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January 27, 2013 3rd Sunday


Ordinary Time

Des Moines County, Iowa

Our warmest welcome to all who

celebrate with us whether long time resident or newly arrived in the parish. We thank God for you! If you are not registered we invite you to fill out the Courtesy Envelope in the pew.

Welcome to the Catholic Parishes of














SS John & Paul Parish

700 Division St. / 508 N 4th St. Burlington, IA 52601

Pastor ... Father Marty Goetz


Parochial Vicar ... Father Bruce A.


Director of Liturgical Music ... Diane Mahoney Business Manager ... Barb Brown Admin. Assistant………..Pat Hammer Parish Office/Rectory

Mailing address

700 Division St. • Burlington, IA 52601 Parish office hours

Mon. 10:30 am-3:00 pm Tues.-Fri. 8:30 am-3:00 pm Phone. ... (319) 752-6733 Fax ... 753-5211 Email ... Website ... St. John Cafeteria ... 753-2932 St. Paul Church Hall ... 754-4775 St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry .... 752-9332 Sacred Heart Cemetery,

Joe Stevens ... 752-7309

SS Mary & Patrick Parish

420 W. Mount Pleasant St. West Burlington, IA 52655

Pastor ... Reverend David G. Steinle


Secretary ... Mary Rae Schnedler Parish Office/Parish Center

Mailing address

420 W. Mt. Pleasant St • West Burlington, IA 52655

Parish office hours

Mon., Wed., Thurs. 8:00 am-3:00 pm Tues. and Fri. 8:00 am-12:00 noon

Phone ... (319) 752-8771 Fax ... 752-4035 Email ...

St. Mary-Dodgeville

Mission Parish of SS. Mary & Patrick

13204 Dodgeville Rd. Sperry, IA Mailing address

P.O. Box 415 West Burlington, IA 52655 Phone ... (319) 752-8771 Pastor ... Reverend David G. Steinle Secretary ... Sue Nelson



GRMC Communion Ministers

On Sunday, February 3rd, Michael & Anne Hunter, SS Mary & Patrick parishioners, will distribute Holy Communion to the Catholic patients at Great River Medical Center.

Let us remember in our prayers all who have died, especially Nancy Canavit Harman, Bill Ertz, Ethel Scully,

and Verdon (Red) Siefken. May they and all who have died experience everlasting life in heaven.

Rediscover Catholicism Book Group

Come join us in small group discussions on Sunday, Jan. 27 & Feb. 3 at 2:30 pm at SS Mary & Patrick Parish Center. We will continue to discuss part 3, and part 4, respectively, each week. If you miss a week, that’s okay.

Wish to Become Catholic or a Full Member of the Catholic Church?

If you or someone you know has the desire to join the Catholic Church and was baptized in a mainstream protestant church, you can begin the process on Tuesday, February 5, 2013. If you were baptized Catholic and have not received the sacraments of the Eucharist or Confirmation, this is also an opportunity for you to prepare to enter into full union with the Catholic Church. Contact Ruth Skeens for more information at 319-752-8771 or e-mail at

Readings for the Week of January 27, 2013

Sunday: Neh 8:2-4a, 5-6, 8-10/1 Cor 12:12-30 or 12:12-14, 27/Lk 1:1-4; 4:14-21 Monday: Heb 9:15, 24-28/Mk 3:22-30 Tuesday: Heb 10:1-10/Mk 3:31-35 Wednesday: Heb 10:11-18/Mk 4:1-20 Thursday: Heb 10:19-25/Mk 4:21-25 Friday: Heb 10:32-39/Mk 4:26-34

Saturday: Mal 3:1-4/Heb 2:14-18/Lk 2:22-40 or 2:22-32 Next Sunday: Jer 1:4-5, 17-19/1 Cor 12:31--13:13 or 13:4-13/Lk 4:21-30


You can receive The Messenger each week in the mail or you can now read The Messenger online and in full color for no additional cost through the E-edition. To view a sample edition, go to and click on the E-edition button. To get the weekly paper edition, or the E-edition, or both, turn in your subscription envelope with $29. Messenger renewal envelopes are in your January packet of contribution envelopes. Make the check for $29 payable to your parish (SSJP or SSMP). Hopefully this can be taken care of by the end of January. Thank you.

First Friday Eucharistic Adoration

begins this Friday at 7:00 a.m. Mass at SS Mary & Patrick Church and continues through the 8:00 a.m. Mass on Saturday. This is a beautiful opportunity for you to spend one hour with Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.

Regional Council will meet at 7:00 pm on Thursday,

February 14 at SSMP.


