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VPL Board Meeting Agenda


Academic year: 2021

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VPL Board Meeting Agenda

Vision Victoria Police Legacy will be there to engage, connect and support legatees.

Date Tuesday 20th March, 2018 Time 3 p.m.

Location Victoria Police Legacy Scheme Inc. Offices, ‘S.I. (Mick) Miller Victoria Police Legacy Building’, ‘Louisa Terrace’, 71 Drummond Street, Carlton South


1. Welcome

Meeting to be opened by the Chair. 1

2. Pecuniary Interests

Chair to call for any conflict of interest to be declared 3. Recent Deaths

Chair to read the names of recent deaths of members and police legatees 7

4. Presentations NIL

5. Minutes

Confirmation of Minutes of the Board Meeting held on Tuesday 20th February, 2018

Action Required: Confirmation of the Minutes of the Board meeting held 20th February, 2018


6. Action Items

Matters arising from the Previous Minutes - Status of Outstanding Actions 4

7. Consent Agenda

7.1 Correspondence Log 6

8. CEO Report

For Noting: The Board to note the CEO Report 7

9. Finance Report

9.1 Finance Report 17

10. Occupational Health & Safety

10.1 Chief Executive Officer’s Occupational Health & Safety Report For Noting: The Board to note the Occupational Health & Safety Report


11. Out of Session Board Papers Nil 12. Discussion Papers Nil 13. Decision Papers NIL 14. Information Papers NIL 15. Close Meeting

Next meeting Tuesday 17th April, 2018 commencing at 3 p.m.


VPL Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the monthly meeting Victoria Police Legacy Scheme (Inc.) held at the Victoria Police Legacy Office – Louisa Terrace – 71 Drummond Street Carlton on Tuesday 20th February, 2018

Present Lauren Callaway (Chair)

Mark Galliott (CCP Representative) Darren Kenos

Diane Wilson

Kate O’Neill

Stephen Capello (Non-Member Director) Glenn Owen

Administration Lex de Man AFSM Chief Executive Officer

Guests Nil

Apologies Roger Schranz APM (Vice Chair)

John Laird (The Police Association Representative) James Dalton

Meeting Commenced 3.10 pm

1. Welcome

Chair Lauren Callaway welcomed all to the meeting. 2. Pecuniary Interests

No conflicts of interest registered 3. Recent Deaths

Notification Date

Date of Death

Name Status Registered


30.11.2017 27.11.2017 Senior Constable June Marie LONG 11868

06.12.2017 05.12.2017 Detective Sergeant Barrie James BYRNES 14737

06.12.2017 05.12.2017 Superintendent Laurance George RYMER Retired 11846

20.12.2017 18.12.2017 Superintendent Barry Paul EDWARDS 13719

29.12.2017 27.12.2017 Senior Constable Clive Thomas VOSS 13500

31.12.2017 31.12.2017 Leading Senior Constable Garry MILLER Serving 30326

07.01.2018 07.01.2018 Chief Superintendent James Watson Maxwell (Max) PORTER

OAM Retired 10876

08.01.2018 16.05.2008 Senior Constable Michael Joseph O'DONNELL Retired 11275

14.01.2018 14.01.2018 Chief Superintendent Graeme Francis CRAWFORD APM Retired 12564

19.01.2018 16.01.2018 Senior Constable John Owen OWERS 11129

23.01.2017 22.01.2018 Senior Constable William Lewis MORIARTY 10313

29.01.2018 25.01.2018 Inspector Albert Wesley (Bert) LUSCOMBE 12022

08.02.2018 30.01.2018 Chief Superintendent Ronald Francis GILL 11663

08.02.2018 07.02.2018 Mrs Gwen Margaret GOURLAY (legatee) - -

Chair Lauren Callaway read the list of retired, resigned members and legatee who had passed away during the previous month, which received Board acknowledgement.

4. Presentations – NIL


6. Matters Arising from the Previous Meeting Action Item – Project 100

John Laird to email to those members who fall within the scope of Project 100 with a deduction Form attached to email.

Action Item – Risk register & Business Continuity Plan CEO to finalise.

Action Item – VPAL Young Legatees Development Program

LdM to prepare paper by May 2018 regarding - VPAL Young Legatee Development Program Action Item – Purchase of a rental property

DK to prepare paper regarding - Purchase of a rental property 7. Consent Agenda

1. Correspondence Log

2. Post Event Assessment – KFC Big Bash Cricket Circulated and Agreed

8. CEO Report

Items for action from the management report: -

• CEO to prepare a Decision Paper in relation to increasing the hours for current staff to meet increased workload capacity.

• CEO to seek a quote from ‘Converge International’ in relation to annual well-being checks for staff.

9. Finance Report

8.1 Treasurer’s & Financial Reports

Moved Glenn Owen seconded Kate O’Neill: - CARRIED 10. Occupational Health & Safety

9.1 Chief Executive Officer’s OH&S Report - Noted. 11. Out of Sessions Board Decision Papers

11.1 Post Event Assessment – 2017 Family Christmas Party (circulated 15/1/17)

11.2 Post Event Assessment – 2017 VPAL Christmas Party (circulated 15/1/17)

11.3 Chief Executive Officer Performance Review (6 months)

11.2 Special Circumstances Grant – Benjamin Thackray (retired member) 12. Discussion Papers

New Legatees Report – September to December 2017 13. Decision Papers – Nil

14. Information papers – Nil 15. Close of Meeting 5.30pm

Meeting closed 5.30 pm. ………

Lauren Callaway - Chair Date of Next Meeting Tuesday 20th March, 2018 Victoria Police Legacy



DATE LAST UPDATED: 15 March, 2018

Action Item Minute ID Owner Priority Due date

Revised Due Date


Comments/ Progress Update

Project 100. This project relates to signing of those members who were in recruiting between August 2007 and February 2009 who were not briefed during recruits on providing salary deductions to VPL.

