Annual Affiliated Schools of Nursing Update Breakfast. May 22, 2013







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Annual Affiliated Schools of

Nursing Update Breakfast


Thank You!

Alverno College

Bryant and Stratton

Carroll University Columbia College

Concordia University

Gateway Technical College

Marian University

Marquette University

Milwaukee Area Technical College

Moraine Park Technical College MSOE – School of Nursing

UW-Oshkosh UW-Milwaukee

Waukesha County Technical College

Wisconsin Lutheran College



• 536 nursing students

• 33 affiliation agreements • Clinical groups – 410

• Undergraduate precepted students – 60 • Graduate precepted students - 66



Children’s Ranks 4th in the Nation!!

#1 Preemie and Newborn Care #3 Emergency Care

#6 Orthopedics Care #7 Heart Care

#8 Pulmonary Care #9 Cancer Care



• Epic stabilization…journey continues

– Workflows / Nursing process – Documentation / Barcoding – Nursing Care Plans

– Synergy Model



Children’s Mission

As a premier and standard-setting leader

in the delivery of pediatric clinical service, education and research, Children’s Hospital advocates for children and brings a

commitment to excellence to our patients and families, medical staff, employees and communities in addressing the health and well-being of children.


Thank You

• Committed to our partnership with schools of nursing

– Best learning experience for students – Support for faculty

– Continued development for efficient work processes


Thumbs up for EPIC

Martha Kliebenstein, RN, MSN

Clinical Educator/School of Nursing Liaison


EPIC Journey

• June, 2010

– EPIC chosen as partner with Children’s

Hospital to journey towards an Integrated Electronic Health Record


• November, 2012

– WAVE 1 of transition to the Integrated Electronic Health Record


• January, 2013

– Nursing students trained in EPIC



• Our community of caregivers, children and families will have access to

relevant, accurate and timely

information to facilitate safer care and improved and differentiated


• Every child; every time



• Enables integrated, child-centric information sharing across the continuum of care

• Enables a system approach

• Enables data standardization to fully support business intelligence and information



• Improved communication (amongst

units/campuses/disciplines/service lines) • Better service



…does that mean for your students?

– students have access to relevant, accurate & timely information to enhance clinical

experiences and provide safer care – ‘child-centric’ information available

throughout clinical semester

– exposes students to systems approach to the health care needs of the child and family

– continue to gain knowledge and experience with the electronic health record


and leads to:

• Improved communication (amongst students/staff/units/multidisciplinary teams/service lines)

• Better service for educational needs of Schools of Nursing requests

• Safer care and teaching moments • Excellent educational opportunities


Spring, 2013

– Clinical groups and educators all trained in EPIC documentation with support of Educational Services

• Undergraduate students in clinical groups and clinical educators

• Undergraduate students in preceptorships – Graduate students

– All paperwork is submitted to Department of Advanced Practice Nursing


What we learned

• Students at varying levels of

knowledge – just like real life on the units

• Many students comfortable with the ‘technology’ aspect

• Instructors became comfortable with electronic documentation with


What we learned,


• Staff required education in regards to ‘what students can do in EPIC’

• Communication among Schools of Nursing, clinical educators,

Department of Advanced Practice Nursing, and students is key

• Dates are critical – IT and Security need time to enter all information • Learning is FUN!!!


Student feedback

• Did the Epic training you received meet your clinical needs?

– Strongly agree: 39.5% – Agree: 46.5 %

– Neutral: 11.6 % – Disagree: 2.3%


Student comments

• Needed the practice on the unit

• A lot to learn in a small amount of time… Nurses on the floor were very helpful!

• I've used Epic before

• The Epic training was fine, would have been nice to have more information related to surgery

• A mini-training of intra-op Epic would have been useful


Student comments,


• Epic training was very quick and my first experience with EPIC.

• Short stay of clinical (4 weeks on the floor) difficult to navigate and learn as you go. • Nurses ended up doing the charting and

looking things up such as orders. • Great if there could be classes for

students who have experience with Epic and students who do not


Staff: Clinical Groups

• Did the students demonstrate

appropriate knowledge with EPIC

documentation: 1 – very well -> 5 not at all

– 1: 20.0% – 2: 48.0% – 3: 20.0% – 4:12.0% – Comment:


Staff: Preceptorships

• The student demonstrated appropriate knowledge with EPIC documentation

– 66.7 %: strongly agree – 33.3%: agree

– Comment:

• Did not receive student login information, profile information from the instructor until the student had been with me for a week; would have been most helpful to have before or at start of clinical.


Wave 2 Go Live

• Primary Care Child Advocacy Centers • Child and Family Counseling services

that did not go live in Wave 1.

– In many cases, some aspect of these programs went live in Wave 1.

• School Health nursing in time for the 2013-14 school year.


Looking to the Fall…

• Verifying clinical start dates

– Early but difficult to reach faculty during summer

– Start dates may vary from request form to actual first day students are at Children’s – Training dates need to be coordinated

with Educational Services


Looking to the Fall…

• Accurate dates are even more critical – IT and Security need time to enter all information

• Incorrect dates may lead to students being delayed in starting clinical


Looking to the Fall…

• Educational materials being revised

• Clinical educators must attend training sessions with their students

• Look at identified dates for precepted students to attend


Placement Updates

• Contracts – routed for signatures

• Increase number of student requests • Epic classes adds new time restraint • Member of SEWNA, Southeast

Wisconsin Nursing Alliance

• Clinical groups : no mid week spots at this time

• Preceptorships: evenings and weekends


Placement Updates

Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork


Accuracy – start, end and holidays

Use latest forms from the nursing

student website

Orientation checklists

Signatures: no electronic at this

time, fax and email are accepted



• Contact:

– Diane Dooley

• Clinical Placement coordinator – Martha Kliebenstein, RN

• Schools of Nursing Liaison – Tracy Blair, RN



Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone

who keeps learning stays young.”





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