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ORIENTATIONS Friday September 19, 2014: Oregon MPH Program New Student Orientation STUDENT HANDBOOK


Academic year: 2021

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Summer 2014

On behalf of the faculty, and staff I would like to welcome you to the Oregon Master of Public Health Primary Health Care and Health Disparities Program; we are excited to have you join us this September. Our degree programs in Public Health are designed to both challenge and invigorate you as you prepare to enter the rich and important field of Public Health. Every year we receive an excellent set of applications from highly

qualified individuals from around the country. You can be proud of your selection to join our entering class.

The Oregon MPH Program is a “joint degree,” meaning your diploma will be jointly granted by and will bear the institutional seals of both sponsoring universities: Oregon Health & Science University and Portland State University. The information that follows is detailed; please be sure to read the entire document, noting dates and being prepared to complete all the processes involved in establishing a student “identity” at both

universities. ORIENTATIONS

Friday September 19, 2014: Please mark your calendars for the Oregon MPH Program New Student Orientation to be held Friday September 19, 2014 at Portland State University. The event will run from 8:30am – 1:30pm and will be an opportunity for you to get to know your colleagues, faculty, and program staff, in addition to receiving important information about the program and your course of study. Additional details will follow later this summer. Please also note that this orientation is optional and in addition to any campus-specific events to which you may be invited.

As a student in the Primary Health Care & Health Disparities (PHCHD) MPH track you will receive access to an online orientation for the OHSU School of Nursing in early September. This online orientation module will provide you with key information about resources and services at OHSU as well as introduce you to how to use the online learning platform called Sakai. You will access this module via your OHSU e-mail address which will be sent to you the first week of September. You will need to set up your OHSU e-mail account to be able to access the online orientation. You will receive more information about these steps in September. You can contact the OHSU School of Nursing Office of Admissions at proginfo@ohsu.edu for more information.


Your student handbook is both your guide and your primary source of information about the Oregon MPH Program. It includes critical information about navigating both


an email containing this handbook, and it will be posted to the Oregon MPH website (http://oregonmph.org/content/student-handbooks) by September 1, 2014.


As a newly admitted student, we know that you will have a lot of questions about your next steps. Each student is assigned a faculty advisor who can provide counsel

regarding curriculum, progression, career options, letters of recommendation and other matters of student concern. In addition, each program also has a Program Support Staff Member who will be in touch with you about specific registration and orientation

information and who is a good source of information once you are a student. Any program or course registration questions should be addressed to your program support staff.

Your program support staff member is: Carolyn Kimpton

Phone: 503-494-2351 kimptonc@ohsu.edu

Your program director is: Deborah Messecar

Email: messecar@ohsu.edu (best way to contact is via email)

You should have received the name of the faculty person assigned to advise you in prior letters sent from the PHCHD track. If you are unsure of who your advisor is, or you have any questions about what you should register for this fall, contact Deb Messecar the program director via email (messecar@ohsu.edu). She will answer your questions and follow up to make sure you have an advisor. A letter explaining how to register for fall should have already been sent to you – if you have not received this letter, contact Carolyn Kimptom.


As a joint degree program, OMPH students will have “identities” on both OHSU and PSU campuses allowing seamless access to resources and services. You will have an ID, email address, and access to both campus resources including online and physical library holdings, university computer networks, the OHSU tram and Portland Streetcar, and the PSU Career Center. Online students do not use the Student Health Services, nor are you required to have the insurance requirement mandated for in-person students.

OHSU School of Nursing Compliance Requirements: All students at OHSU School of Nursing are required to complete a few online trainings and pass a required background check. Students in the PHCHD track will use an online system called American

Databank to track your compliance and background check materials. Review the requirements for MPH students which are outlined on page 7 of this brochure: http://www.ohsu.edu/xd/education/schools/school-of-nursing/students/upload/SoN-Immunization-brochure-Final-2014.pdf. Then create an account and upload your documentation into American Databank by following the steps outlined on this page: http://www.ohsu.edu/xd/education/schools/school-of-nursing/students/orientation/getting-started.cfm. Contact the OHSU School of Nursing Office of Admissions at



All new PHCHD students have the option to get ID badges for both OHSU and PSU. For our online students, they are NOT required. Please follow these important steps to assure that you can get a badge if you want one.

