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The Hobbit

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DIRECTIONS: Responses should be based ontext details. Use all the space provided.

Chapter 1 - "An Unexpected Party"

1. Setting – Provide some descriptive details to support the following statement:

It was ahobbit-hole, and that means comfort.

 Hobbits lived in a home built into the ground that was painted green

 It had paneled walls and carpeted floors

 It contained polished chairs

 lots of pegs for coats and hats of visitors

2. Characterization –What do hobbits look like? Provide 4 details:

 half as tall as humans

 fat in the stomach, good-natured faces

 no beards, curly hair, long fingers

 no shoes; had natural sole on feet; hair on feet

3. Bilbo's parents’ names: Mom Belladonna Took

Dad Bungo Baggins

4. Bilbo's Ancestry – List 3 characteristics each:

Baggins side Took side

 calm, relaxed

 predictable, stays away from adventure

 rich/ well-to-do

 adventurous; risk takers

 rich/ royal

 different

5. When Gandalf comes to see Bilbo, why does Bilbo say “Good morning” to him so many times? At first he is being friendly and welcoming, but as Gandalf starts talking about adventures, Bilbo wants to get rid of him and says it as more of a polite good-bye.

6. Names of the Dwarves - "at your service"

First 2: Dwalin and Balin

Second 2: Kili and Fili

5 more: Dori, Nori, Ori, and Gloin

4 more: Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, and Thorin

Explain Bilbo's attitude toward their arrival: He’s reluctant and confused – they were uninvited and invading his space without permission.


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7. Author’s Tone – Examine the two songs the dwarves sing at Bilbo’s. How does the tone of

the first song differ from the tone of the second?

The dwarves’ first song is mainly about dishwashing and breaking thingsand it reflects a

humoroustone. However, the dwarves’ second song is mainly about the journey, mountain, and obstacles aheadand its tone is more solemn, serious.

8. Important Quotation“If I say he is a burglar, a Burglar he is, or will be when the time

comes.” Who said it? Gandalf

Explain the meaning: Gandalf is telling the others that he chose Bilbo for the job of helping them reclaim the dwarves’ treasures and he stands by his choice.

9. Thorin Oakenshield and the Quest - Use text-based details to explain each topic.

Thorin's plan

He plans to steal back the treasure that Smaug the dragon took a long time ago.

map The map depicts the mountain the dwarves used to live under and its secret entrance (was given to Gandalf from Thorin’s grandfather)

runes Special writing/symbols on map. Describes the secret entrance as five feet high, three abreast

secret entrance

A hand above runes points to a secret entrance to the mountain. It is designed to blend in.

key The silver key opens the secret door—Thorin hangs it around his neck.

Thror Thorin’s grandfather, he created the map showing the secret entrance

Thrain Thorin’s father, he gave the map to Gandalf in order to get it to his son, Thorin.

10. Smaug - Describe his crimes against the dwarves of Dale: Smaug attacked them at the town of Dale and killed most of the warriors. Then he went into the mountain, killed all the dwarves with his fire, and stole their gold.

11. Point of View – Explain Bilbo’s “wavering” point of view towards this adventure:


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Chapter 2 - "Roast Mutton"

1. Bilbo’s first setback upon leaving: He forgot to bring his handkerchief (hat and money also)

How it was remedied: Gandalf brought extra handkerchiefs and Bilbo’s pipe/tobacco

2. Plot Development – Explain how the following quotation leads to problems for our

travelers: “There’s a light over there!”

The travelers see a light in the woods and they send Bilbo to investigate. He finds a fire with trolls sitting around it. Bilbo decides to try his luck at burglar, but gets caught taking a purse from a horrible troll.

3. Use details from the text to respond to each topic.

Describe typical troll behavior:

They have no manners, all they can think of is eating, they don’t speak well, they argue with each other, they assault each other, and treat anything they come in contact with as their next meal.

Bilbo’s “courageous”


Bilbo decides to take on the role of a burglar with the trolls. He decides to pick the troll’s pocket, but gets caught in the process.

William’s purse’s reaction:

The purse actually calls out, letting its owner (William) know it is being stolen. Bilbo is then caught by the trolls.

