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Shop 35, The Village, 235 Forest Lake Boulevard PO Box 4292, Forest Lake, Qld 4078 Toll Free: 1800 99 00 11 Local Call: (07) 3372 0400 Fax: (07) 3372 0444 Email: Call Us:



Why list your property with us?

The Principals commenced their real estate business in 1988 and are both fully licensed residential and commercial agents. You can view their professional profiles on the @ap-realty website

n During the last year our listings averaged

23 days less on the market than other agencies in the area – faster results because of our ability to identify the unique marketing requirements of your property.

n Our median sell price was $92,500 higher

than the average area – testimony of our ability to get you more for your property.

n All of our sales professionals live locally

and are on call 24/7 – their superior market intelligence will help you pinpoint market pricing.

n Professional code of ethics – Corporate

REIQ Members.

n Expert digital marketing practitioners

with superior supplier status through, Domain and REIQ.

n Impressive database of registered

property buyers and investors – fortnightly newsletter.

n Extremely competitive marketing costs. n Company contribution towards

advertising budget – we put our money where our mouth is.

n Superior shopping centre location – open

7 days.

n Privately owned and operated family

business with family values.

To summarize… @ap-realty is the dominant real estate brand in the area because of our innovative business model… rapid response, within the hour to all client enquiries ensures that we deliver a faster customer experience that reinforces the client’s “first impression”.


The Listing Process

Complete Agency Appointment Documents Implement Marketing Strategy Open Homes Inspection & Market Appraisal Professional Photos, Advertising & Signage








1 The inescapable lesson of history is that when properties are priced above the prevailing market they simply don’t sell. Everyone wants top dollar for their property, however, we need to have the emotional discipline to resist from pricing them above the market. Let our superior research capability help you to determine your pricing strategy. 2 Exclusive listings receive a company contribution towards

advertising and an @ap-realty Privilege Card. 3 We arrange professional photos, signage and all

advertising needs.

4 Agents monitor and provide client feedback on a weekly basis.

5 Open homes and private inspections are conducted for the full term of the exclusive listing.

6 When a contract is secured we ensure that all parties receive a copy within 24 hours. The agency will attend all inspections for building & pest, bank valuations and any minor maintenance work that may be required before pre-settlement inspection by the purchaser.


5 *Prices subject to change without notice.


Competitive marketing packages available…

Shotgun marketing is an

expensive process…

Your property won’t appeal to everyone so we need to clearly identify that segment of the market which will reach people who

WILL buy your property. We then

structure your marketing spend in a focused manner to REACH these




with every Exclusive Listing

Your property will be featured in our Exclusive Showcase on for every search page in Forest Lake, Heathwood and Ellen Grove. (All three suburbs will be included.)


In this ever competitive real estate marketplace a strong brand can be the difference between success

and failure. To not be

different in a competitive environment is suicidal…

@ap-realty dares to be

different with new marketing strategies that work!

Our company combines a broad knowledge base in advertising, marketing and promotions with an extensive background in the real estate industry. With years of practical experience across all sectors, there is no better marketing company to understand the unique needs of owners of local properties.

Our team of licensed professionals can readily identify the unique marketing needs of your property to take it to market. We actually merge spectacular graphic design, informative content

and state-of-the-art printing processes in every marketing piece we produce – this gives our work that special something that makes it stand out far and above anything else produced by our competitors.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression! Let us show you how to present your property to maximum effect using a blend of distinctive style and creative marketing.

Remember –



Pricing the property

above the market

Resist the temptation of pricing your property too high so

that it can be discounted during the negotiation process…

set a realistic price band for us to work within.

Rule #1


9 The inescapable lesson of history is that

when properties are priced above the prevailing market they simply don’t sell. Everyone wants top dollar for their property however we need to have the emotional discipline to resist from pricing properties above the market.

Let our superior research capability determine the pricing strategy for your property.

Meeting the market

Residential property time on the market

10 Days -35 -30 -25 -20 -15 -10 -5 0 5 10

30 Days 60 Days 90 Days 120 Days 150 Days



Professional photographs

Don’t cut corners on photos by doing them yourself,

there is a huge difference between amateur and

professional photographs.

For a dusk shoot make sure all lights are working

(inside and outside). Open the curtains, turn on table

lamps, range hood, close toilet lids, remove washing

from the line and keep pets out of sight.



6,760 internet enquiries


Open for inspection

Many owners see these as an inconvenience

and just hard work!

Wrong… if you want to sell your home quickly

ask us for a copy of our OFI Checklist.

Open homes work and well presented

homes SELL FAST!



Conducting a preliminary

building & pest inspection

The western suburbs are notorious for termite issues

and buyers will run a mile if nests are discovered during

inspections –

when was your last check?


Bank valuation/inspection

Don’t take this for granted – no finance generally means no sale!

@ap-realty we understand the valuation process and work

closely with the Valuer to ensure that they have all the information they require to assess your properties value correctly…

Banks will lend a percentage of the LOWER of the valuation figure or the contract purchase price.

The valuation figure on a purchase will rarely be the purchase price. A variance of more than 5% would need to be critically

examined – qualitative data is critical to this process.



“I don’t want a sign up”… is a familiar catch cry by

vendors not wanting neighbours to know their business.

If you are serious about selling you will have a sign up as

quickly as possible –

10% of buyers come

off the street sign.

Rule #6


Listening to the market

Market intelligence is a critical component

of the sales process.

@ap-realty will provide you with a comprehensive

regular update which will enable you to react to the

prevailing market with confidence and certainty.



The @ap-realty Privilege Card

Whenever a new client signs an exclusive property sales or management agreement with us they will receive one of our Privilege Cards. This card entitles the member to a range of discounted products and services including:


$2,500 Advertising contribution for your property to be listed on the Exclusive Showcase on (Forest Lake, Heathwood and Ellen Grove).


A free loan capacity test from one of our preferred mortgage brokers – Zig Zag Finance or Aussie.


10% Discount on furniture staging and free stylist quotes and advice.


A professional house and garden clean prior to the buyer’s pre-settlement inspection of the property. Value up to $1,000.


Free personal property investment consultation which includes taxation, SMSF and financial feasibility reports.


Free property appraisal for your next residential purchase.


No initial let fee for new investment property managements (save one week’s rent).


Flat sales commission rate 2.75% incl. GST (no hidden charges).




Property Sales

Investment Grade

House & Land Packages

in the Brisbane

Growth Corridors




Property Management

& Rentals

Property Finance

and Ownership


Project Marketing


Investors – Buyers

Agency Services


Shop 35, Forest Lake Shopping Centre, 235 Forest Lake Blvd, Forest Lake PO Box 4292, Forest Lake, Qld 4078

Phone: (07) 3372 0400 Fax: (07) 3372 0444 Email:


1800 99 00 11

Thinking about

buying or selling?

We are-all the time!




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