Three parishes working together to grow in faith, hope, and love.

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Three parishes working together to grow in faith, hope, and love.

Weekday Mass Schedule

See page 3 of the bulletin for the weekday schedule as it is periodically subject to change based on pastoral circumstances.

Weekend Mass Schedule

Saturday 5:00 PM All Saints, New Richland (307 1st St SW) Sunday 8:00 AM St. Joseph, Waldorf (225 3rd Ave North) Sunday 10:00 AM St. Ann, Janesville

(313 W 2nd St)

Weekend Exposition and Reconciliation Saturdays at All Saints

4:00 PM Exposition 5:00 PM Mass

Confessions after Mass or upon request Sundays at St. Joseph

7:00 AM Exposition 8:00 AM Mass

Confessions after Mass or upon request Sundays at St. Ann

9:00 AM Exposition 10:00 AM Mass

Confessions after Mass or upon request Extended Weekly Eucharistic Adoration Everyone is welcome to visit the Chapel of Divine Mercy at St. Ann Church for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at the following times:

Monday 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6:00 AM - 11:00 PM

*Handicapped accessible churches.

*Devices to assist the hearing impaired are available.

*Low-Gluten hosts are available.

St. Joseph, Waldorf Established 1878 2028—150th Anniversary St. Ann, Janesville

Established 1874 2024—150th Anniversary

All Saints, New Richland Established 1879 2029—150th Anniversary


Pastor: Fr. Michael Cronin, I.V. Dei, JCL 313 W 2nd St, PO Box 218

Janesville, MN 56048-0218

Phone: 507.234.6244 Fax: 507.234.6237 Parish Office Email:

Website for Parishes: (Website has St. Ann YOUTUBE link to

livestream the liturgy)

24 hour Parish News and Weather Updates.

Send an email to the following for immediate response: PASTOR AND PARISH OFFICE INFORMATION

The parishes would like to thank Fr. Mike for his almost 5 years of service. Each parish will have an activity following Mass the weekend of June 29-30. Please see page 7 of this bulletin for more information.

We wish Fr. Mike well as he takes up the pastorate of St. Mary Parish in Winona. If you are not able to

participate in one of the going aways, you can send him a note at

1303 W. Broadway, Winona, MN 55987.

The parishes are also praying for the arrival of the new pastor, Fr. Antony.

We look forward to having Fr. Antony in our community and will have a welcoming opportunity at some point during the summer.



Monday Tuesday

Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

8:00 AM 9:45 AM 8:00 AM 8:00 AM 9:00 AM 4:00 PM 5:00 PM 7:00 AM 8:00 AM 9:00 AM 10:00 AM

St. Ann - Janesville St. Ann - Janesville Janesville Nursing Home St. Ann - Janesville St. Ann - Janesville

New Richland Care Center All Saints - New Richland All Saints - New Richland St. Joseph - Waldorf St. Joseph - Waldorf St. Ann - Janesville St. Ann - Janesville

2 Jun


Jun Jun Jun Jun Jun

17 18

19 20 21 22 23

No Mass Scheduled Matt and Mary Burns † John Janson †

Ray and Barb Gomsrud † Doug Yentsch †

Dr. Albert and Lois Flor † Exposition of the Eucharist Harvey and Irene Crumb † Exposition of the Eucharist For the Parishes

Exposition of the Eucharist Joann Tuvey †


Endowment Goal $25,000.00 Donations $5,709.00 Still Needed $19,291.00




Pledges $137,562.07

Total $685,090.06

Project Cost $9,870.00

Donations $13,293.00

Goal surpassed this week. Congratulations and thank you.

Project Cost $50,000.00

Donations $5,931.00

Still Needed $44,069.00


As we prepare to begin building the new Parish Center at St. Ann with the pouring of the foundation, it is important to remember that donations can still be made for the overall project. It is also important to remind those who have made a pledge, that the satisfaction of your pledge is essential for the success of this project. If you have any questions about this, please contact the parish office. Very soon, reminder letters will be sent to all parishioners regarding the balance of their pledge. Thanks again for your generosity and sacrifice. To all the parishes, please do your best to support the special funds noted below.