Gandalf’s trick:

Gandalf returns unseen. He tricks the trolls by keeping them arguing with each other by using fake voices. They were arguing until the sun came up, which petrified them into stone.

Provisions from troll’s cave:

The travelers were able to get swords, food, ale, clothes, and gold from the troll’s cave.

4. Analyze - Even though Bilbo tried to be a “burglar,” he did not succeed. Where did he go

wrong? What lesson do you think he could learn from this incident? ANSWERS WILL VARY Bilbo was being impulsive. He didn’t think it through before acting. He should learn that he needs to have a plan or be clever like Gandalf before taking a risk like that.


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Chapter 3 - "A Short Rest"

1. Setting - Describe some of the landscape as our travelers enter Elves territory:

 valleys with narrow, deep sides

 gullies with deep waterfalls in them, bogs, wide lands

 bright, tall flowers, stone paths

Name of the valley: Rivendell

2. Contrast (show differences):

Elf behavior  merry

 song-loving

 peaceful, welcoming

Dwarf behavior  grim and gold-loving

 war-like

 impatient

3. Elrond

Who he is:

An elf friend who lives at Last Homely House in Rivendell, expert at runes

Characteristics: Strong, wise, fair, kind, his house was perfect


ways he helps:

1. He helps them read runes and moon letters.

2. He gives them information to help them get into secret entrance of the mountain.

3. He gives them rest and a place to stay.

4. Text Details – What do we learn in Chapter 3 about . . .

Orcrist & Glamdring: These are the names of two ancient swords famous from the Dwarf and Goblin wars.

Moon Runes: These are special runes that can only be read on the night they were written.


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Chapter 4 - "Over Hill and Under Hill"

1. Foreshadowing – Explain how the author uses Gandalf’s thoughts to foreshadow coming

difficulties (second page of chapter): The author tells us Gandalf “knew that something unexpected might happen,” that he “had shaken his head” when they were speaking optimistically.

2. Analyze a Quotation“Have you thoroughlyexplored it?”

Who is speaking? Gandalf

Who is he speaking to? Fili and Kili

Explain the importance these words have on the plot: They were supposed to check the cave to be sure it wasn’t occupied by goblins (besides just being dry). Obviously they failed.

3. Plot Development – Use text details to respond to these topics:

Bilbo’s dream becomes reality:

He dreams about the cave having a crack in the back and then the floor caving in, and that’s exactly what happens. The goblins are let in.

Goblins (describe)

are very rough

are cruel, wicked, mean-hearted

can tunnel

can mine

make no beautiful things

had appetites for horses and ponies

like to sing of beating people (ANSWERS MAY VARY)

Main reason for the Great Goblin’s


He realizes the dwarves have Orcrist with them. It was a sword made to kill goblins.

“Quicker, quicker!” said the voice. “The torches will soon be


Gandalf had magically shut off all their torches and their fire, and was killing goblins in the dark. He killed the Great Goblin. Gandalf’s dim light was leading the dwarves out.

Gandalf and Thorin’s “corner trick” in the tunnel:

Gandalf and Thorin pull out their swords and surprise the goblins as they run after them and come around a corner in the tunnel.

Reason for Bilbo’s fall:

A goblin pulls Dori down from behind. Dori had been carrying Bilbo, so Bilbo fell.


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Chapter 5 - "Riddles in the Dark"

1. Explain the following statement: It was a turning point in his career, but he did not know it.

Bilbo found a ring when he was going through the passages. He put it in his pocket without thinking, but it will be something important to his role as burglar (career).

2. What gives Bilbo the courage to go forward into the tunnel? His hand touches the sword he got from the trolls. He knows it’s an important weapon now and it gives him courage.

3. Characterization - Gollum

Physical Description

 burning green eyes

 thin face

 large flappy feet


 lived on an island in darkness

 has a little boat

 obsessed with ring

4. Plot Development –Use text details to respond to each topic.

Reason for the Riddles: They made an agreement that Gollum could eat Bilbo if he lost a

riddle, and Bilbo would get shown the way out if Gollum lost a riddle

How “luck” helps Bilbo with a riddle:

Bilbo needed more time to answer the riddle. He said, “Time” asking for more time and that was the answer.

