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Academic year: 2021

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Quilters Unlimited


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Quilt Show and Annual Meeting..2

Chapter Programs... ..3 BOD 3/1/17 Meeting……...…...4 Bylaws Change………...…. ...5 Membership Change………6 Annual Mtg. Minutes 6/4/16 …...7 Membership Form 2017-18…….9 Quilt Sleeve/Label………...…..10 Spring is here and the flowers are blooming. Hope those quilts are

blooming too. Are you getting ready for the Quilt show? Sign up to volunteer or take a class. We’ve got lots of things happening that weekend and I’m looking forward to seeing all the quilts you have been busy finishing.

A special note about the Annual Meeting on Saturday-June 3. We really would like to see a big crowd and QU adjusted the date, place, and time to make it easier for members to attend. Just go to the adja-cent hall at the Expo adja-center. Entry is at 5pm...We’ll start the business meeting asap and then have a lecture by Augusta Cole. The business meeting is usually short with a few announcements, election of new officers, recognition of board members and chapter presidents and this year a bylaw change to reflect the membership categories in effect in July. Stick around, as we have great door prizes.

As always, a special thanks to all chapters for their support of the show and big QU.


President’s Message

Local Quilt Shows

Quilters Unlimited

Dulles Expo Center

June 2-4, 2017

Virginia Quilt Museum

Thru May 20, 2017

“Two Golden Ages of Applique: 1840-1870 & 1920-1940”

Curated by Debby Cooney

“P’s and Q’s” by Fiber Art Virginia Curated by Jill Jensen

"Treasures From the Vault: Wool for


Curated by Gloria Comstock

“Eclectic” By Top of Virginia Quilt




Quilt Show News

The QU Show Set Up/Take Down Team is hir-ing! We need paid workers to help set up and take down this year's show.

There are some significant changes this year for workers. QU has decided to contract out most of the set up and take down for the show so the workload will be much lighter than in past years, but we still need your help. Workers must be at least 18 years old and capable of climbing lad-ders and lifting 10-15 lbs. of weight. They will be paid $12 per hour. More information about the schedule and tasks will be forthcoming.

Workers need to sign up in advance with Patricia Kratzer, at 1066pk@gmail.com. Patricia is as-sisting Mary Lyttle and Judith Sullivan, the set up team chairpersons. If you are interested, please send Patricia an email to make sure you are on the list to receive all the important details and reserve your spot to participate.

We look forward to seeing many of you again this year!

Classes for 2017 Quilt Show Augusta Cole

June 2nd Curved Log Cabin (full day)

June 3rd A Collage of Tricks, Tips, Tidbits (AM Lecture)

June 3rd A Stroll with Augusta Cole (PM Lec-ture)

June 4th Wheel of Fortune (full day)

Diane Kirkhart

June 2nd English Paper Piecing - La Passaca-glia (full day)

Kathy Lincoln

June 3rd Quilting with Rulers on your Home Ma-chine (demonstration or hands on) (AM)

June 3rd Walking Your Quilt – lines, curves,

de-signs (PM)

Cindy Grisdela

June 2nd Angled Stripe Table Runner (AM half day)

June 3rd Artful Improv (full day)

Amalia Morusiewicz (Funfromatoz)

Flamingos Frolic in the Moonlight

Continued on next page

Annual Meeting Lecture Topic and Trunk Show: A Stroll with Augusta Cole Being known as the “Scrappy Lady”, Augusta considers her patterns and workshops to be Snappy & Scrappy. Her lectures include stories of her quilts and how they have enriched her life. Augusta loves to share with all her love for the art of quilt making. Her mantra: “Variety is the Spice of Life”

“Please come join in the “Stroll” as I share my quilts and their stories! The quilts featured during this en-lightening evening will be from antique to my very latest. I am looking forward to seeing old friends as well as making new ones”. Augusta Cole

Augusta began her quilting career in North Carolina 30+ years ago. She has taught classes at the John T. Camp-bell Folk School, workshops at the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival, in Hampton, VA as well as many of the Quilt-fest venues across the United States. She also taught at the Vermont Quilt Festival in 2016. Augusta often pro-vides lectures and workshops across Virginia, the East Coast and beyond. She loves to teach & travel.

Augusta Cole invites you to learn more about her work by visiting her website:


Timeline for the evening of Sat., June 3, 2017

5:00 p.m.—The Quilt Show will end in the South Hall of the Dulles Expo Center. 5:00 p.m.—The North Hall of the Dulles Expo Center opens for registration. 5:30 p.m.—The Annual Meeting will begin.

