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September 2014-to date September 2005-August 2013 April 2003 – March 2004 April-October 2002

Partner at Elizalde & Barrie. Law firm specialized in Litigation & Arbitration, including ADR and risk management in the formation of contracts.

Senior Associate at Garrigues (largest law firm in continental Europe), Madrid office. Litigation & Arbitration Department. In charge of civil and commercial processes (in every instance, including the Supreme Court), of all kind, national and international, contracts, banking, company law, unlawful competition and property rights. Representation of Spanish and foreign clients in judicial and arbitral courts.

Nicholson & Cano Law Firm, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Trainee. In charge of civil and commercial processes, representing insurance companies.

Asorey & Navarrine Law Firm, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Trainee: managed civil and commercial files, prepared papers that were presented on trials, translated and drafted contracts.

2. TEACHING AND RESEARCH EXPERIENCE September 2013-to date 2014 2012-2013 2006-2007 2009

Full-time Professor of Civil Law, IE University, Madrid & Segovia Campus. All classes taught in English following a comparative methodology. In charge of the subjects “Contract Law” and “Property Law”. Creator and Director of the Legal Clinic.

Visiting Professor at Koç University (Istanbul, Turkey), teaching at the LLM in Private Law. Course taught: “The formation of contracts in international and European Law”.

Professor at the Summer School of the Law Schools Global League (LSGL), Koç University (Istanbul), July. Course: “International contracts in the XXI century”. Co-convened with W. Fernandes (Fundação Getúlio Vargas, São Paulo, Brazil).

Professor of Civil Law and Litigation, LLM, University of Navarra, Madrid Campus. Elected by the students as the best Professor of the LLM.

External researcher at Instituto de Cultura y Sociedad (ICS), Research Center in Social Sciences of the University of Navarra. He focused on Comparative Contract Law.

Assistant Professor of Civil Law. Master en Asesoría Jurídica de Empresas (LLM), Instituto de Empresa, Madrid.


organized by the Government of Madrid, to promote the knowledge of Law among immigrants.

3. EDUCATION PhD: October 2013 LLM: 2004/2005 LLB: 2005 March 1999 - March 2004

PhD. University of Navarra. Thesis: The construction of contractual terms in European Private Law. Grade: Distinction cum laude (maximum grade), with the special mention of International Doctorate.

D.E.A. (Diploma de Estudios Avanzados), University of Navarra. Obtained with the essay “The pre-contractual duty to inform: comparative remedies”. Grade 9.5/10.

Master en Asesoría Jurídica de Empresas (LLM), Instituto de Empresa (IE), Madrid (top 5% of the class).

Re-qualification as Licenciado en Derecho (Spanish lawyer), by the Ministry of Education (Spain). Exams approved at Universidad Complutense.

Law Degree with honours at Universidad Católica Argentina. 4. VISITING SCHOLAR/VISITING RESEARCHER

June -

September 2014 Visiting Researcher at Max Planck Institut für ausländisches und internationales Privatrecht (Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law), Hamburg (Germany).

August 2012 Visiting Scholar at Harvard Law School (US). October –

December 2010 Visiting Scholar at University of Cambridge (UK), Centre for European Legal Studies. 5. SCHOLARSHIPS

2004-2005 Fundación Carolina, scholarship granted by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affaris to pursue an LLM (Master en Asesoría Jurídica de Empresas) at Instituto de Empresa (IE), Madrid.


Spanish: Native speaker.

English: Bilingual. Approved with excellent qualifications (“A”) the First Certificate Exam and the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) of the Cambridge University, with eight subjects examined in English. In 2001, attended a course of


English for business in London.

French: Very fluent. Approved with excellent qualifications all the D.A.L.F. exams (Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française) administrated by the French Ministry of Education. Complementary studies at Université Sorbonne, Paris (1999). German: Basic skills. Attended annual courses at Universidad de Buenos

Aires (2000 & 2001), and an intensive course at Lüdwig Maximiliam Universität (LMU), Munich, 2010.


* El contenido del contrato (The terms of a contract); (book, in press, Thomson Reuters Aranzadi, forthcoming 2014).

* “Las obligaciones de medios y de resultado en la Propuesta de Código Mercantil (Obligations of skill and care and obligations to achieve a result in the proposal of a New Commercial Code)”, InDret 3/2014 (accessible from:

* “La determinación del contenido del contrato: nuevas perspectivas (Determining the terms of a contract: new perspectives)”, en X. Abel Lluch (Coord.), Las medidas preventivas de conflictos en contextos económicos inestables, Editorial Bosch, Barcelona, 2014, pp. 829-844.

* “Court (non) enforcement of arbitration decisions based on public policy exception”, G. Ajani, F. de Elizalde, W. Fernandes, Z. Taraman et al, Law Schools Global League Research Paper no. 1, junio 2014 (accessible from:

* “La regulación de las obligaciones de medios y de resultado en la Propuesta de Código Mercantil”, Working Paper IE Law School AJ8-21, junio 2014, Cátedra Pérez-Llorca/IE de Derecho Mercantil.


2005-to date

Member of the Comparative Law Discussion Group (CLDG), University of Cambridge.

Member of the Madrid Bar Association (Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Madrid).


2014 Co-discussant (with W. Fernandes & Z. D. Taraman) at 1st Academic Conference, Law Schools Global League. Paper presented: “Court (non) enforcement of arbitration decisions based on public policy exception: a comparative analysis”, Koç University, Istanbul (Turkey), 16 July 2014.

Discussant at Universitá de Torino (Italy), lecturing on Towards a Global Law of Contract?, Torino, 7 March 2014.

Discussant at the Research Seminar organized by Pérez-Llorca/IE Chair on Commercial Law, “Obligations of skill and care





2010 2007-2008

and obligations to achieve a result in the proposal of a New Commercial Code”, Madrid, 2 June 2014.

Discussant at International Congress UNIJES (organized by the following Universities –ICADE-, ESADE & Deusto): “Preventing conflicts in unstable economic environments”. Barcelona, 1-3 July, 2013.

Congress on the proposed reform of the Spanish Commercial Code, Pérez-Llorca/IE Chair on Commercial Law. Segovia, 25 October 2013.

Chariman at Conference on Guarantees of banking finance after the crisis, Pérez-Llorca/IE Chair on Commercial Law. Madrid, 29 November 2013.

Discussant at International Seminar New perspectives in Private and Public Law, Leyre, 8, 9 y 10 de noviembre (organized by Asociación Interdisciplinar de Derecho Público).

International Congress The revísion of the European and National rules on consumer protection, University of La Rioja. Logroño, 1&2 March, 2012.

Conference on European Private Law and the modernization of the Law of Obligations in Spain, University of Granada. Granada, 27&28 January, 2011.

Visiting Scholar to the conferences of the Centre of European Legal Studies (CELS), University of Cambridge.

Workshop on current issues of Civil Law, University of Navarra. Course in Anglo-American Law, Centro de Estudios Garrigues, Madrid. 10. DISTINCTIONS/PRIZES 2006 2004 2002 & 2001 1998

Finalist Premio Jóvenes Juristas, awarded by Fundación Garrigues and University of Navarra.

Honour Diploma, by Universidad Católica Argentina, for the academic record.

Buenos Aires Bar Association (Colegio de Abogados de Buenos Aires), in recognition of the academic performance.

Gold Medal, awarded by Cardinal Newman College, for the best average grade for the five years of Senior School.






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