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and numeracy with the support of their teach-ers! As always, the iPads have been used in a variety of different ways and a cyber-safety unit is running this term for our Year 3 and 4 students.

In terms of excursions and incursions, as always there has been a lot happening! The Junior School was lucky enough to have a puppet show, and the Year 7 and 8’s got to spent time in the city on a scavenger hunt activity which took them to a number of different and interesting spots around the CBD. Year 8 students involved in the High Resolves Program participated in a module centred on ‘Justice’. It exposed the students to the notion of justice as fairness, the differences between charity and justice, and the extent of poverty on our planet. The module was designed to give the students skills so that they can work to make the world a fairer place. Senior students are continuing to participate in our Beacon Foundation programs with much enthusiasm.

Congratulations also to Tahnysha Siania Salonoa of Year 9 who made it into the Australian Under 15’s Netball team.

Finally, we would like to thank the parents and guardians who took the time to complete and return the Parent Opinion Surveys. All returned surveys have been forwarded to an independent auditor. As mentioned in our first newsletter of Term 3, the tear off slips received by the due date were placed in a special draw to win one child’s costs for their 2015 Essential Education Items covered by the college. The lucky winner was Ms Kerryn Christie who will have her son Bailey’s Essential Education Items for 2015 covered. Thank you,

Fiona Vale

Sub-School Principal (Junior)

Term 3  Issue  2 

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are half way through Term 3 and who would have thought it? They do say that time flies when you are having fun, and that is certainly true for the Mount Ridley College community! The Principal Team continues to be impressed with the amazing work that it sees happening around the College. The Principals enjoy their weekly walk through the Neighbourhoods; talking to students about their learning and sharing in their successes is always a highlight of our week.

Speaking of highlights, our House Colours day was an enormous success. This day ran on Friday 8th August, and the College was a hive of activity. Students were encouraged to dress in the colour that represents their house teams of either, Highbury (white), Aitken (black), Hampton (yellow) or Cleveland (blue) and their gold coin donation went towards State Schools Relief which is a charity that assists families with basic school needs. The generosity and team spirt of the day was extremely evident as students participated in a range of activities such as teacher vs students sporting matches, races, face painting, and a sausage sizzle lunch to name a few. All of which contributed to winning points for their team!


In terms of curriculum, our VCE students are focused on their Unit Two studies with commitment and strength. We are getting to the pointy end of the year with the prospect of Year 12 getting closer and closer! In the Middle School, students have continued working on their inquiry topic of ‘Urbanisation’ (Year 7 & 8) and ‘Famous Australians’ (Years 5/6) with their through line of ‘Past, Present and Future!’. In the Junior School, students have been focussing on meeting their learning goals in literacy

Sub-School Principal’s Report

College Principal: Mr Lino Pagano

Sub-School Principals:

Junior School: Ms Fiona Vale Middle School: Mrs Linda Blakis Senior School: Mr Con Stamatelatos


Numerous opportunities in a variety of subject areas are being made available to our

students. There is something to capture the interest of most students. The following are

details of some of the upcoming competitions being supported by the College:

Are you in Year 5, 6, 7 or 8?

Are you full of exciting scientific ideas? Do you like to enter competitions? If you

answered YES to any of these questions, listen up! Origin Energy is running a

competition called The Little Big Idea. If you are keen on Science, come and see

Miss Andrejic in the Midland building for more information. Entry closes

September 5

. Posters with more information are placed around the College.

Are you in Year 5 or 6?

Are you interested in writing about Indian culture? Do you have an interest

in learning about Diwali? If you answered YES to these questions, you

should enter the Celebrate India Writing Competition! Please come and see

Miss Andrejic in the Midland building for more details. Entries are due on

August 30

. Posters with more information will be placed around the school.

Attention! Attention! This is a call for students in Years 7 to 11!

Are you keen on writing? Do you enjoy producing short stories? If this

is you, you should consider entering the AATE’s Short Story Writing


To enter the competition, all you need to do is write a 50 word short

story around the “Golden Theme”. For more details, please see Miss

Andrejic in the Midland building. Posters will be put up around the

school. Competition closes

19 September


Write4Fun have created yet another writing competition!

