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Victoria Park Primary School Newsletter No. 16


Academic year: 2021

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Dear Parents, Children and Community Members,

Welcome to Term 4, the final term of 2020! And what a year it has been! The term will fly by!

The children have returned to school after the break, recharged and ready for a very busy finish to the school year. Teaching and learning programs are well underway in classrooms, and children are back into routine.

Thank you to our cleaning staff and gardeners Gaston, Steven, Fereweini, George and Peter for all their work in preparing the school for Term 4.

There are some staffing changes at Victoria Park PS for this term. Mrs Hayley Russell will be commencing leave at the end of this week and she will be replaced by Mrs Rachel Berry (Monday to Thursday) and Ms Sisca Lukito (Friday). Mrs Coupar has re-located to another school for the term and has been replaced by Mr Daryl Kee. Mrs Jo Brennan in Kindergarten has been replaced by Mrs Tammy Bizzaca (Friday). We wish those staff leaving, albeit temporarily, all the very best while we welcome those joining us for the term.

Staff spent Monday 12 October, reviewing 2020 data and planning for 2021. Outcomes from the day will be discussed with the School Board members at a special meeting later this term.


Even though we still had restrictions due to COVID-19, Parent Night was very successful at both Planet Street and Cargill Street. Parents enjoyed the opportunity to look in more depth at their child’s work as there were not as many people in the room with them. With smaller numbers, parents also had more opportunity to talk to their children about their work.

I’d like to thank both staff and parents for making this occasion work as many schools cancelled their open nights due to the restrictions. It was not perfect with some parents concerned about their allocated time, but on the night it worked out well. Many thanks are extended to all involved.

Tuesday 20 October 2020

Victoria Park Primary School Newsletter No. 16

Week 3

26 October Aussie of the Month Oct 7pm P&C Meeting

27 October 28 October Walk, Ride, Scoot Yr 6 Cup Cake Day

29 October

8:15am Choir 30 October 10am Friday Sport

1:45pm Yr 4 Rm 6 Waste Audit P&C Disco

31 Oct/

1 Nov

Week 2

19 October 10am Yr 4PEAC Testing

1pm Yr 5 Book Week Excursion

20 October Rubbish Free Tuesday

21 October

Walk, Ride, Scoot 22 October 8am School Board Meeting

8:15am Choir

23 October 10am Friday Sport

Merit Cert and Value Wristbands

24/25 October


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Victoria Park Primary School Newsletter No. 16


The contractors are making good time and it is lovely to see the building start to take shape. There have been a few challenges with power outages and the underground power project, however the construction team are overcoming all obstacles so we are very grateful for their hard work and diligence. The contract for re-surfacing of the basketball court has been finalised and as soon as I hear I will share the plans with all.


Staff have been seeking feedback from the students about the use of the playground this term. We are aware that we need to include additional activities for children now that the athletics season is over and children are not going to Raphael Park as much. We have been working on a number of strategies to implement commencing in Week 3 and these include: Raphael Park for Years 3-6 one day per week, dress-up box near stage, loose parts play and activities in the library. The final set of activities will be dependent on being able to cover duty across all of these areas.

We would welcome any unwanted items that you think would be suitable for a Dress-up Box. We will make sure all items are laundered regularly.

PARENT MEETINGS - TERM 4 Kindergarten 2021

The general information session for children commencing Kindergarten in 2021 will be held on Friday 13 November commencing at 9:00am in the school library. For parents new to the school please come to the front office for directions to the library.

Pre-Primary 2021

The general information session for children commencing Pre-primary in 2021 will be held on Friday 20 November commencing at 9:00am in the school library. For parents new to the school please come to the front office for directions to the library.

New Parents 2021

To assist parents in supporting their children with the transition from Pre-primary to Year 1, parents of current Pre-primary children that have their first child in the family moving into primary school in 2021 are invited to attend a general information session on Friday 27 November commencing at 9:00am in the school library. Other parents new to Victoria Park Primary School are encouraged to attend the meeting.

Class teacher/parent meetings will be held in Term 1 2021.



