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1. That Council direct Administration to defer work associated with Project Charter ENGS-062, Perron Street Angle Parking Strategy Implementation until 2017. 2. That funding of $730,000, from recognized project cost savings within the 2016

Local and Collector Asphalt Overlay Program (Project: 416403) (Project

Charter: ENGS-003), to be used for construction of St. Anne Street Pedestrian Improvements, from St. Thomas Street to Perron Street (a portion of scope of work from Project Charter DARP-011) to be completed within the 2016

construction season, be approved.

3. That Administration performs necessary updates to Project Charters related to Downtown improvements for Council’s consideration during the 2017 budget process.

Purpose of Report

This report is to present to Council background information related to current and planned construction activity in the downtown area and a recommendation to take actions to minimize traffic disruption, eliminate lost costs associated with

construction activity from various separate projects, and maximize efficiency of these projects that result in early completion of improved downtown operations.

Council Direction


That Administration modify the parking configuration on Perron Street to revert back to parallel parking and with the addition of defined parallel parking lines between parking spaces.


Background and Discussion

The following table identifies current planned and active construction projects within the downtown core of St. Albert:

Project Charter Description Planned

Schedule St. Anne Street Realignment ENGS- This is the construction of the

St. Anne Promenade and roundabout.

In progress, 2015 / 2016 50+ Club Building CMO-002 Complete the design and

construction of the renovation and expansion of the existing building.

In progress, 2015 / 2016

ATCO Gas Line replacement N/A Line replacement and upgrades to service

downtown development and existing development


Completion in May

Traffic Signal Improvements ENGS-008 Infrastructure replacement and upgrades to enhance operation at various downtown intersections.

In progress, 2016

Airplane Relocation COUN-002 Relocation of the airplane that was damaged and has been taken down and stored in a temporary location.


Perron Street Angle Parking ENGS-062 Removal of existing angle parking and placement of parallel parking, with single lane traffic and pedestrian crossing improvements


Millennium Park (Phase 2) DARP-005 To design and construct Millennium Park, as an active downtown public space.

2016 / 2018

Perron Street Storm Pipeline Improvements


Design and construction of Perron Street Storm main upgrades.

2017 / 2018

Perron Street Sedimentation Control


Design and construction of Perron Street Oil Grit Interceptor (OGI).

2017 / 2018

Founder’s Walk


Extension of the Founders Walk Trail from the Grain Elevator Historical Site along the Sturgeon River to the Perron Street Bridge


Art Gallery Building Improvements CULTR-002

Interior and exterior improvements to the Art Gallery building

2017 / 2018

Perron Street Pedestrian Improvements

DARP-006 Construction of pedestrian orientated streetscape improvements

2018 / 2019

Tache Green Corridor DARP-015 To design and reconfigure Tache Street to enhance it as a key pedestrian downtown



St. Thomas Street Revitalization DARP-014 Removal of the median on St Thomas St and

reconfiguration of the roadway

2023 / 2024

St. Anne Street Pedestrian Improvements

DARP-011 Construction of pedestrian orientated streetscape improvements

2025 / 2026

Civic Square DARP-003 To create and develop the Civic Square as a vibrant, active downtown public place.

2020 / 2021

As Council is aware, the construction activity associated with the St. Anne Street Realignment is currently underway and is scheduled for completion at the end of the construction season in 2016. This work has impacted St. Anne Street with single lane closures, as work has focused on the construction of the St. Anne Promenade (from St. Anne Street to Tache Street) and sidewalk construction on the east / west sides of St Anne Street from Sir Winston Churchill Avenue to just south of St. Thomas Street. In the upcoming months, following the completion of the special events of Rainmaker Rodeo and Children’s Festival (early June 2016), a full road closure of St. Anne Street from St. Thomas Street to the Grandin

Medical Clinic access will occur to complete the construction of the roundabout. As identified within the above table, there are additional construction projects occurring in the downtown; some involving work within the road right of way of St. Anne Street, and some occurring on the alternative downtown route of Perron Street. This creates two opportunities in project scheduling and management of construction within the downtown:

1) Conflict prevention of construction on the two roadway options for downtown visitors and road users.

2) Enhanced scheduling of construction activity within a closed roadway (St. Anne Street) during a full road closure.

