Installation, Operating and Servicing Instructions. Electric Auto-Fill Push Button Water Boilers EB3F/PB and EB3F/PBM

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Installation, Operating and Servicing


Electric Auto-Fill Push Button Water Boilers




Important Information 2

Warnings and Precautions 3

Technical Data 3

Checklist of Enclosures 3

Installation and Commissioning 3-4

Operating Instructions 5-7

Cleaning 7-8

Servicing, Maintenance and Component Replacement 8

Fault Finding 9

Spare Parts List 10

Accessories 10

Service Information and Guarantee 11


Read these instructions carefully before using this product, paying particular attention to all sections that carry warning symbols, caution symbols and notices. Ensure that these are understood at all times.


This symbol is used whenever there is a risk of personal injury.


This symbol is used whenever there is a risk of damaging your Lincat product.


This symbol is used to provide additional information, hints and tips.



This appliance must be installed, commissioned and serviced by a qualified person in accordance with national and local regulations in force in the country of


If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified person.

Ensure that the plug/socket is accessible at all times. Strip plastic coating and clean the appliance before use.

During operation parts may become hot - avoid accidental contact. Disconnect this appliance before servicing, maintenance or cleaning.


Model Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Weight (kg)

EB3F/PB 655 290 465 13.0


Warranty card Instructions manual Drip tray and insert

Inlet hose with ¾” BSP connection FilterFlow badge

Sample of descaling agent


This appliance must be earthed.


If replacing the plug connect the terminals as follows: Green and Yellow wire Earth E

Blue wire Neutral N Brown wire Live L

Supply cords shall be oil resistant, sheathed flexible cable not lighter than ordinary polychloroprene or equivalent elastomer sheathed cord (code 60245 IEC 57) Install this appliance on a level surface ensuring all vents are unobstructed. The serial plate is located on the side of the appliance Fig 1 (H).

Instructions for wall mounting are supplied with the wall mounting kits (see Accessories).

Power Ratings

Model kW Ambient temperature Deg C

Water inlet pressure (bar)

Water inlet pressure (kPa)

EB3F/PB 3.0 5 to 30 1 to 8 100 to 800 The EB3F/PB is supplied with a 13 amp plug.

Water supply and waste connection

Connect the supplied white water inlet hose to the inlet connection point on the base of the boiler and the other end to the supply via an accessible isolating tap with a ¾” BSP thread.




First Use

Only qualified or trained personnel should use this appliance.

Switch on the water and electricity supplies. Leave the boiler to fill for 30 minutes. Drain off approximately 5 litres of water to remove any loose carbon particles from the filter.

Regular Operation

The boiler starts automatically when the water supply is turned on. During the heating cycle, only small quantities of water are added to ensure hot water is always available at the dispenser.

The boiler is designed to be permanently switched on: it is only necessary to turn it off for de-scaling or maintenance.

Water is drawn off through the dispenser (G).

Adjustment – Water temperature, screen backlight and contrast

Consult Fig 1.

Turn power off and on again. The FilterFlow screen (B) is displayed on the control panel (A).

Press and hold the power button (D) until the software version is displayed. Press the function button Fn (C) and the temperature will be displayed.

Press the power button to cycle through the values 70 to 96 Deg C. Press the Fn button to select the required value.

The backlight adjustment screen is displayed next. Press the power button to cycle through the values 1-25. Press the Fn button to select the required value.

The contrast adjustment screen is displayed next. Press the power button to cycle through the values 35 to 60. Press the Fn button to select the required value. Press the power button to exit.


The PBM version of the EB3F has the option to preset up to 3 measured dispense sizes. This quick guide shows the procedure for programming the water boiler.


To enter the programming mode, turn the electric off to the unit. Press and hold the “power button” and turn the electric on. After a few seconds the programming mode is entered.

Push the “Fn” button until the Use dispense screen is visible. Pressing set turns off the timed dispense and the unit changes to Push and hold for dispensing

Press next.

Press set to select 1, 2 or 3 measured dispenses. Press next.

Press yes to select to set the dispense volumes. Or next to exit.

Select the size to set. Press OK.

Press and hold the Hot water button to fill the chosen cup / mug. Release the button when the cup is full.

After filling there is a chance to test the volume and then either repeat the setting procedure or accepting the set volume. Press OK to accept

Press exit to return to the standard User screen or next to continue and programme more sizes.

The unit also has some built-in safety features when in measured dispense mode. These are

 Pressing the “Hot water” button at any time during the filling will stop the fill cycle.



If the boiler is left unused for any length of time, turn the element off by pressing the

power button. Filter replacement

The filter display shows the estimated life remaining in the filter cartridge (Fig 2). A reminder message is displayed when the filter needs changing. The boiler can be used without a filter, but scale will quickly build up and water taste may be affected.

Fig 2

To replace the filter

Remove the drip tray from the appliance. Pull the bottom of the lower panel (Fig 1 (F)) outwards and release the two spring pins. Slide the panel downwards to remove. Twist the base of the filter 90 degrees to the left and lower the cartridge out of the appliance. It will contain a small amount of water,

Remove the black cap and place it on the new filter.

