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Welcome to Time Warner Cable Mobile Internet

With Time Warner Cable Mobile Internet, you have a super-fast online connection that’s there for you on your terms. Our convenient Laptop Card keeps you connected wherever you take your laptop. Use this guide to get started with your new Laptop Card. Then keep it handy for help with the Connection Manager software, or troubleshooting any issues you may have.

This guide includes:


Quick Start Instructions

Before inserting your new device for the first time, follow the four quick steps below.

2. Launch the Connection Manager (This will occur automatically. If not, click the desktop icon.) 1. Install the Connection Manager

using the CD in this package.

4. Wait for a connection – this may take a few minutes.

3. Insert your Laptop Card once installation is complete.


Detailed Installation Instructions

1. Insert the Connection Manager Installation CD for either Windows® or Mac®, depending on your system, into your laptop’s CD or DVD drive.*

2. The Installation CD will automatically launch the Windows Setup Wizard or Mac Installer.

Mac Installer screens may vary slightly.

If the CD does not automatically launch the Setup Wizard:

Windows® Users Manually launch the CD from My Computer and click on the Setup File to begin the installation.

Mac® Users Manually launch the CD from the icon on the desktop or from the Finder menu to begin the installation. *If your laptop does not have a CD or a DVD drive, you can always download the


3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your installation.

Mac Installer screens may vary slightly.

4. After installation is complete, launch the Connection Manager using the desktop icon, or from the Finder menu on your Mac laptop. 5. Insert your Laptop Card and enjoy Time Warner Cable Mobile Internet

on the go!

Please Note: For Windows Vista® users, installation may exceed 20 minutes to complete.


Making the Connection

The Connection Manager makes it easy to manage all of your wireless Internet connections with a few clicks, and ensures you’re always connected over the fastest available network.


Key Features of the Connection Manager

• Easy-to-Use Display – The 3-button network interface displays all available networks and the status of each, so you can conveniently manage all your Internet connections:

4G: Super-fast 4G network 3G: Nationwide 3G network

WiFi: Local hotspot or preferred WiFi network

• AutoConnect Mode – This defines what you connect to automatically and sets the Connection Manager to auto connect instead of manually connect. • Simple Network Management – Lets you define/set which network, 4G or

3G, the Connection Manager will always connect to first.

• Simple WiFi Management – Automatically connects you to your preferred WiFi networks.

• VPN Access – Works seamlessly with your VPN application.

• Convenient Search Mode – Go to Settings>Help to search for answers to your Connection Manager questions without leaving the application. • Usage Tools – Displays billable usage, rate plan and allowance details within


Getting the Most out of Your Connection Manager

How do I use the Connection Manager to manage WiFi?

To connect to a WiFi network, click the WiFi Connect Button and use the drop-down arrow to see all of the available WiFi networks. Click on the network you wish to connect to.


How do I make sure I have the latest Connection Manager?

You know you have the new Time Warner Cable Connection Manager if you are using the one pictured at left. To ensure you have the latest software version of the Connection Manager, go to: Settings>About.

To download the latest Connection Manager version, go to:

Can I connect my VPN using Mobile Internet?

Yes, you can connect to your VPN as you normally would.

How do I get support for the Connection Manager?

For more information on the Connection Manager, use the Settings menu to access Help and the User Guide. You can use the menu to:

• Set your WiFi profile

• Manually connect to a network • Change settings

• View your Mobile Internet usage


I can’t connect to the Internet via 4G, 3G or WiFi. What should I do? There are several things you can try. Start at the top and work down the list if necessary. 1. Make sure the Laptop Card is seated properly in the USB port. 2. Remove and re-insert the Laptop Card in a different USB port. This Laptop Card is only compatible with a 2.0 USB port.

3. Exit the Connection Manager by right-clicking the application logo, then choosing Exit. For Mac users, right-click the Doc icon and choose Quit. 4. Make sure the device is unplugged and reboot the computer.

5. If you purchased your Laptop Card through Telesales, you may still need to accept the terms of service. To accept the terms, call us at the number listed on the contact page of this site. Be sure you have the following information handy: your account number, the Laptop Card MAC ID and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.

6. Uninstall the Connection Manager software by going to Control Panel> Add/Remove Programs. For Mac®, select the uninstall application from the Time Warner Cable Connection Manager Applications file folder. Then download and reinstall the latest Connection Manager software available at


Connection Manager System Requirements

Mac®OS X 10.5, 10.6

and 10.7 Windows® XP Windows Vista® Windows® 7 Processor 1 GHz 300 MHz 1 GHz 1 GHz

RAM recommended)1 GB (2GB 256 MB (512 MB recommended) recommended)1GB (2 GB recommended)1GB (2 GB Hard Drive Space Free Space125 MB Free Space150 MB Free Space150 MB Free Space150 MB Windows® Service

Pack n/a Service Pack 3 (or higher) Service Pack 2 (or higher) Any Internet Explorer® Safari® IE® 7 (or higher) IE® 7 (or higher) IE® 8 (or higher)

Device System Information

USB Compatibility 2.0 USB Port

CDMA Frequency EVDO Rev. A/1xRTT Dual Band 800/1900 MHz

WiMAX Frequency 2.5 GHz



Account Management, 4G-fast

Manage your Time Warner Cable Mobile Internet services, track your usage, or check your bill wherever and whenever works for you, using the Mobile Manager. Sign up under My Services at

Customer Support

For personal assistance, please contact Customer Care at 888.662.4577.






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