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The Fool

New Begining, Infinite Possibilities, Be Careful of where you step, Blind

Adventuring, Renewel, Foolish Optimism.

The Magcian

Vision of Glory or a Great Idea, Be Wary of Con Men and Tricksters, New Ideas, Becoming Eloquent, Charismatic, Clever,

Witty, Inventive and Persuasive, Verbalize all your Ideas.


The Empress

Creation, Time to let the Idea or Ect Grow, Maturity, Artistic Growth, Postitive Fertility, Loving and Giving Personality, Motherly, Possesive and


The Emperor

New Purpose, Brings order to Art, Gives Direction, Direct and Guileless, Impatient and Controlling, Foundation, Having Control over Aspects of your Life,

Control of "Empire", are you a bad leader? Time to set down laws and Lead

on towards the future.

The Hierophant

Religous Rituality, Stubborn, The Refusal of Deviation from Normal Routine, The Fear of Change, Do ot fear change in Religion, Traditions are Not to

be followed to a "T", but to Keep Faith alive.


The Lovers

The Love of a Person/Thing/Ect, Harmonizing with a Person or Thing, Finding a Spiritual Twin, Blindly Loving

something,Urge to Obey selfish, thoughtless Love, The Regret of Denying

the Choice. Unexpected Choice

The Chariot

Overcomng Obstacles, Victory is not the End it is the Beginning, Get what you want, Even opposites can work together

with commen goal, Keep Focus, Unification, Contradicting Feelings,

Anything for Victory.


Balance, Too Much of Anything can hurt, Balance between Physical and Mental

"scales", Adjust yourself to Equilize scales, Listen only to Facts, Logic and Reason, Not Emotion, Be Wise not Nice.


The Hermit

Solitude and Desire for Peace, Shining Light on Things once Confusing, Finding

Clarity in one's Mind, Finding out about Oneself, Impatience with People Grumpiness and Anti-social, Spend some

time alone.

Wheel of Fortune

Luck and Change, Abundance, Happiness, Elevation, Completeness,

What goes around comes around, Change in Luck, Karma will Exact

Revenge or pay you back,


Bringing Wild Passion to Heel, Understanding Wild Natures, Making

Passion more Gentle to work for you, OVercoming Animalistic Needs, With "Inviolate Innocence" you can make The


The Hanged Man

A Total Shift in Mind, Gaining Wisdom, Seeing things from a inverted

perspective, Having thought different to everyone else, Feeling Vulnerable, Opening self to new Ideas, Sacrifice will

be made to gain Wisdom, Never seeing things the same.


The End of Something, Dealing with this ending, Transformation from Low to High, A time of Change, Only by Going

Through Sadness can we be reborn. Sadness isn't forever, Sunrire will emerge

from this End.

The Devil

Wild Desire and Pleasure, Surrending Control can be Good, Too much restraint

can hold you back, Be honest on what controls you, Don't Let it enslave you.

Don't give or take peer pressure, Temptation and Addiction, We have


The Tower

War between Lies and Truths, Shocking Revaltions, Learning the truth is painful and hard to believe, Nothing Built on a Lie will Stand. People have been Lieing.


Moderation, Mixing Two Things until you get what you want, If you can't mix two things (Religion, Friends, Ect) keep trying trying different proportions until

it's perfect, Make Ambitions more realistic, Combining Thesis and

Anti-Thesis Things is good.

The Star

Hope and Possibility, There is Help out there, You can achieve what you want

most to achieve, The Path is long to achievement stay strong, Is this achievement worth waiting for, The Great future is possible if you strive for it,


The Sun

Glory, Triumph, and Truth, Intillect, Youthful Energy, Level-Headedness and Sunny Attitudes, Things will go your way,

Foolishly Ignoring the "Shadows", Everything is gonna be okay.

The Moon

Inspiration, Hidden Enemies, Emotional and Mental Trial, Avoid Drugs and Alcohol, Psycopathic vs. Artistic Genious,

A Dangerous Path they are heading down, Make a choice become a drunkard

and alienate friends or become artistic.


Facing the Past, Forgiving the Wrongs that you have commited, Time to move one, To make a new life, To start anew,


The World

Completion and Competency, There will be Praise, Celebration and Success, Everything finally coming together, Becoming an expert on a subject, The

Travels will begin and will be great. Independence

Ace of Wands

A new spark of energy for a new passion, This spark could be for a variety of things

like a job or religion or other things. They feel very energized and want to

keep at it.

Two of Wands

A choice about where to put your energyand passion, A choice between two


Three of Wands

It is a sign of progress, of the first hint that the dream can be made real, The feeling of power and pride, Wait for good things to happen before celebration, This

is the result of effort.

Four of Wands

Warned of that it's only the first step,The Completion of the First Step, Be There is more to be done.