With a closure occurring on St. Anne Street in 2016 associated with the

construction of the St. Anne Realignment, there is opportunity to expand upon this road closure and extend it further north / east to consist of the construction

boundaries from the St. Albert Place north parking lot access (access to St. Anne Street) to the intended limit of the Grandin Medical Clinic access (access to St. Anne Street). By extending this closure the following additional work / projects could be performed:

1) St. Anne Street Pedestrian Improvements – work associated with road surface work (sidewalk widening, pedestrian curb extensions, parallel parking stall creation, reconstruction of the front pedestrian crossing, St. Anne Street at St. Thomas Street intersection improvement)

2) Perron Street Storm Pipeline Improvements – work associated with the outfall construction and crossing St. Anne Street


3) Perron Street Storm OGI Improvements – work associated with specific OGI construction and alignment to the Perron Street Storm Pipeline

The results of bringing forward this work (St. Anne Street Pedestrian

Improvements would be brought forward and are out of the DARP-011 tentatively scheduled for 2025 / 2026 and the specific line work and outfall work within the Perron Street Storm Pipeline Improvements scheduled for 2017) will:

• Align construction activity occurring on St. Anne Street, to minimize traffic disruption in the downtown area. This is applicable to not having

construction activity and resulting disruption occur on both St. Anne Street and Perron Street from 2016, 2017 and 2018 and also complete extensive construction activity while a necessary road closure is occurring for existing road work.

• Minimize the most significant impacts of construction on St. Anne Street to a single year (2016) to finalize work and open St. Anne Street to special event use in 2017 and future years.

• Create new on-street parking stalls on St. Anne Street, increasing downtown parking availability by 37 parking stalls.

• Improve pedestrian safety by completing work of reconstructing the

pedestrian crossing in front of St. Albert Place, this also improves traffic flow and efficiency of traffic movement in the area.

• Take advantage of acknowledged cost savings in 2016 construction pricing to complete a majority of the work within the construction year that will complete priority downtown projects that result in improved operations and downtown convenience (improved pedestrian movement and parking availability)

With the recommendation of extending the construction road closure and

completing additional projects within 2016 on the St. Anne Street roadway, there is also a recommendation to defer current planned work tentatively scheduled for 2016 on Perron Street. By deferring Perron Street work, largely involving the removal of angle parking to revert to parallel parking and construct pedestrian crossing improvements the following benefits are found:

• There are no projected lost costs associated with the construction of

pedestrian curb extensions and the 2017 construction work associated with the Perron Street Storm Pipeline Improvements:

o The storm work occurring will require tie-ins to the catch basins which will need to be reconstructed with the construction of curb

extensions. This will result in demolition of curb extensions and excavation of the area to perform catch basin and line work.

o If Perron Street curb extension work is completed, the estimated value of lost costs is $130,000 to $150,000.

• If the Perron Street work is completed in 2017 and not within 2016, there will not be construction activity and resulting disruption to both Perron Street and St. Anne Street.


o Work on St. Anne Street will be completed in 2016 (with the

exception of a small paving repair requiring approximately 1 week) / Perron Street open during this time frame.

o Work on Perron Street will be completed in 2017 / St. Anne Street open during this time frame.

• Public parking stalls will not be lost in the downtown area.

o With the construction completed on St. Anne Street, the 36 newly constructed parking stalls offset the loss of 37 stalls on Perron Street (from the reversion of angle parking to parallel). This improves public use and perception of construction activity as well as minimizes loss.

o Parking would be lost if the Perron Street work occurs first, and it will also impact further visitors in the 2016 construction season, as parking stalls would be lost due to construction activity occurring on Perron Street.

• By deferring work on Perron Street, work associated with conceptual and construction design could be completed in 2016 (with the approved project funds of Project 416419; valued at $160,000). This would allow for a higher potential of final construction activity to align with the long term visions of Perron Street where sidewalk widening could be scheduled with curb extension work (further minimizing any potential of lost construction costs).

• Traffic signal improvements scheduled for 2016 may assist in improved traffic flow and efficiency on Perron Street while construction occurs on St. Anne Street; signal improvements will also then improve traffic flow and efficiency on St. Anne Street during construction activity Perron Street.

• Special events in the downtown area in 2016 will not be impacted by construction occurring on both Perron Street and St. Anne Street.

• By deferring this work and aligning it with further construction activity such as Perron Street paving, the final result of adjusted parking design will be improved, as the roadway will be new and clearly marked versus old asphalt and “removed and filled” parking stall lines that diminish the end product of the final roadway.

The negative impacts of these recommendations and scheduling actions are: 1) Perron Street parking is maintained as it currently exists and the ultimate

design change of Perron Street to parallel parking would not occur until 2017, following the completion of storm utility line work, repaving activity and curb construction activity.