21-Jun-11 DW & JL high April 18


Vic Police Academy confirmed the dates where presentations were not provided occurred between August 2007 & February 2009. JL to circulate email to those members who fall within the scope of Project 100

JL to email to those members who fall within the scope of Project 100 with a deduction Form attached to email.

Caring for Police Families Workshop - This workshop is intended to bring together all those who support police members in the event of death and serious injury to ensure each organisation has an understanding of the role each plays.

16-Aug-11 LdM high Feb 18 Open

RS has been advised that Group Director is supportive .RS will seek funds from Provident Fund to assist in running the workshop. Resolved to defer until next

calendar year. To be actioned in 2017. Peter O’Neill &

LdM attending Warrnambool lunch and to raise the matter with HR GD. HRGD did not attend

Warrnambool. RS has provided draft a letter to Provident Fund seeking funds for the workshop. LdM to follow up – February 2018.

Risk Register & Business Continuity Plan. - This work relates to developing a Business Continuity plan for VPL.

19-Aug-15 LdM high May 18 Open

EM LdM to circulate current Risk Register. Done. Initial meeting with RA held with LC, RS & LdM. Further work on BCP to occur. Further meeting to occur with RA by LC, JD and LdM to progress. JD to lead process on behalf of the Board. LdM meeting with Matt (Randy) Anderson 16/02/18

National Police Remembrance Day 21-Oct-15 LdM low Sept Open Standing Item

Wells Book Dedication - This item relates to the possible launch of a book written by the first recipient of a scholarship grant in 1935. An approach is to be made to the CCP.

16-Nov-16 LdM medium June 18 Open

LdM to follow up on the possible launch of the book by K L Wells – recipient of a Vic Police Welfare Fund Scholarship in 1935

LdM to finalise whether this event will or will not occur


Wall to Wall Ride 2017 - Police Federation of Australia activity in support of Police Legacies

16-Nov-16 RS, LdM &

LC low Sept Open

Standing Item

Communications Strategy & Plan - Development of a plan is in line with VPL Strategic Plan 2017-2021

– Strategic Priority Number 3 Action item number 8.

16-Nov-16 LC & LdM high May 18 Open

LC & LdM meeting with Sandra Higgins in January to progress.

Board ‘Communication & Marketing Plan Workshop’

occurring 20/02/18. Deferred to April 2018

LC, Sandra Higgins & CEO subcommittee to progress. 2 additional quotes to be obtained

Ride to Wall 2017 - Vic Pol Cycling Club – This fund-raising activity is held over a 3 day period in

September by the VPCC. 21-Dec-16 RS & JK medium Open

Awaiting final receipt of donations Total donations finalised 14/02/18 - $40k

LdM to speak with Boris Buick re ‘highest’ fundraiser article for the next CARE magazine

VPAL Young Legatees

Development Program - This item is to bring together all of the activities undertaken and

implemented by VPL in support of young legatees under 15 years and the VPAL group aged 16 to 22 years.

16-Aug-17 LC & LdM high May 18 Open

VPAL Young Legatee Development Program for 2017 or 2018. Proposed VPAL Camp – LdM to follow up with NT Junior Rangers program. LdM to prepare paper regarding - VPAL Young Legatee Development Program by December 2017. LC to LdM to finalise young police legatee for Kokoda 2018.

LdM to progress by May 2018

Purchase of a rental property - This item relates to a possible investment initiative and possible city based accommodation for members and legatees

18-Oct-17 DK high March 18 Open

DK to prepare a Board Paper re possible purchase of a rental property

DK to present update to March meeting

Urgent Special Circumstances Grant - Police Legatees Utility Bills - This initiative is to obtain the energy price options for VPL members and Legatees.

15-Nov-17 LdM high May 18 Open

LdM to ascertain possibility of providing advice to PL’s

re electricity and gas bills. LDM to speak with Stephen Capello re same.


Correspondence Log

March 2018 Board Meeting

Date Subject In/Out Author Action – If required 27/02/18 Photo of 1st wreath laid in

Australia re PSTD – suicide. Addressed to Chair & CEO

email in

Kath Maudsley Reply letter signed by Chair and CEO posted on 06/03/18 1/03/18 Draft ‘Request for proposal’ re

Power Costs for members and legatees

email in

Andrew Carman - BankVic

Reviewed and returned on 8/03/18 by VPL CEO for

submission to the ‘market’

7/03/18 SA PL January Newsletter mail in

SA PL Circulated to Board, Staff and Ambassadors

7/03/18 CCP – Letter of thanks from David Triplow re Thackray grant

mail in

Office of CCP Circulated to Board 9/03/18 MCP Master Income Trust (MXT)

Rights of entitlement offer

email in

Ascot Private 9/03/18 – circulated to F&AC for advice.