The amount of $800 was raised from the tithing from our two parishes for the last quarter of 2012. Santa Rosa de Lima Church is the mission parish of SS John &

Paul and SS Mary & Patrick parishes and on the weekend of Feb. 9-10, Nora Migone, who is our liaison to Santa Rosa, will be speaking at all Masses. We are looking forward to hearing from Nora so we can be updated on the many projects at Santa Rosa and how our money is being used.

In memory of St. Blaise, the blessing of throats will take place at Masses on Sunday, February 3.

THANK YOU to everyone who came to the Blood Drive

at SS Mary & Patrick on January 14. To those of you who were deferred this time, we greatly appreciate the effort you made and please try again at the next drive. Twenty-nine units of blood were collected. Those units have the potential of helping 87 patients. The thank you note from MVRBC states “We treasure every one of these donations, especially after the holidays when the need is great!” Our next mobile blood drive will be at St. John’s in March. Troop 3 Soup Supper fundraiser will be held on Sat., Feb. 2 from 5:30-7:00 pm in St. John’s cafeteria. Chili and chicken noodle soup along with coffee, tea and “bug juice” will be available for a free will donation. Desserts will also be available.

Knights of Columbus Breakfast

The Knights of Columbus will sponsor a

Pancake and Sausage Breakfast on Sun., Feb. 3 at St. Paul's Hall. Serving will be between 8 and 11 am. Free-will donation proceeds will go to our Vocations Fund. Each year our Council provides three different seminarians with $500.


The Annual Valentine Cookie/Candy Sale,

with all proceeds going to Santa Rosa, needs volunteers to help make cookies & candy. If you can help, please call Joan Wail at 753-6144 or 750-9602.


January 28 –February 3


7:00 am SSMP Phyllis Robinson

8:15 am St. John’s Chapel Carl & Rosetta Oliva Tuesday

7:00 am SSMP Mosena Family

9:00 am Notre Dame James Tiemeier 5:30 pm St. Paul’s Mildred Skeva Wednesday

8:15 am St. John’s Chapel Rick O’Daniels


8:15 am St. John’s Chapel Anne Snyder

12:10 pm SSMP Therese Sharp


7:00 am SSMP Ruth Mohler

8:15 am St. John’s Chapel Betty Swafford Saturday

8:00 am SSMP Richard Sedlacek

4:30 pm St. John’s San Juana Renteria

5:00 pm SSMP Ray Miller


8:00 am St. Paul’s Kayla Atkins

8:15 am Dodgeville Julius Frank

9:30 am St. John’s For the People

10:15 am SSMP For the People

11:00 am St. Paul’s Jim Alfred

Rosary & Prayers

St. Paul Church - Tuesday before 5:30 pm Mass SS Mary & Patrick Church—Saturday at 8:00 am St. John Chapel— 7:50 am before weekday Mass

Eucharistic Adoration

First Friday of the month, 24 Hour beginning at 7:00 am at SS Mary & Patrick Church.

Every Tuesday 4-5:10 pm St. Paul’s Church followed by Mass at 5:30 pm

Children’s Liturgy Masses

9:30 am at St. John and11:00 am at St. Paul


Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults: The process for

adults and children to be welcomed into our faith

community through Baptism, Confirmation and the Eucharist begins in September of each year, call your parish priest for further details.

On the Web

Burlington Knights of Columbus: Diocese of Davenport: Santa Rosa de Lima Parish (Our sister parish)


KCDM 98.3 LPFM (Local Catholic radio): P.O. Box 28, Burlington, IA EWTN (Cable channel 94) (319) 752-9560

Editorial Policy

Announcements need to be in writing by noon on Monday by mail, drop off, fax or email to SS. John & Paul parish office to be included in the weekend bulletin. Parish news is priority and all articles will be edited for content and length.

To Report Abuse Please Contact:

Victim Assistance Coordinator:

Regional Parish Council

President, Kent Wilson . ... 392-8609 Vice-President, Barbara Kelley ... 759-4703 Secretary, Gretchen Miller ... 753-5385

Mike Cooke ... 752-3707 Cindy DeHague ... 753-6980 Ryan Gerling ... 850-0147 William Hausner ... 752-1347 Kathy Osinski ... 752-6190 Judy Riffel ... 572-0768 Dan Snyder ... 752-2278 Joe Spillane... 752-9560 Anne Stewart ... 752-5216

Burlington Notre Dame

Business Office, High School, Elementary School, Little Nike Pre-School

Phone ... 754-8431 Website ...

Elementary Principal... Bob Carr High School Principal ... Ronald Glasgow Dir. of Religious Education/Youth Minister ... Cease Cady Development Director... Val Giannettino

Website ...

