Establishing a media project that focuses on multimedia reporting, photojournalism and videojournalism.






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Nejude Abdulrahman Hassan Al-Ibrahim P.O Box 2664, Doha – Qatar

Mobile Phone : +974 66503337

E-mail Address :,


Establishing a media project that focuses on multimedia reporting, photojournalism and video-journalism.


- Lecturer, Broadcast journalism, Qatar University- September 2013- Present.

- Senior Producer, Television Support and Development Committee, September 2012 – April 2013.

- Lecturer, Broadcast journalism, Qatar University- September 2010 – September 2012

- Teaching Assistant at the department of Mass Communication and Information Sciences, Qatar University. September 2007 – August 2010


• Master of Arts degree in Television and Digital Journalism. School of Global Affairs and Public Policy.

The American University in Cairo Date of Graduation: Spring 2010 GPA : : 3.4


News and Current affairs Programming, Advanced Reporting and Writing, Reporting for TV, TV Story Production, Digital Journalism, Internship, Reporting Civil Society, Broadcast News Intensive I, Broadcast News Intensive, Seminar on Electronic Journalism and Arab Society.

• Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Literature Qatar University

Date of Graduation: Summer 2007 GPA : 3.4

- Study abroad student at The American University in Cairo, Summer 2006.

- High School Diploma 2000-2003 Major: Art/ French

Score : 97%


• Worked as a Multitask Journalist during my graduate study; reporter, anchor, scriptwriter, editor, executive producer and a lineup producer at the Kamal Adham Center weekly News Show “15 Minutes” uploaded on AUC youtube channel.

News Video Reports done included:

• Traffic issue in Egypt “ 15 Minutes “ Hard news and political report.

• Boatbuilding Profession & the Economical Crisis in Alexandria “ 15 minutes “ Feature story. • How do the people of Mattay survive with no water & electricity? Light news.


• The Changing Face of Middle east Journalism Schools. “ AUC – QU Journalism Boot Camp” • The 5th

Arab Youth Reform Conference… What’s new? “ 15 Minutes” Hard News. • “Khotoot wa Khoyoot” Art Exhibition “ 15 Minutes “ Light news.

• New Racetrack in Egypt.

• Discovering Egypt Facebook Group. • 6th

of October a community for the Iraqis in Egypt. “ 15 Minutes “ Feature story. • Smoking & Nonsmoking areas … are they functioning?

Analytical Articles published on the following blogs:


• As a lecturer April 2014- Present :

Worked as administrator and organizer of several events for the Mass Communication department.

- Worked on planning the Capstone projects screening day.

- Teaching practical courses and supervising capstone projects for the broadcast specialization.

- Planning on getting professionals to teach/ give workshops to students so that they get to know what it is like to work on their projects in the real field.

• As a senior producer September 2012 – April 2013:

- Developed several formats for the morning show" Fay Al Daha".

- Worked on two different pilots,

- VO for "Al Mawe'd Al Thani",

- Developed a format for a show called " Khobrek Jedeed ". - Produced a pilot for " khobrek Jadeed"

• As a lecturer September 2010 – September 2012 :

• Courses that I taught: Broadcast production, Multimedia Reporting and Writing, Script Writing, Special Topics in Broadcast Journalism, Media and Society, Broadcast News Writing, Multi-task Journalism.

• Supervised students’ work: Pitches, T.V Packages, Shows, Live Reporting, Voicing, Multimedia Content

• Established internship cooperation between QU & DFI.

• Trainee at the newsroom at Al Jazeera Main Office in Doha, April 21 - May 21, 2011: • - Worked as a newsroom journalist and produced in-house reports.

• Internship with Aljazeera Arabic in Cairo, February 2010 – June 2010: • - Research and pitch stories to the producer.

• - Coordinate in setting up and shooting interviews for TV. • - Write and edit news scripts.

• - Produce stories for TV.


• Teaching Assistant at Qatar University, Mass Communication Department, September 2007 – present:

• - Teaching introductory sections, helping with topics and presentations. • - Organized workshops, forums, meetings and social events for students.