6:00 p.m.—Augusta Cole’s Lecture and Trunk Show will begin.

Upon conclusion of Augusta’s presentation, the Annual Meeting will complete it’s business and the meeting will be adjourned.

Annual Meeting (continued)

QU Chapter Programs Apr– Jun 2017 ANNANDALE-3rd Wednesday -10:00 a.m.

May - Julia Pfaff: Finding Your Inner


ARLINGTON - 2nd Monday - 7:15 p.m.

May - Auction June - Potluck

BURKE - 4th Wednesday - 7:30 p.m.

April - Debby Kratovil: Shortcuts From a

Short Woman

May - Auction June - Social

CENTREVILLE - 2nd Thursday-7:30 p.m.

June - End of Year Social

FAIRFAX - 3rd Thursday - 10:00 a.m.

May - Karen Phillips-Shwallon

(Workshops - Crazy Patch Stitches and A

Basket of Flowers)

HAYMARKET - 1st Thursday - 7:00 p.m.

May - Pat Yamin (Workshop - Pat Yamin)

June - End of the Year Social, 10:00 a.m.

McLEAN - 4th Tuesday - 10:00 a.m.

April - Chris Meyers: Fil Tec Threads May - Final Meeting and Luncheon

Mt VERNON - 4th Tuesday - 12:30 p.m.

April - Kelly Kout: Historical lecture on

Baltimore Quakers and Their Quilts

May - Debby Kratovil: Shortcuts From a

Short Woman: A trunk show bursting with

tips, tricks, shortcuts and a variety of inno-vations that will satisfy any quilter

RESTON - 4th Tuesday - 7:30 p.m.

April - Auction

May - Workshop: Terry Kramzar

June - Store Owner TBD: What’s New in

the Quilt Fabric World

SPRINGFIELD - 3rd Tuesday - 9:30 a.m.

May - Donna Thomas: On Point

Patch-work (Workshop - Shimmering Leaves)

(Workshop - Interlocken)

VIENNA - 3rd Tuesday - 7:00 p.m.


WEDNESDAY, MARCH 1, 2017 Present:

Joyce welcomed members to the Board meeting. Minutes of the meeting of January 4, 2017 were ap-proved as presented.

MONEY MATTERS: If you or members of your

chapter are waiting for any payment for which you have submitted requests for reimbursement, please let Janet and Joyce know. Please submit any bills as soon as possible so the books can be closed on June 30th with the exception of some outstanding bills for quilt show items. Members of the Board should feel free to submit bills for items they have purchased for QU use.

WEBSITE: The new website is up. Please let Jeanne

Coglianese know if there is something else you want on the website for your chapter. Also, please let Jeanne know (if you have not already done so) who from your chapter will be updating your page on the website. If you don't have anyone who can do that, please let Jeanne know so she can plan to do the updat-ing for your chapter. There will be no sharupdat-ing of in-formation with any third parties, and there will be a privacy statement on the website. Because there were was some loss of data when transferring to the new website, the developing company will do a number of hours of programming free of charge. Jeanne will ne-gotiate and resolve the number of hours with the com-pany.

FALL EVENT: Big QU will plan the Fall Event -

with either a speaker or some kind of event.

MEMBERSHIP FORM: We looked at the draft of

the new Membership Form and made some sugges-tions. It is now possible for us to use PayPal for

mem-bers to pay their dues. Reston will use it on a trial ba-sis for the upcoming quilting year to see if this works well.

NEWSLETTER: The deadline for the next

Newslet-ter is April 14.

BOARD COMPOSITION: A candidate for

Treasur-er (Mary Ansoff,) will be presented for approval at the Annual Meeting. We will need a Vice President for next year. The major responsibility is the speaker for the Annual Meeting. Please see if someone in your chapter would be interested in this position. It does not obligate the person to be President the following year. A Chair for the Quilt Show (Donna Hosek,) has been found. This position is appointed by the Presi-dent.

MATRIX: The Matrix was discussed and a copy

showing the jobs for each chapter for 2017-2019 was subsequently sent to each Chapter President. There are 9 quilt show jobs plus the Fall Event and the Annu-al Meeting. Joyce will send out a job description for each matrix responsibility, and those descriptions will also be on the website. Send your comments regard-ing the job descriptions just to Joyce. Chapters can exchange jobs as long as both Chapter Presidents agree and send an email to the QU President describ-ing the exchange. Small chapters have been assigned jobs that take less time and energy. If a chapter feels it cannot do the assigned task, they need to let the QU President know as soon as possible.

