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The Mystic Orb II


Bill Montana

Bill Montana

1165 Dutoit Street, Dayton Ohio 45402


© Bill Montana 2010

This book is sold subject to the conditions that it shall not, by way or otherwise, be lent, re-sold, hired out, or otherwise circulated without the publisher‟s prior consent in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition including this condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser.


Entertaining with Psienergy Effects

With a small number of exceptions, the public published data surrounding psienergy is either too hefty with scientific theory, when found within the pages of a serious works on the subject, or it contains too much fakery created by the use of gadgets when psienergy demonstrations are being described. It is my purpose to broaden the latest and best methods and ideas into easy understandable argot, so that the non ethereal mentalism performer may have before him an easy-to-follow, methodology for the performance of these effects contained in this manuscript.

It is assumed that the average beginner with ethereal mentalism is chiefly concerned with having enough information to teach him to perform these effects successfully so that he may perform and demonstrate these skills for the delight it affords himself and his friends at home or at a social gathering. With this in mind, I have made an exhaustive investigation and purposely discarded the scientific aspects of the subject as much as possible, and have boiled the instructions down to the basic information needed by the amateur entertainer.

There is actually nothing mysterious to the art of ethereal mentalism other than it inner workings are shrouded in a cloak of obscurity to cover up what would be obvious to any observer if not for this shroud. To perform it

requires little more than serious application, confidence and patience on the part of the performer and the ability to instill belief that this is real and not fake unto his audience. The use of a disclaimer should never be used when performing ethereal mentalism.

Argot is a secret language used by various groups—including, but

not limited to, thieves and other criminals—to prevent outsiders from understanding their conversations. The term argot is also used to refer to the informal specialized vocabulary from a particular field of study, hobby, job, sport, etc.

When working an effect of ethereal mentalism it is important to convey the effect as a mystery and every mystery should be surrounded with its own terminology that directly relates to a secret language. When conveying the argot to your audience it is only necessary to hint at this secret language and its existence as the actual secret language should never be revealed publicly.


This is done through the vocabulary that is publicly known among the world of metaphysics. By use of this language it will afford us an endless known vocabulary with which we can convey this and other mysteries to our audience.

The unconscious and conscious mind is capable of manifesting paranormal phenomena without the aid of gadgets. It is within this aspect of human

mind that is the source of ethereal mentalism and its energies and manifestations are created. We can manipulate these aspects to create miracles of wonderment for our audience. All of the effects contained in this

manuscript will either use nothing but the person’s involved or simple items that you already have laying about. All of these simple items are ungimmicked and can be fully examined at some point in the routine or



In the original Mystic Orb you learned how to create a ball of energy out of the thin air that can be felt and experienced by a single spectator. In Mystic

Orb II we will travel back into this mysterious world once again and you

will gain additional knowledge of how to create this effect on a much larger scale. In these new variations of the effect you will learn the inner secrets to creating group psychic energies that can be felt and experienced by everyone in the room.

Performing psychic energy effects is easy and fun for both the performer and the audience alike. The inner secrets of this methodology of creating

psienergy contained in this manuscript have been closely guarded by me for many years and I am now passing these treasured secrets along to you. Do not think for a moment that these techniques and methods are less

effective than the other complex and expensive systems that are available on the market today. Some performers use these other systems that often utilize gadgetry to achieve similar results. It should be noted that if you are caught using a gadget or other types of apparatus when performing for a

metaphysical or new age group you career in that field is over forever. This is the reason all of the techniques in The Mystic Orb 1 and 2 are impromptu and simple is they work far better than the other complicated methods allowing you more time to perform the work and create the

atmosphere needed without having to get ready for the next big move, series of movements or having to secretly ditch a gizmo. The works contained herein are created to have maximum impact on your audience without using anything other than yourself.

Keep in mind that you’re practicing a centuries-old art of psychic mentalism and mediumship with a long and rich history. There is nothing magical about the techniques by themselves - the real magic comes from you. If you don’t believe in the art of psienergy you’re creating for your audience or if you express doubt when performing these effects to your audience, you will not get the reactions you were trying to receive when performing this material. In other words, if you do not believe in what you’re performing neither will the people for whom you’re performing believe in the energies created in these effects. This belief in psychic energy must be conveyed to your


audience. They must believe it is real if only for a single moment in time for you to achieve maximum results with this style of work.

In this new installment of the Mystic Orb I will outline both old traditional and new paths you can use to demonstrate psychic energy effects to your audience. All doubters must ask themselves:

If these methods are not effective, why are normal everyday people raving about the experiences they have had when felling the powerful energy of The Mystic Orbs created by others?

This material was designed for use in performances to a metaphysical audience and within this type of audience creating the miraculous has


About this Manuscript

The Mystic Orb II provides a concise, realistic method of performing psienergy effects and demonstrations of these types’ of abilities to an audience. It uses short, simple techniques, without rituals, intense

meditation, or any particular religious belief systems. All that is required is confidence and a little practice.

Belief is best described as an attitude involving the recognition or acceptance of something as real.

"Do or do not. There is no try." Yoda from Star Wars

Belief is a necessary component to achieve success in life and it is no different when working with any effect of ethereal mentalism. While Yoda never explained his statement to the young Luke Skywalker, his statement was very accurate and is still true. With these effects you will soon learn that they can only be realized by doing. In this section I will explain the reason why belief is important and how to achieve it when performing the works in Mystic Orb series.

Belief is a requirement for demonstrating all psychic and mental abilities. If you believed walking was impossible, then you would not have ever taken your first step upon this world and you wouldn't have been able to learn how to walk.

The principle of conviction is crafted through belief and used as a powerful tool to create believability and it is this attitude that allows all

ethereal mentalism effects to succeed.

Well-informed belief is the best for both you and your audience. Read research, case studies, stories, and if possible talk with people. Learn more about “real” psychic abilities that have already been studied by the experts,


proven, and understood. It is within these studies that you can discover the inner language of the psychic arts. These professional sources will give you the added knowledge that you can share with your audience in the form of stories. You will have to discover these tales of mystery on your own I am afraid to say. Because each story that you find in your search will have its own special meaning to you. It is this meaningfulness that only you can convey to your audience. Since the story now has meaning within you this message will be carried to your audience with believability. Studies have shown that when something is shared in story from with personal meaning ourselves that the story is believed 95% of the time by those listing. Additionally as you research these subjects, you will be more enthusiastic and interested in practicing the new ideas your about to read. You will trust yourself more and have increased confidence in these simple effects. This keeps you more relaxed and make practicing easier. It improves your

concentration, your focus, and your accuracy. Your experiences shape your expectations and influence your beliefs and knowledge and this is what will be ultimately conveyed to your audience during the performance and this is why we start with believability and belief before anything else.