• Languages’ skills:

• Very good command in spoken and written English and Arabic.

• Dialects: Very good spoken Egyptian, Shami, Iraqi dialect and can do more. • Computer Skills:

• - Windows and Macintosh operating systems. • Excellent typing in English and Arabic.

• Excellent Knowledge of Ms office Applications. • Editing Software Skills:

• Excellent Knowledge of Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Aperture and of Final Cut Pro.. • Excellent Knowledge in Video-shooting, Photography and Multi-task Journalism.


- Participated in the 7th

Arab reform Conference, Bibliotheca Alexandrina- Egypt 2010. - Participated in the 5th

Arab Youth Reform forum, Bibliotheca Alexandrina – Egypt 2010. - Leadership Conference in the Middle East organized by Yale University, Egypt 2009. - Qatar University representative at the Souq of the 4th

Al Jazeera international documentary film festival, Doha – Qatar 2008.

- The Arabic MC of the SLA- Arabian Gulf Chapter's fourteen annual conference, Doha-Qatar 2008.

- The English MC of the Mass Communication and Information science forum, Qatar University, Doha- Qatar 2008.

- Attended the 5th

Arab reform Conference, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt 2008. - Participated in The Teachers' Forum of the College of Arts & Sciences, 2007. - Participated in the 1st Students' Forum of the College of Arts & sciences, 2007.

- Attended the Linguistics in the Gulf Conference "Organizer", Qatar University, Doha - Qatar 2007.

- Participated in The Second Arab Youth Reform Conference, Bibliotheca Alexandrina - Egypt 2007.

- Attended The US and the Islamic World Forum, Doha-Qatar 2007

- Attended The Annual Educational Conference, "education: challenges and solutions", Doha - Qatar 2007.

- Attended The International Journalism and Mass Communication Conference, The American University in Cairo 2006.

- Participated in The American Women's freedom of Speech and rights videoconference, Cornell University 2006.


- Participated in US-Qatar relations’ debate, Qatar University 2006.

- Islamic image from a Western Prospective workshop 2006. - Critical writing workshop, Qatar University 2006.

- Building self-confidence workshop, Qatar University 2006.

- Attended a workshop on "Negotiations skills" ISLC, The American University in Cairo 2004.


- Participated in Middle East Journalism Boot Camp in Egypt and Qatar, 2009.

- Went on a cultural exchange program to represent Qatar University at Peace College and Duke University. North Carolina, USA 2007.

- The English host in the College of Arts & Sciences Students' Forum.

- Organized a debate between Qatar university students and Vienna University students. - Participated in "English day I" as a poet.

- Participated in "English day II" as a host.

- Was chosen to represent Qatar University at Harvard.


- 2010, Honor given to graduate students scoring above 3.0 GPA, The American University in Cairo.

- 2009- 2010, Exchange programs awarded to Qatari student representatives through different semesters, Qatar University.

- 2007, Active student in Qatar University award.

- 2006, an active participant award in the college of Arts & Sciences, Qatar University. - 2006, Dean of Arts and Sciences award.

- 2005, Dean of Arts and Sciences award for being an active participant in English day II.


- Photojournalism

- Watching programs that discuss political and social issues. - Traveling.

- Movie making. - Social networking.

- Multimedia stories and content


- Interview with Ismail Serag Al Din, Egypt 2010.

- Interview with the writer Alaa Al Asswani, Egypt 2009. - Interview with Mohamed Habib, Egypt 2009.

- Interview with Ayman Nour, Egypt 2009. - Interview with Mahmoud Al Zahar, Egypt 2009.

- A Closer look at Qatar (Presentation) , Peace College at North Carolina, USA 2007.

- Undergraduate Research Experience program (An Assessment of English Language Need among Qatar Employers), 2007.


- Dreams may come true (presentation, speech), Qatar University 2007. - Cats Communication (presentation), 2007.

- Islamic misconceptions from the American media's prospective (presentation), The American University in Cairo 2006.


• Date of Birth: January 11th

, 1986 • Nationality: Qatari

• Gender: Female

• Martial Status: Married

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