9/03/17 ACNC Charity Compliance Report 2017

email in

ACNC Board advised & placed on website - Board only section –


CEO Report March 2018

Recent Deaths


Date Date of Death Name Status Registered Number

12.02.2018 12.02.2018 Mrs Angela CHALKLEY (wife of LSC Damien CHALKLEY) - -

16.02.2018 15.02.2018 Ms Lisa DIDONATO (partner of First Constable Shaun LUCAS) - -

19.02.2018 17.02.2018 Acting Sergeant Gavin SPROULE Serving 36488

19.02.2018 18.02.2018 Sergeant Suzanne (Sue) GILLETT Serving 21998

26.02.2018 17.02.2018 Senior Sergeant Gordon JACKSON 12419

02.03.2018 28.02.2018 Constable Celia Jill FORD 14055

04.03.2018 01.03.2018 Inspector Walter James REID GM VA 12380

08.03.2018 07.03.2018 Commander Allan James (Jim) WILLIAMS QPM 11528

National Issues

National Police Legacies Strategy – On the 21st February the CEO received advice from the National Secretariat (QLD PL) that all PL’s had provided responses to the ‘Motions’ passed at the 2017 National Conference. Of note is the responses to the second and third ‘Motions’ as outlined below: -

Motion Number Conference Motion Result of deliberations by PL’s as

outlined by the National Secretariat Number 2 Motion “The 2017 National Police Legacy

Conference agree to seek endorsement from their respective Boards to share information, such as policy documents and respective constitutions, nationally on a virtual secure platform”

The boards of all 7 signatories to the MOU have considered and endorsed that motion. Co-ordination thereof was to be the responsibility of South Australia Police Legacy. Accordingly, SA PL will now progress this.

Number 3 Motion “The 2017 National Police Legacy Conference will seek endorsement from their respective Boards;

• To develop a paper outlining the core business of each Police Legacy for consideration for terms of reference for a national strategic document;

• To establish a national steering committee consisting of national chairs / presidents (or a proxy) to oversee and continue discussion around the development of the national strategic document; and

• To agree, in principle, to an equal division of cost for any consultation and development of a national strategy, noting that three quotes will be provided by Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.”

Consideration by the seven boards have resulted in varied motions providing either outright endorsement, qualified endorsement dependant on factors such as costs and terms of reference or non-endorsement but with a desire to consider the obtained quotes when available.

Subsequent action: - Quotes regarding the development of a national strategy have been obtained by Victoria Police Legacy (Cube Group), New South Wales Police Legacy (Nemesis Consultancy Group) and Queensland Police Legacy (Deloitte).

With regards to the fees quoted by each consultancy, the CEO’s provides the following: -

VPL Quote: - CUBE Group Board Members may recall that it was agreed ‘out of sessions’ on the 15th September 2017: “That the VPL Board endorse the CUBE Group ‘National Police Legacies – Development of a National


The CUBE quote, is consistent with the the motion being ‘To develop a paper outlining the core business of each Police Legacy for consideration for terms of reference for a national strategic document’. The costs quoted by CUBE were: -


Total consulting fee (excluding GST) $43,560

CUBE ‘Good Things’ Contribution (20%) $8,712

Total consulting fees (including Good Things Contribution excluding GST) $34,848 Total consulting fees (including Good Things Contribution and GST) $38,332.80 Note# Disbursements (Travel etc.) – not costed in the proposal. To be agreed separately

NSW PL Quote: - Nemesis Consultancy Group

CEO’s observations with regards to the Nemesis quote: -

• The consultant is former Commissioner of NSW Police Mr. Ken Moroney.

• The consultant is the Chair of the NSW PL BackUP for Life Committee.

• The consultant has an insight into Police Legacies through NSW PL.

• What is proposed in the quote appears to be in consistent with the first dot point of the motion. The costs, as quoted by Nemesis Consultancy Group are: -

To undertake and complete the works $20,000 plus GST QLD PL Quote: - Deloitte Consulting

CEO’s observations with regards to the Deloitte quote: -

• The consultant is a well-recognised in the business sector

• What is proposed in the quote appears consistent with the first dot point of the motion. The costs, as quoted by Deloitte Consultancy are: -

Fees * Amount (excl GST) Amount (incl


Estimated team effort in Days (team of 3) 62 62

Total original fee $212,000 233,000

Less: NFP strategic client discount (15%) $32,000 $35,000

Revised proposed fee $180,000 $198,000

Note# Travel and reimbursable expense, where required will be charged at cost and approved in advance if exceeds $500

Current Status: - The Chair of NSW PL has suggested that a teleconference of President’s/Chairs proceeds to discuss the next steps, which VPL has advised it supports. Arrangements for the teleconference are yet to be finalised.

Police Federation of Australia (PFA) – ‘Remembering Mates - Century Bike Ride’ –In the February 2018 CEO Report advise was provided that as part of the inaugural Police Week celebrations in 2018 the PFA are coordinating a 100k push bike ride called the ‘Remembering Mates - Century Bike Ride’ which is to be held simultaneously across all states & territories on Sunday 16th September 2018. As advised in February, the CEO is now working with Boris Buick - President of the Victoria Police Cycling Club (VPCC) on the Victorian ride. Further advice will be provided in due course.

Activities undertaken aligned to the 4 Strategic Priorities of the ‘VPL Strategic Plan 2017 2021

STRATEGIC ALIGNMENT: VPL Strategic Plan 2017 – 2021

STRATEGIC PRIORITY 1 – Personalised and meaningful Legatee Service and Programs

Action 1.Review our programs, services and events to ensure they meet the evolving expectations and needs of all of our legatee cohorts.

Action 2. Continue to develop and implement policies and processes that deliver the right support at the right time, ensuring they reflect the needs of legatees and expectations of our membership.

Action 3. Identify opportunities to connect with legatees who are less engaged with our services and programs, but who may still require support.


Action 1.

