What are his favourite things to do in his free time? What type of shops does he own with his sisters?

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5 What are his favourite things to do in his free time?

8 What type of shops does he own with his sisters?



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This week, "Teen Dream"meets secon(ialy school student Fiona Deeds. Fiona tells us about how she and her classmates aretrying to help children who have no homes.

Tell us


afew things about yourself and








years oleI<If!dl live in Leeds. 19o to ....••.Woodh. ()use Gr6ve.Schooland}l1y favOur!te

·s8.bjectis Hist6rY.fv1yschool hasg6t1,66b



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ottoys do you make?

We make dOlls, teddy bearsandtoy cars~·. .Sometimes


take our olddolIs.from home

and h,ake newcIothes forthef1l.Theboys

bringtheir oldtoycarsto s~hooIandpaint. " them.




theend,the toys look amazing! ','






















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6 What do other groups in Fiona's town do to help children who have no homes?

7 What kinds of toys do Fiona and her classmates make?

8 How do the children feel when they play with their new toys?

5 What do Fiona and her classmates do every Friday after class?


1 A very famous footballer.

2 Madeira in Portugal. 3 24.

4 Because he has to practise everyday with his team-mates.

5 Going for long walks in the countryside and listening to music.

6 Shakira. 7 One. 8 Clothes shops. 1 Deeds. 2 14. 3 In Leeds. 4 History.

5 They make toys for children who have no homes.

6 They give food and clothes to the children. 7 They make dolls, teddy bears and toy cars. 8 They feel very happy.



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Last month Phil and Dannywent to Paris for their

holidays They went for two weeks andthey travelled

there bytrain. Thejourney took three hours and the

boys listened to their CDsand bought a drink and


sandwich each onthe train. Danny thought it was great because the train went very fast.

Afriend of Phil's dad, called Mark, metthe boys at the station and took them to his house. Mark has

two sons, Martin and Joel, - they are the same ages

as Phil and Danny. Mark lives near the centre of

Paris, so the boys didn't travel round bybus - they walked everywhere.

Theydid a lot of sightseeing inthe city. Theysaw

things like The Louvre and TheEiffelTower and

some ofthe museums. And,ofcourse, they went to

lots ofshops in Paris. Dannythought everything was

nicer inthe French shops than at home. Phil bought

some newtrainers and alotofCDs.Dannybought

some souvenirs for his parents, and healso bought

a phone card so hecould phone hisfriends.

Atthe end of the holiday, Danny wasn't sadto go

home because hewanted to see his mum and dad,

but Phil wanted to stay in Paris for longer.

7 What did Dannythink about the things inthe

shops? _

8 What did Phil buy? _

9 Whodid Danny phone? _





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Last year Maria and Silvia went to Londonfor their holidays Theywent inJuly andtravelled there by

plane Thejourney took four hours and they had a

meal and two drinks each on the plane. Silvia thought

itwas great because they didn't payl

A friend of Silvia's mum, called Annie, met them at

the airport and took them to her house. They stayed

there for two weeks. Annie lives by a tube station, so

the girls went everywhere by tube.

They did a lot ofsightseeing Theysawthings like Big

Benand Nelson's Column and all of the big museums. And, ofcourse, they went to lots of shops in London.

Maria thought everything was more expensive than at home. Silvia bought alot ofT-shirts and somejeans

while Maria bought presents for her mum and dad. She also bought postcards to send to her friends. At the end ofthe two weeks, Maria was sadto go,but Sylvia wanted to see her familyl

3 What did they have on the plane?


1 Theywent for their holidays

2They went bytrain.

3They had a sandwich and a drink each.

4Danny liked thetrain because it went


5Martin and Joel are Mark's sons.

6They walked around.

7Danny thought everything was nicer in

the shops than at home.

8Phil bought some new trainers and a

lot ofCDs

9Hephoned his friends.

10 He wanted to go home to see his

mum and dad.

1 They went there onholiday.

2Theyflew / went byplane

3Theyhadameal and two drinks each

4 Because shedidn't haveto pay for

anything 5 Annie lives near a tUbe station. 6 They went sightseeing and shopping. 7 Maria thought theywere expensive. 8 Silvia bought alotofT-shirts andjeans 9Maria sent postcards toher friends. 10 She wanted to go home to seeher family. -'01





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The island. of Capri is in the Tzyrhenian Sea off the west coast of Italy.It is one of Europe's

most beautiful islands. There are many things

to see and do on the island. In Capri city you

can buy. clothes in the fashionable boutiques

and eat deliciolls Italian food in one of the

cosy restaurants on the harbour. You can also

go sightseeing in Capri. Those who like history

can explore the ruins of the villas that Roman emperors built on the island. The Villa San Michele, for example, has a wonderful garden

with works of art from Ancient Egypt and Rome.The garden also has a picturesque view of the island. You can even see Mount

Vesuvius, the famous volcano, from there.

Capri's most famous attraction is the Blue Grotto. It's a sea cave on the northwest coast

of the island. Inside the cave you can see an amazing blue colour in the water. It was once

the swimming pool of the Roman emperor Tiberius. Capri is also a popular destination for

many painters, writers and musicians. They come to Capri to enjoy the peace and quiet of

the island. In the past, the writer Graham Greene stayed on Capri, and today the singer Mariah Carey owns a villa on the island.

4 Where can you get a good view of the


6 Which Roman emperor swam in the Blue Grotto?

7 What do painters, writers and musicians like . about staying on Capri?

8 Which modern singer owns a villa on the island?


Harrods i~ a department store

in London, England. It is the biggest department store in Britain. It started in 1834 when

Chailes Harrod opened asmall

shop selling fruit, vegetables

and tea. In a short time, people from all over London

started coming to the shop. In

1883, Charles's son bought a

larger building for the shop

and began selling more products. Harrods grew and grew and in 1985 an Egyptian businessman bought the store

for £615 million.

Harrods today has 330

departments that sell many

products including clothes,

sports equipment, jewellery,

food and drink. There are also

28 restaurants and abank in the Harrods building. More than 300,000 people shop at

Harrods on busy days and

around 5,000 people from 50

different countries work in the

building. You can see many

beautiful Egyptian works of art in the store. In the past you could even see wild animals in

Harrods, including a snake and a lion!

Harrods is one of the most

famous landmarks in London.

It offers aunique shopping

experience and is a must for

any sightseeing tourist.

6 People from how many countries work in Harrods?

2 Inwhat year did Charles Harrod open his

shop? 7 What type of art work can you see in

Harrods? 3 What products did Harrods first sell in

1834? 8 What animals could you see in Harrods in

the past?

5 How many customers corrie to Harrods on busy days?






he Tyrrhenian Sea. Ifashionable boutiques. 'he Romans.

:rom the garden of the Villa San Michele n a cave on the northwest coast of Capri.


fhey enjoy the peace and quiet of the island.

Mariah Carey.

1 It's a department store.

2 In 1834.

3 Itsold fruit, vegetables and tea. 4 An Egyptian businessman. 5 More than 300,000.

6 From 50 different Countries.

7 You can see Egyptian works of art

8 You could see a snake and /. .

, a Ion. \~

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