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for better business

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Go paperless

supercharge your service with the latest

mobile workforce solutions

Track your way to

increased efficiency

with the UK’s favourite vehicle

tracking solution

Small and medium

sized businesses

thinking big

find out about the latest

managed IT services


The art of creating order from chaos.

It can be a moment of magic. When everything

falls into place. When it all suddenly makes

sense. When you find the power to bring order

where there is none.

That power is Masternaut Three X.

It’s about the organisation of movement –

making things go where you want, when you

want, the way you want.

It’s about creating calm out of chaos.

And it’s what we do best.


End-to-end solutions to better your business...

No matter what kind of service business you operate,

you’ll find Masternaut Three X can help you make the most of your mobile workforce.

Whether you run a handful of vehicles or a fleet of hundreds, we can streamline the way your team operates, improving efficiency and delivering return on investment.

We offer a complete solution for every area of your business, from your vehicles and your people, to your back office systems.

Our wide portfolio of products and services have been designed to work together to overcome the specific challenges you face everyday. And because they’re simple to install and use, you and your employees will reap the rewards immediately.

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Back office

Vehicle and asset tracking

Mobile workforce applications


Business intelligence

Hosted business solutions

Managed IT services

Talk to a mobile resource

management expert

Call us on 08444 150150 Visit Email us at Come and see us for a personalised demonstration of any of our solutions.


Custom start of day checks can be created.

A list of today’s jobs at your engineer’s fingertips.

Simple and easy navigation from job to job is fully integrated.

Customer history is easily viewed.

Service management made easy

Mobile Workforce Applications

When your business relies on most of your team being out on the road, you need control.

Masternaut Three X’s Mobile Workforce Applications allow you to communicate and exchange critical information anywhere in the world. Using real-time technology our solution for service management allows you to respond instantly and make informed decisions on the spot.

Send jobs to your mobile workforce and communicate in real-time

No more messy paper forms

Everything is tailored to suit the needs of your business eg. for Corgi, NICEIC etc

Full signature capture for proof of service and instant invoicing.

Any paper forms can be ‘digitised’ – e.g. Corgi and NICEIC forms.

Full integration with InfoMill PartsArena for

exploded diagrams.

Engineers can check stock in real-time with the


Full signature capture – info is sent back instantly so you can


Tracking your way to increased efficiency

with the UK’s favourite vehicle tracking solution

With Masternaut Three X’s vehicle and asset tracking, your mobile workforce need never be out of sight or mind. Thanks to our web-based tracking solutions, you can enjoy ‘total visibility’, which will allow you to:

Reduce fuel costs, mileage and emissions

Increase productivity and resource utilisation

Improve efficiency and reduce unnecessary overtime costs

Improve customer satisfaction through improved communication and proactive management

Obtain detailed insight to help drive your business forward efficiently.

Extra value at no extra cost


Our tracking solution comes with GreenerFleet™as

standard. A powerful tool that let’s you reduce your carbon footprint and your fuel costs at the same time. GreenerFleet™incorporates a driver league table, so you

can encourage people to drive responsibly. Fuel Management

Getting accurate information on fuel performance is key to managing down your costs and controlling your vehicle emissions. The Fuel Management facility allows you to record fuel purchases and link these to the actual mileage driven by the vehicles in your fleet.

Duty of care

Useful duty of care features help you to focus on keeping your drivers safe. A daily summary allows you to see at a glance the performance of all drivers where you are alerted to three key measures. These include the length of the working day, the number of rest stops taken during continuous driving, and also speeding.

The Masternaut Three X tracking solution uses powerful technology to compare driving speeds with the actual limit. So driving at 40mph in a 30mph zone is flagged up as speeding for example.

Great features that will

make your life easier:

Locate nearest resource

Easily locate the nearest vehicle to a location, improving response times and reducing unnecessary mileage. This results in better customer service. Automated time-sheets

Cut down on unauthorised overtime and easily separate business and private mileage. Leaving you with less administration.

Access on a mobile

You can even access the system on a mobile phone or PDA. Great for people always on the go. Giving you total visibility at all times.

The Masternaut Three X Tracking Solution incorporates full Duty of Care functionality as standard.


Optimise your field service

360 Scheduling

The most successful service companies are those that are now embracing both a strategic approach and employing a real-time scheduling solution to grow their businesses and meet their burgeoning SLA


Being able to satisfy planned demand is only half the battle, being able to satisfy unplanned demand is key. Companies that have re-configured their resources, adopted a real-time scheduling solution and changed their business processes can now benefit from real-time visibility of field activity, engineer availability and data feeds such as GPS. Work schedules and routes can change dynamically throughout the day as demand patterns alter.