VPAL Northern Territory Trip –During the reporting period planning has continued for a Northern Territory Trip for the 25 VPAL (young police legatees) cohort which will occur between Monday 2nd and Friday 6th July 2018. Arrangements for the 5 adults attending has been finalised, which includes Youth Events Coordinator Andrea Lyons, 2 VPL Volunteers which includes SOG member Shae Donaldson and VPL Board Member Di Wilson.

Action 1.

2018 Family Camp – Invitation to Tasmania - Planning is now finalised for the April Family Camp which is being held in April at Lorne. The Tasmanian Police Association has advised that the Tasmania family, as mentioned in

last month’s report, have accepted the offer to attend.

Action 1.

‘2018 Kokoda’– VPL legatee Cooper de Haan (Veal) – (16 years) along with his mother, VPL legatee Michelle de Haan and Youth Events Coordinator Andrea Lyons attended the launch of the ‘Kokoda 2018’ activity on Monday 26th February 2018 at St Bernard’s College, Essendon. Cooper, he has commenced to keep a diary of his involvement as his training has started ahead of the trek which is occurring between the 22nd and 30th June 2018.

Action 1.

‘The 41 Club’ Scholarship –‘The 41 Club’, a social club consisting mainly of former members of Victoria Police,

has for a second year, approached VPL with 2 x $1,500.00 scholarships for 2 young VPL legatees. Applications have subsequently by requested to the parents of young legatees which close on the 20th April. It is planned to present the cheques to the successful scholarship winners in early May. Further advice will be provided in due course.

Action 1.

VPL 2018 Calendar – There have been a number of updates to the 2018 Calendar. A copy of the calendar is attached at ‘Appendix A’ and is also available for Board members on the Board Only Section of the website.

Action 2.

Regional lunches. Regional Lunches commenced with the Ivanhoe Lunch on the 23rd February 2018, the Wangaratta being held on 9th March and Frankston on the 16th March.

Regional Lunches – As per Regional Lunches Schedule Forthcoming Police Legatee Programs/Events: -

Date Event

Sunday 8th to Wednesday 11th April 2018 Family Camp

Tuesday 17th to Friday 20th April 2018 City Getaway (Escape)

Thursday 3rd May 2018 VPL Charity Fundraising Breakfast

Monday 2nd to Friday 6th July 2018 VPAL Northern Territory Trip Saturday 28th July 2018 Airlie Dinner (former Cocktail Party) Friday 27th to Sunday 29th July National Police Legacies Conference - Brisbane Tuesday 11th to Friday 14th September 2018 Regional Getaway

Friday 14th to Saturday 15th September 2018 ‘Wall to Wall Ride’

Sunday 16th September 2018 PFA ‘Remembering Mates - Century Bike Ride’ Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd September 2018 ‘Ride to the Wall’ (Wangaratta to Melbourne)

Friday 28th September 2018 National Police Remembrance Day Tuesday 9th to Friday 12th October 2018 Seniors Getaway


Sunday 21st October 2018 Box Hill Miniature Railway Family Day

Saturday 24th November 2018 MCG Christmas Luncheon

Sunday 1st December 2018 Kids Christmas

Sunday 8th December 2018 VPAL Christmas

Action 2.

Police Legatee Support - VPL Staff support - During the reporting period 42 field visits occurred with 10 of these being to new legatees at various locations which included Ballarat, Wangaratta, Sale, Bairnsdale and Lakes Entrance.

Bryan Sharp – contractor – Bryan has continued to make contact/visits with male legatees. Following the success of the August 2017 AFL and the January 2018 MCG ‘Big Bash’ Cricket male legatee activities,

arrangements are currently underway for a similar event in August at Etihad Stadium for the AFL game between St Kilda & Hawthorn (Blue Ribbon Cup).

Action 2.

Educational Grants 2018

The report on Educational Grants in the February 2018 Board papers showed that we had received back 63 applications totalling $90,070.27 as of 13th February, 2018

Since then we have received an additional 49 grants with the total grants paid to 14th March, 2018 being $176,260.57. Many of the grant applications received were for Tertiary education as they can only apply once they have their results from 2017 studies and these are just coming to the students now.

The table below shows where grants have been paid. Grant

Code Type of Grant Number Total

CC Child Care 3 $ 3,000.00 P Prep 1 $ 700.00 P1 Year 1 6 $ 4,200.00 P2 Year 2 3 $ 2,100.00 P3 Year 3 5 $ 3,500.00 P4 Year 4 5 $ 4,200.00 P5 Year 5 6 $ 2,800.00 P6 Year 6 7 $ 4,900.00

SS1 Secondary “One-Off” Assistance 4 $ 6,000.00

SS7 Year 7 5 $ 6,000.00 SS8 Year 8 1 $ 1,200.00 SS9 Year 9 6 $ 7,200.00 SS10 Year 10 2 $ 2,400.00 SS11 Year 11 8 $ 9,600.00 SS12 Year 12 13 $ 15,600.00 A2 Apprentice Year 2 3 $ 4,452.75 A3 Apprentice Year 3 4 $ 4,844.86 A4 Apprentice Year 4 1 $ 1,064.40

TF2 Technical & Further Education 1 $ 623.60

TF3 Technical & Further Education 1 $ 750.00

TF4 Technical & Further Education 1 $ 750.00

T1 Tertiary Year 1 4 $ 16,428.57


T3 Tertiary Year 3 3 $ 15,000.00

T4 Tertiary Year 4 3 $ 15,000.00

CSG Commencement of Studies Grant TAFE & University 5 $ 7,721.39

C Career

(Commencement of their career post studies) 5 $ 10,000.00

MA Mature Age 1 $ 525.00

(*as at 14th March, 2018) TOTAL $ 176,260.57 Notes:

• Commencement of Studies Grant TAFE & University are only paid on receipt of proof of purchase of items or proof of intent to purchase (e.g. invoice or book list)

• The Tertiary Degree Grant applications are for studies completed in 2017 and are only paid on receipt of successful results.

