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Work Order Assignment Management Flow chart Example on WO Assignment Management Flow Procedure to use SITEFORGE using tab in field WO Assignment Management Flow(ATP-11A) Install and usage of various Login


Introduction to Work Order Assignment Management

Work Order Assignment Management is also known as WAS.

WAS is going to help users in automating the Work Order(WO) flow in a systematic manner using a portal called SITEFORGE.

Using this portal each level of Management employees will receive and execute their WO or Task assigned to them.

Helps to trace the network status through online mode.

Provides Visual steps to guide users on progress and upcoming steps. Improves productivity & complete visibility.

Helps users to monitor Parameter Compliance Index(Planned Vs. Actual). Helps users to Search/Filter Sites & WO based on various parameters.


Network Lifecycle Management Flow

(Work Allocation System)


WO assignment management flow

Samsung QE “Accept” “On hold” with issue list to eNB


Pre-ATP11A is acknowledged by eNB Eng joint ATP11A is performed (FE + eNB Eng) Report is modified on Tab ,if required (FE) Joint-ATP11A is completed & report is

uploaded on server. Samsung eNB er. to certify

SOLPAR field er. Executes task(Pre ATP 11A) & saves it in tab & uploads

to server once in coverage & notify to eNB Eng.

CH assigns the WO to respective Samsung AM

1. AM assign Samsung eNB engineer & QE for that Site 2. Assign various tasks of that WO

to single or multiple SOLPAR

SOLPAR PM assigns task to SOLPAR field engineer

RJIL Circle CTO Accept/


Task is auto-closed in SITEFORGE

End Responsibility: GIS/SIITE FORGE; Notification: Samsung CH Responsibility:Sam sung CH; Notification:Samsun g AM, RJIL CTO Responsibility: Samsung Am Notification: Samsung CM Responsibility: SOLPAR PM Notification :Samsung AM & Samsung eNB er.

Responsibility: SOLPAR field engineer

Notification: Samsung eNB er. & SOLPAR PM Responsibility:

SOLPAR FE & SAMSUNG eNB er. Notification: Samsung AM & SOLPAR PM On Hold with justification Response:Sam sung QE Notification: Samsung-Reg QM,AM,CM; SOLPAR-PM,FE

SAMSUNG AM will Accept

Responsibility: Samsung AM Notification: Regional QM,SAMS CM,Circle RJIL CTO Accept Responsibility: Circle RJIL CTO Notfication: Samsung CH,AM;System( GIS,REIMS) Reject

Accept Responsibility: SAMSUNG AM

Notification: SOLPAR PM, SAMSUNG CH WO is created & issued to respective


Login creation - introduction


• Procedure to install and use (Work Allocation System – WAS [Siteforge]) in Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8” by Solpar field engineers

• Steps

User (Solpar field engr.) creation by : Solpar Project manager

Intimation mail to field engineer : From Siteforge team (system.siteforge@gmail.com)

Click activation link

Login to Siteforge and change password (default password is with project manager)

Download and install .apk (installation file). Start using the siteforge by clicking the icon.


Login creation - Intimation mail

Receive mail from siteforge team Click on Activation Link


Login creation – accessing the site first time

If the mail is accessible in the TAB Click on Activation Link

If the mail is not accessible in the TAB (eg. Official mail not configured in the the TAB)

Open explorer, type below link in the address bar


Login creation – password change

Change the password

Default password would be available with your project manager




Changing security setting

Before downloading the installation file, change the security setting

•Go to TAB setting

•Turn on Blocking mode


Download and install installation file (.apk) file

•Click ‘Download Apk’,

•Once downloaded, go to notifications and click .apk file •Select install


How to Login?-FE


ATP 11A Process


ATP 11A Process


ATP 11A Process


ATP 11A Process


Site Information

Click On Next


Installation Scenario

Field Engineer need to answer the above question that


Antenna Make & Model

Enter the Information based on ACE/ROSENBERGER Model Type Used

Antenna Height incuding building height and tower foundation height in Case of RTP/RTT/RTD



Antenna & Cable Information

Tilt Information

Azimuth Information


CPRI Cable & RRH Type

CPRI Length


Installation Check List

CDU Installation Check List



Installation Check List


Installation Check List


Installation Check List

Cabling Check for 850 Mhz


Site Inventory List

Field Engineer need to capture the Serial number of all the site inventory for 850 Mhz

Capture the 850 Mhz L9CA serial Number

Capture 850 Mhz RRH Serial Number for all Three sectors


Site Inventory List

Capture 850 Mhz Antenna Serial Number for all Three sectors

Incase of Pentaband / Muntiband Antenna capture the serial number of all the three RET in all the 3 Sectors


Site Photograph



Add remarks about the work done if any

Click Next

Incase of existing antenna are swapped with new antenna then SOLPAR need to mention the YES/NO , and also confirm that they are sent back to





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