2) Additional funding is being requested for use immediately in 2016. The estimated value of work to complete the St. Anne Street Pedestrian Improvements is $730,000.

a. This value funded in 2016 would reduce the funding request of Project Charter DARP-011, as roadwork associated with the charter would be completed. The actual value of reduction is approximately $1.1 million, as some work has been identified for use of alternative funding sources (from existing approved 2016 budgets).


a. As noted, there will be an upcoming closure of St. Anne Street; however the tentative length of closure would be less then what is being recommended.

b. Access will be maintained to the St. Albert Place parking lot, the back courthouse parking lot (with short term disruption due to construction occurring at the St. Anne Street and St. Thomas Street intersection). Additional considerations:

1) Underground utility work (related to aging water and waste water) may be aligned to be completed prior to surface work being completed on Perron Street.

a. This requires condition assessments, evaluation and identification of necessary maintenance actions; which if completed following any improvements to Perron Street could create lost costs and further disruption of Perron Street operations.

b. Scheduling underground work prior to surface work, and following full opening of St Anne Street, would maximize road closure efficiencies, result in “0” lost costs and complete full necessary infrastructure improvements.

Stakeholder Communications or Engagement

• Currently no public communications have been held with regards to these recommendations.

• Stakeholder communication has occurred with representatives from:

o Arden Theatre

o Library

o Farmer’s Market

• Upon finalization of construction plans, notification will be provided to downtown businesses and residents, acknowledging:

o Closures

o Time frames

o Conceptual designs

Implications of Recommendation(s)

a) Financial:

• By combining construction activity of various projects and performing a single road closure of St. Anne Street, cost savings are incurred in reduced traffic accommodation required for multiple projects.

• By deferring construction activity on Perron Street, there is the elimination of lost costs of construction (estimated at $130,000 - $150,000).

b) Legal / Risk:

• Multiple construction projects aligned and in vicinity of one another will require clear definition and identification of “prime contractor” – related to


specific activity and work areas; defining responsibility and accountability to construction actions.

c) Program or Service:

• Reduced traffic disruption to the downtown core due to construction activity occurring on the two key roadways (St. Anne Street and Perron Street). d) Organizational:

• Necessary project management associated with the St. Anne Pedestrian Improvement project would require Administration staff time and will add workload to Transportation Department / Capital Project staff; however no direct decrease in level of service or reduced project delivery is expected.

Alternatives and Implications Considered

If Council does not wish to support the recommendation, the following alternatives could be considered:

a) Council do nothing in regards to adjusting current 2016 tentative

construction; do not perform work associated with the St. Anne Pedestrian Improvements and direct Administration to perform the short term

construction work associated with Project Charter ENGS-062 Perron Street Angle Parking Strategy Implementation in 2016 (revert Perron Street

parking from angle to parallel) accepting reduced parking stalls and lost costs of construction activities performed in 2016.

b) Direct Administration to perform the following in 2016:

1. Complete short term construction work associated with Project Charter ENGS-062 Perron Street Angle Parking Strategy Implementation and revert Perron Street parking from angle to parallel in 2016, accepting reduced parking stalls and lost costs of construction activities performed in 2016, and;

2. Complete recommended construction activity of the St. Anne Street Pedestrian Improvements in 2016.

c) Direct Administration to:

1. Defer ENGS-062 Perron Street Angle Parking Strategy

Implementation work to 2017 with the exception of completing final conceptual and design drawings for construction consideration in 2017 of the Perron Street final concept associated with Project Charter DARP-006.

2. From completed design drawings, update Project Charter DARP-006, Perron Street Pedestrian Improvements and bring forward for

consideration during the 2017 budget process, to construct in 2017. 3. Complete recommended construction activity of the St. Anne Street


Strategic Connections

a) Council’s Strategic Outcomes and Priorities (See Policy C-CG-02)

• CULTIVATE EXCELLENCE IN GOVERNMENT: A responsive, accountable government that delivers value to the community.

• CULTIVATE SUSTAINABLE INFRASTRUCTURE AND SERVICES: A growing community that has balanced development and management of civic facilities, transportation networks and related services.

b) Long Term Plans (e.g. MDP, Social Master Plan, Cultural Master Plan, etc.)

• Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan (DARP)

• Transportation Master Plan

c) Corporate Objectives (See Corporate Business Plan)

• Deliver programs and services that meet or exceed our standards

• Exercise strong fiscal management

• Ensure our customers are very satisfied d) Council Policies


e) Other Plans or Initiatives (Business Plans, Implementation Strategies, etc.)



