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Position Yourself for the Small Business Market


Academic year: 2021

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Position Yourself for the

Small Business Market



Position Yourself for the Small Business Market

Introducing Microsoft


Office Small Business Accounting 2006

As your clients’ most trusted business advisor, you’re uniquely positioned to guide their future growth and help them operate more effectively. At the same time, you must also manage your own practice, stay on top of new technology, and gain a strategic advantage over competitors.

Based on feedback from accounting professionals like you, we designed Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting 2006 to help your clients better manage their financials, and ultimately to help you add greater value as their advisor.

You told us you need:

• Accounting software that your clients find easy to learn and use, and is scalable as their business grows.

• A way to alleviate inefficient or manual client activities.

• Built-in features to help clients control costs and manage risks.

• Financial software that goes beyond accounting and bookkeeping, and allows you to gain deep insight into your clients’ finances.

We listened.

Small Business Accounting 2006 is a solid financial management program created especially for businesses with fewer than 25 employees. It includes several methods for analyzing financial data—from forecasting tools to more than 60 customizable reports. Small Business Accounting 2006 also provides sales, purchasing, inventory, banking, and payroll function- ality and includes a chart of accounts that can be tailored to fit your clients’ needs.

When combined with the latest versions of familiar Microsoft Office programs, Small Business Accounting 2006 works with and enhances the features your clients already know and use every day, reducing the hassle of trying to integrate information from different software, processes, and business functions. Whether it’s the Audit Trail or the financial his- tory report, Small Business Accounting 2006 gives you the tools and services you need to reinforce your role as a trusted financial advisor, providing the insight and information to help your clients drive their businesses forward.

Read on to learn about solutions and services to help you position yourself for the small business market, or visit www.microsoft.com/accountants for more detailed information.


Microsoft Offi ce Small Business Accounting 2006

Easy-to-Use Financial Management Solution

Microsoft Offi ce Small Business Accounting 2006 provides solid accounting functionality that looks and feels like familiar Microsoft Offi ce software. With an easy startup wizard, the program helps users get started quickly by importing new or existing lists and balances.

From core accounting features such as a general ledger, inventory management, and an audit trail, to optional enhanced features such as ADP payroll processing, credit card processing, and online check and form ordering, Small Business Accounting 2006 provides the tools your clients need to be more successful.

Work More Effi ciently

• Get up to speed quickly. Small Business Accounting 2006 looks and works just like other Microsoft Offi ce programs, so your clients can be up and running quickly. In addition, integration with the latest Microsoft Offi ce programs makes it possible to export and share information.

• Customize your Company Home page. Create a tailored Company Home page that helps clients work more productively, including one-click access to bank accounts, cash fl ow, and daily reminders.

• Easily create quotes, invoices, and purchase orders. In Small Business Accounting 2006, your clients can easily turn quotes into sales orders or invoices with the click of a button, reducing data re-entry and utilizing existing customer information.

• Automate bank accounts and customer payments. The online banking tool in Small Business Accounting 2006 helps to consolidate online banking transactions and automate payments.


Help Clients Manage Risk and Control Costs

• Manage payroll and government taxes with ADP1. With Small Business Accounting 2006, your clients can choose from two ADP payroll services that help manage payroll and taxes.

• Forecast cash fl ow, inventory, and sales. The cash fl ow forecasting tool helps you bet- ter anticipate your clients’ fi nancial needs based on what-if scenarios, gaining valuable insight into their future.

• Control access to sensitive material. Small Business Accounting 2006 allows your cli- ents to control access to sensitive data based on employee role, creating an enhanced security environment in which to share information.

Enhance Your Role as a Trusted Advisor

• Track all transactions with the Audit Trail. The Audit Trail feature helps identify which transactions were entered or changed on specifi c days, allowing you to fi nd and fi x errors quickly.

• Analyze fi nancial data with customizable reports. With more than 60 reports, includ- ing Profi t and Loss, Reconciliation Detail, Customer Transactions History, Check Detail, and more, you can get a better view of your clients’ fi nancial status.

• Maintain accurate fi nancial history. Within each account in Small Business Accounting 2006, your clients can access a customer transaction history report, helping them track the progress of each account.

• Make more informed business decisions and recommendations. Small Business Accounting 2006 helps your clients deliver complete and accurate information, which should assist you in making better business recommendations to your clients.

1ADP payroll services requires an additional fee.


Microsoft Offi ce 2003 Integration

With Small Business Accounting 2006 tools at hand, your clients can better manage their fi nan- cial data. And integration with the latest Microsoft Offi ce software helps your clients expand on these tools by sharing fi nancial and customer information across Microsoft Offi ce programs.

Small Business Accounting 2006 works with Microsoft Offi ce Word 2003, Microsoft Offi ce Excel® 2003, and Microsoft Offi ce Outlook® 2003 with Business Contact Manager Update to signifi cantly increase productivity, produce more accurate and insightful fi nancial data, and extend the value of the accounting features and services.

• Create quotes and invoices in Outlook. Convert opportunities into quotes and invoic- es, and transfer them directly to Small Business Accounting 2006 or view past quotes, invoices, and sales information directly in Outlook.

• Share customer contact information and fi nancial data. Outlook 2003 with Business Contact Manager Update integrates with Small Business Accounting 2006 and makes it easy to see client contact information, communications, and fi nancial history in a single place.

• Manage and track billable time. With Outlook 2003 with Business Contact Manager Update, you can mark appointments in the Outlook Calendar as billable time, and then create invoices from information in Small Business Accounting 2006.

• Forecast and analyze fi nancial scenarios in Excel 2003. A Cash Flow Forecast form in Small Business Accounting 2006 can be exported to Excel 2003 to take advantage of analytical tools and create charts.