3a 3b

Pastoral Ministers

Sr. Kathy Braun, SSND ... 752-8771(office) 752-6107 (home) Evangelization & Renewal, Ruth Skeens…..752-8771


Reconciliation: Saturday 11:00 am-12:00 pm at

St. Paul’s Church or by appointment.

Baptism: You must be a registered member of a

parish. Baptism Instruction classes are held at SS Mary & Patrick Parish center. Please contact Ruth Skeens at 752-8771, ext. 3 for information or to register for a class. Parents may register before the baby is born.

Marriage: By appointment, six months prior to

marriage. Parish Priest will preside.

Sick Calls

Contact the Parish Office if there is anyone at home who cannot attend Mass and receive the Sacraments because of illness or age. Please notify the Parish Office when you or a friend go into the hospital, often we are not notified.





& P


From Father Marty Goetz:

From Father Marty Goetz:

From Father Marty Goetz:

From Father Marty Goetz:

SS John & Paul

Last Weekend’s Treasure

Envelopes ... $10,923.33 Envelopes (electronic giving) ... $2,261.00 Offertory ...$604.15 St. Vincent de Paul ...$872.00

Catholic Messenger ... $1,858.00

We are grateful for your stewardship of treasure! Thank you!

All First Communion Parents/Guardians

One parent/guardian must plan to attend one of the following sessions to learn more about the preparations for your child to receive First Communion. This meeting is

very important! Tuesday, January 29 at 12:15 PM or Wednesday,

January 30 at 7:15 PM.

Both sessions will be held in the Notre Dame Elementary Library. This is for parents/guardians of children in the second grade Religious Education classes and the second grade at Notre Dame Elementary. For questions, please call Cease Cady at 754-8431 x.6.


As Robert James Glaser from this parish prepares for possible diaconate ordination this summer, the People of God are asked about his worthiness. If you are aware of any reason why this man should not be ordained, you are asked to contact:

Deacon Frank Agnoli OR Fr. Thom Hennen Office of Deacon Formation Office of Vocations 780 W. Central Park Ave. 780 W. Central Park Ave Davenport, IA 52804 Davenport, IA 52804 563-888-4257 563-888-4255

The names of those expressing concerns will not be shared with any of the candidates, though the nature of the concern may be shared with them as part of the discernment and evaluation process.

Target and many other local retail stores participate in

SCRIP. Purchase SCRIP following weekend Masses or from

the Business Office at Notre Dame.

Youth Ministry

Junior High Youth Rally! This rally will be held at Regina

High School in Iowa City on March 17th. What a great way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Teens Encounter Christ (TEC) will be held on Feb. 16, 17

& 18 in Dewitt. This weekend retreat is for junior & senior high school students. This is a great way to begin the new year and is a life changing experience for everyone that attends. Please give this retreat some consideration.

Notre Dame Vision Summer Conference for High School

Students. This conference is for all current 8thgraders to seniors. It is five days at the University of Notre Dame and as a participant you will have the opportunity to explore how God is calling you and how to respond with your gifts in your daily life.

Future B.A.C.K. dates: January 30th, February 20th, March

6th, March 20th. If you would like more info on any of these events, contact Cease Cady at the Religious Ed. office. 319-754-8431 x 6 or

Dear People of God, A true story:

The pastor asked her if she would consider becoming one of the ministers of the cup at Sunday Mass. After much hedging, she finally said yes.

She was a nervous wreck that first Sunday. When the moment came, she proceeded to the altar, her heart pounding. “What if I forget what to do? What if I mess things up? What if – please God, no! – I drop the chalice?” The priest then handed her one of the chalices of the Precious Blood of Christ and she went to her place. Her hand shook as she presented the chalice to the first parishioner and stammered, “The blood of Christ.” Before long her nervousness was transformed into joy and awe at the profound love of God she experienced in giving such a wonderful sacrament.

The story goes on saying she was called to do some service “behind the scenes”, which she was much more comfortable doing. But as she was serving soup to a poor, elderly woman, she found herself holding the bowl with the same reverence as the chalice. She looked at the poor woman with the same love as someone coming for communion. She felt the same awe and wonder and joy at the kitchen stove as she did at the altar. She experienced the Eucharist again. This brings us the next letter to help us come closer to Jesus during this “Year of Faith”:

Service: Each time we celebrate the Eucharist, we are called

to serve one another.

We are in desperate need for liturgical ministers. We need you to step up and serve our Parish as a proclaimer of the Word (lector), as a Eucharistic Minister, as an usher, greeter or gift bearer. We need our young people to step up and serve at the altar. (Parents, I need your help with this one!) In the coming weeks, you will find a sign-up sheet. I ask that you pray from your heart how you can serve the Parish. We need you! Have a great week!