For Further Information, please contact:

Fr. Michael Cronin, Pastor St. Mary Parish 1303 West Broadway

Winona, MN 55987 Telephone: 507-452-5656 Email: Early Registration is highly recommended

First come-First Served



Gift Bearers/Sacristan:



Mass Servers:


Sunday, June 16 Gift Bearers:



Mass Servers:


Sunday, June 16 Gift Bearers:



Mass Servers:




5:00 PM Mass at All Saints, New Richland

Jean Schumacher & Virginia Langlie/Lori Tomsche Don Tomsche

Mary Bohlen, Jim Misgen, Joanne Misgen Addison D., Aidan D.

Rick Bohlen, Pete Deyle

8:00 AM Mass at St. Joseph, Waldorf Kyle and Jill Courtney Family

Marijo Beckstrand

Todd Stencel, Patti Schlaak, Brad Stenzel Clay S., Ciara S.

Tom Phillips, Trevor Beckstrand, Paul Beckstrand 10:00 AM Mass at St. Ann, Janesville

Donna Wiebold, Beth Johnson Faith Ryan

Kathy Pohlen, Harold Kruse, Barb Ahlman Bradley B., Jacob C.


EMOHC: Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion

Sacrament of Baptism Parents who are presenting a first child for baptism should attend a Pre-Jordan meeting with Fr. Mike before setting a date/time for the celebration.

Sacrament of Confirmation Normally, formation for

Confirmation takes place as part of the faith formation program.

Sacrament of the Eucharist The Eucharist is the source and summit of our Catholic Christian lives. The three parishes have opportunities to celebrate every weekend. The Eucharist is also celebrated Tuesday through Thursday at St. Ann, Tuesdays at Janesville Nursing Home, and Fridays at New Richland Care Center.

Sacrament of Reconciliation See cover of bulletin for confession

times; also by appointment.

Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick

Please contact the parish office when someone is hospitalized and/

or homebound.

Sacrament of Marriage Couples should meet with Fr. Mike at least 6 months in advance of the anticipated wedding date to begin marriage preparations.

Sacrament of Holy Orders Are you or someone you may know thinking about the possibility of the permanent diaconate or the ministerial priesthood? See Fr. Mike for more information.


If God is one, how can He be three? The most intelligent theologians have racked their brains over the problem, and the most prayerful ones have surrendered to the mystery. How it can be, we can't explain.

But what it means, we can join! Our God is an ever-unfolding relationship. Theologians speak of the immanent and economic Trinity. The Trinity is immanent in the sense that the Persons are close and entirely sufficient within Godself. In other words, God doesn't require us for God to exist. The word economic is rooted in the Greek word for

management of a household or family. The Trinity is economic in the sense that God has invited us to be part of Him. He's growing the family!

We see the dynamic here in today's Gospel.

Jesus says the Spirit "will take from what is mine and declare it to you" and that "everything that the Father has is mine." There is relationship here.

Jesus speaks (and is) the word of the Father. The Holy Spirit speaks what He hears from the Son. The Father gives everything to the Son, and the Spirit speaks that inheritance over us. God invites us into the Trinitarian family!

The doctrine of the Trinity isn't something to brush off as overwhelming.

After all, "the Spirit of truth... will guide you to all truth." This occurs most perfectly in the Church, who protects all that has been revealed by God in Scripture and gradually unpacked in tradition. We can trust the declarations of Her theologians and learn from the lives of Her saints. The Trinity may be a mystery, but, by the grace of God, we can have real truth about who God is and how we can love like Him.


Visit to learn more about area news and events within our Diocese.



Hendrina “Rena” Hinton, age 93, of Janesville, died on Tuesday morning, June 11, 2019 at Koda Living Community in Owatonna. Mass of Christian Burial will be 10:30 AM on Monday, June 17, at St. Ann with Fr. Michael Cronin presiding. Interment will be in St. Ann Catholic Cemetery.

Visitation will be from 4:00 -7:00 PM on Sunday, June 16, at Starkson & Steffel Funeral & Cremation Service ~ Arnoldt Chapel of Janesville. Visitation will continue for one hour prior to the service at the church on Monday. Memorials are preferred to Good Council in Mankato.


