Nitobe College Foundation Program For Graduate Students

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Information Session for Prospective Students

Nitobe College

Foundation Program


Application Procedure

Nitobe College Section, Nitobe College Office

Window No. 6, 1F, Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education Tel: 011-706-5596

Nitobe College

Foundation Program


Schedule for Fall Enrollment

Schedules Dates Remarks

Application period for enrollment (Placement Test)

From Wednesday, September 16 to Wednesday,October 7 at

17:00 Apply via online application form

Information Session

for Prospective Students

In Japanese Monday, September 28 from 17:00 to 18:00

Changed】 Implemented online

(Live and on demand)

*Students can download handouts on Nitobe College website. Otherwise they can also collect handouts at Counter No.6, Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education after Monday, September 28.

In English Thursday, October 1 from 17:00 to 18:00

Placement Test (TOEIC-IP) Saturday, October 17

from 9:30 to 12:40 (Sapporo Campus) 3F, Building E, Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education

Announcement of results Wednesday, October 28 at noon To be notified via email

New student orientation, first

class of Foundation I Saturday, November 7

Changed】 Implemented online

(Real-time class)


Schedule for Fall Enrollment

1. Eligibility

Students who are enrolled in Hokkaido University’s

(1) Master’s or (2) Professional Degree Programs.

2. Enrollment: about 60 students

3. Application Period

Wed., September 16 to Wed., October 7, 2020

at 5 p.m.

(Japan Standard Time)


Application Procedure

Access the QR code/URL,

fill in the application form

and submit a completed form.




[Reference] Website> Enrollment Procedure: Foundation Program for Graduate Students, Fall AY 2020


Requirement for Enrollment


1) Submitting Statement of Purpose

(2) Taking Placement Test (TOEIC-IP)

See Handbook> P.6

Enrollment and Completion of Foundation Program


Requirement for Enrollment (1)

(1) Statement of Purpose

Describe the reasons for your application for this

program in relation to:

(1) your intellectual interests

(2) knowledge and skills that you aspire to attain

or develop at the program

(3) your future vision

In 400 words or less.

Note: Complete and submit the form with a good understanding of the program’s principle and educational goals.


(2-1) Placement Test (TOEIC-IP)

Exam date: Saturday, October 17, 2020

9:30: Check-in

10:00-12:40: Test

*No late arrival Policy

Place: (Sapporo Campus) 3rd Floor, Building E, Institute for the

Advancement of Higher Education

Things to bring: mask, wristwatch, pencils, eraser and student ID card*

*Be sure to present at reception to receive an exam admission card.


(2-2) Placement Test (TOEIC-IP)

<Applicable Alternative to Taking the Test>

Alternative may apply if applicants submit one of the following designated score reports fulfilling conditions ① and ②.

Score Report designated by the program:


Conditions: ①Must be from a test taken within the last two years before the date of October 17, 2020.

②Must be an electronic copy of TOEIC-IP Score

Report and equals includes your name and score.

※Electronic copy of online display would NOT be accepted.



①Submit the report as a form attachment.

(Prepare an electronic file (PDF etc.) of the score report before completing the form in order to

submit the report as a form attachment.)

②Those who are unable to attach their score

report must submit the score report in person at window No.6, Institute for the Advancement of

Higher Education.


(2-3) Placement Test(TOEIC-IP)

<Applicable Exemption>

Exemption may apply if applicants are true for either of the following:

Conditions: ① Official language of their country of nationality is English

② Nitobe College alumni who were awarded title of

Cum Laude or higher

Remarks: ① Make sure to respond to an e-mail from Nitobe College in time of confirmation or non-adaptation of exemption.

② Applicants must choose the other option if exemption

would NOT apply.


☑ Taking Placement Test (TOEIC-IP) *Required

Submission Procedure of Placement Test (TOEIC-IP Score) Choosing in the Application Form

Check out 1: Website > “Enrollment Procedure” Check out 2: Instruction in the Application Form

Make your choice in the Application Form

Make application in the Application Form

Date: Sat, Oct. 17, from 9:30 Required to take the test

on the day.

☑Submitting Score Report as substitute. *Alternative

Type:TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS Taken within the last two (2) years Prepare the report in an electronic file

Attach the score report to the Application Form

☑Other *Exemption

-Official Language is English

-Cum Lude or higher

If NOT applicable… Choose

either way:


Enrollment Requirements and Selection

Nitobe College sets the score 700 of TOEIC-IP as a reference score which enables active engagement in course work in English.

(1) Pass the enrollment screening after assessment of statement of purpose. (2) Take Placement Test (TOEIC-IP)and

score 700 or higher


- TOEFL-iBT 76, TOEFL-ITP 540 - IELTS 5.0

Reference scores


Announcement of Results

Notify on

Wed, October 28,

at noon by E-mail

 Successful Applicants will then be informed of further details about the program.  Applicants are advised to make registration at the graduate school with good

consideration of total credits and cancellation of registration, since the announcement will be after registration period of each graduate school.

 Contact: Nitobe College Section

Window No. 6, 1F, Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education


New Student Orientation and First Class






To Do:

New student orientation

First class

Implemented online

(Real-time class)


Course Registration (1)

1. Since Nitobe College Section will collectively register

for the course, students shall NOT register for the course on their own.

2. Inter-Graduate School Classes: FoundationⅠ&Ⅱ Students shall apply by choosing the subjects that they want to register for in an application form.

Student Handbook> P.11> 3-4. Course Registration


Course Registration (2)

<Other Course Subjects>

※NOT included in the requirements for completion of the Foundation Program.

3. Inter-Faculty Classes: Practical English(Advanced)

*Implemented online (Real-time class)

Please email Nitobe College Section at the following contact address. Nitobe College will then send

application guideline and application form.

・ Contact:

・ Application Period: Friday, September 18 to Thursday, September 24 ・ First class: 4 period, Thursday, October 1

Student Handbook> P.16 > 5-3. Other Course Subjects


Course Registration (3)

1. Foundation I and II will be offered in the 5th to 6th

period on Thursdays in each term.

Student Handbook> P.15> 5-1. Foundation Program

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday



Thursday Class

Fall Term: Foundation I Winter Term: Foundation II

1st Class: November 7 (Sat)

2nd Class: November 12 (Thu)

(Implemented online, Real-time class)

Prof. Mazur, Wang, Shigetomi, Shimada




We are looking forward to

your participation in Nitobe College Program.




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