If you are interested in writing stories or poetry, you should consider entering! There is no

specific theme! Let your imagination run wild and get your creative juices flowing! Cash, X

-Box 360, iPod Touch and Playstation are up for grabs. Please see Miss Andrejic in the

Midland building for details. Look for posters around the school. Entries to be handed in


28 August.

Create your future


Create your future


If you have a child starting in Prep next year

and you have not yet completed and returned

an Enrolment form, please contact the Main

Administration Office to collect an enrolment

form as soon as possible.


Personal property is often brought to school by students. This can include mobile phones, electronic devices, calculators, toys, musical instruments and sporting equipment.

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development does not hold insurance for personal property brought to schools and it has no capacity to pay for any loss or damage to such property. Please advise your child to take care when bringing personal property to school. Mobile phones should be submitted to the relevant Sub-School Office for safekeeping if brought to the College.


Prescribed medication must be handed to the Main Administration Office (and Junior Sub-School Office for Prep to Year 4 students) with clear instructions, including date medication is being administered, name of medication and dosage required. Forms are available at the Main Administration Office or can be downloaded from the College website (and must be completed by a

parent/guardian.) Please note we are unable to administer over the counter medications.


As part of the College’s security and occupational safety program, all visitors to

the College are required to sign in and out. Each visitor will be issued with a

Visitor’s Pass to be returned on departure. If you need to visit the College during

school hours it is a requirement that you speak with the Main Administration

Office staff to gain permission for entry.


Create your future



Father’s Day is fast approaching. Parents and Friends will

be running a stall for your child/ren to find the perfect gift.

Stalls will be held on Wednesday 3rd September for the

Junior School. Middle and Senior School stalls will be on

Thursday 4th and Friday 5th September. Students have a

chance to purchase items between $1 and $5. More

information to come.


Entertainment books are now available for purchase at the

College. Books are $65.00 each and can be purchased as

either a hard copy or as a down loadable app. For further

information, please contact Ms Yendall in the Junior

Sub-School Office.

NEXT MEETING: 28th August



Maintaining your child’s immunisation status is supported through an immunisation program run through local councils. This begins with initial immunisations, often done through Infant and Maternal Health Centres. As your child gets older, they may require additional immunisations.

In Semester One, 2014 the Hume City Council visited Mount Ridley College to administer the following: Year 7 boys and girls chickenpox booster

Year 7 boys and girls Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Year 9 boys only Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Year 10 boys and girls Tetanus

If you child was absent or if the consent forms were not returned they may have missed out on the above immunisations.

The Hume City Council holds sessions for school aged students to receive vaccinations missed at school. If your child is immunised outside of the College program, please contact the Main Administration office to update your child’s information.














25th August Year 7/8 Cameron Smith Rugby State Final

25th August Year 8 Boys Netball State final

25th August Year 10 Practical Science Quantum Victoria Excursion

26th August Years 3/4 Swimming Program

26th August Year 10 Discovery Day

27th August Years 3/4 A,B,E,F & K Immigration Museum Excursion

27th August MRC Winter Concert 5:30pm—7:30pm

28th August Year 10 Active Body Physical Education Program

28th August Preps Fathers Day Celebration

28th August MRC IN ACTION 9.15am-10.45am

29th August Payment of $12.00 due for Years 5/6 Hoop time

29th August Payment of $12.00 due for Year 8 Interschool Basketball

1st September Years 5/6 Hoop Time

2nd September Years 3/4 Swimming Program 2nd September Fathers Day Stall Junior School 3rd September Year 8 Interschool Basketball

4th September Fathers Day Stall Middle & Senior Schools 4th September KERVE Don Bosco Excursion

4th September Melbourne City Experience & The Great Race 9G,9H & 9I 5th September Years 3/4C,D,I,J & K Immigration Museum Excursion 12thSeptember Pupil Free Day—Staff Professional Learning Day