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Crystal L. Cox Attorney Pro Se

Civil No. CV 11-0057 HZ


Portland Division


Civil No. CV 11-0057 HZ

V. CRYSTAL COX, Pro Se Defendant


I, As Opposing Counsel, in my Pro Se Capacity Object to David Aman, Plaintiff’s Attorney’s Motion to Appoint a Receiver.

I Crystal Cox, in my Pro Se Capacity, Object to domain names going into receivership for the Benefit of the Plaintiff in Obsidian Vs. Cox. My sole online revenue has been made from these domain names for over a decade and as disclosed in Declaration and Depositions, I have debt that proceeds that of the Plaintiff in Obsidian V. Cox.

I Object to Lara Pearson being the Receiver, she is connected to Marc Randazza, whom is working with the Plaintiff in violating the constitutional and lawful rights of Defendant. Marc Randazza Nevada Attorney is believed to have worked with Judge Hernandez as well in setting up Defendant.

Marc Randazza is a threat to Defendant life and livlihood and has launched an online campaign of hate and threats of violence. Defendant is in fear of her life over the actions of Marc

Randazza and his threats, and connections to a ring of bloggers and stalkers pushing women to suicide in the Adult Entertainment Business where he is an Attorney of Law for Major Porn Companies. These companies are involved in human trafficking and make mass money with the iViewit Technology in which defendant Exposes online and I, defendant, am in fear of my life over Marc Randazza’s recent Hate Campaign. Lara Pearson is connected to Marc Randazza. This hate campaign came from Judge Marco Hernandez accusing Defendant of a Crime in a motion to deny a new trial which set off hate, bullying and rage. Obsidian V. Cox was a Civil Trial, and Judge Hernandez violated my rights in selective prosecution accusing me of criminal activity in a civil court document. I was given no equal rights under the law.

The very thing that Judge Hernandez ruled that was not appropriated in the Motion to Exclude. As there was allegedly an FBI interview called over the Plaintiff working with Sean Boushie, who


had, at one time threatened to kill defendant and had been working with the Plaintiff for Years. Defendant believes that Plaintiff has worked with others in threatening her life for year and brought this to the Courts Attention multiply times and was denied this to be taken serious and even made to pay for a Deposition in MT in which Defendant was in fear of her life from Plaintiff. Marc Randazza is alleged to have mafai ties and this is a very real threat to the life of Crystal Cox. Lara Pearson is connected to Marc Randazza in the Righthaven Scandal, where Marc Randazza worked on the Plaintiff and the Defendant’s side in double dealings.

In Obsidian Vs. Cox, Marc Randazza advised Defendant on her, my appeal and then worked with the Plaintiff against me, the woman he had advised and had sent an email to confirming that he would represent Ms. Cox in Appeal.

This is very real, I also believe that Plaintiff has ties to Russian Mafia and feel that my life is in constant danger and I am under constant duress and harassment from Plaintiff’s Attorney David Aman Tonkon Torp and now also Marc Randazza, attorney working with the Plaintiff to silence me for mutual benefits and in direct violation of my Constitutional Rights.

I know that Judge Hernandez will not rule fairly in my case, however I am still stating this for the record and plan to file complaints to higher courts and judicial authorities

I Object to Portland Oregon Courts, Judge Hernandez presiding, having jurisdiction over my Assets. I am not an Oregon Resident. I Object to Oregon having Jurisdiction as I have for a year now. Obsidian V. Cox is a Fraud on the Courts as the Attorneys, Judges, Court Clerks have refused to Sign a Conflict of Interest Disclosure for over a year and they still refuse which is a Violation of Law.

I Object as my 14th Amendment Rights have been violated in a multitude of ways. I Object as my First Amendment Rights have been violated.

I object to Judge Marco Hernandez making any decisions on my behalf as he refuses to sign a conflict of Interest Form to ensure that he is not in Conflict. Judge Hernandez accused me of a crime in a motion to deny a trial in a civil matter, the crime of extortion of which is not true, nor has this accusation by a Federal Judge been proven as true in any way. The email Plaintiff claims to be extortion

See Attached Exhibit, emails between David Aman Attorney for Plaintiff, who was involved in the Summit Bankruptcy Scandal and Crystal Cox Opposing Counsel in her Pro Se Capacity. These emails were after a Cease and Desist and After a 10 Million Dollar Lawsuit was filed. Titled “Privileged Communication Aman and Cox” Which clearly shows that Judge Hernandez falsely accused me of extortion, when I, defendant, was a Pro Se Litigant in a private

communications with Opposing Counsel.

Marc Randazza claimed I extorted him which is a false accusation. These attorneys have lied about me and so has Judge Hernandez, I am not guilty of extortion nor was on trial for extortion. I was exposing corruption in a high profile Oregon Bankruptcy, Judge Hernandez continues to deny me equal rights or to even consider the Evidence I bring to his attention.


Also I have Attached emails between Summit Bankruptcy Whistleblower Stephanie DeYoung and Mark Randazza, titled “Stephanie DeYoung and Marc Randazza Emails. And Email from Marc Randazza to Defendant Crystal Cox, whereby Marc Randazza states his intention in representing Crystal Cox on Appeal, title Marc Randazza Email to Crystal Cox..” And Email where Marc Randazza admits to be in negotiations with Plaintiff on my behalf.

