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Academic year: 2021

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Sponsorship Package

Dear Colleagues in the Canadian ICT industry,

We are seeking your support to create a sustainable and fundamental shift in Canadian secondary students’ perception of the Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) profession: from elite nerd ‘gamesters’ to a main stream rewarding and professional career that is meeting the demands of a competitive and growing economy across Canada.

I would like to introduce you to the Canadian Cyber Defence Challenge (CCDC). The CCDC is a team of senior ICT professionals and education volunteers who have contributed their talents, experience, and passion to a bold initiative aimed at increasing Canadian youth interest in the challenging and ever-evolving industry of ICT technology. Our track record is proven: over the past three years, the CCDC has hosted three Cyber Defence Challenge events in Winnipeg involving students and including six high schools and over 180 students.

The CCDC program develops students' awareness and understanding of cyber security fundamentals. The goal of the program is to educate and empower the students to use the Internet safely and securely while introducing to them to the capabilities of cyber technology in protecting individual's and

organization’s use, the networks they connect to, and Canada's shared digital assets.

Canadian Cyber Defence Challenge 2016

The CCDC is pleased to announce we have partnered with ISACA Winnipeg as part of a major cyber defence challenge event. The event will be held on May 10, 2016 in conjunction with the Western Canada Information Security Conference (WCISC). This will be CCDC's largest challenge event with 200 students from over 20 high schools within Manitoba as well as high schools from outside the province. This event will be the first of its kind in Canada.

You can be part of this special one-of-kind opportunity by becoming a Team Event Sponsor of the Cyber Defence Challenge 2016. Your contribution will be fueling the vision of the CCDC which is to see that every student in Canada has the appropriate knowledge and skills required to make informed decisions regarding the safe use of information technology (IT) and security, and that education and training opportunities are available for any student that has the desire to further expand and explore that knowledge in post-secondary education and career choices.


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Sponsorship Opportunities

The CCDC has pulled together a sponsorship package that allows companies to get engaged with the 2016 event challenge in a variety of ways and cost levels that suit their business needs. The Gold Team Event Sponsor is our highest sponsorship level. It provides great opportunities for you to brand your logo and business presence at the event and establish prominent name recognition with over 200 high school students – many of which are at the point of choosing their post-secondary education and career paths. You and your company will be eligible to select two competing teams that will be associated with your company’s brand and featured on video score monitor as we post results throughout the day. You will also have the option to participate in the judging panel and cast your vote in the final communication round where the students present their findings and challenges to an established panel of industry judges. Our Silver Team Event Sponsor provides your company the opportunity to sponsor a competing team which the CCDC event committee will assign. The team will be associated with your company’s brand and featured on video score monitor as we post results throughout the day. You will also be entitled to two (2) VIP passes to enter the event competition, experience the vent first-hand and be able to connect with members of your sponsored team. This is a great way to build an early brand presence and relationship with the next generation of technology leaders and influencers as they prepare for the security and risk challenges of tomorrow’s IT/business landscape!

Finally, there is a Bronze Co-Team Event Sponsor. This sponsorship level allows you to engage in the event competition at a very affordable level. Your company will be matched with another co-team sponsor and together both organizations will share the benefits of having a competing team participate in the challenge event. Each company will be allowed a VIP guest pass to enter the competition arena, introduce your company, and network with the students. Your co-team sponsorship will be featured on the video display competition monitor as the scores are posted and broadcast throughout the day.

Details on the sponsorship packages can be found below. We are in the process of updating our website and publishing more information on the event including sponsorship opportunities and responses to FAQ’s. You can visit us at http://www.cyberdefencechallenge.ca/for more

information. One of our volunteer marketing committee members will be in touch with you in the weeks ahead to discuss sponsorship opportunities, package details, and seek your support for this exciting event opportunity.


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CCDC History

The CCDC began in 2011 as a pilot program consisting of eight teams from Louis Riel Arts and Technology Centre, Sisler High School, Tec Voc, Glen Lawn Collegiate, and Garden Valley High School from Winkler, Manitoba. Since then, the CCDC successfully delivered a series of challenge event competitions while experiencing growing interest within Manitoba school divisions to

participate. In the spring of 2012, two Manitoba high school teams were invited to attend the Cyber Patriot games in the United States, which is a competition created by the Air Force Association (AFA). Both participating Manitoba teams performed exceptionally well and finished (unofficially) second and fourth out of the top 24 American regional winners they competed against. In 2013 and 2014, CDC competition events were held, investments in the CDC emulation technology platform were made, and the excitement grew amongst high school students and teachers.

Why the CCDC Model Works

The CCDC model is a multi-faceted learning process that is designed around the concepts of event-anchored learning. Event-event-anchored learning environments bring students, educators, and IT industry professionals together in a collaborative environment that fosters advancements in practices, technologies, and business solutions. They offer interactive, scenario-based events or exercises that help participating individuals develop some of the key IT foundation skills such as networks, servers, and security along with the soft skills of customer service, professional ethics, and communications. Due to the competitive nature of the programs, they easily attract attention and increase the students’ awareness and interest in the fields of IT.

The event itself is a four-hour competition, where student teams create proactive solutions to problems they encounter on the simulated network platform. As a team, they defend and protect their fictitious organization against security breaches presented, learning to work together to achieve results and score the most points. They are also documenting their results, and make a presentation to senior management.

Benefits of Sponsorship

The most important reason to become a CCDC 2016 sponsor is that it distinguishes you and your organization from others focused on helping promote, educate and empower students to make informed decisions regarding careers in ICT in Canada.


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By sponsoring CCDC 2016, your corporate brand will be visible on our CCDC program materials and at our 2016 event. With our Team Sponsor level, your brand (logos, programs, etc) will be associated with one of the CCDC high-school teams – and visible to over 200 industry

professionals who attend the WCISC every year.

Our team wants to hear from you! To learn more on why you should be a CCDC sponsor, please contact us at info@cyberdefensechallenge.ca

Cyber Defence Challenge Committee

Kerry Augustine, President and Chair

Canadian Cyber Defence Challenge kerry@cyberdefencechallenge.ca


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Gold Team Event Sponsor – $1,000

• Opportunity for students to view you as their employer of choice, to gain real life experience on your platforms in a corporate environment simulation

• Prominent maximum logo placement on our CDC Bootstrap training program package, sent to all Manitoba school divisions in fall 2016

• Prominent maximum logo placement on all promotions, signage, posters, video scoring screens and website at the CDC 2016 event

• Prominent advertising in the CDC program guide

• Includes two (2) Silver Team Sponsor packages (see details below) and the opportunity to select teams of choice

• Two (2) additional CCDC Passes to ‘walk the floor’ of the competition • EMCEE recognition from the stage

• Participation in the competition as a subject matter expert and judge

• Possibility to share your brand/first access with the next junior superstar/ future employee, using your products and talking to your representatives about what you do

Silver Team Sponsor - $500

• Logo placement on all event signage, posters, video scoring screens and website • Logo placement within our CDC Program Guide

• Two (2) CCDC Passes to ‘walk the floor’ of the competition event • Logo placement on team website

• Logo placement on team T-shirts - provided by CCDC

• You can donate marketing and promotion materials to CCDC for prize draws • EMCEE recognition from the stage

Bronze Co-Team Sponsor - $300

• Sponsorship is shared with another organization • Logo placement co-shared on video scoring screen • Logo co-shared in our CDC Program Guide

• One (1) VIP Pass per organization to ‘walk the floor’ of the competition • Logo co-shared on team website

• Logo placement on team T-shirts - provided by CCDC


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