Bilbo’s unfair question: Bilbo asked, “What’s in my pocket?”

“My birthday- present!” he whispered to himself,

“…That’s what we wants now, yes”

Gollum lost the riddle game so now he wants to go find his magic ring. He has an evil plan brewing. He supposedly got the ring as a birthday present.

The ring felt very cold as it quietly slipped on to his groping forefinger.

Bilbo needs the help of the magic ring he found. The ring seems to have a life of its own—personification is shown

5. How does “compassion” play a role in Bilbo’s escape from Gollum?

Bilbo feels sorry for Gollum and decides not to kill him when he has the opportunity

6. Literary Devices – Explain what two literary devices the author uses in this passage:

Of course they soon came down after him, hooting and hallooing, and hunting among the trees.

Literary device #1: onomatopoeia

Example: hooting hallooing

Literary device #2: alliteration

Example: him, hooting, hallooing, hunting


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Chapter 6 - "Out of the Frying-Pan into the Fire"

1. Text Features - Explain why the author probably italicized "behind the mountain:"

It’s italicized to emphasize that Bilbo has come through the Misty Mountains. (We should look at the map.)

2. Characters’ Point of View - Explain the dwarves' attitude toward Bilbo . . .

Before he "appears"

They feel he is useless and not fit for the job. They’re disappointed and consider leaving him and continuing.

After he "appears"

They now view him as a hero. They’re

surprised and proud of him. Their attitude is one of acceptance.

3. Characterization - List 4 Warg characteristics: 1. evil wolves-have own language

2.can’t climb trees ( + afraid of fire) 3.conduct raids to get food/slaves 4. team up with goblins

4. Explain how this proverb becomes a reality: "Out of the frying pan into the fire"

They had just escaped the goblins and now they’re in a worse situation with the Wargs.

5. Wargs' plan for that night: The Wargs were going to meet up with the goblins to plan a raid. They were going to villages to kill and take back slaves.

6. Gandalf's magic: Gandalf used pine cones from the tree he was in. He set them on fire using magic and threw them down at the wolves, creating a commotion that the Eagles noticed.

7. Important Passage - He just managed to catch hold of Dori’s legs, as Dori was borne off last of all; and they went together above the tumult and the burning, Bilbo swinging in the air with his arms nearly breaking.



sentences to describe the events connected to this passage.

ANSWERS WILL VARY – The Eagles had just come to rescue the dwarves from the goblins. Bilbo barely made it to where they were in time. He just had time to grab Dori’s legs to get taken up in the air and rescues. His arms hurt a lot from the ride.


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Chapter 7 - "Queer Lodgings"

1. What news early in the chapter causes Bilbo to weep? Gandalf will leave them

2. What is the Carrock? It a huge rock. Beorn likes to sit on top of it.

3. Characterization - Beorn

Physical Description:

He’s a hairy man during the day and takes on the appearance of a big black bear at night.

Tall with bushy eyebrows


Lives in a log cabin

Lives with animal friends, bees Doesn’t have many visitors


Gets grumpy easily Not welcoming

Helpful when he feels comfortable with them

4. Explain Gandalf's cleverness when approaching Beorn: Gandalf sends two more dwarves in to Beorn’s every five minutes to get Beorn a little more interested in his story and be more accepting of the large group of them.

5. Beorn’s Disappearance Where he had been:

He went back into the Misty Mountains to where the dwarves had met up with the Wargs (as a bear)

Why he had gone:

He wanted to make sure the dwarves’ story was true.

Why he now thinks more highly of the dwarves:

He know that they killed the Great Goblin last night.

6. Describe “the most help he could offer:Beorn gave Bilbo and the dwarves a pony each and Gandalf a horse. He gave them food and animal skins to hold water. He also gave them advice.

7. On to Mirkwood Forest - Explain Beorn's warnings: He told the travelers not to drink, cross,

or bathe in the mysterious black river, and not to stray from the path.