Ethereal Mentalism Learning Process

This is a previously unpublished short essay I wrote on the subject of ethereal mentalism a while back. It contains some good overall all

information on that subject. Some portions of the essay do pertain to ideas and concepts for the Mystic Orb. It also contains information of how you can discover naturally occurring events so that you can create your own works of ethereal mentalism. So I decided to include it in this manuscript as I think it may have direct bearing on the performance of the effects and ideas contained later in this work before we get to far along.

Overall Process

Learning any ethereal mentalism effect is an acquired ability. It is a step by step process. Choose a single effect, try it once, repeat until you are doing it properly, and then practice, practice, practice. Many of you have done this with the first Mystic Orb effect and have perfected the technique so that it now becomes natural as breathing.

Practicing helps you remember how the skill feels when performing it. In an old analogy, if you practice riding a bicycle, you learn how it feels to pedal, where your feet go, how to steer, how to stop and how not to fall off.

Bicycling feels unfamiliar the first time, but after you do it many times, it gets easier. After a few weeks, you can get on a bike and ride down the road without thinking about how to steer it.

Your ethereal mentalism abilities will improve as your confidence grows with practice just the same way as learning to ride a bike. You may feel awkward in you performance of this material at first, paying attention to many details while you practice. With time, it will get easier. Learning an Ethereal Mentalism involves remembering how it feels to use it effectively on an audience. Once you know how it feels, you create that same feeling later to use the ability again on a new audience.

Make it Happen

The first step of learning a new psychic effect is the hardest: making it happen for the first time. Remembering what it feels like to perform the effect, you have to use it once to learn it. Most Ethereal Mental abilities will


occur instinctively in day to day life. You just have to watch for them, and notice when they happen.

Pay attention to subtle thoughts and gut feelings. If you feel you should take a different route to do the effect, take it, even if you aren't sure why. When you notice yourself worrying about how the effect will come out pause for a moment and regroup. Respond to the intuitive thoughts you have. This encourages them to happen more often and encourages you to notice them sooner.

Read about the effects you want to learn. Gather information on how they work. Notice when they happen, who uses them, and what effects they cause. Read experimental studies of them psychic tests, especially any with successful results. Daydream about using them, and consider ways to

practice them every day. What fun things would you use them for? Thinking about using them will encourage your mind to tune itself to naturally

presenting abilities to your audience.

As you think about the psychic abilities and watch for them, you will begin to notice that come of these things can be found naturally occurring

throughout your normal daily life. When they happen, notice your mood, surroundings, thoughts, feelings, and activities. Remember exactly how you felt just before they happened and you will be able to create new wonders for your audience.

After you have noticed natural psychic phenomena occurring "randomly" throughout the day, you will want pay close attention to this natural occurrence to see if you can work out a methodology to bring it to your audience as an effect of ethereal mentalism. Start out by trying to make it happen again under similar circumstances. Recall how you feel just before and after the event that you noticed happened. This is how I created Bill Montana’s Pulse many years ago. This was created from a series of events that led to a repeatable outcome that could be performed before an audience and would work on anyone. You can do the same thing and have unique results just by trying to recreate exactly the same event again. Never try too hard; if you were relaxed the first time, you need to stay relaxed and calm again this is just one of many hidden secrets of this work.

Learn to turn the event into effect that you can turn on and off like a light switch. You may not yet be able to control it when it's on but then again that


is the real fun with ethereal mentalism. Just practice the effect until you get the desired reaction you were looking for in the first place. Become open to it happening and producing a subdued reaction (a subdued reaction will often have a stronger impact than what is initially seen or felt); become ready to receive intuition thoughts, or whatever the ability requires to bring it full cycle before your audience. The important part is being able to

remember and cause the same feelings and thoughts. When you can an effect into ability without too much hard work, you're ready to learn more control.

Directing the New Effect towards a Goal

Now that you have discovered a new effect that the rest of us will surly want to learn the inner workings of, and you can perform it without thought and at a moments notice providing the conditions are right. Now, you will want to make it useful and meaningful to your audience. This can be accomplished many ways and here is just one by directing it toward a particular goal. This can mean receiving psychic perceptions, causing something to occur, or whatever. Choose the goal you want. What is this effect or ability to be used for? Just as you thought about the ability to turn it from a natural occurring event and transform it in to a work of ethereal mentalism, now think about and focus playfully on your goal. What do you want to have happen with this new effect or idea?

Keep a level head about the effect you have just created. Stay in the same mood and same thoughts. Gently direct your thoughts to the goal. Visualize it as strongly as you can. Feel it, see it, hear it, touch it, smell it, taste it. Involve all of your senses, and focus on it. If you feel your mood changed in regards to this new effect, go back to the effect and look at it with a fresh perspective meanwhile continue looking for new natural events that can be turned into works of ethereal mentalism.

When working with a new effect for the first time if you don't get results after a few minutes, stop, relax, and try again later. Results may not happen until you try many times. Sometimes you may find that as soon as you quit trying, it works. This means you were working too hard at it the first time. Stay relaxed and playful. If you aren't having fun, you aren't going to make progress!


Practice Creates

Life is exciting—you made the effect work! That’s great you've gotten noticeable results once or twice, but now you want more. Keep trying the same methods and ways you have been doing the effect and now start to notice what works and more importantly what doesn't work.

Where are your inaccuracies?

Are some of your perceptions symbolic, instead of realistic? Do you consistently mistake a telephone pole for a pencil?

How do you feel about the things you get right and those things you get wrong?

You will probably start to see some differences in your incorrect perceptions about a new effect. The key to fixing these perceptions is to aim for what feels right, and remember carefully how it feels when you perform the effect without a great deal of thought.

Do not judge your results while you are still in the process of trying to receive a way to turn a natural event into an effect. This will usually cause incorrect results. Receive and perceive everything and, if necessary, write it down so you don't forget. Stay open to all the perceptions, no matter how strange it may seem, until you are fully done crafting the event into reality for performance under test conditions. Don't let yourself give up early; stay confident and enthusiastic, even if you think all of it is wrong. You may be surprised by the final results.