Blood pressure screenings will be available the 1st Sunday of each month after the 8:00 am & 11:00 am Masses at St. Paul’s.

Little Nike Preschool 3 & 4 year old Program

Pre-registration for the 2013-2014 school year is now open for families in the Des Moines County Parishes. Children must be 3 years old by September 15th, 2013 to enter 3 year old preschool or 4 years old by September 15th, 2013 to enter 4 year old preschool. Space is limited, so please call the Notre Dame Elementary School Office @ 752-3776 to add your child’s name to the list. Official registration will begin in March. THANK YOU!





& P


SS Mary & Patrick Last Weekend’s Treasure

Envelopes ... $2,213.25 Offertory ...$288.70 St. Vincent de Paul ...$111.00 Catholic Messenger. ... $1,233.00 Churches of E. Europe ... $10.00 Thank you!

Will SS Mary & Patrick’s sponsor another successful Garage Sale this summer? Of course! Dates are June 22-23. Start saving items now. Thanks.

Living Faith pamphlet prayer books are available at the entrance of the Church for $1.00. These prayer books offer beautiful daily reflections and prayers. We suggest

Catholic Messenger

Bishop Amos asks that all households receive the Catholic Messenger. Subscription envelopes are in your Jan/Dec envelope packets. Beginning this year there will be an E-edition of the Catholic Messenger. You may choose the paper edition or the E-Edition or the combo of both for the subscription price of $29. An e-mail address is required with your subscription payment if you choose the E-Edition. Please complete the form found on the bottom of the flyers, available at the church exits, and return with your subscrip-tion. Checks should be made payable to SS John & Paul. We appreciate those that are able pay for an extra subscription in order to help defray the cost of those that cannot afford it.

Our Adult Choir sings next Sunday with rehearsal at 9:15 am.


Thanks to Becky Nelson who is baking cookies this Friday, Feb. 1st, at Hospice House. Volunteers are still needed for the remainder of this year to bake cookies on the first Friday of each month

and the 5th Tuesday of each month. Cookies can either be mixed up at home or there, but should be baked at the

Hospice House between the hours of 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. Call our parish office to volunteer at (319) 752-8771. Thank you!

Funeral Luncheons

Many many people are on our list as volunteers to bring salads, desserts and work at funeral luncheons. We are grateful to the long list of volunteers who help throughout the year. The following are Circle Leaders who coordi-nate funeral luncheons. Each takes two months within the year: Karen Ripperger, Kathy Osinski, Jeanne Menke, Carol Hibler, Carleen Kurimski and Judy Thie.


Envelopes are in your packet to begin a subscription or renew your present Catholic Messenger subscription. Every household is to take the Messenger and the parish cannot afford to pay for subscriptions. Please return your envelope as soon as possible. Checks should be made payable to SSMP.


We applaud and thank our parishioners for supporting Catholic school education in Burlington. And, we appreci-ate the dedication of faculty and staff who have a most vital ministry at Notre Dame Schools. Catholic schools serve a public function and we are grateful to our local community who realize the positive impact private schools have on the economy. Because of the Student Tuition Or-ganization, financially stressed students have a greater possibility of affording Catholic education. Notre Dame strives to make education available to all who wish to attend. May God continue to bless and reward the many who work hard to provide Catholic school education. We congratulate Notre Dame during Catholic Schools Week

as they celebrate “ Catholic Schools Raise the Standards.”

Altar flowers were donated by

Bob & LuAnn Glaser in memory of their loved ones who have died.

Give the Gift of Hope!

The American Cancer Society Daffodil Days is helping to save lives and create a world with less cancer and more birthdays! Order forms are available at the church exits. Orders with payment must be received in the parish office no later than Feb. 14th. Delivery of daffodils to the parish office will be the week of Mar. 11-15. Questions? Call Barb Brown at 752-6733 ext. 3.


You are invited to an Open Forum TODAY (Sunday) at St. Paul Church Hall starting at 12 pm and ending no later than 2 pm. This will be a chance for Fr. Marty to hear your ideas and comments about SS John and Paul Parish. Here are some starting points: “What is the Parish doing well?” What improvements can be made?” “How can we increase in-volvement and get people to step up and serve?” “Who do we want to be and where do we want to go?” Or if you have another concern or comment, please come and share it. This will not be a large group session for the most part. If you would like to talk to Fr. Marty one-on-one, he will be available until 2 pm our feedback and ideas are important. Come share your ideas & comments with your parish family.