Year 1 Room 20 Arshan

Year 2 Room 14 Mia Year 2 Room 21 Jamie

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Victoria Park Primary School Newsletter No. 16

Celebrating Our Students


Year 1 Room 17 Ava, Wendy Year 1 Room 19 Lockie, Chloe, Inaya Year 1 Room 20 Anna, Mael

Year 1/2 Room 21 Jamie

Year 2 Room 8 Dakshay, Eve Year 2 Room 9 Saathvika, Zoe Year 2 Room 14 Arbella, Teddy Year 3 Room 2 Ishrat, Jimmy Year 3 Room 3 Soumya, Ryan Year 3 Room 11 Susan, Pranjal

Year 4 Room 6 Jaden, Blake.P, Broklyn Year 4 Room 7 Mayah

Year 5 Room 4 Alekhya, Liam Year 5 Room 5 Christian, Linkon

VALUES - Responsibility

Year 1 Room 17 Johnson Year 1 Room 19 Mason Year 1 Room 20 Yunus Year 1/2 Room 21 Jinisha Year 2 Room 8 Isla Year 2 Room 9 Ojasvi Year 2 Room 14 Garam Year 3 Room 2 Xavier Year 3 Room 3 Gabriella Year 3 Room 11 Toleen, Sash Year 4 Room 6 Aanat

Year 4 Room 7 Damien Year 5 Room 4 Sum Yee Year 5 Room 5 Bradley


Congratulations to our Artist of the Term. In Term three the theme was “Fluffy animals”. The Junior winner is Selina in Year 3 Room 2, for her very soft and fluffy looking rabbit. The Senior winner is Anshul in Year 5 Room 5, for his very fluffy and friendly looking wolf with whiskers.

Term one winners were never announced due to COVID-19. The theme in Term one was “Shoes” and the Junior winner was Timur Year 2 Room 21 for a realistic and detailed line drawing showing close observation of the shoe. The Senior winner was Fiona Year 6 Room 12 for ballet shoes with complicated ribbon and delicate colouring.


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Victoria Park Primary School Newsletter No. 16


In Room 19 we have mastered the art of fractions (half and whole) with our “sometimes” food choices (pizza, marshmallows... and lemon). What a fun maths lesson!


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Victoria Park Primary School Newsletter No. 16


To assist the school with planning for 2021, it would be appreciated if any children who are currently in Kindergarten – Year 5 and are leaving the school at the conclusion of the 2020 school year could please complete the form below and return to the front office when you become aware you are leaving. Thank you to parents that have already attended to this matter.

--- (Please return to the front office)



Enrolments are now open for VacSwim swimming lessons during the summer school holidays.

VacSwim in January offers fun lessons at beach or pool locations during the long break. Not only are they a great school holiday activity, they teach valuable safety skills to help keep your child safe in the water.

Your children can start as young as five years old. Don’t wait! Enrol your children in VacSwim now at education.wa.edu.au/vacswim

Name of Student/s leaving at the conclusion of the 2020 school year. (Currently in Kindergarten – Year 5.)


(Grade) in 2020



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Victoria Park Primary School Newsletter No. 16



Help raise funds for the school by purchasing timeless keepsakes such as calendars, greeting cards and tote bags featuring your child's beautiful artwork. You can start ordering now up until Thursday 29 of October. A display of Crazy Camel samples are at the front office during this time. Click on the link below to order your keepsake products. Your orders should be sent home by the beginning of week 7.



With the weather warming up our very popular icy pole Fridays are back!!

Students from Pre-primary to Year 6 are able to purchase an icy pole for

$1.00 at afternoon recess.


School banking will commence Monday 26 October (Week 3) in the Undercover area.


The Uniform Shop will be open every 2 weeks, starting this Friday 23 October. It will be an afternoon opening from 2:45pm to 3:15pm. Please note due to COVID-19 restrictions, there can only be 3 people in the shop at a time.

Opening Dates, Fridays (2:45pm to 3:15pm): 23 October, 6 November, 20 November, 4 December and 18 December.

Other than these dates, please feel free to email: secretary.vicparkpandc@gmail.com if there's a specific item you require. We can check the stock and let you know.

Please do bear in mind we sell donated Second Hand uniforms. There are new uniforms but these items are very limited.


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Victoria Park Primary School Newsletter No. 16



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