QUILT SHOW: Betsy handed out an update sheet

for the Quilt Show. It was noted that some members did not enter quilts because the automatic insurance values are too low for replacement, and the members didn't want to have to pay for individual appraisals. This will be discussed for future years. We authorized an expenditure of up to $1000 to purchase quilt bags with our new logo to be sold at the show. There will be an In Memoriam section to the show where we will hang a quilt made by any member who died in the past year or within the past couple of years if they were previously missed.

ANNUAL MEETING: Please email Doreen Johnson

with the names of any members who died this past year so they can be mentioned at the Annual Meeting. Augusta Cole will be the Annual Meeting speaker this year and Jinny Beyer next year. Information about Augusta's classes will go on the website. There will Joyce Bounds Rachel Childress Laura Fraser Sue Heisler Donna Hosek Judy Impellizzeri Linda Jamrogowicz Doreen Johnson Joyce Keating Dian Moulin Carolyn O'Flaherty Sharon Rixman Christine Schaefer Barb Sherwood Trudi Sommerfield Betsy Wells Stone Karla Vernon Cindy Wilson

Minutes continued on next page.


be lots of door prizes at the Annual Meeting. No meal but a "snack bag."

OUTREACH: Sue Heisler has volunteered to head

the Outreach initiative and would like one representa-tive from each chapter on her committee

IN/OUT MEETING: The In/Out Meeting for Board

Members to meet new Chapter Presidents and other Board members will be either June 28 or June 26.

NEXT MEETING: The next meeting is May 3 at

6:30 p.m. at Quilters Studio.

Respectfully submitted: Trudi Sommerfield March 5, 2017


The QU Board voted in October 2016 and ap-proved language to adjust the membership cat-egories. A membership vote is required in or-der to make the following bylaws chang-es. This vote will be taken at the Annual Meeting on Saturday, June 3.

QU Bylaws state in Article III:

2. Membership classifications shall be Regu-lar, Senior, Life, Family and Associate. A Family Membership shall be defined as two or more family members living at the same ad-dress. All members in good standing shall be voting members of QU and of the local chap-ters to which they belong.


2. QU membership structure is changed as of July 1, 2017 to the following member-ship categories: Individual, Associate, Fam-ily, and Lifetime. (Only those who are Life-time members as of June 1, 2017 will be grandfathered into that category.) A Family Membership shall be defined as two or more

family members living at the same ad-dress. All members in good standing shall be voting members of QU and of the local chap-ters to which they belong

5. Members may receive Senior status in the fiscal year following their 65th birthday. The dues for these members shall be half the amount of the annual dues. When Senior Members reach their 75th birthday, they shall become Life Members and are excused from the payment of dues, effective the start of the following fiscal year.

Change: Delete #5

Chapter Bylaw Change:

Each chapter should also review their bylaws. Chapters should adjust their bylaws as soon as possible to reflect the big QU membership cat-egories.

This can be done by removing whatever mem-bership categories are currently in the chapter bylaws and substituting the following word-ing: “QU Chapters will have the same Membership Categories as those stated in QU Bylaws and the same dues as approved by the QU Board of Directors."


QU Membership 2017-2018 Changes Just as quilting has changed over the past sever-al years, it is sever-also time for changes in the QU Membership. As noted in this newsletter, an amendment is proposed to update the dues structure for QU Membership. This proposal has been approved by the QU Board and in-cludes the following categories:

Lifetime membership is available only for members who reached this level as of June 1, 2017. There are currently 161 lifetime members in QU, and no addi-tional members will be added to this cat-egory.

Individual Membership is for one Primary chapter which you choose to join. You may designate only one chapter for Indi-vidual Primary membership….all other chapters are Associate memberships.

Associate Membership is available if you

wish to join more than one chapter. Many members belong to more than one chapter to take advantage of programs and activities offered throughout the year by the chapters and to maintain friend-ships across multiple chapters.

Family Membership is available if multiple

members live at the same address. After the first member joins as an Individual Member, this option offers a reduced fee for all additional family members living in the same household.

