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Courses Not Eligible for CU Credit on CU-Boulder Study Abroad Programs


Academic year: 2021

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Courses Not Eligible for CU Credit on

CU-Boulder Study Abroad Programs

The vast majority of courses on CU-Boulder approved programs are traditional academic subjects and will be accepted by

CU-Boulder as elective credit at the very least. However, some courses taken on study abroad programs are not eligible

for CU credit.

A full description of guidelines that describe courses that will not be accepted for credit by CU-Boulder can be found here:


. In general, you should be wary of courses that a) sound really

fun and b) don't sound like any courses that are taught at CU-Boulder.

If you take a course abroad that is Not Eligible for CU-Boulder Credit: You must enroll in enough additional for-credit

courses to maintain full-time student status. The not-for-credit course will appear as Not for Credit (NC) on your

CU-Boulder transcript.

The following is a list of courses that have already been evaluated and deemed ineligible for CU-Boulder credit. They are

listed in alphabetical order by country and then program.

English as a Second Language courses are not eligible for credit at CU. (ESL)

Note: All CIEE Seminar on Living & Learning courses through CIEE programs are Not Eligible for CU-Boulder Credit

whether included on this list or not.


Courses Not Eligible for CU Credit

Program Full Course Title Host Course No

CIEE Argentina: Buenos Aires Liberal Arts Yoga for Actors and Dancers IUNAYOGADANC


ISA Argentina: Buenos Aires Courses with Locals in Multiple Disciplines

Touristic Geography of Argentina GEOG4001

Exchange: University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia)

Event Management and Marketing SERV2004


Getting Into Business GENC7002

Introduction to Food Science FOOD1120

Introductory Exercise Science HESC1501

Management Accounting ACCT2522

Tourism & Hospitality Operational Studies TAHM1666

Exchange: University of Wollongong (Wollongong, Australia)


Exchange: University of Wollongong (Wollongong, Australia)

Intro to Mgmt for Professionals A MGMT208


Marketing Strategy MARK344

Performing & Teaching Rhythmic Movement Activities EDPM201

Stress Management EDUP363

Systems Analysis & Design Acct & Fin ACCY335

ISA Australia: Adelaide University of Adelaide Summer School (summer)

Academic English I ENGL1110

Academic English II ENGL2110

International Law Study Tour LAW3538

The Australian Wine Industry III: Rise of an Icon 3515WT

ISA Australia: Gold Coast Courses with Locals in Multiple Disciplines (Griffith University)


ISA Australia: Gold Coast Courses with Locals in Multiple Disciplines (Griffith University)

Event Marketing & Sponsorship 2315HSL


Exercise & Sport Psychology 3009AHS

Food and Wine Tourism 2213HSL

Intro to Event Management 1204HSL

Management Strategy & Decision Making 3112IBA

Organizing and Staging the 2018 Common Wealth Games 2018HSL

Police, Courts and Criminal Law 1012CCJ

Sport Facility and Planning 2310HSL

Wine Studies 2217HSL

ISA Australia: Melbourne Courses with Locals in Multiple Disciplines (University of Melbourne)


ISA Australia: Melbourne Courses with Locals in Multiple Disciplines (University of Melbourne)

Sports Coaching: Theory & Practice EDUC10051


ISA Australia: Sydney Courses with Locals in Multiple Disciplines (Macquarie University)

Consumer Behavior MKTG203

Introductory Histology HLTH132

Marketing Mgmt Effect & Efficienty BBA313

Marketing Operations Management MKTG304

Marketing Research MKTG202

Marketing Seminar MKTG305

Marketing Strategy MKTG303

Metropolitan Lifestyles SOC366

ISA Australia: Sydney Courses with Locals in Multiple Disciplines (University of Sydney)


ISA Australia: Townsville Tropical Studies, Economics, Society & Culture (James Cook University)

Science and Practice of Physical Activity SP1001


CIEE Belgium: Brussels Business, Communications & Culture Human Health BIO103 / BIO 103E


CIEE Bonaire: Tropical Marine Ecology & Conservation Advanced Scuba MARI3004BONA


Cultural & Environmental History of Bonaire ECOL3003BONA

CIEE Bonaire: Tropical Marine Ecology & Conservation (summer)