Keep a notebook of your perceptions in regards to each new event you notice for the first time. Any time you have a chance to confirm or disprove something you received by using your sense of observation and direct

contact with an event of this type, write it in the notebook. You'll learn more from your mistakes than from your successes as this is true in most

everything in life. Your mistakes show you what to improve and will help you learn how to do it. With practice of this observation discovery method, you will witness an event that you can turn into an effect of ethereal

mentalism. Sometimes it will be years before you notice your first event but it will be right in front of you all you have to do is know it when you see it.



In the opening of this work I said you will not need to do any intense meditation and this is true, if you wish you can skip this section on mediation.

It is from my own personal psychic collection of material that I use when giving talks to metaphysical groups. It is include here in the event should ever arise you need something to open your demonstration that will involve the whole audience. It is a useful tool to clear the wreckage of each member of the audience’s day and at certain times is very helpful in getting the conditions right for performances of The Mystic Orb II.

Optional (Welcome, thanks and standard introductions)

When you hear the word "meditation," what generally comes to mind? Sitting crossed legged, chanting strange incantations, Tibetan monks or Indian gurus perhaps or do you have thoughts of peace, relaxation and thoughts of oneness with the universe?

While all these things are directly related to meditation. Meditation is really only about one thing: becoming more intimate and acquainted with oneself. What do I mean when I say oneself? When I use this term I am referring to your mind, body, spirit, in fact I am referring to all of you not just one single aspect but the whole being.

Meditation has blossomed into numerous forms practiced by many cultures throughout the centuries. Meditation can be perfectly natural. Its premise is based on this simple observation: "Where your attention is, and where you are at the moment."

What I would like to do here today is take a moment and share with you a simple form of mediation a back to basics mediation if you will before we begin the aura portion of this talk.

Whether you are new to meditation or a seasoned veteran, this technique can be very powerful and useful to you in your travels through this wondrous life.


Our beings are composed of both external and internal characteristics. Yet we spend all of our time with the external. Meditation is a means for us to direct our attention to the opposite side, the internal. Let's face it. We are so wrapped up in the outside world; we neglect what is within us. We are out of balance or "lopsided," we put ourselves into difficult situations on a daily basis.

Finding the stillness within will be the most challenging task you will ever face, for silence is totally foreign to our minds. To find this stillness within it will take persistent practice. Nevertheless, it is possible to find if you are determined.

Meditation is very profound and meaningful, for the effects of resting within silence will be felt in every aspect our daily life. Combined with regular exercise, it is an excellent stress reducer. It gives us the opportunity to enjoy new meaning and appreciation of all things.

“Meditation is one of great life's paradoxes, for within silence is everything?”

Here is simple, seated meditation that can help you to start developing a balance with in your life.

The first thing I would like everyone do is please stand up and take a moment to spread out and stretch a bit. This stretching will help to restore the flow of energy to our bodies and loosen them up form the tensions of our day.

Before we begin our meditation, we must make the decision to sit down and devote the energy of our mind, body, and heart to resting within stillness.

(At this point they will sit down so give them a moment to finish stretching.)


This is a special time to surrender to our wakefulness, mindfulness, and awareness.

It is very important that we are physically comfortable when practicing this meditation. If you experience some physical discomfort during the meditation, make the necessary adjustments to bring yourself back to your comfort zone. The adjustments might be very subtle muscular, skeletal, or attitudinal shifts. All I ask is for you to just do your best to relax and remain as still as possible during our meditation.

With this meditation don't worry if you find yourself thinking a lot. This is normal and over time, you will gain the ability to quiet yourself more and more. Like anything else, it just takes practice.

Now, please take a moment to find a comfortable position with in your chair.

This will help prevent you from becoming distracted by bodily sensations that arise from physical discomfort. It is best if you sit upright in your chair.

Now take a minute to relax and establish a condition of ease in within your body.

Close your eyes and mouth, breathing normally through your nose and if it helps you to relax, and take a few deep breaths to relax.

Our goal today, is to turn our attention inward, away from the outside world of thought and time, towards the domain of stillness. You need a point to focus your attention so that you can slowly withdraw from the external, chaotic side of things. This focus will be your breathing.

Become aware of your breathing with each inhale and exhale. Once you are aware of your breathing, slowly begin to breathe into your abdomen. In other words, breathe using your diaphragm, not your lungs. The lungs expand downward instead of out during the inhale. If you do not know how to breathe with your diaphragm or it is uncomfortable, then breathe like you normally do. Just relax as best you can.

As you listen to the sound of my voice keep your attention on your breathing. Feel the inhale and exhale. Withdraw your attention from thoughts about the past or thoughts about the future. Withdraw your


attention from all thoughts and let your attention become more and more immersed in the feelings of your breathing. Using your Will, hold your attention and just be with your breath.

Continuously recall your mindfulness, your awareness to the inhale and exhale of your breath. If you find yourself distracted with thoughts, gently bring your attention back to the feeling of your breathing. With each breath, allow yourself to be in the present for really, it is only the present that exists. In the present is where you can discover deeper levels of your mind and being.

Now, that you our comfortable in your breathing, slowly turn your attention inwards and find the stillness in your mind as you find this silence, allowing it to full you. Become the stillness. There is no reason to have any thoughts at this time.You have plenty time all day long to be with thoughts. Now is the time for stillness.Feel the silence and rest in it. If you find yourself distracted with thoughts, place your attention on your breathing again and withdraw from your thoughts. Then slowly turn back towards the silence.

Feel the vibration of the silence as you immerse yourself in it. (Silence for the next few minutes)

(Light a nicely scented candle with a wooden match as this will help them return from mediation as the aroma fills the air.)

Now, that our minds and bodies have been cleansed of the energies of the day we can again this day anew.

If you like the simple meditation you have just experienced please takes it with you and try practicing this meditation once a day in the evening for about 15 to 20 minutes.Make it a special part of your daily routine and as you become accustomed to your practice, add a morning

meditation for the same amount of time. The benefits of stillness will enrich your life for years to come.

The above meditation has been used by me for a very long time and it can and usual does set the tone for many things including the techniques of the Mystic Orb II that you will now learn.