STRATEGIC ALIGNMENT: VPL Strategic Plan 2017 – 2021

STRATEGIC PRIORITY 3 – A recognised, Trusted and Proactive Partner

Action 7. Strengthen our regional networks by facilitating local connections between legatees, Victoria Police Members and volunteers.

Action 8. Develop and external communication and engagement plan to enhance awareness of our purpose, services and value (including through online and print channels, as well as meaningful face to face engagement).

Action 9. Build links with the community services sector and other government and non-government partners to enhance our understanding of the broader services available to legatees, with the aim of increasing our referral capability.

Action 7.

Police Academy Graduations - Two Legatees attended the recruit graduation afternoon teas and ceremonies held on the 22nd February and 8th March as guests of VPL Ambassador Sandra Higgins and VPL Board Member Glenn Owen, respectively. An Event Information Pack was provided in relation for both ceremonies and afternoon teas. VPL was also represented by VPL Youth Events Coordinator Andrea Lyons at the PSO graduation on 23rd February. Remaining graduations for 2018 are: -

Victoria Police 2018 Graduation Dates Board Member

22 Mar Police 7 Lauren Callaway

05 Apr Police 9 & 10 Sandra Higgins (VPL Ambassador)

06 Apr PSO 7 Di Wilson

19 Apr Police 11 & 12 Darren Kenos

03 May Police 13 & 14 Lex de Man

17 May Police 15 Lauren Callaway

18 May PSO 8 Martin Park (VPL Ambassador)

31 May Police 17 & 18 Di Wilson

14 Jun Police 19 & 20 Glenn Owen

28 Jun Police 21 & 22 Darren Kenos

12 Jul Police 23 & 24 Lex de Man

13 Jul PSO 9 Sandra Higgins (VPL Ambassador)

26 Jul Police 25 Di Wilson

09 Aug Police 27 & 28 Lauren Callaway

10 Aug PSO 10 Martin Park (VPL Ambassador)

23 Aug Police 29 & 30 Sandra Higgins (VPL Ambassador)


07 Sep PSO 11 Di Wilson

20 Sep Police 33 & 34 Glenn Owen

04 Oct Police 35 Martin Park (VPL Ambassador)

18 Oct Police 37 & 38 Frank Sells (VPL Ambassador)

19 Oct PSO 1 Sandra Higgins (VPL Ambassador)

01 Nov Police 39 & 40 Kate O’Neill

15 Nov Police 41 & 42 Frank Sells (VPL Ambassador)

16 Nov PSO 2 Martin Park (VPL Ambassador)

29 Nov Police 43 & 44 Bryan Sharp (VPL Contractor)

30 Nov PSO 3 Sandra Higgins (VPL Ambassador)

13 Dec Police 45 Lex de Man


Action 7.

Victoria Police Legacy Sergeants Portfolio - Maroondah Project– As reported month, in line with VPL’s Strategic

Priority No. 3 – Action 7 (Strengthen our regional networks by facilitating local connections between legatees,

Victoria Police members and volunteers) a pilot project to establish a Sergeant’s Legatee Portfolio at the

Ringwood & Croydon Police Stations has commenced following a dinner meeting which was held at Ringwood on Tuesday 13th March. The dinner meeting was attended by local police including Ringwood Police Station Commander – Senior Sergeant Paul McBride, VPL CEO, Field and Admin Support Officer and VPL Legatees who reside within the area of the two police stations. The Board will be provided with updates as this 12-month pilot project progresses. The support from the VPL Legatees to be a part of the pilot was overwhelming.

Action 7.

International Women’s Days (8th March) On Thursday 8th March, nine (9) police legatees and Admin Support Officer Carol Jenkinson were guests of Eastern Region Div. 2 Women in Policing Local Committee at an

International Women’s Day morning tea held at the Knox Community Arts Centre. On the same morning, police legatee Lynne Panayiotis was guest speaker at the Victoria Police Corporate IWD morning tea accompanied by Field Officer Eileen Keily.

Action 8.

Northern Classic Cruisers (NCC) – The NCC Charity Car Show in support of VPL was held at the Epping RSL on Saturday 3rd March 2018 between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. and once again was a great success. The amount raised on the day was $3,546.65, this being slightly up on last year’s event. Following on from the success of the event, the NCC is planning another show in support of VPL for Saturday 27th October 2018. This event will once again be

held at Epping RSL from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. I’ll provide further advice on this event in due course. Finds raised at the March event will go towards the cost of supporting young police legatee Cooper De Hann to undertake the Kokoda challenge in July.

Action 8.

CARE Magazine – The next edition is to be circulated in April 2018. Preliminary work in gathering articles continues to be undertaken to prepare the edition.

Action 8.

VPL website statistics –Visits to the VPL website for the period 1 February – 29 February, 2018 are: -

Month Visits Unique Visitors Page Views

February 2018 4410 4259 5153

Legend: - Visits - people visiting the site, Unique Visitors either google type search or direct entry of website


Of those visiting the website over the period 99.3% visited the website for the first time. Where people are finding www.policelegacyvic.org.au ?

