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Academic year: 2020

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Moving toward Conflict

pp. 730-735

OUTLINING YOUR NOTES: Take notes as you read the text. Use outline formatting.

• America Supports France in Vietnam

o French Rule in Vietnam

o France Battles the Vietminh

o The Vietminh Drive Out the French

• The United States Steps In

o Diem Cancels Elections

o Kennedy and Vietnam

• President Johnson Expands the Conflict

o The South Grows More Unstable


Vietnam: US Involvement and Escalation Chapter 22, Section 2 Notes


Explain the reasons for the escalation of US involvement in Vietnam

Describe the military tactics and weapons used by US forces and the Vietcong

Explain the impact of the war on American society

Main Idea and Terms/Names

• The United States sent troops to fight in Vietnam,

but the war quickly turned into a stalemate.

• Robert McNamara

• Dean Rusk

• William Westmoreland

• Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN)

• Napalm

• Agent Orange

• Search and destroy mission

• Credibility gap

Johnson increases Involvement

1965 – Johnson and his foreign policy advisors decide to ____________________________

–Secretary of Defense ______________________________

–Secretary of State _________________________________

Congress strongly ___________________________________________________

Americans supported _________________________________________________


By the end of 1965 – _________________________________________________

__________________________________________ – American commander in Vietnam

–Continued _______________________________________________________

–Was not impressed with _________________________________________________

By 1967 – _____________________________________________________________

Fighting in the Jungle

US thought _____________________________________________________________

–The ________________ and the _______________________ turned the war into a stalemate

Vietcong used _________________________________________________________

–____________________________________________ – advantage!

Vietcong had a network of ________________________________________


–Connected villages to ______________________________________________________

The jungle was laced with ______________________________________________________

–The US had laid _______________________________________________________

–Vietcong reused American mines

–Nerve-racking for ________________________________________________________

A War of Attrition

Westmoreland’s strategy was to ________________________________________________

– A war of attrition – ________________________________________________________


Vietcong had no intention of quitting

– _____________________________________________________________________

The US misunderstood the Vietcong – ___________________________________________

Battle For Hearts and Minds

US began a campaign to win ___________________________________________________

– Would keep _____________________________________________________

However, this was a difficult task

US planes ___________________________________________________________

– Gasoline based chemical that __________________________________________

US sprayed __________________________________________________________

These chemicals wounded ________________________________________________

Search and destroy missions

– US troops uproot _______________________________________ and burned their villages

–Villagers ___________________________________________________________

Sinking Morale

US troops’ morale sunk


–Brutal ___________________________________________

–Failure to make ____________________________________________________

Some soldiers ________________________, but many soldiers were _____________________


turned to _______________________ and _____________________

Corruption of S. Vietnamese government – __________________________________________

The War at Home

Great Society Suffered

–The war was _______________ and the US ___________________________________

–Inflation rate ________________________________________

–Johnson asked for a _________________________________________________________

–Congress agreed, but only if the ________________________________________________

Living Room War – __________________________________________________________


The Credibility Gap

What the government _________________________________________________________

Americans saw images on TV that did not match up with the _____________________________

Fulbright hearings

– Senator Fulbright televised a series of hearing in which the ____________________________


Name: Date: Period:


A Nation Divided

pp. 742-747

OUTLINING YOUR NOTES: Take notes as you read the text. Use outline formatting.

• The Working Class Goes to War

o A “Manipulatable” Draft

o African Americans in Vietnam

o Women Join the Ranks

• The Roots of Opposition

o The New Left

o Campus Activism

• The Protest Movement Emerges

o The Movement Grows

o From Protest to Resistance

o War Divides the Nation


Name: Date: Period:


1968: A Tumultuous Year

pp. 748-753

OUTLINING YOUR NOTES: Take notes as you read the text. Use outline formatting.

• The Tet Offensive Turns the War

o A Surprise Attack

o Tet Changes Public Opinion

• Days of Loss and Rage

o Johnson Withdraws

o Violence and Protest Grip the Nation

• A Turbulent Race for President

o Turmoil in Chicago


Name: Date: Period:


The End of the War and Its Legacy

pp. 754-763

OUTLINING YOUR NOTES: Take notes as you read the text. Use outline formatting.

• President Nixon and Vietnamization

o The Pullout Begins

o “Peace with Honor”

• Trouble Continues on the Home Front

o The My Lai Massacre

o The Invasion of Cambodia

o Violence on Campus

o The Pentagon Papers

• America’s Longest War Ends

o “Peace Is at Hand”

o The Final Push

o The Fall of Saigon

• The War Leaves a Painful Legacy

o American Veterans Cope Back Home

o Further Turmoil in Southeast Asia


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