Thank you for your support of the Catholic Ministry Appeal 2019. St. Joseph parish and All Saints parish are both over goal. St. Ann parish is at 75% of goal.

Please do what you can to bring St. Ann parish to goal this coming week...before the end of June.

With St. Ann making goal, all three parishes will have exceeded their goals for the last 5 years.

Grab one of these envelopes and drop off to parish office this coming week.

St. Ann 75% of goal St. Joseph 270% of goal All Saints 179% of goal




St. Ann’s CCW is looking for a President and a Vice President. If you would be interested in serving in a leadership role for this organization,

please contact Carol Jewison at 507.461.0981 or Marlene Dimmel at 507.234.5292


The Church is one, holy, catholic, and apostolic. That oneness is mirrored for us in the Holy Trinity: one God in three Persons. We are a diverse community with different backgrounds, cultures, realities, and gifts, but we are truly one. Unfortunately, we too often forget this and function as a fractioned body. We needlessly compete against one another, judge one another as opposed to help, and sit silent when our brothers and sisters call out for help.

When we take seriously our stewardship way of life, we see our lives as not truly belonging to ourselves. We want to offer our very existence to God and the Body of Christ. If we find that we are resistant to that fullness of generosity, or we begin to use our gifts in a way that fractures community, we then actively work in contrast to this mark of the Church.

The Church that was established by Jesus and fortified by the institution of the sacraments cannot be destroyed and deprived of Her four marks. The human element may be strained and injured, but not even the gates of hell will prevail against this institution alive in the Spirit. Our actions can either bear witness to that reality or it can bring offense. Let us pray that enough of us will choose the holy way so all the world may see that God is real, Jesus is alive, and we are ONE.

-Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS This week I wanted to give you an update on the

financial situation of St. Joseph parish since the end of the fiscal year is fast approaching on June 30, the day of my departure for Winona.

Last week, I summarized All Saints parish and next week, I will summarize St. Ann.

First I want to thank the parish trustees, finance council, and pastoral council members whose names and terms of office are listed below. I appreciate their service to the parish.

The parish family has done a great job maintaining your beautiful church and I would encourage you to keep doing so. My hope and prayer is that you will continue to invite and welcome newcomers as well as those who may have been more distant from the practice of their faith. I’m especially grateful for all the volunteers who make things happen. The choir is faithful and you keep improving all the time.

Most recently it was decided to rent the rectory house and I’m thankful to Brad Stenzel for heading up this project. It will be nice to have the house being used and also a little bit of extra income.

Thanks to the folks who came over to help empty the house last weekend. Many hands make for light work for everyone involved!

Going forward, I would encourage you to maintain well the rectory house and possibly consider further updates to the parish hall. Continue to shore up the cemetery perpetual care fund and general

cemetery operations. Please continue to be successful for the Catholic Ministry Appeal—you have succeeded in reaching and exceeding your goal for the last 5 years. This past week, you have exceeded your goal for the boiler project! As usual keep regularly sacrificing for the good of the parish.

Financial snapshot as of April 30, 2019:

Church Checking: $6,302.98 Designated Funds: $20,312.72 CCW Savings: $13,274.44

Parish Trustees:

Lori Courtney (20), Peggy Sikel (20) Finance Council:

Dianna Groskreutz (20), Peggy Sikel (19), Brad Stenzel (21), Diane Stenzel (20) Tri-Parish Council:

Pete McGannon (20), Diane Stenzel (20), Becky Stenzel (21), Deb Bezdicek (19)

All Saints Quarterly CCW Meeting will be held Monday, June 17, at 6:30 PM

in St. Aidan Hall. Election of officers is on the agenda.

If you would like to nominate a woman of the parish or accept an office, please call Kris 507.463.8548 All women of the parish are encouraged to attend.