• 41% of people came to the website directly by typing in the URL. • 55% of people came to the website via a referral website

• 97% of these were through Facebook

• The other 4% were from sites such as Bing, Victoria Police, Baidu.com and Instagram The remaining were single visits from various websites, such as uptime, who is and Premier Victoria

In searching for Victoria Police Legacy, people are putting in “Policelegacyvic” or “www.policelegacyvic” or “Victoria” mostly with “Legacy” also being searched for.

Google remains the biggest search engine used. Facebook Statistics

Regular postings on Facebook has seen our site now attracting 1138 likes and 1146 people following the page. Most un boosted posts are all attracting a minimum of 350 view as more people engage with the Facebook site. Because of more engagement the Mernda Police Station Opening reaching 662 and Angela Taylor Walk reaching 863 people. The total reach of Facebook between 1 – 28 February 2018 is up to 7,000 people

Three boosted posts during January had the following results: -

• 14 February – Victoria Police Cycling Club – cheque presentation – reached 1,990 people • 25 February – Northern Classic cruisers – reached 801 people

Action 8.

Communications & Engagement Plan – As a result of a decision of the Board at the February meeting the planned Board workshop, ahead of the March meeting, was postponed. This has allowed further work to occur, which has included an offer by PwC, via VPL Ambassador Sandra Higgins, to conduct the planned workshop and also the obtaining of 2 additional quotes (now making 3 in number) for consideration by the subcommittee, as agreed by the Board in February. The following is overview of the three quotes VPL now has.

1. CUBE Group

Project fees: -$9,000(excluding GST)

Following a further discussion with CUBE the original quote has been revisited. Their approach has been

streamlined, which provides a similar level of support as previously with lower overall costs. The updated quote is $9,900 (including GST). See below for the breakdown: -

Table 1 - Project Fees Jeremy Levine Rosie Tran

Director Snr Consultant

$2,400 $1,800

Deliverable(s) Project Lead Project Delivery Days Cost

1 Kick off and current situation 0.5 0 0.5 $ 1,200

2 Board Consultation 0 1 1 $ 1,800

3 Produce Plan 0.5 3.25 3.75 $ 7,050

Total Number of Days per resource 1 4.25 5.25

Total Consultant Cost (exclusive of GST) $ 10,050

10% Cube Contribution $ 1,050

Total Consultant Cost Less Cube Contribution (exclusive of GST) $ 9,000


2. Values Communications –

Project fees: -$4,500(excluding GST)

In summary, the approach /in the proposal is to work closely with the CEO, or his delegate, to answer the following sorts of questions:

• Whose attention are we trying to capture?

• Do we know what those audiences know about us? • What do we want them to know about us?

• Who are our champions?

• Why do we need to strengthen our brand – i.e. for fundraising, to ensure our services are • made full use of, etc.?

• What resources (human and financial) do we have to help our engagement and • communications?

• What channels can we use?

• How can we highlight our work and services while being sensitive to our legatees?

• Are our current communications channels – i.e. our brochure, our website, our Facebook fit • for purpose?

• How are we going to know if we are successful?

A draft plan would then be developed, presented and then finalised within an agreed timeframe. 3. Essence – Penny Burke

Project fees: -$25,400(excluding GST)

In the quote ‘essence’ recommends using ‘a proprietary project management process’ called the 3E’s. Establish ExploreExecute. The 10-page proposal outlines the process to be undertaken with regards to each of the 3’E’s.

The breakdown of costs being as follows: -


Establish – Project Scope

Establish – Brand Positioning Workshop $9,000 Explore – Depth interviews (n=14) $850 each $11,900 Execute – Completed Communications Plan $4,500

TOTAL $25,400

GST $2,540


Next Step: - Following on from the generous offer from PwC to assist in facilitating a Board workshop, a meeting

has been arranged with subcommittee members and PwC for the 23rd March. Further advice will then be provided. A more detailed update will be provided at the march meeting by the subcommittee, in particular in relation to the agreed process in progressing this work.

Action 9.

Energy Costs Reduction Initiative for VPL Legatees - As reported last month, BankVic Staff (Anthony DeFazio - Chief Financial Officer & Andrew Carman - Manager Finance-Strategy & Performance) were in the processing of assisting VPL with an initiative to obtained possible power discounts for the VPL members and VPL legatees. This initiative progressed significantly during the month with a ‘Request for Proposal’ (RFP) being completed and sent to energy companies, Origin, AGL, Momentum and Powershop seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI’s) in the provision of power discount offers. The CEO expresses his sincere thanks to BankVic, especially to Andrew

Carman who has undertaken/managed the development of the RFP. Closing date for receipt of EOI’s is the 30th March. Further advice will be provided in due course.


Action 9.

Associated Media Group (AMG) – VPL Child Safety Handbook (CSHB) 2018 updated version – During the reporting period the 2018 updated version of the CSHB has been posted on the website and distributed electronically to primary schools.

Action 9.

BankVic ‘Accelerated Solutions Event’ –As previously reported, in the later part of 2017, Heather McGovern –

Chief Product & Marketing Officer, BankVic was convening an ‘Accelerated Solutions Event’ which will see

BankVic bring together their key partners and experts to plan, problem solve to inform the BankVic strategy in relation to issues relating to mental health. The CEO attended the event, on Friday 16th March 2018. An update will be provided at the March meeting.

STRATEGIC ALIGNMENT: VPL Strategic Plan 2017 – 2021

STRATEGIC PRIORITY 4 – A Sustainable and High Performing Organisation

Action 10. Enhance the structures that support our operations, with a view to ensuring high standards of integrity and diligence in the governance of Victoria Police Legacy.

Action 11. Develop a resource model through appropriately qualified staff and volunteers that improves the way in which we support Victoria Police Legacy families and achieve objectives.