Five of Wands

The moment when we find yourself competing with others who have just as

much clout and ambition, Losing ambition at the appearence of equally determined foes. Not the time to play it


Six of Wands

You were successful in the competition against the stiff oppostition, As well you

pleased the crowd, Eager to please the crowd so he can win more, Warning as it

may create a dependecy on the crowd.

Seven of Wands

You are under attack and you are at a disadvantage, You have to defend what

you have created, People disagree with how you've been doing things and feel you should step down, Hold your ground

and stand against the tough foes.

Eight of Wands

Avoid wasting the great energy you have created, Make the best use of it, The candle that burns the brightest lasts the least, fast developement and fest travel, Whatever goes on will come early, you will understand how the energy works.


Nine of Wands

You will never give up, Failure is not an option, You'll find some reserve energy to get to the top, One may feel paranoid

as if they are the only one motivated enough, Just Go For it.

Ten of Wands

You have control over all the thing you want control over, But you carry all the burden of these things, Weighed down by

more than enough responsibilities, Remember what you wanted in the beginning and the passion that you had,

don't be burdened.

Page of Wands

You are full of energy and have a passion for optimism like no others, be warned

being immature may lead to bullying, Time of new discoveries and new inventions you are excited to start,This

can signify a trip, career move, or something philisophical.


Knight of Wands

You are very restless and tend to be dramatic about things, You are fun loving and the center of attention, A little

narcissistic, you're not that sensitive to others feelings. Loyal, Energy will be

random, mature, will like to fight.

Queen of Wands

Very warm spirited, Charismatic and will draw others to her, gentle, may possibly

be too involved in the child's life, may also be bossy and overbearing, She will

get things done and done well.

King of Wands

Grand Ideas, He is full of energy, fun, and charismatic. People want to please him, he is able to transform people from

losers to winners, he loves danger and adventure, People love him or hate him,


Ace of Cups

Emotions rising up for new love. They suddenly feel more emotional than ever. And the simple sight of a person or thing

can make their heart yearn.

Two of Cups

It is recognition of love, the recognition of being drawn to a creative endeavor or spiritual path, these emotions need to be

directed whether to love or no love.

Three of Cups

It either represents the bond of family members, or a group that may be considered a family, It represents the

celbration of unity among a group of people, It strongly signifies those who


Four of Cups

Dissatisfaction, what is thought to be great and wonderful is now taken for granted, You then find nonexistent fault

to justify yourself, You are restless with your daily routine of comfort and have

become bored.

Five of Cups

Focusing on what has been lost rather than what is intact, Being dissapointed in

someone's bad qualities not noticing the good qualities, Doing something bad andnot able to get past it,Fearing that the

lost wasn't appreciated, though there is Redemption.

Six of Cups

Innocent Love, This is the connection we make with someone or something who

always brings us joy. And the other as well gains joys from the connection, The

moment does not last forever and shouldn't be relied on, They should find


Seven of Cups

When our own dreams and emotions make the situation difficult, You will be

put into a situation that the emotions split you into several places, Don't let the

creativity run wild, Don't let emotions carry you to dreams, Focus on the choice.

Eight of Cups

You focus on a person or thing that was not at all worth your time, So now he goes to place where he feels less freely,

He want to move from one home to another, Bingeing what was once

important to him but no longer

Nine of Cups

Our wish for emotional fulfillment. The more love you give to others, the more

you have, If you give off your best and kindest gestures you will get back the

same in kind, You will have great happiness and creativity.


Ten of Cups

You have been able to mature among petty emotions like Anger and Resentment, You are now more able to feel what others feel, and create a family of friends with emotional connections,Be

Kind,You can overcome difficult emotions, Put aside emotional fights

Page of Cups

Family matters or Matters of the heart, Romace and Puppy Love, Daydreamer and lack of focus. Great Imagination but

sometimes gets lost in it, Aldult will be considered "airy fairy." Very Kind and sweet, When sad dreadful to see. Warn of

"Over Sensitivity"

Knight of Cups

Mood Swingy. Knight of love, very moody and sensitive, Will spend time

alone, in love with own love. Will sometimes shut others less "artistic" than

them. Common with Depression, somewhat suicidal, expiremental with


Queen of Cups

Will often be a healer, and is an expert on emotional problems. Very shy,

mysterious, and dreamy, Artistic and Creative. She is extremely affectionate,

Deep-rooted problems. Moody, Plays weak for pity or other purposes, Will

always be there for you.

King of Cups

Motivated to start a family, Kindest and Gentlest and wants a big family, Very protective of family.Wants kindness for

all people, Very sensitive to fairness. Sometimes too soft or sentimental, manipulative and possible substance

user. Fatherly

Ace of Swords

The mind awakening for new challenges, The mind has sharpened, and feel the

urge to talk and write. They feel compelled to do all kinds of new things.


Two of Swords

Temporary Solutions, Keeping clashing ideas or ect at bay, The lull in the fight will come to end, and Ending decision will have to be made eventually, keeping

nuetrality in a fight between friends.