Explain Gandalf’s reason why they must go through Mirkwood and not around it:

If you go around it to the south, the Necromancer is a dark sorcerer who rules there. To the north are many goblins in the Gray Mountains


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Chapter 8 - "Flies and Spiders"

1. Mirkwood Forest - List 6 strong examples of imagery from the first 3 paragraphs



gloomy tunnel made by two great trees

the path was narrow and wound in and out of the trunks

darkened green glimmer

slender beam of sun

tangled boughs and matted twigs

sharp inquisitive eyes

Personification in first paragraph: The trees leaned over and listened to them ( OR arch leading into a

gloomy tunnel)

2. Mistakes our travelers make before deciding to leave the path:

 wasted their arrows trying to kill squirrels

 Bombur fell in the water, dwarves didn’t collect enough water, used up food

3. Leaving the PATH:

Reason: They were hungry and thirsty so the followed the light to try to find food and water

Result: When they approached the light, it turned black and they couldn’t find each other or the way back to the path. They had to just lay down.

4. Explain how Bilbo kills the first spider: Bilbo beat off the spider with his hands, and then remembered his sword. He took it out and slashed the spider to death.

5. Important Passage - “I will give you a name,” he said to it, “and I shall call you Sting.”

Explain: Bilbo has just killed the giant spider and looks at his powerful sword that he used in the attack as he says this.

6. Bilbo’s new attitude after killing spider: more bold, courageous, fierce


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Chapter 8 (cont’d.)

7. Bilbo’s courageous fight – Explain how each helps The Ring:

The ring helped Bilbo lead the Spiders in different directions to confuse them, and helped rescue the dwarves being invisible.


Bilbo picked up stones like he used to do in his childhood. He threw them at spiders and killed them.

Singing: His singing was getting the spiders away from the dwarves. The insults were getting them mad.

Sting: Bilbo took out his sword and slashed many spiders. He said “I’ll do the stinging.”

8. Important Passage - Some of them even got up and bowed right to the ground before him, though they fell over with the effort, and could not get on their legs again for some time.

Explain: The dwarves were so thankful that Bilbo rescued them and so impressed with his rescue efforts. They knew they would have been dead if it wasn’t for him.

9. How Bilbo is "growing" as a character (our hero):

Used to . . .

--not use his head --be afraid of adventure --get them into predicaments

Now is . . .

--brave --clever

--self-confident --respected

10. Thorin

Where is he?

The wood elves took him to the

Elvenking’s dungeon where he’s locked up.


The group didn’t notice he was gone when he fell asleep by magic. The wood-elves don’t trust dwarves so they brought him back to their king. He wouldn’t reveal why he was in the woods.

11. Wood-elves –List some characteristics:

 they distrust strangers

 magical

 dangerous, not very wise

12. Two negative qualities of the elf-king:  kept prisoners in a dungeon


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Chapter 9 - "Barrels Out of Bond"

The Elvenking . . . he is angry with the dwarves because they won’t tell him why they are near

his lands or where they are headed.

How did Bilbo find out where the dwarves were? He was invisible and sneaking around following the guards for a week or two. Finally, he found all of them hidden all over the castle.

Bilbo’s Rescue Plan –Use text details to respond to each topic.

Explain barrels, trapdoors, and


The barrels held wine brought in from other places. When they were empty, they were sent back through trap doors. A water-gate was opened to let them out. This gave Bilbo the idea to float out the dwarves.

How “luck” helps Bilbo:

He overheard some guards talking about a feast and had an opportunity to follow them into the wine cellar. When they tasted the wine for the feast, they got drowsy and Bilbo was able to get the keys!

Dwarves’ reaction to Bilbo’s plan:

At first the dwarves were unhappy at the idea of being packed into barrels and traveling down the river. But they thanked him in the end.