Mystic Orb II

The first thing I wish to cover is how could you as a performer convert this idea into terminology that a person who studies metaphysics will understand. I touched on this above in the opening of this manuscript and many of you who are reading this manuscript will be well aware of this concept already. This section for you will be a review of some of the concepts and for the new performer it will hopefully give him or her new understanding of how and why metaphysics can be applied to these types of effects.

It is written in the first person and was compiled from hundreds of sources over the last twenty years. Some of the writing is mine and some is collected from sources I lost or did not record at the time of placing these thoughts in my black book on the subject. In any event it is a great dialog that you can use when speaking to your audience. I often use some of these items below myself at psychic lectures to metaphysical groups.


Psychic energy is a spiraling, helpful energy that exists in nature. You will need psychic energy to use psychic abilities. Energy comes from many sources, including the sun, moon, earth, nature, water, wind, storms, fire, emotions, and movement. People carry energy with them at all times.

However, this energy can become drained as you use your abilities. Because of this, having other energy sources to draw from can help you avoid getting too tired.

The Source

Choosing an energy source to draw energy from can and usually be an enjoyable experience. Now feel energy from that source flowing into you. You can picture it as a garden hose pouring energy into you, or as a waterfall all around you. You might picture it as light surrounding and filling you, or a


gentile fire warming you. The energy surrounds and fills you, raising your energy to a much stronger level.

As you feel the energy flow through you, relax and focus on staying balanced. Don’t hold the energy in; let it flow through. Trying to stop the flow of this energy by bottling it up holding it inside you will cause it to stop flowing. Allowing this energy to flow will cause it to rise in strength. Allow it to build as far as you can comfortably allow. Then by relaxing further, hold the energy flow at that speed and strength for a few minutes without bottling it up. Practice holding it stable.

Too Much Energy

Too much energy is never a bad thing this is include in the event you think someone may get harmed by passing out.

Note: I want to be very clear on this point if you use the words in the choose a source section and the spectator(s) are believers in what you are saying as they are trying this for themselves as you are speaking and giving these simple instructions to them. It is not uncommon for the participants to pass out. It also makes for a great reputation builder when this happens but it must be used with common sense and respect for others.

If you begin to feel lightheaded, imagine a connection into the ground to let go of the excess energy. Lightheadedness usually means that you have too much energy and need to let some of it go back into the earth, like grounding an electrical system. As you draw energy, take only what feels appropriate. Don't force it; just gently draw the energy. Forcing it will only make it more difficult to get the right amount of energy.


When you are finished, you will want to finish comfortably. Direct the energy flow back into the ground. Let the intensity gradually reduce. Send the energy securely into the ground, and bring yourself back to a normal state of mind. Close it down until it feels fully settled. Then let go of the final bit, and relax.


That was just the old fashioned basic concept of the idea. But it is always best to start somewhere so we might as well start with the basic approach to energy play.

Orbs or Psiballs as they are sometimes referred to

In the Mystic Orb you learned how to get them to feel the weight of the orb just created for a person. Now we shall take a short look at using these orbs at a Psi Party. First, we will look at the common basic approach that is used by most performers with good results. Latter on in this manuscript you will learn for the first time my hidden secrets to take this concept over the top.

Creating Orbs Definition

Orbs are balls of psychic energy. They can be any size, density, shape, texture, etc. They can be used to carry information, investigate an area, heal, warm, or cool an area, or simply to play with and to practice energy control.

I am going to explain this exactly as I would when explain it to a group at a Psi Party. When performing any of these demonstrations your

actions should match the descriptions given below.

Shaping Energy

Draw energy and direct it outward through your hands. Cup your hands as if you were holding a baseball or a ball of cookie dough, with one hand below it and one above it. Picture in your mind the energy flowing from your body, through your arms, and out through your hands. You can also rotate your hands around this psi-orb so that you can give it a better shape and keep the psienergy contained with in the space you have set up in your hands.

Feel the energy swirling and building up between your hands. Make the energy into a ball between your hands, making it denser as you add energy. It doesn't matter whether your eyes are open or closed - do whichever is most comfortable for you.


Let yourself feel the energy between your hands. Notice any push or pull between your hands, any difference in heat, changing density of the air, sparks of light, waviness of the background behind the energy ball, or anything else that changes.

If you have are having difficulty creating a strong enough psiball to feel, try drawing more energy and adding that energy to it. It may take practice to make a strong enough orb to physically see waviness in the air, but you should be able to feel it quickly. Do not worry if you only feel it, and can not see it; that is normal. You may feel a lot of heat between your hands; this means you have drawn energy through them properly.

The sensations you feel may be very slight: tingles, pressure, or tightness. Trust your sensations. You're learning both to shape energy and to perceive it, at once. Both take some time to gain confidence with. If you think you felt something, you probably did.

Learning Control Version one

After you are comfortable making an orb, try working with friends. Each person starts by creating his or her own orb. Then combine all of the orbs into the center of the circle. Each person continues to add energy to the center. After a few minutes, discuss how each person perceives the energy. As a group, try changing the temperature or the density of the energy.

Version two

After you are comfortable making a orb, try working in a group. Each person starts by creating his or her own orb. A person is selected by random method to stand in the center of the group and is instructed to create an orb and the others are to create orbs as strong and as large as they possible can and then give the orb’s they create to the person who is in the center who will collect all of the orbs. Each person continues to add energy to the center persons orb until this person drops the orb or falls over from its weight.

Here is a nice touch that will add to the above effect. This addition is to have the outer circle or ring move clockwise and at a particular point in this outer circle movement the person know as the collector stands. This addition to


the above effect make a nice flow and keeps the participants and the energy moving.

Note, in the past I chose the biggest person in the room usual a strong man. All I will say about this is the bigger they are the harder they will fall. It is an amazing thing to watch as a performer.

If this is practice regularly you will improve your speed at creating orbs and your control of them will improve. As you become more comfortable

making them, try variations. Make shapes other than a ball; try fire, a pool of water, a crystal, and any other shape you can imagine. Try changing the temperature of the energy, making it extra warm or extra cool. Make the energy carry different emotions, being agitated, or soothing. If you have a willing partner, try using an energy ball to tickle them.