OHSU: OHSU requires students to carry their Student ID badge with them at all times while on campus. Your ID badge is required to enter certain buildings on campus. You will need to complete specific requirements to receive your ID badge from the OHSU Public Safety office.

1. Submit a photo of yourself in .jpeg format to gudurass@ohsu.edu. This photo must meet the same criteria as passport photos

(http://travel.state.gov/passport/pptphotoreq/pptphotoreq_5333.html). There is a service called ePassportPhoto (www.ePassportPhoto.com) that can assist you in generating passport photos that you can save for free. Do not mail physical photographs. We can only process digital submissions. 2. Complete Compliance Requirements stated above (immunization,

background check, online trainings).


To receive your badge at PSU, bring a current photo ID to the ID Card Services counter in Neuberger Hall, Portland State University (724 SW Harrison Street at Broadway). Your name will be on a list of Oregon MPH Program students. The first card is free; a replacement will cost $21.


Fall Term registration begins this year on Monday, August 18, and you have until October 6 to enroll in classes without a late fee. The term begins on Monday, September 29, 2014.

A Fall Term schedule will be posted online at

http://www.ohsu.edu/xd/education/schools/school-of-nursing/students/academic-affairs/course-schedule.cfm prior to registration on August 18th. Before

registration begins, you will have received two sample programs of study, one for full time and one for part time. These are only suggestions, so your plan can be individualized. If you have questions the best plan is to contact Deb Messecar via email with questions (messecar@ohsu.edu). Oregon MPH course links and information can be found here: http://oregonmph.org/content/registration. PSU:

If you plan to enroll in a course offered through Portland State University, you must submit an intercampus campus registration (ICR) form through the Oregon MPH Office (http://oregonmph.org/content/course-registration-request). DO NOT REGISTER FOR PORTLAND STATE COURSES THROUGH THE PSU SYSTEM.


 To register for courses at PSU an ICR is required. You are responsible for obtaining course information through Portland Stateʼs Class Schedule (https://www.sa.pdx.edu/soc/). OMPH core courses are cross-listed for your reference.

o Please note PSU courses will be reflected as CPH 507 on your OHSU transcript.

o You will show up in the PSU Registrarʼs system as an auditing student. Your “audit” status at PSU grants you access to their course delivery system, D2L.



The first week of September, you will receive an email with instructions for accessing your OHSU email account. Instructions will be sent to the personal email address we currently have on file for you. Your OHSU email is the only way the Registrarʼs office, billing, and faculty will communicate with you. All listserv communications will go to your OHSU email account. You are required to check your OHSU email account regularly, once a week at a minimum, so that you do not miss important institutional and coursework information.


You will need to create your PSU email account, called ODIN, which will give you access to email, the library, and other networking services at PSU:

1) Go to: www.banweb.pdx.edu, select the option to login with your PSU ID Number;

2) Enter your PSU ID# (this will be emailed separately); 3) Enter your password: MMDDYY (six digit birth date);

4) You will receive a message that your password has expired, select "Change Password";

5) Follow the instructions in box #2, which will guide you through the process of setting up your Odin account in the Banweb information system;

6) If any issues arise please contact the PSU Help Desk for assistance at 503-725-HELP or help@pdx.edu.



As a new student you will automatically be subscribed to the Oregon MPH listserv. To change your subscriptions, opt out, or to subscribe manually to the Oregon MPH listserv (“Oregon_MPH”), copy the link into your

browser: https://www.lists.pdx.edu/lists/listinfo/oregon_mph. Through this


Please keep your eyes out for these important announcements and for the OMPH Program Weekly Digest, a resource created to keep you informed of professional happenings in our community and state.


At OHSU, the public health offices are located in the Campus Services Building, School of Nursing, and Gaines Hall; at PSU they are located in the Urban Center Building (Campus Maps: map of PSU or OHSU).

For information on your department and degree program go to this website. The Oregon MPH website, www.oregonmph.org, has links to this letter, your handbook, and many other important documents: http://oregonmph.org/content/new-students. Please become familiar with using both websites as a resource.

For general questions related to the Oregon MPH Program, New Student Orientation on September 19, 2014, ICR, or if you are having difficulty finding answers, please contact Program Coordinator Alison Schneiger at program_office@oregonmph.org. For OHSU department and degree questions for the Primary Health Care and Health Disparities Track please contact Carolyn Kimpton or kimptonc@ohsu.edu at 503-494-2351. We are looking forward to working with you and wish you a wonderful summer. With regards,


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