fill out the form below & drop in the collection basket or in the PREP office by 3/13. The event is free, but registration is required in order for you to receive your Bingo card & ZOOM invitation. When you register, we will send you a table top Saint Joseph Standee!

Color it and put it together! Display your Standee at our Bingo Night on ZOOM! TEN games will be played & amazing prizes will be awarded! Hope you can join us!

YES, we will attend BINGO NIGHT on ZOOM on 3/19!

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