You can also make a large energy ball of energy, and cover a person with it. If you do it with a willing spectator and at a time they don't know what's happening, you can see how strongly it affects how they feel. This often has

the effect of making the receiver very happy and bouncy, as if they've had too much sugar or caffeine. It is a great visual thing for an audience to


Orbs do not have many "practical" uses - their primary purpose is to learn basic energy perception and control. Beyond that, they can be used in all the


In this next section we will cover additional ideas and routines that can be used with the mystic Orb methodologies.

During the early 1980’s I studied the art of Mime. Within these studies we practiced a voluntary involuntary technique that allowed two people to move in unison with each other. When this idea is applied to psienergy the results are amazing.

The technique known as the invisible dance

Have two people stand facing each other and raise their hands like a mime would when creating an invisible wall. The palms of the participants hand will be about 2” from each other. Have one lead and one follow the

movement of the leader soon both will be moving in perfect unison with out thought.

Now you know the original technique we will discuss how to use it as a psienergy effect.

First explain to your group that they will be creating psienergy by sending and receiving at the same time. The energy will be sent through the right palm and received through the left palm. This will form a flowing energy loop between two spectators.

Have them increase this energy until it becomes so strong they are knocked back from the force of the psienergy.

This is so amazing to watch as a performer I can not even begin to tell you about the reaction that the participants have. You will see it in their faces and bodies. It is a magical experience for them. Awhile later you will see the stumble backwards from each other.

What did you do to achieve this result? You set up the circumstance for the presentation of the work. Once this is done just stand back and watch the show. Your work is finished. By the simple nature of an idea you can create a magical experience for your participants with little more than a basic premise of what you would like them to try. There is absolutely no heat on you during this effect. In fact if you have done it correctly you could walk


an elephant in to the room and they would not see a thing as they are engulfed in the moment.

This can be done with a large audience as well. Just have them pair off. When working with large audiences have them spread out so that if and when someone stumbles back no one bumps in to anyone else and get hurt.


The circle and mass psienergy

Here is a simple effect have the group stand in a circle about arm length apart and start to make orbs and have them toss them in to the center till the psienergy is so strong that it forces them backwards.

This will take about 10 minute’s or longer to complete. When the first person steps backwards it will cause a chain reaction. This circle and mass psienergy is simply an amazing event to watch.

All of the ideas and routines contained here in this manuscript start with the first mystic orb and its weight convincer that you learned in the first mystic orb.

This brings us to an important idea, when performing the above the key is to perform with believability without this creditability the above effect will fail. In the First Mystic Orb you learned one of the strongest convincers for this type of work. If you perform this simple weight move to someone who is a bit timid you can perform the following effect.


Throwing a psiball at a person who when hit with this energy will step backwards.

This works on belief and your ability to perform.

This effect is after you have convinced the person psienergy is very real and they believe that is without doubt. This will work every time providing you have selected a person how is timid or jumpy.

When they’re on the other side of the room and their attention is begin to sway. Create a orb and throw it at them. They will step backwards. The method for this effect is timing. Let me explain this when a persons interest begins to sway they will be looking around the room when their eyes come into contact with your throw the ball. When this orb ball is thrown you must lunge slightly in the direction of the person.

If you have the proper set up you can simply make a blowing gesture (without an orb) and they will fall back.

You may want to read that last line again. This is one of the darkest secrets to this kind of work and when done properly the audience will see you as a person of great psychic power a reputation that can only be earned and not purchased. Think of it this way the crowd just watched you do something supernatural this is another reason to not use a disclaimer. Allow the participants to think what every they want and your reparation as a power psychic will grow and benefit.


Group energy balls by Walter Davis

I have a slight variation in procedure for you with your ending. I learned this from a theater class I took in high school. The teacher would have each of us take turns imagine a small ball of energy and feel it flow through the body and as it builds up and rises up to the chest they breathe deeply in and on exhalation thrust their arms forward towards another classmate and while exhaling make the noise “eeehhhhhh” with all of our breathe. The

“recipient” would feel the energy ball flow into them and build up and continues the process.

What I noticed from that class was the breathing and saying “ehhhh” (sounds like bleh) is afterwards you focus the breathe leaving and will associate the breathing with energy, plus after the deep exhalation makes someone feel slightly light headed.

What you can do would be have them either take turns towards each other (if you have a group of believers) and each person will compound the energy as they are receiving the energy from the other person finally you receive the ball from the second to last person. You absorb the energy in build it up and thrust it at the TIMID person who will be overwhelmed by the acculturated energy and will respond stronger. It will bring in the rest of the group as well.

If you are not confident that the group will feel it passing around have each of them build up their energies and all thrust it at you ALL AT THE SAME TIME and as you absorb the energy fall to your knee as you receive it and then stand up TRIUMPHANTLY and thrust your arms out like you are bursting free and the energy was so much that it will burst out of you like a nova. You know the believers in the group respond with the energy surge rushing towards them and you will get your participants you are not certain on witnessing other participants responding and leading credence to you.


In this last section I will cover three effects that can be used as separate ideas or in conjunction with the psienergy of the Mystic Orb. We will now cover psi wheels, the Telekinetic Coin (originally released as a solo effect but got exposed on the Magic Café now its included in this manuscript), and The bell from hell, a spirit bell effect that can be used by the séance worker in combination with the Mystic Orb and psienergy.











































In 1942 B. P. Wiesner and Robert H. Thouless first proposed the term “psi” as a general term to include both extra sensory perception and

psychokinesis. The original terminology proposal divided psi into psi-gamma, for cases of cognition, and psi-kappa, for cases of action. These terms were later modified into "passive psi" and "active psi".

The term psychokinesis (from the Greek ψυχή, "psyche", meaning mind, soul, heart, or breath; and κίνησις, "kinesis", meaning motion, movement;


literally "mind-movement"), also referred to as telekinesis (Greek τλε + κίνησις, literally "distant-movement") a term coined by publisher Henry Holt and adopted by J. B. Rhine that referred to the direct influence of mind on a physical system that cannot be entirely accounted for by the mediation of any known physical energy with respect to strictly describing movement of matter. The terms psychokinesis sometimes abbreviated PK and the term telekinesis is abbreviated as TK.

As the study of phenomena continued psychokinetic became a part of para-psychology. Some of psychokinesis researchers claim psychokinesis does exists and deserves further study, although the focus of this research has shifted away from large-scale phenomena to attempts to influence dice and other objects.