Initially the Board also considered including a fee for the option to mail the annual directory to any members who have joined or renewed by October 1 and opt to receive a printed QU Di-rectory. Upon further consideration of the changes in the membership dues for the new membership year, the QU Board has reviewed

the costs for the direct mailing of the directories from the printer and decided that QU will cover the costs of mailing. The proposed $2 fee for the mailing option is being dropped.

As we move forward, two other new questions about the QU Directory are included in this year’s Membership form. Member feedback will help QU plan for future changes.

If a member does not wish to receive a printed QU directory, they may opt out of this by an-swering NO and this will reduce printing and mailing costs. Some members have expressed this preference and do not have a need for the full directory.

If members would prefer the option of electron-ic format for the QU Directory, QU will review this and determine any privacy concerns to pro-tect the information of our members.

The QU Board thanks our membership for your continued support as QU adopts changes to benefit and better manage the organization go-ing forward.


Quilters Unlimited Annual Meeting June 4, 2016

The annual business meeting of the Quilters Un-limited (QU) was called to order at the Dulles Ex-po Center in Chantilly, VA at 5:30 PM by Presi-dent Denise Racz.

President Denise Racz welcomes [sic] everyone to the annual meeting and thanked the Executive Board, Chapter Presidents and al [sic] those who gave time to the organization this past year. She thanked Betsy Stone, the 2016 Quilt Show chair, and her team of volunteers for efforts in putting together and overseeing such a great show, and Linda Cooper of Burke for providing the refresh-ments for the business meeting.

The minutes from the May 30, 2105 [sic] annual meeting were approved as published in the QU newsletter, and as distributed at the meeting.

Denise read the names of the members who passed way [sic] this year and the attendees held a moment of silence to honor these members.

Officer Reports:


As of April 16, 2016 the current balances [sic] of QU's checking/money market account is $153,805.00. Books for the current fiscal year will close June 30, 2016.


Kath Helsep [sic] - presented the slate of officers President - Joyce Bounds (Annandale)

Vice President - Christine Shaefer (Centreville) Secretary- Trudi Sommerville [sic] (Arlington) Treasurer - Janet Tasker (Vienna)

QU Show - Betsy Stone (Burke) Newsletter - Karla Vernon (Vienna)

Nominating - Linda Keithley (Centreville)

President Denise Racz asked if there were any nominations from the floor, no [sic] were present-ed. Vote was carried and the new board was

unanimously approved.

New Business:

Motion to the Membership (1) -

WHEREAS all current positions on the Ex-ecutive Board for officers are limited to no more than two (2) consecutive terms in the same office, except for the President, which is limited to one full term, and

WHEREAS the experience for the positions adds value for each term served, and

WHEREAS there is no known basis for the existing 1 full term limit exception for the President's office,.

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the term limit for the President's office be set to no more than two (2) consecutive terms in the same office, consistent with all other officer posi-tions.


5. A member shall hold no more than one elected Board of Directors position at a time. The offices of Board of Directors President and Treasurer shall not be held jointly with any Chapter office. An officer shall serve no more than two (2) consecu-tive terms in the same office, except for the President who shall serve no more than one full terms.

Proposed Amendment:

5. A member shall hold no more than one elected Board of Directors position at a time. The offices of Board of Directors President and Treasurer shall not be held jointly with any Chapter office. An officer shall serve no more than two (2) consecu-tive terms in the same office.

Remove this exception for the President's term ", except for the President who shall

serve no more than one full term."

Kath Heslep discussed the motion with the mem-bership. A vote was called, the membership ap-proved, and the motion was adopted.


Motion to the Membership (2)

WHEREAS the current slate of elected officers for the Quilters Unlimited (hereinafter "QU") Executive Board num-bers seven (7) persons (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Nominat-ing Chair, Newsletter, and Quilt Show Chair), and

WHEREAS the duties of the Quilt Show Chair and the

Newsletter have little day-to-day involve-ment of the general membership, and re-quire little to no input from the general membership to perform their duties, ex-cept as approved through the Executive Board, and

WHEREAS the inability to find candi-dates to fill these elected positions in any year would disable the membership from seating a board, and

WHEREAS the consequences of being unable to seat a Board would cause Quilt-ers Unlimited to abandon 501c3 tax status and dissolve the QU organization

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the elected of-ficers be reduced in number to five (5) essential officers: President, Vice Presi-dent, Secretary, Treasurer and Nominat-ing Chair, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the positions of Newsletter and Quilt Show Chair become Ad Hoc appointments of the incoming president, with non-binding recommendations by the Nominating Committee for said positions, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that said Ad Hoc positions retain the right to one vote each, in all business that comes be-fore the Executive Board, during their ap-pointment, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT there shall be no term limit on said posi-tions, though each shall require re-appointment by the incoming President,


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that these appointments shall be made, by the Presi-dent, within 3 days of taking office, so that no time is lost in continuing the du-ties of these positions.