Action12. Cultivate strong support from legatees and Victoria Police members for our work and their assurance of our performance and strategic directions.

Action 11.

Increase to staff hours: - During the month the CEO has been finalising a decision paper with regards to this item which is an Action Item from the February 2018 Board Meeting. It is anticipated that this paper will be provided prior to the March meeting.

Action 12.

Academy Presentations – new Recruits – VPL Consultant Bryan Sharp has provided a scheduled of the total number of recruits addressed since the commencement of this year, which includes the number who have signed on, the percentage of each group who signed on and the overall percentage to date. (see table below)


09 JAN 18 Recruit Squads 27 & 28 of 2017/18 Sharp 54 53 98.1 98.1

15 JAN 18 PSO Squad 7 of 2017/18 Lyons 26 23 95.0 88.5

23 JAN 18 Recruit Squads 29 & 30 of 2017/18 Sharp 54 52 96.3 95.5

06 FEB 18 Recruit Squads 31 & 32 of 2017/18 Sharp 54 54 100 96.8

20 FEB 18 Recruit Squads 33 & 34 of 2017/18 Sharp 54 54 100 97.5

6 MAR 18 Recruit Squad 35 of 2017/18 Sharp 26 26 100 97.7

Total 268 262 97.7

Bryan has now commenced to follow up with past recruits who did not initially offer to contribute to VPL on a

fortnightly basis and who have returned to the Academy to undertake the ‘Take Charge Course’ as to whether

they now wish to contribute.

Action 12.

‘2018 Ride to the Wall’ – The CEO is meeting with the VPCC during the week commencing the 19th March to commence the more detailed planning for the September 21st to 23rd 2018 ride. Further advice will be provided in due course.


Administration and Other Items

Chief Executive Officer visits/event attendance – During the reporting period the Chief Executive Officer met with and or attended the following:

-• Friday 23rd February Met with former member Evan Whitelaw at the VPL office re volunteering for VPL

and also possible assistance/donations by ‘google’.

• Thursday 1st March Met with Paul Gretton-Watson, Director Consulting ‘Converge International’ in

relation to ‘Workplace Wellbeing Checks’ as per February Board action.

• Friday 2nd March Attended the Warragul Regional Lunch.

• Saturday 3rd March Attended the Northern Classic Cruisers Car Show at Epping RSL. Staffed the VPL stand for the day with Admin Support Officer and 2 VPL legatees.

• Tuesday 6th March Attended at the Epping RSL for the cheque handover of the donation from funds received at the 3rd March NCC event.

• Wednesday 7th March Met with CEO Neil Soullier (Blue Ribbon Foundation) re scheduled liaison meeting.

• Thursday 8th March Met with VPL Contractor Bryan Sharp re 2018 male legatee activities and events. • Tuesday 13th March Attended the dinner meeting which included Ringwood Police Station Commander

– Senior Sergeant Paul McBride, VPL CEO, Field and Admin Support Officer and VPL Legatees who reside within the area re the Maroondah Sergeant’s Legatee Portfolio Project.

2018 VPL Charity Breakfast –Planning has continued during the reporting period in the lead up to the 3rd May 2018 event. At the time of writing this report the organising committee is in the process of finalising the panel (2 of 3 finalised). Ticket sales have commenced and sponsorship has been secured from Bendigo Community Bank ($5k) and PwC (4k).

Staff Leave/Time off –During the reporting period there were no staff on leave.

VPL Vehicle – No further update on the replacement of the vehicle. Further advice will be provided in due course.

Background reading

Background Reading: -


The following Finance Report, unless stated otherwise, covers the period 1st July 2017 to 28th February 2018. The information contained herein has been collected from the MYOB files for Victoria Police Legacy as prepared by Ms Judy THOMPSON, Finance Manager – Victoria Police Legacy.


Victoria Police Legacy remains solvent and is able to meet its debts as they fall due. PROFIT AND LOSS STATEMENT AND GENERAL LEDGER

The attached Profit and Loss Statement indicates a net profit/surplus for the year to date ended 28th February 2018 of $273,928. Expenditure for the month of February 2018 may be summarised as follows:


Educational Grants – 22 x $700 primary grants, 24 x $1,200 secondary grants, 1 x $1,500 one off secondary grant,

2 x Apprenticeship grants ($2,733), 2 x TAFE grants ($1,374), 9 x Tertiary grants ($34,183), 1 x $525 mature age grant, 3 x $2,000 career grants and 1 x 5 RACV driving Lessons ($232).

Depreciation– Depreciation for the 8 months July 2017 to February 2018 had not previously been accounted for

so an adjustment of $31,581 was processed in February. Monthly depreciation from here on will be approx. $4,000 per month.

Mature Age Legatees – Included $5,400 for progress payment for Novotel accommodation and $6,425 for Lanes

and Arcades tour and Cafe Culture tour for City Getaway 17-20 April 2018. Also $1,251 for Ivanhoe Regional Luncheon.

Junior Legatees – Included $1,100 for Afro Beat Interactive drumming workshop, $770 David Leach - Mr Marvel's

Magic and Circus Show and $3,444 for Go-Ride-A-Wave surf activities for family camps. Also 7 x birthday gifts.

Special Grants – 1 x $1,200 special grant as approved by the Board at the February board meeting.

Young Adult Legatees – 2 x $550 birthday gifts.