• Export quotes, invoices, and more to Word 2003. Financial documents created in Small Business Accounting 2006 can be exported to Word 2003 to create professional- looking, customized documents.


Small Business Accounting 2006 Integrated Business Services

Small business owners want peace of mind, convenience, and control when it comes to tasks such as payroll processing, credit card transactions, or issuing checks. Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting 2006 integrates these tasks and offers your clients flexible servic- es based on their unique business needs.

ADP Payroll


Services for Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting 2006

Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting offers payroll powered by ADP1, a leading provider of payroll solutions in the U.S. for more than 50 years. Small business owners who sign up for the ADP Payroll services will receive hosted, full-featured payroll and tax processing services that integrate with Small Business Accounting 2006.

Your clients can choose from two levels of payroll services based on the complexity of their financial and payroll needs: ADP Payroll and ADP Total Payroll. For clients that prefer full con- trol over their payroll processing and tax filing, ADP Payroll is a do-it-yourself payroll solution with features that simplify the payroll process. With ADP Total Payroll, your clients receive, from ADP, fully outsourced payroll services and support for tax preparation and filing.

ADP Total Payroll—Full Service All the benefits of ADP Payroll, plus outsourced tax filing and payroll processing along with unlimited toll-free support calls

Fully outsourced payroll

ADP prints and delivers checks

Schedule payroll in advance with full direct- deposit service

ADP files and pays taxes to federal, state, and local government

No need to worry about tax table updates ADP assumes tax liability4

Automatic tax filing

Comprehensive reporting utilizing Small Business Accounting 2006 ADP prints and delivers all tax documentation

ADP Payroll—Do-It-Yourself An in-house option for managing your payroll with ease and confidence with free support2 to get started

Earnings and deductions accurately calculated for you

Pay employees with checks or direct deposit3 Payroll features on one simple screen

Payroll and tax reminders of critical payroll dates or activity

Automatic tax table updates Federal, state, and local taxes calculated Signature-ready federal and state tax forms

Comprehensive reporting utilizing Small Business Accounting 2006

Print W-2s, W-3s, 1099s, and other tax forms

Payroll processing

Tax compliance

Comprehensive reports and year-end processing

1ADP Payroll services require an additional fee.

2First support call free. $35 per service call thereafter or $150 for 5 service calls.

3File creation only.

4If ADP should make an error that results in a payroll tax penalty, ADP will pay the penalty.


Credit Card Processing

Fully integrated with Small Business Accounting 2006, credit card processing is ideal for your small business clients who want to accept credit and debit card payments to better serve their customers and reduce cost. Integration with Small Business Accounting 2006 also:

• Eliminates data entry. Credit card transactions are automatically captured in Small Business Accounting 2006, which allows for better reporting and reduction of data re-entry errors.

• Reduces costs. Your clients can get started quickly without the need for expensive and bulky credit card processing machines.

• Offers merchant flexibility. Clients can work with their bank of choice. Clients who already have a deposit account don’t have to change banks.

Online Ordering of Checks and Forms

Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting 2006 provides an easy way for your clients to purchase professional, high-quality business checks, envelopes, business cards, forms, and other personalized products. In addition, all business check orders have enhanced protec- tion against check order fraud and identity theft with automatic, exclusive Fraud Protection.

Benefits to your clients include:

• Full compatibility. Business checks and forms are completely compatible with Small Business Accounting 2006.

• Personalization. Choose from a large selection of colors, lettering, custom logos, and styles.

• Extensive selection. Get a range of business checks, envelopes, forms, and other personalized products.

• World class customer service. Customer care representatives are available 24 hours per day (Monday through Friday), and there are four flexible ways to order (online, phone, fax, and mail).

Technical Support for Small Business Accounting 2006

In addition to unlimited free installation support for Small Business Accounting 2006, users receive one free technical support incident, a comprehensive online knowledge base, and a choice of affordable technical support plans. With Small Business Accounting 2006 Help, users can get quick answers to questions by simply pressing the F1 key. Microsoft also offers a full range of support plans to meet your specific business needs. Find out about these plans by calling 1-800-MICROSOFT.

Learn More

We invite you to learn more about how you can position yourself for the small business market. Detailed information about the Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting 2006 can be found at www.microsoft.com/accountants.


Tools and Resources for Your Practice

Microsoft Professional Accountants’ Network

The Microsoft Professional Accountants’ Network is designed to help you quickly master Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting 2006 and reinforce your role as a trusted advisor to your clients by providing a wealth of training, support, product, and marketing resources. Registration in the Network is free and will be available in summer 2005.

Network membership benefits include:

• Priority access to product support and accountant-specific training.

• Opportunities to connect with Microsoft Certified Partners to build mutually beneficial business relationships.

• Access to a Registered Member–only Web site that keeps you informed of the latest small-business and accounting related developments from Microsoft.

• Client-ready resources (trial CDs, template newsletters, forms, e-Learning, tips, and tricks) to pass along to your clients.

The Microsoft Professional Accountants’ Network is part of the Microsoft Partner Program (MPP), an industry-leading network of technology companies that use Microsoft software for building and distributing software or hardware solutions. As a registered member of the Network, you are automatically enrolled in the Microsoft Partner Program. This delivers many benefits for accountants—especially for those considering growing their practice by focusing on providing technology services or consulting to their clients, either by develop- ing those capabilities in-house or partnering with existing Microsoft Partners.

Learn more about the Microsoft Professional Accountants’ Network at www.microsoft.com/accountants.

© 2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Excel, the Office logo, and Outlook are either registered trademarks or trade- marks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

ADP Payroll and ADP Total Payroll are service marks of ADP of North America, Inc.

0405 Part No. X11-32049


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