360 Dynamic Scheduling Engine

Today 360 Scheduling is setting the standard against which all mobile workforce scheduling must be judged. Scheduling is now in the mainstream and 360 has taken it there. With best of breed algorithms, ease of

integration and a modern system architecture that scales from ten to many thousands of engineers, 360 continues to lead where others follow.

At the heart of everything 360 does lies the Dynamic Scheduling Engine. It is the work of a dedicated team of scheduling experts and field service management specialists. It is the best and most up to date product of its type in the field service industry. Development continues at pace to improve and stay ahead of the pack.

Put your business on the big screen

VisuLive business intelligence dashboards

VisuLive links with your vehicle tracking and mobile workforce solutions as well as existing back office systems. It displays the information on large cinema -style screens for all to see.

VisuLive ensures the right information is presented to the right people, at the right time

Live alerts warn you when an engineer is running late

The most important key performance indicators (KPIs) are always displayed, so you can react and drive results in real-time

In addition to the service VisuLive screen other dashboards can be tailored for the other areas of your business (e.g. telemarketing/sales).

Having specific business information at exactly the right time is key to both short and long-term success. VisuLive – an invaluable web-based application that manages your data – gives you all the information you need to make those important decisions.

This powerful tool provides you with up-to-the-minute, business-critical information to help channel your resources effectively, improve efficiency and unlock your business potential.


Small businesses thinking big

Business Solutions and Managed IT Services

Business Solutions

As a Gold Certified Microsoft partner,

we specialise in the latest Microsoft Dynamics business management software. It has been specifically designed with small and medium sized businesses in mind, and is simple to implement, simple to use and is scalable. Quite simply if you’ve ever used Microsoft Outlook for email, you’ll be able to use Dynamics straight away with minimal training. Dynamics comes in two essential versions – CRM for managing your customer records and data, and GP for complete management of your


A full range of services

Business Applications Microsoft Dynamics CRM Microsoft Dynamics GP Microsoft Exchange Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft Small Business Server Managed Application Hosting

We can host and fully maintain your business critical applications.

Dedicated Server Hosting

With state-of-the-art technology and unrivalled expertise, Masternaut Three X can host your website, your applications and your entire IT infrastructure. Benefit from made-to-measure cost efficient

managed IT services

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to worry about your IT infrastructure ever again? Masternaut Three X can offer your business a whole range of solutions as well as full service hosting to not only make your life easier, but to also optimise your performance. Is this your current situation?

Your highly trained people are doing menial and repetitive IT tasks

IT costs are spiralling out of control

Your IT budget is being spent just keeping things ticking over

A lot of downtime is being experienced

There’s insufficient provision for failure/disaster and the backup of data

Your business data relies on a small number of individuals who could leave your business with one months notice.

The Masternaut Three X solution

Switch to our fully managed IT service and benefit instantly

We’ll manage all your routine tasks for you

We’ll fully manage your IT for a low fixed monthly cost, freeing you to concentrate on growing your business

Your IT spend lowered

Our disaster recovery and business continuity solutions will ensure nothing gets in the way of doing business


When it comes to Mobile Resource Management, you want a name you can trust. That name is Masternaut Three X. We are proud to work with over 2000 customers, ranging from small regional businesses to global household names.

We’re officially Europe’s number one!

Business intelligence authority Berg Insight ranked us as No.1 for Fleet Management in 2007

Solutions to suit every sector and business size With over 2000 customers and 60,000 subscribers across a range of sectors, we are trusted to deliver true business benefits and return on investment. The best customer service

Our 24/7 customer service team is based in the UK. No button pressing either – you can direct dial your own dedicated customer service representative.

Gold Microsoft Partner status

Relax. Our Gold Microsoft partner status means we have attained the highest level of competence and expertise.

We’re a Tech Track 100 company

Masternaut Three X is officially recognised as one of the UK’s fastest growing

technology companies. At the cutting edge of technology, this rapid growth has resulted from the delivery of true value and service for our customers.

One of the UK’s best companies to work for

We’re proud of our Best Companies award which recognises us as one of the UK’s best workplaces. We have a team of passionate, dedicated and friendly experts.

A selection of Masternaut Three X customers:

Every solution developed by Masternaut Three X

responds to a client need or opportunity.

That’s why we are so effective.

Effective in improving your mobile resource efficiency.

Effective in bettering your business.

Effective in the organisation of movement.

08444 150 150

A name you can depend on

Masternaut (UK) Ltd

Priory Park, Great North Road, Aberford, Leeds LS25 3DF. Email




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