Elves’ weaknesses that lead to the


--the head guard got drunk and fell asleep

--none of the guards were keeping an eye on the prisoners --when the elves threw the barrels into the water even though they felt heavy

Identify the “weak point in his plan:

The “weak point” was that Bilbo had not figured out how he would get himself packed into a barrel

How Bilbo addresses this issue:

Since he was invisible, Bilbo grabbed onto the last barrel and he laid on the back of it the rest of the journey to Lake-town


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Chapter 10 - "A Warm Welcome"

1. Important Passage – All alone it rose and looked across the marshes to the forest.

Explain the situation: Bilbo finally sees the Lonely Mountain when he’s on the raft.

Where is figurative language used in the passage? Personification is used when the mountain “looked” – that gives the mountains human qualities.

2. Lake-town is mostly inhabited by men.

3. Why is there excitement in Lake-town when Thorin announces himself?

Thorin told them he was the son of Thrain the son of Thror who was king under the mountain. They respected him for coming through in search of Smaug to recapture the mountain.

4. What has happened to Orcrist? Thorin tells them it was taken by the Wood-elves

5. Characterization - Master of Lake-town


He took the dwarves into his care and fed them, clothed them, and nursed them back to health. He also gave them boats to ride to the mountain.


Wants some of the treasure if they get it. He doesn’t believe that the dragon still lurks there.

He also isn’t really sure that Thorin is who he says he is.

6. Characters’ Point of View

Dwarves' attitude toward Bilbo:

The dwarves were happy to be free from the elves and back on their journey, but angry because of all their injuries from the barrels.

Bilbo's attitude toward the journey to Lonely Mountain:


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Chapter 11 - "On the Doorstep"

1. Setting –Use text details in your answers.

Describe the landscape:

The lonely Mountain where everything is gray, dark, and gloomy.

It’s cold and scary there…surroundings give everyone a sense of fear.

Describe our travelers’ mood:

They are in a low, gloomy, pessimistic mood because they realize they are right on top of a treasure but cannot get to it. They don’t know if they will make it out alive, and this is the end of the adventure.

2. Bilbo’s Leadership – How does Bilbo make an effort to start the search for the secret door?

He spends time gazing at the map, trying to read the runes, and he made the dwarves begin searching the western slopes.

4. Use text-based details from this chapter to explain each topic.

Ray of sunlight: As the sun was setting, a beam of sunlight shot at the magic door and made

cracks in the wall.

Thrush: The thrush came along and started cracking a snail up against a big stone. It was

told about in the moon letters. Bilbo knew that it was about time for the magic to happen since he remembered what the moon letters read.

Key: Thorin placed the key into the hole which unlocked the door.

5. Figurative Language – Find the metaphor in the chapter’s last sentence. What two things

are being compared? The hole in the mountain-side is being compared to a yawning mouth

What impression does this description give the reader? ANSWERS WILL VARY - It leaves us frightened for the travelers. It’s like the hole is ready to swallow them.

3. Important Passage – Mining work, they saw clearly was no good against the magic that

had shut this door; and they grew terrified, too, of the echoing noise.


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Chapter 12 - "Inside Information"

1. Bilbo’s reaction when Thorin tells him now is the time “to earn hisReward”:

Bilbo reminds then he’s already saved them twice. He also says he’ll go, but asks who will come with him.

2. Description of Smaug –Use text-based details.  vast and golden-red

 wisps of smoke coming from his nostrils

 many limbs and a huge tail

3. Bilbo Says . . . "I've done it! This will show them. More like a grocer than a burglar indeed! Well, we'll hear no more of that." What has he done? How does he feel about it?

Bilbo stole a golden cup from Smaug and he feels proud because the dwarves won’t make fun of him anymore.

4. Bilbo’s Conversation with Smaug – Explain each part:

Bilbo’s riddles:

When Smaug asks who he is, Bilbo speaks in riddles to try to have the upper hand and appear in control with the dragon. He calls himself a clue-finder, web-cutter, and even Barrel-rider, which he did without thinking.

Smaug's clever question:

(the catch)

Smaug asks Bilbo how he’s planning on bringing such treasure back with him.

Bilbo's big discovery:

Bilbo finds that Smaug’s diamond-crusted coating has a hole in the chest, a weak spot

Bilbo’s regrets:

He regrets that he made a wisecrack to Smaug at the end because he got fire on him and it hurt. He also regrets saying he was a Barrel-rider—he doesn’t want to get the Lake-men drawn into it.

