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Academic year: 2021



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Citrix Access Gateway (CAG) Access to CRMC Computer Systems



TO: IT Department - Infrastructure Manager - Mark Bohm

Last Name: First Name: MI:

Title: Position Code:

Department Name: Department Code:

Employee Number:

Phone Number: Fax Number:


Systems To Be Accessed: Epic Hyperspace Electronic Health Record (EHR) System NOTICE: Protected Health Information (PHI) will be directly accessible through this system

Home Antivirus Program and Version:

I understand that if I am approved to have CAG access to Cheyenne Regional Medical Center that I will have direct access to PHI while I am using the Epic EHR system. I understand that I am required to keep my personal computer’s operating system up to date. I also understand that I am required to maintain a valid anti-virus solution with the most current definition files at all times. Failure to meet these

requirements will revoke my CAG access.

Requester Printed Name Requester Signature

Manager or CMIO Signature

Notice: Chief Medical Information Officer signature required if requestor is a physician

VP Signature

(if applicable)

Security Officer Approval


Using the Citrix Access Gateway

STEP 1: Open Internet Explorer and browse to https://access.crmcwy.org

STEP 2: You should see the Welcome to CRMC Remote Access Gateway (CAG Logon) page.

Before logging in, you must download and install the Citrix Receiver. Click the blue “Download Citrix Receiver” link at the bottom of the CAG Logon page to download the Citrix Receiver for your respective operating system.

NOTE: The below Citrix Receiver installation steps are performed using Internet Explorer 9. The installation steps may vary when using other web browsers or operating systems …


You will be taken to the Citrix website to download the Receiver. Click Find Citrix Receiver for other platforms to show download links for all available operating systems (click the link to the left of the red arrow):

All available Citrix Receiver downloads will be listed by operating system as shown below. Click the link for your operating system to begin your download …


A popup window or bar will appear (usually at the bottom of the page), prompting you to either Run or Save the

CitrixReceiver.exe installer file. Click the down-triangle/arrow next to the Save button, and click Save and Run, as shown below:

STEP 3: Once you have downloaded and installed the Citrix Receiver on your computer, re-launch the CAG Logon page by browsing in Internet Explorer to https://access.crmcwy.org to logon.

*If you would like to save a Favorite/Bookmark link to this site for future use, be sure to save the URL/address as https://access.crmcwy.org - DO NOT save the URL/address as https://access.crmcwy.org/vpn/index.html !!!

To login to the CAG Logon page, you must use your AD/Windows Username and Password. Your Username should be your first initial and last name. Your password should be the same password you use to sign into your CRMC computer or e-mail. Do NOT include UMCWY\ in the Username field.

Example Username: JDoe (Your CRMC AD/Windows Username - first initial last name) Example Password: <JDoesPassword> (Your CRMC AD/Windows Password)

After successfully logging into the CAG Logon page, you may be prompted to install the Citrix Receiver again. If so, click the Skip To Log On link on the bottom-right of the popup window, as shown below:


STEP 4: The Hyperspace applications that the user has access to will appear in the Citrix XenApp - Applications window. By default, all users will have the Hyperspace PRD (production) icon. Click the Hyperspace PRD icon to launch

Hyperspace and begin working.

If the user need access to the training or build Hyperspace icons, please call the IT HelpDesk and the user will be added to the appropriate group.


*Please note that you must complete (including a manager signature) and return the CAG Access Request Form to IT before you will be granted access! The preferred and most-efficient method of sending your form to IT is by scanning in your completed form, and emailing it to Kory.Russell@crmcwy.org.

*If you receive an error when logging in, make sure you are typing your username and password correctly. Also ensure that you are NOT adding UMCWY\ in front of your username.

*If you still receive an error after checking your credentials, please call the IT HelpDesk at 307.633.7171 and ask the support person to verify that your AD account is a member of the Netscaler group.

*If you are able to login and see the Hyperspace PRD icon, but you receive a prompt to download/save the launch.ica file when clicking the Hyperspace icon, try adding the CAG logon page to your Trusted Sites in Internet Explorer. After adding the CAG logon page to your Trusted Sites, close the Internet Explorer browser window, and re-browse to the CAG logon page using Internet Explorer.

To add https://access.crmcwy.org to your Trusted Sites in Internet Explorer: a. Open Internet Explorer

b. Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options. c. Click the Security tab.

d. Click Trusted Sites and then click the Sites button. e. Enter https://access.crmcwy.org and click Add. f. When you are finished, click Close.


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