Kath Heslep discussed the motion with the membership. Several members voiced their concerns and a vote was called. 5 opposed, the remaining membership approved. The motion was adopted.

Vice President Pat Price presented the outgoing President Denise Racz with a quilt top from the membership in recognition of her service to Quilters Unlimited this past year. The blue and yellow blocks were made by QU members from each of the 11 chapters.

Business Meeting was adjourned at 5:50.

Guest Speaker


How to Make a Quilt Sleeve

The hanging sleeve for your quilt does not need to be a permanent hanging sleeve. If, however, you put a temporary sleeve over a permanent sleeve (for instance, if the show sleeve needs to be wider than the permanent sleeve), be sure that the permanent sleeve is completely covered. Cut a 10"-wide strip of washed muslin or cotton fabric, making it 1" shorter than top edge of quilt. Turn under and press 1/4" at each short end, then turn and press again. Stitch in place.

With wrong sides together, stitch long edges to-gether 1/2" from raw edges. Baste the long folded edge loosely, 1/2" from edge.

Roll the seam to the middle of one side, and place this side against the quilt backing. Press open or to one side; doesn’t matter. The basted seam should be away from the quilt, opposite to the stitched seam.

Slipstitch the top edge of the tube to the quilt backing about 1" below the inner edge of the binding and the lower edge of sleeve flat to the quilt backing, catching only the lower layer of sleeve. Remove the basting so the front of the hanging sleeve is a little larger than the side which has been slip stitched to the backing. This excess will be taken up by the pole, allowing your quilt to hang smoothly without a ripple at the top. If you like, write your name, address and phone number on this hanging sleeve in perma-nent ink.

Labeling your Quilt for the Show

In addition to your signature label, your quilt will need a temporary label (lower right corner at the back of the quilt) with the information below for the quilt collectors. This label and the hanging sleeve above can be made with muslin.

The same information will need to be on each

en-try's bag. In both cases, the quilt label and the la-bel/info on the bag should be written in perma-nent black ink and legible. The label on the bag should be near the opening of the bag. This makes it easier to matchup the bag and quilt dur-ing the takedown process.

1. Name of the quilt you used on the entry form 2. Your Name

3. Your telephone number 4. Chapter

What Information Goes on a Permanent Signa-ture Label?

You should label all of your quilts. It is an his-toric record of your quilt. What information you put on your permanent signature label is up to you, but some of the information you should con-sider including are:

1. The name of the quilt

2. Who made the quilt (who pieced it and who quilted it, if different)

3. Where the quilt was made (City and State) 4. When the quilt was made

You can also include information on:

5. Type of quilt (civil war reproduction, modern, wholecloth, etc.)

6. Sentiments 7. Photos

If you are making a label for a baby quilt how about including:

8. Name of the child

9. The child’s date and place of birth 10. Names of the child’s parents 11. Your relationship to the child


Quilters Unlimited (QU) is a non-profit organization of quilters, with all chapters and activities in Northern Virginia. Founded in 1972, it has grown to approximately 1,200 members in 11 chapters, unified by a central Board of Directors. Members include women, men and children of all ages; traditionalists and contemporary quilters; beginners to renowned experts. Each chapter has its own scheduled events and functions. All chapters come together for a variety of functions throughout the year. Visitors are welcome to attend a meeting of any chapter, as well as other QU activities. Annual membership is $20. Our webpage is www.quiltersunlimited.org. All QU members are welcome to contribute newsletter submissions. Send to :Karla Vernon,


Mailing Address Line 1

Mailing Address Line 2

Mailing Address Line 3

Mailing Address Line 4

Mailing Address Line 5

QU Website


QU Quarterly – Spring 2017

Karla Vernon, Newsletter Editor 10018 Clearfield Ave.

Vienna, VA 22181


Quilters Unlimited Board Members 2016-2017 President—Joyce Bounds VP—Christine Schaefer Treasurer—Janet Tasker Secretary—Trudi Sommerfield Nominations— Linda Keithley Ex President— Denise Racz Programs— Christine Schaefer Membership— Judy Impelliz-zeri


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