5. Explain the presence of the thrush: A thrush seems to be listening and Bilbo threw a stone at it. Thorin said they are good creatures (messengers).

6. The Arkenstone

What it was:

A great white gem

Where it came from:

Dwarves found it beneath roots of the Mountain

Thorin’s descriptions:

A globe with a thousand facets, shone like silver in firelight, like water in the sun, like snow under the stars


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Chapter 13 - "Not at Home"

1. Characters’ Point of View – Locate 2 quotations that contrast the dwarves’ attitude and

Bilbo’s attitude at the start of the chapter.

Quotation that shows the dwarves’ attitude: ANSWERS WILL VARY

Quotation that shows Bilbo’s attitude:

2. Important Quotation - Explain the details related to Bilbo's words:

"Now I am a burglar indeed! They did say I could pick and choose my own share; and I think I would choose this, if they took all the rest!"

Bilbo found the Arkenstone when he was trying to get the group out of the tunnel. It was so spectacular, he took it, thinking he could use it for his share that was promised to him.

3. Plot Development - Use text-based details to explain each topic.

glittering mail

Thorin gave Bilbo a mail made of glittering gems (soft metal coat/covering) that is worn to protect him as a reward and first payment.

great chamber of Thror

They had to pass here when trying to escape the mountain. Tables were rotting, chairs and benches were overturned, charred and decaying. (from Smaug’s assault)

Running River

They followed the Running River which led to the Gate when they got out of the mountain.

Front Gate

From the Running River, they reached the Front Gate. It looks over the town of Dale.

resting place

They were looking for a bridge that Balin knew of, but found it was no longer there. They walked longer, found ancient steps and climbed a high bank. They rested at a deep dell sheltered among rocks.

The big question: Where is Smaug?


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Chapter 14 - "Fire and Water"

1. Explain each topic using text-based details. . .

How Lake-town prepared for Smaug’s arrival:

The Lake-town men cut the bridges leading to the town and trumpets were played to warn the people. Warriors were armed, vessels filled with water, arrows made ready.

Selfish action of the Master:

He tried to run away from all the commotion. He headed for his boat to row away and save himself.

Bard’s description and background:

A grim-voiced man, descendant in the long line of Girion, slayer of the dragon. His friends knew his worth and courage.

2. Dragon’s Downfall . . .


The thrush flew to Bard and told him to look for the hollow of Smaug’s left breast when he flies over. That alerted Bard of the dragon’s weak spot in his armor.

“Black arrow! I have saved you to the last!”

Bard says this to the arrow that he sends to kill Smaug. It is a special arrow handed down from his father and generations before him that has never failed to kill its intended target. It works in killing Smaug.

3. Important Passage – “King Bard! King Bard!” they shouted; but the Master ground his chattering teeth.

Explain the meaning behind these words: The people of Lake-town want Bard for their king because he killed Smaug, and the Master is uncomfortable. He doesn’t want to be deposed.

The Master blames the dwarves for Lake-town's troubles.

4. Describe efforts to rebuild Lake-town:

 they cut down trees – many skilled elves helped

 they built new huts

 they moved the town to a better location northward

5. "War" plans . . .

Who is involved:

The Elvenking and his followers and the people of Lake-town and Bard



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Chapter 15 - The Gathering of the Clouds

1. How are ravens “different” from crows, according to Balin? Crows

 suspicious-looking

 rude, called them bad names


 were great friends with dwarves in past

 carried them secret news

Who is old Carc? He was a wise raven that lived on the lonely Mountain in the ancient days

2. Raven Roac

News he brings to the dwarves:

He tells them that Smaug was killed, and that many are gathering. Others are

interested in their treasure.

Advice for Thorin:

He tells Thorin to have faith in Bard, even if it might cost him some of his gold.

Thorin’s request:

Thorin asks Roac to let them know when anyone comes near. Also he asks Roac to find his cousin Dain and tell him to come with an army of dwarves.