Administration Expenses – Includes a credit adjustment $7,127 for asset purchases (furniture over $1,000) which

had been incorrectly coded to property purchase expenses in previous months. Also a credit adjustment $1,240 for asset purchases (laptop computer) which had been incorrectly coded to IT service expenses in previous months. Without these adjustments administration expenses would have been $9,872 which is consistent with previous months.

Expenditure for the financial year to date, up to 28th February 2018, may be summarised as follows:



The following graph provides a percentage breakup of the expenses to date for the financial year to 28th February 2018 (grouping our program expenses).

Other notable expenditure (excluding education grants and birthdays) for February 2018 (over $700) were as follows:

Date of Transaction

Beneficiary Amount Comment

07/02/2018 Bryan Sharp $1,600 Consultancy January 2018 12/02/2018 Ascot Private $1,210 Monthly Financial Adviser fee 22/02/2018 TBT Accountants $945 Monthly book keeping fees 23/02/2018 Telstra $1,037 Office phones, faxes and mobiles

It should be noted that all transactions for February 2018 are recorded in the document titled “General Ledger [Detail] – February 2018”.


Revenue for the month of January 2018 may be summarised as follows:

A cheque for $11,975 was received in February from the Victoria Policy Cycling Club VPCC.

Fortnightly contributions by members continues to be the main source of income for Victoria Police Legacy (81% of income received during February). The fortnightly contributions by members is summarised as follows:

Since 06-Jul-2017 Victoria Police Legacy has recorded a 4.79% increase in the fortnightly contributions made by members, which equates to an increase of $2,428 per fortnight or annually just over $63,132.


For information in March 2018 $1,510 in donations was received at the recent funeral of A/Sgt Gavin Sproule from Shepparton who recently passed away due to a motor vehicle collision whilst on the way to work. This brings the total of donations received to $1,640.00 in honour of the memory of Gavin.

I propose that the Profit and Loss Statement as provided be accepted as a true and accurate reflection of the period up to 28th February 2018.

I propose that the expenses incurred for the months and included in the General Ledger Documents also be approved. BALANCE SHEET

The attached Balance Sheet indicates that as at 28th February 2018 Victoria Police Legacy had total cash on hand (excluding term deposits) of $888,684.

Total Assets of Victoria Police Legacy is shown to be $6,684,673 with Total Liabilities of $121,370 giving Total Net Equity for Victoria Police Legacy of $6,563,303.

I propose that the Balance Sheet as provided be accepted as a true and accurate reflection of the financial state of Victoria Police Legacy as at 28th February 2018.


Please refer to the report prepared by Ascot Private.

Note: there has been a change in format of the investment reports as Ascot Private transitions to a new reporting platform. Reports include initial financial year to date Valuation, Performance, Investment Income Summary and Asset Allocation reports.

The information provided in the reports and the format are subject to change based on client feedback. All comments/suggestions for change can be made to Judy Thompson - Finance Manager for onforwarding to Ascot Private. Ascot Private are also in the process of establishing client logins which will provide a customisable dashboard that can be accessed online. This is expected to be operational by the end of March.

FINANCE WORK IN PROGRESS Balance Sheet Reconciliations

In line with McBain McCartin auditors recommendations and the February Board meeting action item, Judy Thompson –

Finance Manager is bringing the balance sheet up to date and introducing systems to reconcile balance sheet items on a monthly basis.

Movements in Investment values (mark-to-market adjustments) and Fixed Assets accumulated depreciation adjustments for July 2017 to February 2018 have been processed so those items are now accurately reflected in the balance sheet as at 28th February 2018. Note: Market value of Investments at 28th February 2018 was $17,284 lower than at 31st January 2018 however on a year-to-date basis the value of Investments is $4,690 higher than at 30 June 2017. Investment value adjustments are reflected in the Investment Revaluation Reserve (Equity) account.

Balance sheet items still to be reviewed include Sundry Debtors, Prepayments, Imputation Credits Received, Sundry Creditors and Accruals, Income Received in Advance, Annual Leave Provision and Long Service Leave Provision. These will be reconciled prior to the auditors pre-audit visit in May.


Fixed Asset Register

Judy Thompson - Finance Manager has obtained a copy of the Fixed Asset Register which was used by Auditors McBain McCartin last financial year. A physical stocktake of fixed assets and other property items will be undertaken to identify

those items we have and those items we don’t have, and any items which need to be written off. Photographs will also

be taken as part of this process for insurance purposes. A full report will be presented to the Finance and Audit committee next month.

Imputation Credits Receivable

The franking credit return for 30 June 2016 and 2017 has not been lodged. Auditors McBain McCartin mentioned this in their management letter last year as an area to tackle. This will be tended to by Judy Thompson - Finance Manager next month.

Australian Business Register (ABR) Auskey

Obtaining an Auskey for Judy Thompson – Finance Manager is currently in progress. This has proven extremely difficult with a series of technical problems and incompetency from the ABR customer support team. The Auskey is necessary for the lodgment of BAS/GST returns, etc.

Australian Business Name Authorised Persons

Whilst VPL’s authorised persons list has been updated with the ACNC, this has not been completed for the Australian

Business Register. A “Change of registration details (NAT 2943)” form needs to be completed and lodged.

Prepared by: Judy Thompson – Finance Manager 13th March 2018



This is the monthly report provided to the Victoria Police Legacy (VPL) Board on any matters relating to Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S).

NOTE # In the event that an OH&S matter of significances arises during the reporting period, such as an injury to a member of staff or a legatee at a VPL function, advice will be provided as soon as practicable to Board Members.

Summary of Incidents for the months of February 2018: - • Nil incidents during the reporting period. Recommendation: -


Lex de Man AFSM Chief Executive Officer



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