An example of psychokinesis or telekinesis could involve distorting or moving an object with the power of ones own mind. In this work we will take a fresh look at one of these simple objects that’s easy to make and used in experiments involving moving objects with the power of the mind. This object is known as a Psi Wheel and is sometimes referred to as a Gonzo Wheel an adaptation of the Psi Wheel used in psionics which is defined simply as the practice of using the mind to induce paranormal phenomena.

A Psi wheel is pyramid-shaped top-like device consisting of a small piece of paper or foil balanced on the tip of a pointed object. It is commonly used in attempts to prove the validity of telekinesis. What makes it special is that its design makes it very light so it can be moved with just a little energy.

In this manuscript you will learn how to make and use Psi Wheels. These simple devices are very deceptive making them the perfect tool for use by a mentalist. In addition, psi wheels are self working making them perfect for use in a psi party situation to create belief that anyone can move an object with the power of their own mind.



In this next section I will give you the basic instructions so you can make your first psi wheel these instructions may also be printed out and as a hand out to your participants at a psi party. Later in this manuscript on psi wheels I will cover in-depth some alternative items that you can use for making the bases and posts for psi wheels in quantity for psi parties.

A psi wheel is simple to set up and requires very basic materials to construct. You probably have everything you need to make a psi wheel laying around your home right now. To make your own PSI wheel you need a small square (approximately 2.5 x 2.5 inches) of a piece of paper or aluminum foil, a regular sewing needle, and a small lump of clay or an eraser to hold the needle in an upright position.

1. Cut a square piece of paper about 2.5x2.5 inches, but a little smaller or larger will still work.

2. Fold the piece of paper diagonally to form a triangle. Open the paper back up and simply fold the opposite corner over to form another triangle.

3. Turn the paper over.

4. Fold the paper in half both ways.

5. Push in the opposite corners towards the center to make it as a “pyramid star shape" with the middle pointing up and the sides slightly bended down.

The psi wheel is folded in this manner. So that when it is placed upon the point of the needed it will remain balanced and it will easily spin around on this center point. To check to see if your psi wheel is correctly balanced blow gently on the paper wheel (psi wheel), and you will see it spin in a stable fashion around the point of the needed. If the paper wheel does not spin freely it is because it has too much friction. To fix this problem fold your psi wheel a bit more leaving the top tip of this wheel with more room so that it is a bit wider and it will not get stuck on the point of the needle. On the Next page I have added an illustration so you can obtain a better visual understanding of how to make this simple device.


Start with a square of paper approximately 2.5” x 2.5”

Now fold this paper from corner to corner

Now open the paper up and fold it diagonally the other way the crease will be on the same side as the first fold.


When this is finished it will look like this

Now turn the paper over and fold it in half the crease of the diagonal folds will now be face down.

Now fold the paper in half


When Finished with these two fold your psi wheel will look like this

Shown here with all four folds

At this point push in the sides a bit (these sides are marked with the arrows) this will give you the above desired shape.

The top of the psi wheel is now finished and ready to be placed on the point of the needle.

The needle is inserted in a block of wood or an eraser or about anything that is less than 1.25” square or round with a flat top and bottom for best results. The needle will protrude from this


When finished it should look something like this.

In the above photo the base was made from an eraser and the pen or needle was made by cutting the end off of a T-pin.



As I stated above the base can be made from just about anything. It can also be a semi-cone shape made from play-dough. Play Dough is great for psi parties to make bases from. Here is why it brings back found memories of being a child. If you pull out a small can or two of Play Dough the

participants will instantly react positively to the stuff. It is only the start of some great moments to come so remember not to down play it.

You may also make small bases from blocks of wood about a quarter inch thick. This can be stained or painted to add to the visual appearance of the base. Since the hole you will need to drill is very small here is a useful tip. You can make a drill bit out of a pin or needle that you will be using later for your psi wheels. To do these insert a needle into the chuck of your drill and then drill into the center of the wood. When a pin or needle is used as a drill bit make sure you drill straight or the make shift bit will break off in the wood. In addition, your make shift drill bit will not last long but you should be able to get a half dozen or more holes before will need to change for a new one.

How to Use the Psi Wheel as it is explained to a participant

Before moving on, I advise you to put some form of clear cover (such as a glass bowl) over the psi wheel, in order to prevent it from being moved by wind or similar disturbances.

Warming Up

To spin the psi wheel, you will need to create an (psi energy) between your hands. First, hold your hands together, but not touching each other, and imagine the energy flowing out through them, forming a powerful field of magnetic energy.

You may visualize a powerful psiforce forming between your hands, a force which you can make expand and connect with other physical objects to make changes in them or manipulate them in various ways. Try to feel the


energy, while visualizing the intensity of this force growing stronger. Feel the magnetic force between your hands tugging, pulling or pushing your hands towards or apart from each other. Keep it between your hands and make it build up strong and powerful.

Spinning the Wheel

Then at this point when your hands are charged with psienergy, you may place your hands around the psi wheel. Hold your hands around the psi wheel and let the energy flow out and envelope the whole apparatus, with a focus on the wheel itself. Feel your magnetic fields emitting from your hands encompassing the psi wheel in front of you, with great energies streaming out of the surface of your hands.

Imagine you have built up a great force of energy that is flowing out through your hands, and that is affecting the wheel in an almost magnetic way, either pulling or pushing it around. You may even imagine one hand attracts the wheel, while the other one pushes it in an opposite direction, making a twirling spinning motion of energy that will make the wheel spin around.

Word of Advice

You will see people posting all over the internet about the fantastic results they get. Don't believe 99.9% of it. At the same time, don't cut them down for it. Belief is a big part of this, but don't fool yourself into thinking this is going to be easy. Like anything else in this world, you have to work for it. You will get better results by practicing for 5 to 15 minutes a day, almost every day than you will practicing for hours at a time. It could literally take weeks to see results but keep at it. If you give up, you will never accomplish it.

For the performers eyes only

The above is how the psi wheel is described to the participant or group with a few added details thrown in so you can make up a supply in advance fro the next psi party or group. From the above select the information you need to present this additional idea to your group.

I can take a few erasers that have been cut into squares some pins and a dozen psi wheels and do an hour and a half show with just these things most


of you already know how they work and how good they are at a psi party. So for those of you who have never played with a psi wheel get out some

supplies and make one up for yourself right now and see if you can move it with your mind.