St. Joseph CCW installed officers for the new fiscal year 2019-2020 Co-Presidents - Marijo Beckstrand, Deb Bezdicek Vice President: Sarah Madden

Secretary/Treasurer: Lori Courtney


Music for the parts of Mass that are sung at All Saints, St. Ann and St. Joseph can be found on the white card stock pew card (which may be found inside the cover of the Breaking Bread hymnal or pew book rack) or you can also find the parts of the Mass that are sung in the song section of the Breaking Bread hymnal:

#863 Alleluia

#865 Holy

#866 We Proclaim Your Death

#869 Amen #870 Lamb of God

The Glory to God that we will use is also found on the white pew card (no number in the hymnal).

We invite you to sing JOYFULLY as we praise our Lord.

We hope you have enjoyed celebrating with us.

Whether you are new to the area or have lived here for years, you are invited to join our parish family.

We are three parish communities that make up the Communion of Saints Catholic Community. If you

are a visitor from out of town, we hope you feel welcome in our church as your “home away from home.”



We welcome into our Faith Family through the holy waters of Baptism at All Saints this weekend,

Tesla Ann, daughter of Daniel and Carrie Petsinger.


Congratulations to Riley Lamm who received First Holy Communion last weekend at

St. Ann. He is the son of Jeff Marg.


Thank you to Adam Roesler and Aidan Demarais for making a new black walnut frame for Fr. Mike and all the pictures he has put together in memory of his Dad.

All parishes are in need of folks willing to be Eu- charistic Ministers and Lectors. Please contact the pastor for further training and commissioning.



Thank you to everyone who helped with the funeral at St. Ann and the luncheon served at Faith Lutheran Church. Your kindness is sincerely appreciated.

The Family of Gordy Galler



Information for the bulletin is due to the parish office by 12:00 Noon on Tuesday unless otherwise noted.

Please send to:

PO Box 218, Janesville, MN 56048 or by email to: St. Joseph - We will be working on the house every Saturday starting at 8 AM to 2 PM or whatever works with your schedules. Please let Brad know if you can work 507-327-6781. The ladies will be providing lunch so it would be nice if we can give them a head count.

Quilting and Sewing at St. Joseph on Tuesday, June 18, from 1:00 - 5:00 PM. Everyone welcome!

Thank you to St. Ann Church members who donated

$32 toward Habitat’s home building partnership with families in need. The beam will become part of frame- work for the next Habitat home. The total raised by all those who sponsored a beam this campaign to date was $2,234. Thank you for your support.

The American Red Cross Blood Drive will be at the Waldorf Community Center on Tuesday, June 18, from 1:00-7:00 PM. Call 507.239.2461 for an appointment or sign up on line at The need is great. Please give blood on June 18.

Grand Knight for the Knights of Columbus - my term as Grand Knight for the St. Ann Council will end June 30, and I have decided not to continue with another term so the position will be open to any member of our council. This can be a very rewarding and fulfilling opportunity. My hopes are that someone will consider accepting this position. Charles Schwab

Part-Time BA Van Driver Needed - Bethlehem Academy in Faribault is looking for a safe, reliable person to transport Northfield and Webster area students to/from school on the Bethlehem Academy van during the 2019-2020 school year. Please contact Kris Sauer at if interested.

ROCKIN’ on the Hill - Summer Music Fest on Saturday, July 20, at Good Counsel Hill in Mankato. Food Trucks, Spirits & More - Gates open at 5:00 PM - Tickets $10.00 Advance/$15.00 at Gate - On sale at HyVee, Cub Foods and online at - you can also follow on Facebook @rockinonthehill



The parishes would like to thank Fr. Mike for his almost 5 years of service. Each parish will have an activity following Mass the weekend of June 29-30.

At All Saints after 5:00 PM Mass on Saturday, June 29, a Farewell Potluck will be held in St. Aidan Hall. Please bring a casserole or a salad to share. Beverage, Bread and Dessert will be provided.

At St. Joseph after the 8:00 AM Mass on Sunday, June 30, please stop down for coffee, juice and rolls in the parish hall.

At St. Ann after the 10:00 AM Mass on Sunday, June 30, please come to the Janesville City Park Shelter for a Picnic Lunch. (Menu: Hotdogs with bun, potato salad, chips, pickles, bars, and beverage) Everything for the meal will be provided but please bring your lawn chair.

That afternoon, Fr. Mike and Gracie, his dog, will depart for Winona.





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