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City website, Hotels and Public Transportation in Vienna

The City of Vienna maintains an excellent web site, both in German and English. There is much useful information and links to other web sites of interest in the city. The Home Page in English is

Of particular interest is the link to “getting around”

Address location

To find the location of any address on a map of Vienna, type the street name in the first box and the street number in the second box. Click “Start”. It is possible to change the dimensions of the map and, if you wish, to add the public transportation to the map. For the latter, click on “Öffentlichen Verkehr”.

The website of the public transportation system in Vienna is Although it is only in German, it is not difficult to use even if you do not read

German. On the home page of the Wienerlinien (Vienna lines), on the right hand side click on “Fahrplan Auskunft”. On the page that comes up, click once again on “Fahrplan Auskunft”. A search page will come up. In the top of the two search lines, change the second box to “Straße/Hausnr.” In the third box enter the street address from which you will be traveling. In the lower of the search lines change the second box as above and in the third box enter the street address to which you will be traveling. If you are interested in traveling to the Juridicum, where the Moot takes place, enter “Schottenbastei 10”. In the third line you can enter the time of travel you are interested in, either the time of departure “Abfahrtszeit” or arrival “Ankunftszeit”. The date is given in the formula dd/mm/yy and the time in a 24-hour format. The default is the current time in Vienna as departure time. When all items are entered, click on “Anfordern”. You will receive several possibilities showing the combination of walking and public transportation between the two points and the total time. The public transportation in Vienna is excellent and the schedules are adhered to with amazing punctuality.

A further feature of the website is that it can show you on a map the location of your starting or ending address and the location of the relevant public transportation. To test this feature, enter the data for a trip from a hotel in which you might be interested to the Juridicum as above. On the page that shows the transportation combinations, click on the final element that shows it is a link, in this case “Schottentor”. When the next page comes up, click on “Stadtplan”. A detailed map will appear marking both Schottentor and Schottenbastei 10.

In order to print any of these pages, either click on “Drucken” on the bottom of the page or right click on your mouse.

Hotel Web Sites

Below are listed all of the hotels that participants at the Moot might be interested with their web sites. Any hotel in the First District would be within a 15 minute walk of the


Juridicum. Most hotels in the Ninth District would also be within walking distance as would some hotels in the Sixth, Seventh and Eighth.

Five Stars 1st District ANA Grand Hotel Wien, Bristol,

De France, Hilton Vienna Plaza,

Imperial, Marriott Vienna,

Radisson SAS Palais Hotel, Sacher Wien,

3rd District Barich,

Im Palais Schwarzenberg, Inter-Continental Wien,

4th District Das Triest,

15th District

Renaissance Wien, Four Stars 1st District Am Parkring, Am Schubertring, Am Stephansplatz, Amadeus, Astoria, Bajazzo, Capricorno, Europa, Graben, K & K Palais Hotel, Kaiserin Elisabeth, König von Ungarn,


Neuer Markt, Opernring,


Riemergasse Appartement Pension, Römischer Kaiser


Starlight Suiten Hotel Renngasse, Starlight Suiten Hotel Salzgries, Tigra, Arenberg, Aviano, Domizil, Pertschy, 2nd District Aphrodite,

City Central, Hilton Vienna Danube, Lassalle,

Mercure Nestroy Wien, Stefanie,


Vienna City Appartements,

3rd District Artis,

Astron Wien-Belvedere, Dorint Biedermeier Wien,

Renaissance Penta Vienna, Sofitel Vienna,

Starlight Suiten Hotel Heumarkt, Vienna Sporthotel,

4th District Erzherzog Rainer, Johann Strauss, Kaiserhof,

Prinz Eugen, Attaché,

5th District Amarante,


Falkensteiner Hotel Palace, Holiday Inn Vienna City,



Beethoven, Kummer,

Mercure Secession,

Mercure Wien Europapolatz, President,



7th District ARCOTEL Wimberger,

Astron Suite,

Astron Suite Hotel “Atterseehaus”, Carantania,

K & K Hotel Maria Theresia, Museum, Viennart,

InterCityHotel Wien, Alla Lenz,

Altstadt Vienna, Arian,

Continental, Pharmador,

8th District

Cordial Theaterhotel Wien, Excellence

Mercure Josefshof Wien, Baronesse,

9th District Albatros,

Arcotel Boltzmann, Arkadenhof, Atlanta, Bellevue, Deutschmeister, Harmonie, Regina, Strudlhof,

Mondial Appartment-Hotel, 10th District


Artis Tower, Bosei,

Eitljörg Panoramaschenke, Favorita,

Holiday Inn Vienna South, 11th District


13th District


Park Hotel Schönbrunn, 14th District


15th District Atlantis,

Dorint am Europaplatz Wien, Reither, Westbahn,

16th District Fleger Appartements,

17th District Anno Hof,

Ferchergasse Appartements, Jäger,

Witz Appartements Wien I, Witz Appartements Wien II,

18th District Thüringer-Hof,

19th District Celtes,

Gartenhotel Glanzing, Kaiser Franz Joseph,

Landhaus Fuhrgassl-Huber,

Modul, Park-Villa, Schild,


22nd District Club Danube Sport-Hotel, Country Inn & Suites, Crowne Plaza Vienna, Donauzentrum,

Gartenhotel Altmannsdorf, Residenz Donaucity,

Three Stars 1st District

Austria, Kärntnerhof,

Marc Aurel, Post,

Schweizerhof, Wandl,

Zur Wiener Staatsoper, Christina,

Lerner, Residenz,

Schweizer Pension Solderer, Suzanne,

2nd District

Am Augarten, Capri,

Cristall, Ibis Wien Messe, Nordbahn, Reichshof,

Tabor City-Hotel, Wilhelmshof,

3rd District

Etap Hotel Wien Sankt Marx, (This is a new hotel that does not seem to have a category designation as yet, but it looks to be a three-star quality. The website does not show it, but it is within a five minute walk of the subway.)

Gartenhotel Gabriel,

Goldene Spinne, Roter Hahn Tourotel,


Hotel Carlton Opera, Beim Theresianum,

Congress, Drei Kronen, Papageno,


5th District Art Hotel Vienna,

6th District

Hotel Fürst Metternich, Ibis Wien Mariahilf,

Corvinius, Hayden, 7th District Admiral, Fürstenhof, Savoy, Atrium, Rothensteiner Appartments,

8th District Graf Stadion,

International, Korotan, Andreas, Columbia, Zipser, 9th District Alexander, Am Schottenpoint, Goldener Bär, Bleckmann, Liechenstein,

700m zum Ring Appartement-Pension, 10th District


12th District Cryston,

Gasthof Riede,

13th District Berger, Bergwirt, Cortina, Viktoria, 14th District 15th District Altwienerhof, Lucia,

Mariahilfer Strasse Tourotel, Zur Stadthalle,

16th District Gallitzinberg, Hadrigan, 17th District Donauwalzer, Maté-Dependance, 19th District Grinzinger Hof,

21st District


22nd District Strandhotel Alte Donau Dependance,


2nd District

Liechtenstein Appartements, 6th District Kolping-Gästehaus, 7th District Kugel, Hargita, Kaffeemühle, 8th District Rathaus, Lehrerhaus, Wild, 9th District Franz,

Vera,, 10th District Cyrus,

12th District

Weitzer, 15th District Zur Stadthalle,

18th District Faist,

22nd District Strandhotel Alte Donau,

One Star 2nd District Praterstern, 6th District Mozart, Quisisana,


15th District Bauer, 16th District Moser, 17th District Stalehner, Youth Hostels





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