This guidance has been produced to support you in using the new Glow system, Office 365 (Outlook).






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This guidance has been produced to support you in using the new Glow Email system, Office 365


As you know there are improvements being made to the current Glow system by Education Scotland

for education professionals and pupils. The first of these improvements took place in December

2012 where you will have seen the new Launchpad and tiles.

From 18 March 2013 you have a Glow email account provided by Microsoft Office 365 (Outlook).

This will not replace your University email account. If you do not wish to continually log in to Glow to

check your emails, you can set up the Office 365 Mail to auto-forward email messages from your

Glow account to your University email account.

Your new Glow email address format will be Your existing Glow username

will be used in front of the @ symbol in your email address. For example if your Glow username is

ug1037284m, your Glow email address will be

Your email quota is 25GB and the maximum total size of an email message is 25MB.

You can access your Glow Email account by clicking the Office 365 (Outlook) tile in the RM Unify

Launchpad when you login to Glow. This will be accessible from any web browsers, mobile and

tablet devices.



When you login to Glow please click on the Office 365 (Outlook) tile pictured, if you firstly click on Inbox you will see the screen below. You may need to scroll to the next page if you do not see the tile at first; you can do this using the tear drop shaped arrow.




On the Toolbar click on View and it will look like this; you can select your preferences for how your Email appears.

Right click on the Inbox icon to access the folder menu. It will look like this: Select Create New Folder to add a folder to your inbox.

You can organise your folders as you see fit and later create rules so that emails will directly go in to the folder of your choice



In the new blank message you can change the settings for that message including delivery report and changing the status of its importance!

You can add attachments to your message by clicking the paperclip icon which will then enable you to add a file. The total limit to an Email size is 25MB and you can add up to 125 attachments. A total of 500 recipients can be added. All files can be attached. Once you click Send the message will be stored in your sent items


The Global Address List in Office 365 includes all education professionals in Scotland. Pupils are not able to be searched for due to the openness of the address book; to email a pupil or to create pupil distribution lists (for example a class or pupil group) you must know their email address in advance.


In Microsoft Office 365 (Outlook) you can create personal and public distribution lists; these are called ‘Groups’ these are not to be confused with the existing Glow Groups. There are only two levels of Groups

1. A Personal Group - This sits within your own Contacts list and cannot be shared by other Glow users. You

can build your Personal Group(s) from your Contacts; these can include non-Glow users and pupils.

Once in your Outlook, click on the blue New, the down arrow enables you to create a new Email or meeting request in the Calendar

Click Message and a blank Email message will appear.

To find a member of staff in Glow and add their details to your own Contacts or Personal Distribution Lists (Groups) please click on the Address Book icon on the right hand side of your screen. It looks like this:

To add another Glow user to your own Contacts, you can do either of the following.

When someone has sent you an Email you can right click on their name and select add to contacts. You can add in extra information to their profile and then save.

You can create a manual entry, clicking on Contacts and selecting new and adding in their details.


To create a Personal Group please carry out the following steps.

There are three ways to add members:

1. Type the Email address of each member and click Add to Group after each; if their details are already stored in your Contacts they will appear automatically as you type.

2. You can add more than one member at a time but separating email addresses with a semicolon. 3. Click on Members to take you to a new window where you can search for existing users from the

Global Address List and contacts. 1. In your Outlook, click on

Contacts on the bottom left hand side which looks like this

2. Click on the drop down arrow next to New and choose Group

3. The pop up window below will appear where you can give your Group a name and add members.



You can set up Microsoft Office 365 (Outlook) to auto-forward your Glow messages to your University email address by following these steps:

4. Click on Options in the top right-hand corner of the Office 365 (Outlook) mail

2. Click on See All Options on the menu 1. Click on Account then Connected Accounts

2. At the foot of the Connected Accounts page, under the Forwarding heading, enter the email address to which you wish mail to be automatically forwarded 4. Tick the box which says Keep

a copy of forwarded messages in Outlook Web App

3. Click Save

5. Click on My Mail at the top-right corner to return to Office 365 Outlook



The University IT Services are not responsible for Microsoft 365. If you need further information on how to use Office 365, please look up the websites below.

Starter Help on Office 365

Finer details of message size limits and attachments National Glow Help

Blog t.aspx

For enquiries relating to Glow accounts including password resets, please contact IT Helpdesk https:/


Thank you to Louise Jones (Highland Council) and Malcolm Wilson (Falkirk Council) for sharing their user guides on Glow Office 365 (Outlook).