These Attorneys and Judge Hernandez are in constant communication and conspiring directly against the legal, lawful, constitutional Rights of Defendant Crystal Cox.

The Summit Bankruptcy, Umpqua Lawsuits, Judge Released Court Case Documents, it was all very Public and yet Judge Hernandez is protecting the suppression of information. Defendant was reporting on a high profile bankruptcy, on federal indictments, Dept. of Justice Oversight, a Federal Judge Violated Bankruptcy Code and this was and is a matter of Public Concern. Also Obsidian Finance Group gets Tax Credits, is involved in REIT’s which are publicly traded and more in the Public Eye. Kevin Padrick is a Public Figure and has been for years.

Again I plead with this court to hear me, Obsidian Finance Group has violated bankruptcy

codes, broken laws, and was in the public eye long before Blogger Crystal Cox, defendant came on the story. Judge Hernandez knows that Kevin Padrick was in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, on ABC news and more over the Summit Bankruptcy, the Umpqua Lawsuits and More. I have attached a few more of these main stream news outlets, AGAIN proving Kevin Padrick is a Public Figure and was before Crystal Cox, me ever heard of him.

Obsidian Finance Group Vs. Crystal Cox is a Fraud on the Court due to conflicts of interest that Judge Hernandez fails to admit or deny. I am filing complaints with as many authorities as I can in this matter to plead for help and fight for my life and livlihood.

I once again demand that Judge Marco Hernandez sign a Conflict of Interest Disclosure, which I have once again attached to this Motion as I have for a year now. I have a right to a fair and impartial judge. I demand this disclosure be signed before any decisions are made on my behalf.

I Demand that David Aman, Tonkon Torp Law Firm sign a Conflict of Interest Disclosure as well. I Demand that Tonkon Torp Law Firm release their Conflict Check Records, done, by law before they took the Obsidian V. Cox Case.

Judge Hernandez is Connected to Michael Simon, formerly of Perkins Coie, and Michael Simon, Attorney now Judge Michael Simon was representing Creditors in the Summit Bankruptcy and is in Main Stream news over this as well as the Umpqua Lawsuit it involved, this was in the main stream media and is ignored by Judge Marco Hernandez.

I object to Judge Hernandez making any decisions on behalf. And I Object to the Validity of any ruling in which Judge Hernandez has made on my behalf.

I am filing complaints with the Department of Justice, Oregon Judiciary Committee, Oregon and Washington State Bar, Nevada State Bar, the FBI, the SEC, the Oregon Attorney General, Attorney General Holden, and more.


and more to protect Oregon Corruption. Judge Hernandez has been made aware of possible Jury Tampering and fails to look into the matter in order to protect Perkins Coie Law Firm and others.

Judge Marco Hernandez has refused to look at evidence I have shown in which proves Plaintiff to be a Public Figure, proves my life is in danger, proves I am Media, and proves that Plaintiff has violated Federal Bankruptcy Code and that Plaintiff’s attorney David Aman knew of these violations and was part of the cover ups of crimes involved in the Summit Bankruptcy.

It is Judge Marco Hernandez’s duty and Obligation to report his knowledge of crimes to the proper authorities, Judge Marco Hernandez has been made aware of possible criminal activity in a $40 Million Oregon Bankruptcy involving Judge Randall Dunn, Dept. Of Justice Pamela Griffith, Perkins Coie, Sussman Shank, Tonkon Torp and more.

It is not lawful for Judge Hernandez to accuse one party of criminal activity in a motion to deny a new trial, in a format where defendant is stripped of all lawful, legal, and constitutional rights. Regarding Alleged Assets and Receivership of Said Domain Names.

As Plaintiff’s Counsel is aware of, I owe many individuals for loaning me money via verbal contracts for 7 years of renewing these domain names, daily living and keeping up my online business. Plaintiff is aware that these folks must be paid.

David Aman, attorney for Plaintiff has been made fully aware of Debt in which Defendant owes. Mr. Aman is in possession of a Debt Declaration and asked me under oath in a Deposition regarding my debt prior to the Obsidian V. Cox Judgement.

Domain Names, Plaintiff’s Attorney David Aman refers to in this Motion are no longer owned by Defendant Crystal Cox. Said Domain Names have been received in lieu of a Debt, Defendant Crystal Cox owed, by Law, prior to the Obsidian V. Cox Jugement. See the Crystal Cox Declaration to Objection to Motion to Appoint a Receiver, attached to this Motion, for further details on this payment of Debt Owed.


I hereby certify that I served the foregoing DEFENDANTS’ OPPOSITION TO Plaintiff’s

Opposition of MOTION FOR Sanction Against David Aman, Tonkon Torp. on: April 29th, 2011 David Aman Tonkon Torp, Attorney for Plaintiff

Electronically at the Following Email Addresses david.aman@tonkon.com

steven.wilker@tonkon.com mary.costanzo@tonkon.com


Reverend Crystal L. Cox Pro Se Defendant Civil No. CV 11-0057 HZ