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Academic Program


June 2013



Academic Program


Follow the instructions below to install QlikView Desktop or watch this video brief video that walks you through the steps.

If you have questions or are unable to successfully install QlikView Desktop, please contact Qoncierge Service



Academic Program

Create a QlikView Account

1. Go to www.qlik.com to create a QlikView account 2. Click on Login, Get a QlikView Account

3. Create the new user information. After completion, a username and password will be emailed to you. This is the account that you will use to download QlikView.

NOTE! Professors and students accounts must have the same company name. The company name will reflect the university name listed in your application, unless otherwise suggested by Qlik. Using any other name than what Qlik assigns will prohibit your download.

In Company Field:* Must enter Institution Name as referenced in the Academic Program welcome email

In Job Title:* Enter Academic Program- Professor OR Academic Program- Student

In Work Email:* Professor and student must use Email affiliated with Academic Institution.

Ex: matt@qlikuniversity.com



Academic Program

Download QlikView


1. Go to www.qlik.com

2. Go to Login: Log in to QlikView

3. Enter your login credentials in the single sign-on box

4. Go to Support: Download


Academic Program

5. You will be presented with two options:

a. Bookmarked Downloads: a pre-filtered selection of the most common downloads b. Filter Your Options: manual selection

6. Select your download product (Tab)

a. QlikView - QlikView Desktop or Server/Publisher *


Academic Program

7. Select your preferred language

8. Select QlikView Type (Desktop or Server /Publisher) 9. Select Version Number and Release Number 10. Select File Function = Installation Program 11. Select your Operating System

12. Select Release Stage = latest SR(X) - Public Release (GA)

13. Click on the download link for your installation file and begin download


Academic Program

Installing QlikView

14. Select your language from the drop down list, and click OK.

15. Wait while the installation is prepared, according to the dialog box displayed.

16. When the Welcome dialog box opens, read the information and click Next.


Academic Program

17. Read the software license agreement and click “I accept the license agreement” (if this is the case), then click Next.

18. Enter a user name and your organization name. Click Next to continue.


Academic Program

19. Verify the destination folder, or click change to select an alternative destination folder for the program installation. Then click Next.

20. The Setup Type dialog appears. Selecting complete installs the following features to the folder specified in the previous dialog:

 The QlikView program and its help file

 The QlikView Internet

 Explorer Plug-In

 Examples of QlikView functionality and features.


Academic Program

Selecting custom and clicking next opens a dialog box where you can specify which features to install.

Make the selections and click Next.


Academic Program

21. The installation is now ready to begin. Click Install to get started.

22. In the last dialog box, click Finish to complete the installation process.

Note: Always enter the QlikView license on the account that installed it; otherwise it might not function properly.


Academic Program


When Setup.exe is run, a log file is written to the temp folder of the user. The log file is called

QlikViewx86.wil for the x86 version and QlikViewx64.wil for the 64-bit version. Each time the installation is run, a new file is generated, over writing the old log file.


As of version 10, all settings for QlikView are saved in a file instead of being written to the registry. The file, Settings.ini, is located in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\QlikTech\QlikView on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. On older systems, the file is found in C:\Documents and

Settings\username\Application Data\QlikTech\QlikView.

The settings for QlikView OCX are found in the same file.


Academic Program



1. Open QlikView Developer

2. 2. Select Settings -> User Preferences

3. Select License Tab


Academic Program

4. Click the Change button

5. Enter your 16-digit license key, enter your five-digit control number.

If you are unable to locate your 16-digit license key or five-digit control number, please contact Qoncierge Service

c. Enter a user name (create this now)

d. Enter your organization name (university name) e. Click Next


Academic Program

6. Select your region, and click OK

7. Read the license agreement, and click “I Agree” to accept it


Academic Program

If you have successfully entered your license key, please proceed to Step 9.

If a box appears informing you that QlikView cannot contact the QlikView License Enable Server, then proceed with step 7 to manually enter your license information.

8. Select Enter my license information manually and click Continue.

9. Enter your License Enabling Information (LEF)

If you are unable to locate your License Enabling Information (LEF), please contact Qoncierge for assistance.

a. Click Next


Academic Program

b. Click Continue

c. Click OK

d. You are now on the home screen. You should see confirmation that QlikView is now using the license key you just entered.

Please contact Qoncierge Service if you were unable to successfully enter your license key. If you purchased QlikView from one of our partners, please contact your partner representative directly.

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