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Setting Your Bids

Properly managing your sponsored listing bids is a critical component to program success. How much you are willing to bid for a click determines the amount of exposure your hotel receives.

CPC Pricing Model

Priceline Sponsored Listings use a cost-per-click (CPC) pricing model. This means you pay only when a customer clicks on your ad and views your hotel details—that’s free exposure in premium locations on until a click happens.

Placing Bids

To place your bids, go to the Manage Bids tab, and place a bid against the travel windows you want to target. Your bid is the maximum price you are prepared to pay for each customer who clicks on your ad. However, the actual price you pay is often lower than your “Max Bid” and depends on other active advertisers in the market and what they bid for a click.

Helpful Tools

Tools like the “Recent Market Price” and the “Bid Strength Meter” give you great insight into what other advertisers are bidding and the relative strength of your bid. However, Priceline Sponsored Listings uses other factors in deciding which ad to show, including relevancy to search parameters, inventory availability, and customer preferences. This ensures we serve up the most relevant ad for the consumer, resulting in more


Managing Your


With Priceline Sponsored Listings you have complete control over how much money you spend. You have the flexibility to determine your budget “ceiling” in your preferred timeframe—by day, week or month. Your ad delivery and bids will automatically pause when you reach your budget for the scheduled period, and will automatically re-start the following day, week or month as specified.

Many advertisers, who are receiving their desired return-on-ad-spend (ROAS), choose not to cap their budgets. This allows them to book the maximum possible number of room nights based on the available ad inventory. Keep in mind that your ads will not show if you do not have any rooms available on a user’s selected search dates.


Using Targeting


Looking to supercharge your program performance and achieve the best ROI? Get to know our targeting tools.

Targeting tools allow you to increase your bids based on a user’s specific search criteria. For example you can increase your bid for travelers looking to stay in the next 48 hours or those who are booking 3+ or 6+ room nights.

How to use Targeting Tools

Go to the Manage Bids page for your hotel. To make a quick change, click “Show” next to the Targeting Tools icon, or navigate to the settings window by clicking the Targeting Tools text link on the right side of the page.

Next, enter your additional bid in the fields provided. This additional

amount will be added to your base bid when the targeting criteria are met. Then, check the Activate box and click Submit to apply. You will notice the targeting icon turn orange when the feature is active—and gray when it is not. To deactivate, simply return to this window, uncheck the Activate box and click Submit.


Creating Ad Copy

Stand Out From The Crowd

In addition to premium placement, Priceline Sponsored Listings allow you to create a custom headline and a brief description of your property in your ad. Such valuable messaging is proven to increase conversion, so use this opportunity to really highlight your property’s great features and to deliver time sensitive messaging related to holidays, promotions and special events.

Highlight Your Strengths

Focus on what makes your property unique, whether it’s an award winning restaurant, family friendly features, or even touting

something distinctive about your location, such as “Fantastic views of Mount Whitney!” Be inspirational, bold and succinct (but be truthful!).

Time-Based Messaging Through Scheduled Ads

With Scheduled Ads you can vary your ads based on a user’s travel window. This enables you to tie the program to your wider marketing

calendar. Use copy that reflects the travel dates you’re focused on getting booked. “Spring Break Deals!”, “Celebrate Thanksgiving with us!”, and “Join us for the Summer Festival” are examples that grab a travel shopper’s attention.

Creative Approval

Advertisers must follow some basic copy guidelines when creating an ad. reserves the right to reject ads that contradict these guidelines. In these cases, the Priceline Sponsored Listings account team will contact you to help create appropriate copy.


Measuring Performance

Priceline Sponsored Listings is one of the savviest marketing investments you can make, allowing you to track every advertising dollar and gauge how many booking dollars you get back.

When you need it. Where you need it.

You can access critical reporting information in a number of ways from within the Priceline Sponsored Listing program.

Homepage Dashboard

 We give you key performance indicators (KPIs) and critical alerts right when you log in, eliminating the complexity of typical internet advertising programs

 State of the art graphing tools let you plot performance over time to immediately spot trends and opportunities

Reports Tab

 This go-to location for all reports caters to users who need detailed analysis as well as users who prefer summarized reports

 Simple-to-apply filtering ensures you get the specific data you need  View reports in the user interface / download them for use in other tools

Automated Reports

 Set your preferences to receive daily, weekly or monthly reports automatically with the Manage Email Alerts section of My Account tab  Each emailed report goes over key activity and performance metrics


Managing Hotel


If you’re an advertiser with multiple properties, there are a number of capabilities in Priceline Sponsored Listings that are designed especially for you. They enable you to work faster and achieve the best returns across your portfolio of properties.

Hotel Groups allows you to group your properties any way you’d like. For example, you can group by location (i.e. all New York hotels), or by amenity (i.e. all hotels with casinos). Once you have set up your Hotel Groups you can use multi-hotel features:

 Multi-Property Funding – add or transfer funds across multiple hotels

 Consolidated Bidding – Manage all your bids on one page

 Consolidated Budget Management – Manage all budgets on one page

 Report Filtering – view your KPIs by hotel group

Setting up Hotel Groups

1. Click on the “Manage Hotel Groups” link from the My Account tab. 2. Click on the “Add New” link and enter a name for your group.

3. From your hotel list, check the boxes for the hotels you want in the group. You can add or delete hotels at any time.

You can now select your newly created Hotel Group when placing bids, adding funds or running reports.


Funding Your Account

As part of the initial registration and to ensure your ads appear in search results without interruption, you’ll need to add funds to your account. Priceline Sponsored Listings offers you multiple ways to add these funds.

Simple. Flexible. Immediate.

Choose a funding option that works for you:

Credit Card: All major credit cards are accepted and you may store one or more credit cards

to use in funding your account

PayPal®: For advertisers who prefer the convenience of PayPal®, funding through PayPal® is

an option

Direct Billing: Please contact

Stay Funded

After initial funding, your balance will begin to decrease as customers click on your ads. Therefore, you must continue to maintain funds in your account to guarantee your ads continue to show. To ensure your account balance never runs out, there are two options:

Automatic Rebill

 If using a credit card, you can select the “Auto Rebill” option, and an automatic funding transaction will be triggered whenever your account reaches a specified balance

 You will be notified via email after each Auto Rebill transaction

 Update or cancel Auto Rebill at any time from the My Account page

Single & Multi Property Advertisers


Email Notifications

Set your email alerts so you can:

 Know when your account is low on funds or when your budget has been reached

 Receive daily, weekly and monthly reporting

Receive a reminder list of inactive hotels

On the My Account page is “Manage Email Alerts,” you can opt-in to receive email alerts and reporting.


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