I am not going to explain the inner workings of this thing of incredible beauty. Since many of you know how it works already. If you truly do not understand how this works then feel free to write me. All I will say is that it is similar to the next effect.

Bonus tip, feel free to use the above information on psi wheels to create a handout for you attendees or use the information to write a small pitch book that you can sell for a couple of dollars to make you some additional income when doing a show. Never under any circumstances reveal the secret as to how they really work.


This was originally released as a separate effect now it can only be found with in this manuscript.


Bill Montana’s






You move a coin with your mind. The whole effect happens in the hands of a spectator. You touch nothing. Everything can be borrowed. You can even be across the room! The Effect is Self working. The Telekinetic coin is also great for psi parties and group gatherings.

About the Script

Contained below in this manuscript on the Telekinetic Coin is the basic script I use when performing this effect. The actual script I use depends on the type of group I am performing for and the script presented here for this effect is suggestive only. Please keep in mind that this is only a basic script to used illustrate the workings of the effect. Please take the time to create your own patter for this work. You may use my ideas for patter if the suit you.

It is important to mention that when a script for an effect comes from the person performing the said effect instead of the person who created the work. It will sound better, be more original and have more impact upon an audience than reciting someone else’s lines. This copying of someone else’s dialog is an all too common problem in mentalism today and the reason I do not release my full scripts for an effect except in rare cases.

Performance of the Basic Effect

“I would like to show you a presentation of “mind over matter or „telekinesis.”

“Telekinesis is defined as the ability to move an object with one‟s mind.” “I need to borrow an empty bottle and a coin.”

“I will not touch any of these objects during the presentation of this experiment. I would like you to set the bottle upon the table so that it sits


right side up. Please dip the penny in this glass of water to remove any “dirt” or “other people‟s energy” from the coin, and then set it on the mouth of the bottle so that the penny completely covers the hole.” At this point, I back up so that there is no chance that I can blow on the bottle. This effect may be done from across the room.

At this point I begin to concentrate on making the coin move. “I would like you to hold the bottle very still so that there is no way I can move, touch or mess around the bottle in anyway.”

In a few moments the coin will start to jump. You may have it jump more than once if you desire.



For this effect you will need a glass of water, a coin, and a bottle (such as a beer bottle or any bottle that will hold a coin).

This effect is totally self working and will work with coins of various dominations from around the world. All you do is perform this effect to the audience. That’s it. The secret is in two parts. First you need the coin of almost any domination to be wet. Have your participant dip the coin in some water or other slow drying non sticky liquid. Advising them it is to remove any dirt that may be on the coin or if workings at a psi party tell them it is to remove any energy from other people whom have came in to contact with this coin.

Once the coin is wet and applied to the mouth of the bottle, it will form a seal. Then when the spectator holds the bottle, the heat that is generated form their hand will warm the air inside the bottle. When the heated air starts rises, it causes the coin to jump slightly. The coin will jump as long as the liquid seal is intact. The coin will also jump every couple of seconds. The power of this effect is the fact that you touch nothing. Your audience will forget they washed or got the coin wet. This is done with timed vocal misdirection.

Later on when they try to repeat the experiment for a friend it will be with no avail.

The only other thing I would like to add is that you do not let them dry the coin off. If you do the effect will not work. Your instructions and the tone in which this effect is presented to the audience and the participant assisting you with this effect should be that of audience management. This will enable you to get them to lay the coin on the bottle as instructed. Here why, it is because you have not challenged them nor have you given them any reason to challenge you. They are only helping you with this test. Since you will not be touching anything, they already think you may fail in most cases. It is this disbelief that your audience has that will enhance the overall effect. You do not need to tell them that this may not work. They are already think this anyway telling them this is redundant at this point.


Further Explanations and additional ideas


When the bottle is held in a normal manner the heat from the hands will cause the air inside the bottle to rise up. When this warmer air begins to rise it will find the path of lest resistance and escape from under the coin that is sitting on top of the bottle resulting in the coin to jump or move.

The type of bottle that you will want to use can be almost any bottle that will hold a coin on the top of the mouth of the bottle. The coin should be slightly smaller that the outer glass of the bottle’s mouth. If the coin hangs over the mouth of the bottle it will not look as good visually.

For example: one bottle may hold a penny or other small coin nicely just inside the lip. While a bottle such as a twist off Budweiser bottle will accommodate a quarter lying on the top of the glass bottle. The only

difference in the way one coin will work from one of different domination is the amount of time it takes for the air pressure to build up inside the bottle. Try a few different bottles on your own so that you will know what bottle will work with which coin. This will also allow you to ask for a particular coin by name.


The only other thing that I suggest is that you do not have the spectator hold the bottle until you are ready and focused. Here is why. If the spectator is holding the bottle and your not ready or have not begun the test it will go off and jump or move too soon and ruin the effect.

If the coin or the mouth of the bottle is dry the effect will not work.

This effect is so good you can you it at a psi party. Instead of performing a demonstration of your abilities select two members from the party and have one of them hold the bottle and the other move the coin with the power of their mind.

Another variation of this for use at a psi party is to have one person hold the bottle and have the group as a whole try to knock the coin off the bottle. This sets you up for something very interesting. While the spectators were trying to knock the coin off of the bottle it jumped a bit. In fact it jumped several times but they could not get it to fall off the bottle. Here is a line I use when performing this variation of the effect.

“With a bit more practice I think you may be able to one day knock the coin off the bottle.” Try this again at some point in the future when you have a bottle and a coin.”

A question sometimes arises is why have someone hold the bottle in the first place. Here is a good solid answer to this important question. “I have a person other than myself hold the bottle to insure that no foul play is going on.”

This is a great effect in that the props used are totally un-gaffed and

everything can be examined before and after the test of your mental powers of telekinesis.

The last thing I wish to say is about presentation of this effect. Take your time with it as there is no reason to rush this effect. This Telekinetic Coin can be played big or small. It can also be performed close up on from a small stage.


Bill Montana’s

The Bell from Hell

The Bell from Hell is a psychological spirit bell effect. That only the participant can hear the bell’s ring when their question is answered

from the grave.

This effect is eerily diabolical in its methodology and is written for the advanced performer with considerable knowledge of audience management. Younger performers should not attempt this effect until they have more experience and a basic working knowledge of audience management as the topic of audience management will not be covered in this manuscript.