1. Downtown Construction Project Overview 2. Downtown Parking: Ultimate Parking Layout 3. St. Anne Street Conceptual Design

4. St. Anne Street Conceptual Design Cost Estimates Originating Department(s): Planning & Engineering


General Manager Approval:

Dean Schick, Manager of Transportation

Gilles Prefontaine, Chief Community Development Officer


Perron Street: Curb Extensions 2017/2018 Perron Street:

Removal Road Markings 2016

Perron Street: Street Scape Inprovements 2017 - 2018

Perron Street:

Storm Catchbasin Improvements 2017/2018

Perron Street:

Storm Pipeline Improvements 2017/2018

Perron Street:

Storm Pipeline Improvements 2017/2018

St. Albert Place Parking Portions required for construction 2017 Perron Street:

Storm Pipeline Improvements 2017/2018 Arden Threatre Sign 2016 Civic Centre 2020-2021 St. Anne Street: Curb Extensions 2025-2026 St. Anne Street: One Lane and Extra Parking 2025-2026

Perron Street: Storm OGI Improvements 2017/2018 Millenium Park 2016-2018 Founder's Walk 2017 St Anne Street Realignmnet 2016 Outfall Maintenance work 2016 Storm OGI Maintenance work 2016 50 Plus Club 2016

Tache Green Corridor 2019 - 2020 Relocation of Plane 2016 Signal Impovements 2016 Signal Impovements 2016

Gas Line Improvements Third Party 2016 Signal Impovements 2016 St. Thomas Street Revitalization 2023-2024 Art Gallery Building Improvement Interior and Exterior 2017/2018










Item # Description Unit Estimated Rate Estimated Quantity Estimated Cost

A1.1 Sawcutting of asphalt pavement m $ 15.00 520 $ 7,800.00

A1.2 Remove / dispose existing asphalt m2 $ 20.00 600 $ 12,000.00

A1.3 Remove / dispose existing concrete m2 $ 35.00 150 $ 5,250.00

A1.4 Remove / dispose existing curb and gutter m $ 30.00 460 $ 13,800.00

A1.5 Remove / salvage existing paving stone m2 $ 40.00 80 $ 3,200.00

A1.6 Asphalt milling (60mm depth) m2 $ 7.00 3450 $ 24,150.00

A1.7 Asphalt milling (100mm depth) m2 $ 12.00 550 $ 6,600.00

A1.8 Asphalt overlay (ACO) (60mm depth) m2 $ 26.00 3450 $ 89,700.00

A1.9 Asphalt overlay (ACB) (100mm depth) m2 $ 42.00 550 $ 23,100.00

A1.10 Granular base course (20mm) m3 $ 35.00 230 $ 8,050.00

A1.11 Concrete curb and gutter m $ 145.00 510 $ 73,950.00

A1.12 Concrete slab on median m2 $ 225.00 30 $ 6,750.00

A1.13 Decorative walkway m2 $ 250.00 200 $ 50,000.00

A1.14 Paving stone walkway m2 $ 175.00 80 $ 14,000.00

A1.15 Concrete pedestrian curb ramp each $ 1,600.00 7 $ 11,200.00

A1.16 Concrete standard lane apron each $ 6,500.00 1 $ 6,500.00

A1.17 Roadway signage and road markings Ls $ 35,000.00 1 $ 60,000.00

A1.18 Traffic signal removal / relocation Ls $ 40,000.00 1 $ 40,000.00

A2.1 Remove and dispose or modify catch basin each $ 2,000.00 6 $ 12,000.00

A2.2 Catch basin lead (300mm) m $ 300.00 60 $ 18,000.00

A2.3 Catch basin or manhole each $ 8,500.00 6 $ 51,000.00

A2.4 Concrete V-channel Drain c/w metal grate m $ 145.00 520 $ 75,400.00

A3.1 Boulevard landscape areas incl. trees (75mm cal) each $ 1,800.00 16 $ 28,800.00

A3.2 Planting bed incl planting materials (topsoil, mulch, shrub) m2 $ 175.00 240 $ 42,000.00

A3.3 Pedestrian bollards (surface mounted) each $ 2,500.00 6 $ 15,000.00

A3.4 Tree protection (c/w wooden posts, snow fence, t-bars) each $ 350.00 16 $ 5,600.00

A3.5 Site furniture (benches, waste bins, recycling bins) Ls $ 56,000.00 0 $

-A3.6 Amenity, seating area and features Ls $ 55,000.00 0 $

-703,850.00 $ 105,577.50 $ 809,427.50 $

B1.1 Mobilization and traffic accommodation (10% of costs) Ls $ 80,942.75 1 $ 80,942.75

B1.2 Engineering, Construction Management & Testing (15%) Ls $ 121,414.13 1 $ 121,414.13

B1.3 Shallow utility Impacts (assumes relocation) - major each $ 75,000.00 0 $

-B1.4 Shallow utility Impacts (assumes relocation) - minor each $ 15,000.00 2 $ 30,000.00

232,356.88 $ 1,041,784.38 $ 314,050.00 $


Value of estimated work within existing 2016 approved budgets

A: Construction Costs

1 - Roadway Surface Components

2 - Municipal Servicing Components

3 - Streetscape Components

Construction Sub-Total Contingency (15%)

B: Project Costs

Project Costs Sub-Total

Total Costs (Construction + Project Costs) Construction Costs Sub-Total


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