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Camden Road Construction Liaison Meeting Minutes Tuesday 15th September 2015, 5.30pm - 7pm

On-site, 79 Camden Road (entrance on Camden Road) ATTENDEES

Local representatives (LR):

Kate Gemmell Secretary for Camden Town Neighbourhood

Forum Steering Group

Gill Scott Chair of Reed’s and Rochester Place

Neighbourhood Association, 48 Rochester Place

Anne Holt 189 St Pancras Way

John Cowley 8-9 Stratford Villas

Cllr Danny Beales London Borough of Camden

John Nicholls Planning Enforcement Officer, London Borough of


Development team (DT):

Richard Weaver (RW) Barratt London (BL)

Vincent Monaghan Barratt London (BL)

Yvonne Singh Erith

Craig de Sloan Erith

Georgina Garland (GG) (Chair) HardHat. (HH)

Jack Mulligan HardHat. (HH)

FUTURE MEETING DATES 2015 13th October 17th November 15th December 2016 19th January 16th February 15th March 19th April 17th May 21st June


MATTERS ARISING 1) Correspondence

LR queried the receipt of both hard and soft copies of fortnightly update. Georgina Garland (GG), HardHat explained that it was HH’s intention that all residents wishing to receive correspondence are distributed both a hard and soft copy via post and email.

Additionally, it was requested that HH ensure that any future request for ‘Apologies’ are noted in the minutes.

Local resident Anne Holt requested that the future fortnightly flyer present the community hotline number in a more prominent position, with hours of business, office location, email address, instead of a contact number, and a subheading stating relevant circumstances in which to contact. Additionally, residents asked that support number for the LB Camden be distributed on the newsletter. Cllr Beales stated that PC Mansell has now left and is replaced by Daniel Goodman. Cllr Beales provided GG with contact details of the new Safer Neighbourhood Officer. GG agreed to update contact details on the fortnightly flyer appropriately.


• To ensure that all residents receive both forms of correspondence, HH will again cross-reference the distribution list and amend as necessary. HH would also ask that any residents who continue to be excluded from future correspondence please raise at the next meeting

• HH will ensure that sufficient detail is documented within the minutes in future

2) Site Storage and Welfare Units

Richard Weaver (RW), Barratt London explained that on-site toilet facilities had now been connected to the main sewer, with no reported disturbance to local residents. Local resident Anne Holt noted a suspected storm-drain blockage, seemingly caused by construction debris, perpendicular to the site entrance. Additionally, leaves will be raked as they accumulate immediately surrounding the site.

Regarding the location of site storage and welfare units, RW reported that, unfortunately, it was not deemed practical to relocate cabins at an intermediate point during the project. It was acknowledged that residents have concerns regarding the narrowing of Rochester Place, however to locate these on Camden Road would require closure of a bus stop and felling of trees – which is not permitted by the Council. The relocation of cabins within the basement structure would be detrimental


to the programme, restricting progression of works. LR asked that their disappointment be expressed in the minutes regarding this matter.


• It was agreed that Erith investigate the potential blockage of storm-drain and

rake leaves from the surrounding area

• Both Erith and Barratt London have exhausted options for relocation of the cabins, therefore this issue is to be closed. However, it was noted that any potential area for relocation would be considered as it arises in future – perhaps during the final months of construction

3) Hoarding

Local resident Anne Holt queried whether external lighting on hoarding was constantly illuminated during the night, suspecting that there was a recent outage. Erith explained that the lighting outlets have a battery capacity of two weeks, although are replaced on a weekly basis by an external supplier. The supplier also offers a remote function whereas any outage can be identified and corrected, and that no such outage had been reported during their report log. Regardless, Barratt London and Erith acknowledge that permanent illumination of these areas is important and will investigate as necessary.

It was also queried whether the public notice board was continuing to be updated on a fortnightly basis. Erith stated that indeed it was, however noted that it hadn’t yet been updated this week.


• Erith to contact the lighting supplier and clarify that they know of no recent unreported outages. Barratt would ask that in the event that any future outages, residents please note a time and date if noticed

• Erith to continue updating notice board on a fortnightly basis

4) Window Cleaning

It was noted that, due to adverse weather conditions and a larger than expected rate of request, window cleaning to surrounding properties had been delayed several times. However, window cleaning had been fully completed prior to the site meeting – with the exception of any windows that remained open during the clean.

Local resident John Cowley stated that a surrounding occupant had reported that windows had not been completed; however this was assumed to be subsequent to


the scheduled clean. Regardless, contact details were exchanged for the resident in question and HH will make contact to query this issue. It was agreed to provide prior warning of window cleaning in the future and to review appropriate requirement to clean windows again at subsequent CLM meetings


• Post-meeting note: HH attempted to make contact with the resident regarding

cleaning of windows, however this was unsuccessful. HH left an answerphone message to the resident in question and advised to contact in the case that the property had been missed

• Review requirement to clean windows of neighbouring properties at next CLM


5) City Car

RW reported that a meeting had taken place with a City Car representative on 27-09-2015, investigating potential areas for the relocation of the current bay. A subsequent meeting between LB Camden and City Car had been postponed, now to take place on 25-09-2015. For this reason, findings will be reported at the next Construction Liaison Meeting.


• Barratt London is to report any conclusions at the next meeting

6) Signage

As had been discussed last meeting, it was acknowledged that construction signage to surrounding areas was being removed. Barratt London has made efforts to contact Woodentots Montessori Nursery School, a known area where signage has been removed, and organised replacements as necessary. It was noted that any signage would be replaced on an ongoing basis, as soon as is practical.

Local resident Gill Scott also raised the issue of a potential hazard to cyclists following the temporary closure of the cycle lane, with many ignoring the signs and continuing on this route. It was agreed that Erith and Barratt London would investigate an alternative option of signage in this area, including potentially removing and repositioning signage.

It was noted that Barratt London and Erith have made efforts to ensure safety and security at the Camden Road site entrance, incorporating CCTV and regular sharing of information with the police for any unrelated criminal activity in the area.

Lastly, Erith acknowledged that the location of a concave mirror had been positioned incorrectly outside the site and would be rectified immediately.



• Signage will be replaced on a regular basis if any unauthorised removal is reported.

• Erith and Barratt London to reconsider the location of signage surrounding the

suspended cycle lane.

• Erith to reposition concave mirror.

7) Cracking to Neighbouring Properties

It was noted that any reported cracking to neighbouring properties was being investigated following the correct procedures, including a condition survey and liaison with LB Camden and insurers.


• It is assumed that these matters do not affect any regular members of the meeting, however a brief update will be provided as the issue progresses.

8) Parked vehicles

Local resident Gill Scott noted that vehicles have parked along St. Pancras Way and understand that these are site vehicles for construction at 79 Camden Road. Erith explained that a traffic marshall manages movement of site vehicles and Erith logs every single vehicle parked outside the construction site as part of their Demolition Management Plan (DMP). Erith understands that the parked vehicles are not associated with the site.


• Erith to review vehicle log to establish whether vehicles were associated with





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