3. Dwarves' war preparation

 blocked the gate with a wall of stones

 hauled stuff they needed up with ropes

made a pool of water to block entrance to the gate

The Song – Bilbo didn’t like it because it reminded him of war.

4. The Disagreement –

Bard’s reasons for deserving treasure:

He was the heir of Girion. He slayed the dragon.

The men of Lake-town helped the dwarves when they got there.

Thorin’s response:

He will give them nothing under the threat of force, he will only pay for the price of the goods they received from men of Lake-town when they aided them, and no man has a claim on the treasure of his people.

5."besieged” (explain what this means): It means they are stuck in the mountain because they will not bargain with their enemies, who are gathered around them with arms.

6.Your opinion:

Is Bard right? (explain) ANSWERS WILL VARY


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Chapter 16 - "A Thief in the Night"

1. Important Quotation“I will be avenged on anyone who finds it and withhold it.”

Who said it? Thorin

What’s he talking about? the missing Arkenstone – He is searching for it.

How do these words affect Bilbo? He is frightened by Thorin’s threat, since he has the stone.

2. Plot Development - Use text details to explain each topic.

How Bilbo deceives Bombur:

During the night he tells Bombur he will take his watch, but it’s not out of kindness. He has a plan to sneak off to bargain with Bard and the Elvenking—Thorin’s enemies.

They seized him quickly, in spite of their surprise.

When Bilbo got to the camp of Bard and the Elvenking, they couldn’t believe he was outside of the mountain and in their territory. They grabbed him right away.

It was as if a globe had been filled with moonlight and hung before them in a net woven of the glint of frosty stars.

This is how the Arkenstone looked when Bard and the

Elvenking set their eyes on it when Bilbo pulled it out before them.

Elvenking's impression of Bilbo:

He’s very respectful of Bilbo and tells him he is worthy to wear the armor of elf-princes (because Bilbo is willing to make this bargain for the good of all)

3. Characters’ Motivation -

Why does Bilbo give "the heart of Thorin" to Bard? Bilbo doesn’t want to have this disagreement go on any longer. He hopes the Thorin will compromise now.

Why does Gandalf say, "Well done! Bilbo Baggins"? Gandalf is proud that Bilbo thought up this clever idea to try to get Thorin to resolve the problem.

4. Gandalf's MAJOR foreshadowing: Gandalf tells Bilbo that while there may be unpleasant times to come, Bilbo could very well be okay in the end, and also there is some good news coming soon.

5. Why is it appropriate that the author brings Gandalf back into the action at this point?


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Ch. 17 - "The Clouds Burst" Name_____________________________

1. "Take him, if you wish him to live; and no friendship of mine goes with him."

Speaker: Thorin

What was happening: Thorin is rejecting Bilbo because he gave the Arkenstone to Bard and the Elvenking—his enemies. He feels betrayed.

What the quote reveals about the speaker: It shows that Thorin thinks only of his treasure and will not give Bilbo even a chance to explain. He values treasure over friendships.

2. Thorin’s barter for the stone: He will only give Bilbo’s 1/14 share of silver and gold for it back. Bard, Elvenking, and Bilbo will have to share that.

3. Describe Dain’s warriors Clothing

Wore steel mail that hung to knees Legs covered in hose of metal mesh

Warrior’s Weapons

Heavy two-handed mattocks Short broad swords at sides Round shield on back

4. "Halt!" he called in a voice like thunder, and his staff blazed forth with a flash like lightening. "Dread has come upon you all."

Speaker: Gandalf

What was happening: Gandalf appears to inform them all that the goblins and Wargs have entered the war and that they are everyone’s enemy from here on out.

5. The Battle of Five Armies -

Who were the Five Armies and how were they allied?

Wolves and Goblins vs. Dwarves, Elves, Men

6. "In the gloom the great dwarf gleamed like gold in a dying fire."

What was happening: Thorin rose up to fight off the goblins.

What the quote shows: It shows that he looked powerful and awesome.