Advanced Scuba MARI3004BONU

CIEE Botswana: Gaborone Community Public Health Advanced Swimming PHR300


CIEE Chile: Santiago Liberal Arts Appreciation of Aquatic & Outdoor Sports VALPEFI247-01


Basketball VALPEFI393-01

Karate UDPFGD9007


CIEE Chile: Santiago Liberal Arts Tennis II PUCDPT6550 CHILE

Weight Training

CIEE Chile: Valparaiso Liberal Arts Camping Techniques & Outdoor Education VALPEFI231

Intro to Mountaineering VALPGEO405-01

Mountain Sports VALPEFI309

Self Care and Healthy Life VALPEFI023

Seminar on Living & Learning in Valparaiso CLST3001VALP

Swimming HSPO5070 20440

ISA Chile: Valparaiso Courses with Locals in Multiple Disciplines

Mountain Sports EFI309

ISA Chile: Valparaiso Spanish Language & Latin American Studies


ISA Chile: Valparaiso Spanish Language & Latin American Studies

Mountain Sports, Mountain Sports (with Chileans) EFI309


Self-Care and Healthy Life (with Chileans) EFI023

CIEE China: Beijing Advanced Chinese Studies Chinese Shadow Boxing (Taiji) BJACSCSBT


GMEO China: Chengdu American Center Chinese Food Culture

ISA Costa Rica: San Jose Health Care Courses in English & Medical Spanish

Alternative Health Approaches (in English) HHD1050


Univ of Kansas: San José, Costa Rica Beginning Popular Dances for Men EF7461

Beginning Popular Dances for Women EF8461

Sport's Activity: Women's Beginning Handball EF8261, HSES108

DIS Abroad (Copenhagen, Denmark) Barcelona: Football is Never Just a Game ARSC4006


CIEE Dominican Republic: Santiago Liberal Arts Baseball DRASDEP 110T


CIEE Dominican Republic: Santiago Liberal Arts Ping Pong DRASDEP114T DOMINICAN REPUBLIC


Rythmic Gymnastics DRASDEP115T

Swimming PUCMMDEP104

Volleyball DRASDEP 106T

Exchange: Lancaster University (Lancaster, England) Thinking about Mgmt & Organisation OWT100


Exchange: University of East London (London, England) Introduction to Therapeutic Massage BS2070

ISA England: London University of Westminster Courses with Locals in Multiple Disciplines

Exploring Mind and Body Through Yoga FCMO471

Perspectives on Organizations BBUS401


Syracuse Program in London, England Intro to the Legal System LPP255 ENGLAND

Exchange: Sciences Po Paris (Paris, France) Civilization: The World of Wine in France DCIV1020A


Climbing HSPO5040 10814

Fencing HSPO5045

Modern Dance HSPO503050195

Pilates HSPO5195

Rugby HSPO5075

Sailing HSPO5005

Salsa HSPO515057833


Exchange: Sciences Po Paris (Paris, France) Swimming HSPO5070 20440 FRANCE

Tennis HSPO510511273

Yoga HSPO5125

IAU College in Aix-en-Provence, France An Overview of Wine WS101

Regional Wine Trade and Economics BUS/GEO/WS303

The Global Wine Industry WS306

Wine Marketing and Analysis BUS/WS302

Exchange: University of Regensburg - Undergraduate (Regensburg, Germany)

European Penal Law GERMANY

CIEE Hungary: Budapest Central European Studies Tourism Management and Marketing CORVIEC483


CIEE India: Hyderabad Arts & Sciences History, Philosophy & Science of Ayurveda ISIP-SIP487


CIEE Ireland: Dublin Irish Studies (summer) Sustainable Tourism in Ireland: An Analysis of Responsible Tourism Development


Tel Aviv University, Israel Clinical Laboratory in Medicine LS2120-0995-02


History of Medicine in the Holy Land- From the Crusaders to Modern Health Care

The Circle of Life LS2120-0991-02

Arcadia Italy: Umbra Institute in Perugia Field Research Project: Art Curation ISIR499