Re-insert the filter into the recess and lock into place by twisting to the right. Refit the lower panel.

For EB3F/PB, hold the Fn button for 10 seconds to reset the filter life. For EB3F/PBM hold the Fn and On/Off buttons down simultaneously for 10 seconds.

Drain off approximately 5 litres of water to remove any loose carbon particles from the filter.


Do not use a water jet or steam cleaner, and do not immerse this appliance. Clean all panels with warm water and mild detergent, do not use abrasive




materials. Dry with a soft cloth.

Slide out and empty the drip tray regularly, and wipe the dispensing nozzle daily to remove limescale deposits.


The boiler should be de-scaled regularly to maintain efficient operation and water quality. The frequency depends on the hardness of the water and timely

replacement of the filter.

The de-scaling procedure must be performed by trained personnel as it requires the removal of panels from the boiler giving access to live electrical components.

De-scaling the boiler at the end of the working day gives the de-scaling agent several hours to work. Lincat recommend our own de-scaling agent MS19, available from our Spares department.

Wear protective clothing.

Isolate the boiler from the electrical supply.

Turn off the power and allow the water to cool to 60 Deg C. Using a 3mm Allen key, remove the screw in the top of the boiler.

Remove the insulation from the top of the tank. Unscrew and remove the tank lid. Add the de-scaling agent slowly to avoid eruption of the water, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Replace tank lid and outer lid and attach an ‘Out of Use’ notice to prevent use during de-scaling.

Turn on the electricity and run the boiler normally for 30 minutes. Isolate the boiler and allow the water to cool.

Remove both outer and tank lids again. Inspect the tank and level sensor housings for scale deposits. If necessary, repeat the de-scaling process.

Drain and flush de-scaling agent as follows:

Remove the drip tray, lower panel, silicone dispense hose and the inner cover. Connect a hose from the overflow pipe to a bucket and open the service valve to drain the water from the tank.

Flush the tank with clean water, shut the valve and replace the covers.




Other than replacing the filter, all servicing, maintenance and component

replacement on these appliances should be carried out by one of our recommended service engineers.

The control panel displays information that can help with fault diagnosis. Before calling for service, draw off a litre of water, clear the fault code by pressing the Fn button and turn the boiler off and on again at the supply. If the fault persists, call service for advice.

Message displayed Possible causes Corrective action

Scale on level sensors Boiler overfilling


Check water inlet valve

Water turned off

Inlet hose kinked or blocked Water pressure too high or too low

Drain valve open

Check water supply and drain valve

Call service if fault persists

Boil dry/overheat protector tripped

Temperature sensor fault Element failed

PCB fault

Faulty or loose connection

Check connections

Call service if fault persists

Temperature sensor fault Call service









Part Number Description

CO206 ¼” to 3/8” elbow CO251 Dispensing nozzle DV02 Service valve EBM05 Outer lid EL235 Element FC02 Filter cartridge FH02 Filter head GA48 Lid gasket

LE47 Level sensor insulator LE48 Upper level sensor LE49 Lower level sensor PI12 Inlet hose

PL202 Mains cable PR77 Circuit board SO24 Solenoid valve

SV03 Dispenser solenoid valve SW86 Dispenser switch

TH87 95o cutout thermostat TH88 120o cutout thermostat TH98 Thermistor

Part Number Description

BR49 Wall mounting kit

FC02 Replacement filter cartridge



For help with the installation, maintenance and use of your Lincat equipment, please contact our service department:

 UK: 01522 875520

For non-UK customers, please contact your local Lincat dealer

All service work, other than routine cleaning should be carried out by one of our authorised service agents. We cannot accept responsibility for work carried out by other persons.

To ensure your service enquiry is handled as efficiently as possible, please tell us:

 Brief details of the problem

 Product code

All available on serial plate

 Type number

 Serial number

Lincat reserve the right to carry out any work under warranty, given reasonable access to the appliance, during normal working hours, Monday to Friday, 08:30 to 17:00.


This unit carries a comprehensive UK mainland 2 year warranty. The guarantee is in addition to, and does not diminish your statutory or legal rights.

The guarantee does not cover:

 Accidental damage, misuse or use not in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions

 Consumable items (such as filters, glass, bulbs, slot toaster elements and door seals.)

 Damage due to incorrect installation, modification, unauthorised service work or damage due to scale, food debris build-up, etc.

The manufacturer disclaims any liability for incidental, or consequential damages. Attendance is based on reasonable access to the appliance to allow the authorised technician to carry out the warranty work.

Service calls to equipment under warranty will be carried out in accordance with the conditions of sale. Unless otherwise specified, a maximum of 15 minutes of administrative time, not spent directly carrying out servicing work, is provided for within the warranty. Any requirement for staff attending the call to spend greater time than 15 minutes due to administrative requirements, such as on health and safety risk assessments, will be chargeable at the prevailing rate.




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