Audience management is something that is best learned the hard way through live performances in front an audience.

Furthermore this effect must be performed and performed well not merely demonstrated to achieve the desired results. Simple demonstrations of this

effect may and usually not produce results.

This effect uses a simple ungimmicked wood and brass hand bell and a length of string or cord to perform this effect. Nothing else is needed but the details listed in this manuscript.

This effect does not use a gimmicked bell or ideomotor to achieve the results.

With your purchase of this effect you are herby given all performance rights including television and film. However you are not given the right to expose the inner working or the secret of this effect to anyone in any form now known or in a form yet to be created. If you would like to buy the exposure rights of this effect the price is $1,000,000.00 United States Dollars.


Here is the effect in an abridge form as it is being described from the point of view of a participant after the fact.

The performer explained to me that together we will attempt spirit contact. In the form of a question and answer session using a wood and brass hand bell and that we will be

attempting to receive the answer to my question from a spirit.

The performer rang the bell and then tied a length of string around the bell so the bell could be hung. Then he had me extend my arm and hung the bell off my finger. Then he removed the clapper of the bell as it was hanging from my finger.

He now explained to me how the spirit would answer my

question. He said the bell would ring once for yes, twice for no, and if the spirits were undecided as to an answer for my

question it would not ring at all.

At this point he asked me to ask my question silently to my self as if I was offering it up in the form of a prayer. Then he asked me to relax and focus on the bell as I wait a response from a spirit willing to answer my question.

A short while layer I heard the bell ring with an answer to my question.


The methodology for this spirit bell is derived from how our minds perceive and evaluate incoming data. When we see or in this case hear something we have never seen or heard before our minds begin a process of evaluation of the data just witnessed. It is in this process that we will exploit to our benefit to get the person to hear the bell again in their own mind.

Example, the first time we saw a duck, we did not know it was a duck until a family member told us what it was. The same thing happen when we heard the ducks quack for the first time. The only difference was that this sound was new. Our mind had to process this information based on what it already knew to be fact. Our mind knew that we were looking at a duck but it was unsure as to the sound it made. So our mind at this point is forced to reference this sound and catalog it in a section of our mental file cabinet under duck.

Now this process is involved and happens very quickly.

In a relaxed state any new information that is not fully processed will be recalled in one form or another. While this happen mainly in the dream state when we are sleeping. It does and can occur in the awake state, especially when dealing with sound. In the bell from hell I will show you a method of how to trigger this recall process that will result in the spectators perceiving the ringing tone of the bell in their own mind and they will attribute this ringing to an entity form the spirit world.

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it must be a duck? Are you sure it’s a duck and not something else how do you know it’s a duck?

You know it’s a duck because your mind has processed this information many times in your life so you are positive it’s a duck.

This is why we use a brass bell. Brass bells all have a similar but different tone. No two are ever exactly the same. This is also true of symbols from a drum set. Although these items may look the same there will be subtle differences in the tone of each and every bell.


This will create the above situation I spoke of with the mind and how it interrupts data.

The key here is to keep the subjects mind occupied either with words of visual images to prevent a relaxed state that will trigger recall of the sound due to the identification process.

The effect begins like any other of this type with the introduction of a bell and a brief talk on spirit contact or spiritualism. Now the first key is to let

the bell only ring once. I mean one single ding. If the bell goes ding, ding

the effect is ruined. This second ring will give the brain the conformation that it needs to confirm and process that sound.

If a second ring should occur the chance for a successful effect it slim. The only way it will work now is through suggestion and you better hope you have a believer and not a skeptic in your midst.

Even if the effect does not have a successful conclusion you already have set up an out, one ring for yes, two rings for no and nothing if the question is unanswerable at this time. This out is told to the spectator during the set up of the bell to keep their mind bombarded with incoming information. There are a few more key points to discus in regards to the bell from hell. First when you get a bell you will need to adjust or modify the hanger for the clapper of the bell. Since many bells have a different style of hanger for this clapper I will only be explaining the modification for the most common type of hanger.

This style of hanger is made from a small length of wire or brass and is in the form of a figure 8. You must either twist this 8 open slightly or remove a small section so that it can be removed from the post that it hangs from easily.


When this is done correctly it will allow you to remove the bell when it is hung from the spectator’s finger.

When you remove this clapper do not let the bell ring. Grab it with two fingers and remove. Your fingers will act as padding to protect against any unwanted striking of the clapper against the inside of the bell.

The hanging Loop

The hanging loop is easy to make take a length of string and tie two slip knots one on each end. Both of these loops will be slipped over the handed forming a double string that will be used to hang the bell from the finger of the participants hand.

Important note when I am going to hang the bell I hold it underneath by the clapper this way no ringing can occur. My other hand places the loop over the finger of the spectators hand after their arm is extended.


This is an exposed view using a leather cord so you can get a better idea of how the bell is hung.

This inner working of this effect is very simple and for the most part self working.

The key is not let the persons mind relax until you are finished setting up the effect and all the small details have been covered.

This effect can be worked with the Mystic Orb. By having the participant placing the palm of their hand you can add a mystic orb for a little extra spiritual energy. In addition, if this is done correctly they will not only feel the weight of the bell but the weight of the orb. This makes the bell from hell perfect for psi parties and lecture on the metaphysical.

The method for the Bell from Hell is so well hidden that it is undetectable. One must perform this effect to achieve the desired result. If you only demonstrate it failure is almost guaranteed.

Now you can perform this to two or more people at the same time. If the first person does not here the bells ring in their mind (you have a out in place for that). You can also ask the other spectators who are in attendance to ask a question at the same time the person is holding they bell as some of these may also here its ring. I have done this on many occasions but the

instructions offered here were presented so you can perform the effect and begin the process of understanding that only actual performance will reveal. You can vary the concept or the presentation of this work to suit your own style. The patter is delivered slowly without pause. Remember if their minds begin to relax the mental ring of the bell will be processed in an instant and they will not hear its ring. When this effect is done correctly they will always perceive a yes answer to the question they asked and in doing so it will provide a very positive ending to a somewhat dark style of an effect. I hope you have enjoyed the Bell form Hell and I hope you will perform it someday. It is an amazing and baffling thing to behold the participant face when the bell rings and only they can here it.

Bill Montana




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