Actuate and Banetti Corporate Overviews


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Creating Custom Maximo

Reports using BIRT

On-line Workshop


Chris Forti

Director of Maximo Solutions, Actuate

Ken Fey

Maximo Solution Engineer, Actuate

Chuck Haag



Corporate Backgrounds

Introduction to BIRT

Business Process for Report


How to Build a Custom Report


Actuate Corporation © 2010

How to Build a Custom Report

Enabling Business Users to

Modify Reports

BIRT Resources


HQ San Mateo, California


Regional HQs: Frankfurt, London, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo, Toronto R&D: San Mateo, Kansas City, Shanghai, Toronto

Actuate and Banetti

Corporate Overviews

Miami, Florida

Regional Offices: Arlington, VA, St. Louis, Toronto



Over 4,400 with top-tier accounts in banking, insurance, securities,

government, health care, education, utilities and high tech

Services Design, consulting, development, integration, training, support

Key Partners

Extensive experience with customers in facilities management, utilities,

manufacturing, education, and government EAM implementations and upgrades, mobile, reporting, training, strategic services


Polling Question #1

What is your familiarity with BIRT (Business Intelligence and

Reporting Tool)?


None – Had not heard of BIRT until this workshop


Have heard of BIRT but have not tried it


Actuate Corporation © 2010


Have heard of BIRT but have not tried it


Evaluating or considering future use of BIRT


Actively using BIRT


The Eclipse BIRT Project

Founded, Organized and Led by Actuate

Open-source BI and reporting

initiative started by Actuate in 2004

Professional open-source software


Thriving BIRT Community

6.5 million+ downloads through Dec 2008 BIRT Downloads Millions of downloads BIRT Downloads Millions of downloads 1,000 1,500 2,000 2,500 3,000 3,500 4,000 4,500 6.5 million+ downloads through Dec 2008 BIRT Downloads Millions of downloads 5 Project Management Committee Member

Developers contribute code De facto standard in IBM


0 500 1,000

2005 2006 2007 2008

How BIRT Helps You

Builds community of developers and

enterprise users

Drives software quality with high-value,

extensions provided by community

Guarantees conformity with industry

standards as they evolve


Actuate and IBM Integration

Broad adoption of BIRT

Rational Application Developer* Tivoli for WebSphere Management

Tivoli Directory Server WebSphere Application Server

WebSphere Business Modeler

WebSphere ILOG JRules*

WebSphere Process Server

WebSphere Registry & Repository*


Actuate Corporation © 2010

Rational BuildForge* Rational ClearQuest* Rational Method Composer

Rational RequisitePro* Rational Quality Manager* Rational Software Architect*

Rational Software Modeler* Rational Systems Developer*

Rational Team Concert*

* designates IBM Products that embed BIRT

WebSphere RFID Center* InfoSphere Data Architect*

WebSphere Information Server

SPSS Showcase Suite*

DB2 Universal Database Tivoli Directory Server

Tivoli Common Reporting*

Tivoli Composite Application Manager* Tivoli Maximo*

Tivoli Monitoring* Tivoli Netcool* Tivoli Omegamon* Tivoli Storage Manager*

Tivoli Usage and Accounting Manager*

WebSphere Portal Server Workplace Services Express


What is BIRT?

Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools

• Easy to use for all types of developers

• Modern, web-page design metaphor

• Component-based development

• Open and standards-based

• Flexible APIs and rich programmatic control

A New Generation of Web Design and Data Visualization Technology

7 Simplicity that makes simple reports easy Power to create very complex report layouts



• Flexible APIs and rich programmatic control

• Full support for libraries and reuse

• Foundation for a range of Actuate products (Interactive Viewer, Dashboards, BIRT Studio)


Business Process

Report Development Best Practices


• Develop a report development

business process

• Gather requirements and develop


• Spec approval and code



Actuate Corporation © 2010


• Testing & defect fixes

• Closeout documentation


Develop Specifications

Generate Spec Mockup


Develop Specifications

Incorporate details



Start Building Custom Reports

Tool Options

Open Source BIRT Designer

Audience: technical people with database and SQL knowledge

Pro: Handles simple to complex requirements, free software

Con: Requires technical staff to build and modify reports

QBR supplied with Maximo v7 for ad hoc reports

Audience: business people


Audience: business people

Pro: Tab driven interface to generate simple lists

Con: Does not handle more comprehensive requirements

Actuate BIRT Designer Pro, BIRT Interactive Viewer or BIRT Studio

Audience: both business and technical people

Pro: Product family that enables both business and technical staff to create and modify reports easily, and incorporate data from other systems


Live Workshop


Actuate Corporation © 2010


Actuate BIRT Platform enhances Maximo

Capabilities for Business Users (no SQL skills required)

Maximo QBR Actuate

User creation of simple listing report

Grouping with totals and sub-totals

Support for complex filtering

User specified sort sequence

BIRT report design can be shared with others


BIRT report design can be shared with others

User modification of published reports

Add calculated columns to a report

Easy-to-use “drag & drop” design paradigm

Parameters visible on final report

Incorporate data from other systems in a report

Add graphs & charts via wizard-driven interface

Templates for rapid design and consistency


Enhanced BIRT Reporting for Maximo

Actuate BIRT Platform

Reduce IT costs and improve service by enabling Maximo users to

easily modify and create BIRT reports

Enables business users to modify reports

Enables business users to perform ad hoc reporting

Does not require SQL skills or data structure knowledge

Gets IT out of the report modification business


Actuate Corporation © 2010

Reduces report backlog dramatically

Reduce Maximo deployment costs while reaching more users

Extend reports to non-Maximo application users

Avoid costly software license fees, user training and change management expenses

Get more value from Maximo using BIRT

Deliver integrated BIRT dashboards, KPIs and Operational Reports

Combine Maximo data with data from other systems


Actuate BIRT Prototype

FREE Offer

Rich Maximo Reporting in Just 3 Days

Interactive and ad hoc BIRT reporting plus dashboards

Use your reports, your data – add up to 3 new BIRT reports

Combine Maximo data with other enterprise data

Integrated within Maximo v6, v7, or stand alone

Use of Actuate products for 30 days


Limited Offer

Must meet qualifying criteria

Apply by October 15th

Limited number of FREE prototypes to be delivered

Qualifying Criteria

Complete prototype assessment via phone interview

Confirm active Maximo project is funded and underway


BIRT Resources and Next Steps

Maximo and Actuate Joint Solution

Check out the Maximo BIRT InfoCenter

Download the BIRT Designer

Access white papers, on-line demos, and BIRT community

Try Actuate BIRT using free hosted service, BIRT on Demand

Highest Functional,

Integrated Solution

Lowest Total Cost of


16 Actuate Corporation © 2010

Contact Actuate at 1-800-914-2259 or

Contact Banetti at 1-786-399-2160 or


Least Risk by Eliminating

Change Management





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