Protection when you need it most.

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LifeCare Benefit Rider

Protection when you need it most.

LifeCare Benefit Rider


You recognize the value of purchasing life insurance to protect your family or your business after your death. But it’s also important to protect your independence — and your assets — while you’re alive. There may come a time when you need help doing the things that you have always done for yourself. Fortunately, there is a simple way to address both needs with a single policy — by adding the LifeCare Benefit rider to a John Hancock


Preserve your assets and

quality of LIFE

It’s wise to plan for long term care when you’re still active and healthy. Because the fact is that it is expensive and is not covered under private insurance.

• One year in a nursing home or 24-hour home care can cost more than $66,000 today.1With costs increasing at about 4%2 per year, this care could cost $150,000 – $250,000 per year in 20 or 30 years. • 60% of the people who reach age 65 may

need long term care at some point in their lives.3Women have a 50% greater chance than men of needing long term care.4 • The majority of impaired seniors rely solely

on donated care and their own savings.5 By adding LifeCare Benefit6 to a permanent John Hancock life insurance policy, you’ll have income tax-favored coverage when you need it most: for assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, eating, continence, transferring — or if you ever need substantial supervision because of cognitive impairment.

1. Congressional Budget Office Paper, “Financing Long Term Care for Elderly” April, 2004 2. Based on a rate of inflation of 4.25% of nursing home costs according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index. Fitch IBCA, Duff and Phelps “Long-Term Care: An Industry in Transition”, January 18, 2002.

3. US General Accounting Office: “Where Does the Population Live and Who Cares for Them? LTC Diverse, Growing Population Includes Millions of Americans of All Ages.” January, 2001.

4. 2002 HIAA Guide to Long Term Care 5. Congressional Budget Report, April, 2004

6. LifeCare Benefit is an accelerated death benefit. Not available in all states.

May not be appropriate when the life insurance policy is owned by a business or trust. Please consult your tax adviser for guidelines specific to your situation.


Total Benefit Pool

Growth or Guarantees

Depending on the type of life insurance you purchase, your policy will offer either a guaranteed death benefit/Total Benefit Pool or it will offer the potential to grow the account value/Total Benefit Pool.9

Benefit Protection

The full amount of your life insurance death benefit is your Total Benefit Pool,7which is available for both life insurance and long term care protection.

Benefit Flexibility

You may use all, some, or none of your Total Benefit Pool to pay for long term care costs — the choice is yours.

Benefit Assurance

That portion of your Total Benefit Pool not used for long term care purposes will be paid to your heirs as a death benefit (income tax-favored under current tax law).8

7. The Total Benefit Pool and account value will increase or decrease depending on the fluctuations of the interest rate and rate of return, premium payments, and nonguaranteed policy charges.

8. Comments on taxation are based on John Hancock’s understanding of current tax law, which is subject to change. Please consult your tax adviser for guidelines specific to your situation.

9. Death benefits are guaranteed provided minimum premium requirements are met. Guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of the issuing company.

Combined Protection

When you choose LifeCare Benefit, your policy’s death benefit is available for long term care protection.You can use all, some, or none of your death benefit to pay for long term care expenses.The choice is yours. Any portion you don’t use will be paid to your heirs and will be income tax-favored under current law.

The combination of life and long term care protection offers a cost-efficient, convenient way to help you plan for your future.


The care you


Customized coverage: You begin by selecting the appropriate life insurance benefit amount from $50,000–$5,000,000. At the same time, you also choose a maximum monthly benefit amount to cover long term care costs if the need ever arises: 1%, 2%, or 4% of your death benefit (at the time of the claim).10 This amount covers you for long term care for as long as you need it or until there is no value remaining in your policy.

Choice of setting: You’ll be covered for skilled, intermediate, or custodial care in the setting of your choice: at home, in an adult day care center, hospice facility, nursing home, or assisted living facility.

John Hancock is a leading presence in both the individual and group long term care insurance market, consistently ranking annually as one of the top carriers nationwide.That’s why you can be assured you’re getting some of the best long term care benefits available with LifeCare Benefit.


Bed Hold Benefit: If you should require hospital care while you are in a nursing home or assisted living facility, LifeCare Benefit can pay to reserve a bed in that facility for up to 10 days per stay.13

One-time waiting period: LifeCare Benefit comes with a 100-day waiting period,14 which needs to be satisfied only once. It starts on the first day you receive long term care services. Each day of long term care service counts toward the waiting period, regardless of any break in the service you’ve received. After the waiting period ends, your benefits begin. Extension of benefits: Should your policy lapse while you’re receiving coverage in a nursing home, you’re still protected. Long term care benefits are paid out until you leave the nursing home or until the entire death benefit has been accelerated for long term care. Once the extension of benefits is initiated, the death benefit will no longer be payable.

Long term care services at competitive rates: You can stretch your benefit dollars with John Hancock’s Advantage List15 program, which provides competitive rates at over 7,500 participating providers nationwide.

Advisory services: You and your immediate family will have access to Seniorlink,16a service that provides professional and personalized advice on topics such as home care, assisted living, home maintenance and repair services, and legal services. Seniorlink offers you the resources and guidance to make smart decisions, helping to ease the whole experience for you and your family.

13. Maximum bed hold payment not to exceed the selected monthly benefit. The number of days may vary by state.


With over 100 years of experience, John Hancock is among the highest-rated insurance companies in the United States, as judged by the major rating agencies.This is important because these financial ratings reflect the life insurance company’s ability to pay claims well into the future. John Hancock offers clients a diverse range of financial protection products and wealth management services through its extensive network of employees, agents, and distribution partners.

Strength. Stability.

John Hancock.

17. Insurance ratings, which are current as of June 1, 2005, and subject to change, apply to John Hancock Life Insurance Company (U.S.A.) as a measure of the company’s ability to honor the death benefit and life annuitization guarantees, but not specifically to its products, the performance of these products, the value of any investment in these products upon withdrawals or to individual securities held in any portfolio. Insurance ratings do not apply to the safety and performance of separate accounts.

Financial Ratings for John Hancock Life Insurance Company (U.S.A.)17

A.M. BEST A++(1st Category of 16)

Superior ability to meet ongoing obligations.

FITCH AA+(2nd Category of 24)

Very strong capacity to meet policyholder and contract obligations.

STANDARD & POOR’S AA+(2nd Category of 21)

Very strong financial security characteristics.

MOODY’S Aa2(3rd Category of 21)


11.The Total Benefit Pool and account value will increase or decrease depending on the fluctuations of the underlying investment accounts or the general account in which you invest. Lifecare Benefit is a combination of a John Hancock permanent life insurance product and an optional Long Term Care Acceleration rider.The permanent life insurance policy can be purchased separately.

LifeCare Benefit:

A Single Solution

A 4% option would provide a maximum benefit of $20,000 per month for at least 25 months. Death benefit may be accelerated to pay for long term care expenses if necessary.

Benefit not used for long term care expenses is paid to beneficiary, tax free.

Leave money to heirs while minimizing tax consequences.12







The combination of life insurance and long term care protection offers a cost-efficient, convenient way to help you plan for your future.


IM4096BCG 07/05 MLI0629055357 RIDER FORM: 05LTCR This rider has exclusions and limitations, reductions of benefits, and terms under which

the rider may be continued in force or discontinued. Please contact the licensed agent or John Hancock for more information, cost, and complete details on coverage.

Insurance products issued by: John Hancock Life Insurance Company (U.S.A.), Boston, MA and securities offered through John Hancock Distributors LLC,

through other broker/dealers appointed by John Hancock Distributors LLC, 197 Clarendon Street, Boston, MA 02116.