Three of Swords

A secret is revealed, Not an earth-shattering secret, they had somewhat of

an idea before hand, Can be relief, Tensions to be drained.

Four of Swords

Time to let the wounds heal (real or mental), You have survived a truly stressful time, time to reflect, re-evaluate


Five of Swords

Pride will make you Blind, Know your fights, know yourself and your limits, don't go into fights you aren't ready for,

save yourself the failure.

Six of Swords

Finding answers and solutions, find someone to listen to you, there may stuff

you need to work out before you reach the great solution, the mind will work

again, leaving difficulties behind.

Seven of Swords

Beware the theif, Keep information and belongings close, You may have to be the

theif, Be dishonest to get what you want to regain what is yours.


Eight of Swords

You are in lose-lose situation, Don't limit yourself into this situation, don't second

guess everything you do, don't concern over your character for fears of being cut

down, fears of what others say, prepare to endure pain from what you do, Just do


Nine of Swords

Anxiety is High, If you wake up you'll see things aren't so bad, Sleepless nights, Get

the despair out of your head, the despair you contain only makes things worse, The proportions are all out of whack, Life

is a bad dream.

Ten of Swords

The Worst is over, There will be back stabbing, people will murder your ideas

with their words, time to end the bad things once and for all, time for some to invite new ideas into the mind and let the

old one die, New reputation,no more dwelling on ideas.


Page of Swords

1.Don't Gossip 2.Time of new ideas and thoguhts 3.One Wanting to know everything, Don't blurt out everything you hear, Absorbs knoledge fast, good

problem solver, prone to argue and gossip and boast.

Knight of Swords

1.Rapid Movement and Rapid Change 2. Very talkative and smart, loves to debate and argue, problem solver, arrogant and cold-hearted, gossip spreader, Care's not

much of other's opinions, clever.

Queen of Swords

1.Speech orientated 2. Knoledgable, She is natural conversationalist, eccentric,

Loves to appear odd, cool-headed, persuasive, not emotionally understanding, nosy for the sake of


King of Swords

1. Motivated to come up with ideas 2.Can be distant,Very fair, patient and careful,

High ideals, Expects others to have the same ideals, will not put family first,Ruthless judgement on all people, doesn't tolerate mistakes, brilliant mind,

Decision Maker.

Ace of Coins

New luck, health or work for new prosperity. They feel the need to create and to feel the ground beneath their feet,

The person wants to grow.

Two of Coins

The Juggling of Finance and Responcibilities, You've worked on something so hard they can't just set it aside, The need to keep juggling, Letting

all survive but none strive, You cant juggle forever but you can wait for a


Three of Coins

Doing the Job well, Learning something new, You will be given money to start the

road of mastering your craft, Your initial work has paid off, continue on this road.

Four of Coins

Keeping things from moving foreward, There is nothing to invest in, Keep going

in the same direction, not a time for change, Things are stable, but you may be holding on to assets to close, Hold on

to what you got, Don't be a shut-in.

Five of Coins

Loss and Bad Luck, Difficult times, Don't let pride get in your way of asking help,

Reconsider what you value, Possible poverty, In times of need who is the real


Six of Coins

Genourosity and Humility, Lay down the pride and accept help, Time to give away some not-needed stuff, Freely give and take, Give to be free not for your sake of feeling superior or to make yourself feel

good, Restore balance by giving or taking.

Seven of Coins

Patience is running out, Keep strong at it, Extend your patience for a bit longer, Real oppurtunity is on its way, Recognize

oppurtunity when you see it not false oppurtunity, don't act out of frustration.

Eight of Coins

Working hard to prove something to yourself, Starting something new, Doing

things for yourself not for impressing others, Diligence, Limiting work to one subject, Time to focus yourself and train


Nine of Coins

Comfort for the self, Not going above and beyond but to a place that is comfortable,

A paradise made for you, Self earned pleasure for only you, opulence for only

yourself, having enough to indulge yourself.

Ten of Coins

Having abundance of what was once rare, Having new view on valuables, Inhertitance and Retirement, Creating legacy from what you give away, Having too much to enjoy something so you give

it away to those who can enjoy, Having enough to indulge others.

Page of Coins

1.Luck in Money 2.Time of New Growth 3.One who likes to create, Frugal with

money, Inot self-improvement, adult-like, Will expect pay, rarely does


Knight of Coins

1.Change will move very slow 2. Very future bound, Can sometimes overdo things, bad at improv in times of bad, not

comfortable to stand out, very

conformative, reliant on material objects, perfectionist, Lighten up.

Queen of Coins

1.Devolpement 2. Does things for her self, business savvy, has wealth and taste,

loves outdoors, believes in traditions, dislikes the strage and untasteful, limits creativity, Very successful, can expect too

much of people.

King of Coins

1.Motivation for Creation 2. Self-Reliant, Hard Worker, Gets jobs done right, Not

innovative and not a risk taker, He will never leave an debt unpaid, they will

expect disipline always and will not accept oddness, wants respect, stubborn,





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