Two literary devices used in this quotation:

#1.simile Example: gleamed like gold in a dying fire

The “effect” created: Thorin made to look extremely valiant and brilliant

#2.alliteration Example: gloom, great, gleamed, gold

The “effect” created: places emphasis on the descriptive wording

7. Bilbo’s Impact

His role in battle

Very little role, he puts on the ring

His placement during battle

Standing on top of Ravenhill with the elves

His ending discovery

The Eagles are coming


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Ch. 18 "The Return Journey"

1. "If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world."

Speaker: Thorin

What was happening: He was dying and he parted in kindness toward Bilbo.

What the quote shows: It shows Thorin realized, on his deathbed, that people should be more like Bilbo instead of like him. He was apologizing for having rejected Bilbo before.

2. "A mercy it is that I woke up when I did." Speaker: Bilbo

What the quote shows: It shows that Bilbo was glad he was able to say goodbye to Thorin before he died. He’s glad they parted as friends.

3. Plot Details

How were the Eagles big heroes in the war?

 they came speeding down in the nick of


 killed the goblins who were in the war

 freed the Lonely Mountain

How was Beorn a hero in the war?

 He came alone at the last minute in a

bear’s shape

 Tossed wolves and goblins from his path

 Lifted Thorin and took him out of the


4. Thorin's Burial – How are Bard and the Elvenking involved?

At Thorin’s burial, Bard places the Arkenstone upon him and the Elvenking puts the sword Orcrist on his tomb.

5.The Dwarves –Complete the sentence: Fili and Kili perished in the battle, and Dain became the new King under the Mountain.

6. Identify speaker and explain importance of each quotation.

"I would reward you most richly of all."

Bard said this to Bilbo when it was time to divide up the fourteenth share. Bard

recognized Bilbo’s valiant efforts when he had brought him the Arkenstone to parley.

"I will take your gift, O Bilbo the Magnificent! And I name you elf-friend and blessed."

The Elvenking said this in reply to Bilbo, who wanted to repay the Elvenking for the food and wine he stole when he was in his castle.

7. Setting - Provide evidence of a “new peace” in the lands they travel to get home.

 Very few goblins, and they were hidden in deep holes (terrified)


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Chapter 19 - "The Last Stage" Name_____________________________

1. Gandalf tells Elrond, “The North will be freed from that horror for many long years, I hope. Yet I wish he were banished from the world!”

Identify the accomplishment represented in Gandalf’s words: He and the other white wizards had driven the Necromancer out of his ruling place in the south of Mirkwood.

How did Gandalf contribute to this accomplishment? He had been gone to a council of the white wizards for that purpose when he had left the travelers.

2. Quotation:

"My dear Bilbo! Something is the matter with you! You are not the hobbit that you were."

Speaker: Gandalf

What prompted him to say this? Bilbo was so excited to see his hill that he began to sing a song of his own, which surprised Gandalf a lot.

3. Evidence - List text evidence to back up the narrator’s assertion that “The return of Mr. Bilbo Bagginscreated quite a disturbance.”

 He had been presumed dead because he was gone for so long (legal troubles)

 People had already bought his belongings at an auction

 His relative were upset—they wanted his property (had plans to live there, etc.)

4. Bilbo’s Reputation

Describe the change:

Bilbo is now looked upon as strange by his neighbors and relatives. He becomes known throughout the land because of his journey and experiences with the dwarves and elves, but he “loses” his reputation at his hill.

WHY was this so?

Hobbits don’t usually have adventures. For the most part, that’s not respectable. He is now set apart from the others because of his great accomplishments.

5. Describe ways in which Bilbo was “quite content” in his life at home:  he loved the sound of the kettle on the hearth

 wrote poetry, visited elves

 wrote his memoirs, spent his money on nieces and nephews

6. News from Balin about . . . Dale

Bard rebuilt the town, the valley was fertile again, birds, blossoms in the spring


Very prosperous, friendship between elves, men, and dwarves, wealthy area

Old and new Master of Lake-town

Old master got greedy, died of starvation fleeing with the gold New master-wiser and very popular

7. What idea is Gandalf trying to impress upon Bilbo in his last speech to him? Bilbo is not solely responsible for things working out well—the prophecies of old stated that they would. Bilbo played a part in it with luck helping him, but a higher power was at work-Fate, Destiny, etc.