Independent Study ISXX498

CIMBA: Management & Business Analysis in Paderno del Grappa, Italy

Italian for Travelers 018:030

Topics in Management: Experiential Learning and Leadership: LEAP


Topics in Management: Experiential Learning and Leadership: LIFE


Music & Performing Arts Program: Renaissance in the XXI Century (Florence, Italy) (summer)


Syracuse Program in Florence, Italy Mediterranean Diet NSD452 ITALY

Mediterranean Food and Culture: A Florence Experience NSD452; HST300

CIEE Japan: Tokyo Arts & Sciences Ceramics & Glass Materials SML63600


Exchange: Akita International University (Akita, Japan) Health & Physical Education Activities HPE110

US Diplomatic History HIS350

Exchange: Sophia University (Tokyo, Japan) Flying Disc Practice 099070

ISA New Zealand: Christchurch Courses with Locals in Multiple Disciplines (University of Canterbury)

Rock Climbing Contexts and Techniques TEPE110


ISA New Zealand: Dunedin Courses with Locals in Multiple Disciplines (University of Otago)

Athletic Injuries PHSE310

Athletic Training & Conditioning PHSE314


ISA New Zealand: Dunedin Courses with Locals in Multiple Disciplines (University of Otago)

Physical Educ Practice 1 NEW ZEALAND

Sociocultural Foundations of Physical Education PHSE101

ISA New Zealand: Wellington Courses with Locals in Multiple Disciplines (Victoria University)

Spc Tpcs: Financial Economics MOFI306

Tourism in New Zealand TOUR108

CIEE Peru: Lima Liberal Arts Women's Sports PUCPACT141


CIEE Senegal: Dakar Development Studies Seminar on Living & Learning in Dakar CLST3001SNDS


CIEE Senegal: Dakar Language & Culture Seminar on Living & Learning in Senegal CLST3001SGSM

Exchange: National University of Singapore (NUS) (Singapore)

Introduction to Geometry MA2219


Itadakimasu-Food in Japan JS2230

CIEE South Korea: Seoul Arts & Sciences Basketball YONSUCL1104


CIEE South Korea: Seoul Arts & Sciences Conceptual Art and Design IID1004 SOUTH KOREA

Creative Project UCJ1132

Physical Training YONSUCL1109

Soccer YONSUCL1102

Table Tennis YONSUCL1126

CIEE South Korea: Seoul Korean Studies (summer) Cross Cultural Communication in English UCK1145

CIEE Spain: Alicante Liberal Arts Beach Volleyball II UA10352DE


Individual Sports II UA10345DE

Principles of Water Sports UA7952DE


CIEE Spain: Barcelona Business & Culture Culture and Business in America ESCICULBUSAM SPAIN

CIEE Spain: Barcelona Language & Culture Global Marketing and Culture of FC Barcelona: Playing for Fun or

for Keeps; Playing for fun or for keeps: Football Club Barcelona


CIEE Spain: Palma de Mallorca Language & Culture (summer)

Mediterranean Cuisine in Spain: Cooking and Wine Tasting HISP3006PALU

CIEE Spain: Seville Business & Society Culture and Cuisine in Spain ANTH3002CSCS

CIEE Spain: Seville Communication, New Media & Journalism

Wine in Spain: History, Culture, and Economics SECEGA22

CIEE Spain: Seville Language & Culture (summer) Culture and Cuisine in Spain ANTH3001SESU

CIEE Spain: Seville Language & Society Spanish Culture & Cuisine ANTH3001/SOCI3006

CIEE Spain: Seville Liberal Arts Cuisine Culture of Spain SECEGB28

Culture and Cuisine in Spain ANTH3002CSCS

ISA Spain: Barcelona Hispanic Studies Spain Today: Society & Institutions; Modern-Day Spain: Society

& Institutions; Current Spain


ISA Spain: Barcelona International Studies, Business & Culture

Human Resource Management: Finding your place in organizations


The Creative Economy BADM4001

Syracuse Program in Madrid, Spain Scuba PED221

CIEE Taiwan: Taipei Communications, Business, and Political Economy

Instructional Psychology NCCU102921001


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